“Fan Mail” From CrazyFoEvr

The following E-mail was received January 6, 2003 from a “fan” on AOL. The subject line was headed simply “Alexander”. It is reproduced here verbatim: grammar and format.

I thought you were GAY when I first got to your website.Then I realized how I 
wrong I was and how screwed up you are.Nothings going to change your nigger  
(ignorant for the part of your brain that might still be there) 
attitude.So,I'll just say this to you and God:
May God not have mercy on your soul.May he not forgive the part of you that 
is ten times worse then any gay person will ever be.
Oh,and I read three poems.All sucked,and you should really stop 
writing.Homophobia aside,they really sucked.You give poets-and the human race 
for that matter-a bad name.

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