“Fan Mail” From An Exterminationist Creep

Enough of the bullshit already.

Alright, that’s enough. I have been to Nizkor’s site. There ARE NO AD-HOMS to speak of. You only say this because their information contradicts YOUR dogma and YOUR value system, and proves BOTH to be very unrealistic and lacking in facts.

As for J.G. Burg? I’ll have to admit, he seems to be a genuine dupe as was David Cole, and Paul Rassinier (the torture he endured under the SS may have perhaps caused mental unwellness of some kind. If so, then I find him to be blameless). But other than that, pretty much everyone else is a dishonest liar in some way or another.

Consider yourself blocked. I am no longer tolerating white supremacist spam in my inbox. Perhaps someday you will come back to the real world. But if not.....well, let’s just say it won’t be my problem.

Have a nice life.......loser. =)


This is some comment to the above. This message, which was sent through YouTube, was from an Exterminationist creep; it was received January 16, 2012, and is the last of a series.

I began reading Revisionist literature in earnest in 1980, and right from the very beginning it was clear to me that the anti-Revisionists don’t have a leg to stand on, which is why like their “anti-fascist” cronies - with whom they overlap - they have long had this no platform nonsense, which has been maintained by intimidation, bullying, thuggery and at times naked terror to say nothing of legal repression effected by dishonest lobbying.

At some point though, even before the emergence of the Internet, they realised this was not enough, so some emerged who claimed they would refute or indeed that they had refuted the Revisionists. They would never though debate the Revisionists, because to debate them would confer on them a legitimacy they did not warrant. Actually, it would expose the Emperor’s new clothes of the Holocaust lobby, but we’ve done that already.

Occasionally though, I would run into one in cyberspace who would profess a willingness to debate the issues. Alas, as ever they promised much and delivered precisely nothing. It wouldn’t be long before they would resort to the same non-arguments they have always used: ridicule, satire, shaming language, hysteria, outrage, and of course an endless stream of ad hominem. For the refutation of these non-arguments including allusions to the Protocols Of Zion, the reader is referred to my first full length book on the so-called Holocaust.

A while ago I met up with two such creeps in cyberspace; both claimed to have read Antony C. Sutton and to be familiar with all the arguments; the first had obviously done his homework, and for a moment I thought he might be serious. Then he started going on about the Jewish conspiracy stuff, and I pointed out to him that I had spent 15 years exposing the truth about one Jewish death - the Mesifta Talmudical College fire - adding as I have before, and this is a valid argument, that if they can’t be trusted to tell the truth about one Jewish death, how can they - the Jewish establishment - be trusted to tell the truth about six million, or however many they claim it to be? I also sent him a link to the speech I made about Gerry Gable in December 2010, to which he responded simply: You really don’t like Jews at all, do you? It was only at that point that I kill-fled him.

This cretin, above, is cut from the same cloth. He makes no meaningful response to anything, and it is a total waste of time arguing with such people. Their motto, if they had one, would be “Throw mud and never concede one lie.”

The founding fathers of Holocaust Revisionism, Burg and Rassinier, are dismissed as cranks and dupes, as is David Cole. In spite of Cole’s later retraction - under duress - there is the little matter of the evidence he adduced in support of the Revisionist thesis, like the gas chamber doors that opened from the inside - at Maidenek and Mauthausen.

This creep’s comment about White Supremacist spam is another red herring as are all the claims repeated ad infinitum that Revisionists say the Holocaust never happened, etc, and again ad nauseum. I have covered all or at least most of these claims in 11 Questions And Answers About Holocaust Denial, which I wrote especially for him. This was what provoked the above response. I should have realised the utter futility of trying to reason with such people thirty and more years ago. We must stop entering into these pseudo-arguments with morons, and attempt to win over those of our people who can be saved. And not just our people, anyone and everyone who will listen, Moslems and even blacks. A lot of people on the far right believe blacks are simply dumb. I have to say in all honesty that I never met a black man however dumb who was not fifty or a hundred Stanford-Binet points about the most articulate and highly educated red, because these people are not only a waste of white skin but a waste of a university education. They never forget anything, and they never learn anything either.

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