Fan Mail From A Crime Writer

The following E-Mail, dated July 13, 2001 was received from established true crime writer Ian Hitchings. It is published here verbatim.

Hello Alexander,

I am respectively prompted to write at this time in order to congratulate you wholeheartedly on the outstanding website you have created which illustrates the dreadful Linda Carty story.

In my capacity as a true crime writer and author, Iím currently in the process of gathering research material for the sole purpose of compiling a manuscript into this complex and terrifying story that has never been truthfully told and deserves to be. It will be an atmospheric, balanced and impartial look at the events that have embroiled the ultimate brutality of Linda Carty.

In my opinion and itís fairly accurate to say, there is not a shadow of doubt in my mind Linda Carty will eventually be executed. One day!

Kind regards,


Ian Hitchings
web page:
True Crime Writer and Author
Tel Mob: 07975767006

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