Fan Mail From A Man Who Doesn’t Beat His Wife

The E-Mail below was received from a gent, apparently in the United States, shortly after I published the article alluded to on/in Digital Journal; it was headed thank you for your recent article; a one word name appeared at the bottom.

thank you for your article titled Op-Ed: When is it okay to beat your wife? Ask Floyd Mayweather

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as a male who is very upset by male on female violence and sexual abuse it is nice to see another male give a shit about this... in our societies it seems we are encouraged to think its strange and a weakness to care and be upset when people are abused especially when the victims are females...and like you pointed out especially when the perpetrator is well liked its not weakness to care and feel bad for others...on the contrary its much harder and takes much more strength to care for others .. its much easy to be selfish

there is this pressure to not care and to feel tough and laugh at everything its sick and disturbing and then here you are a voice out there in all that hurtful trash i see and it made me feel a little better... I will share this with my wife at least know you made two people feel a little better and maybe sleep a little sounder tonight thank you for caring and thank you for writing what you did.. even to include the molesting by Polanski you pointed out so many things in that little article... again thank your caring and for speaking out and for encouraging others to care.. trying to wake people up.. its nice to see man!!!

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