Fan Mail From A Fellow Traveller

The following E-mail was received February 14, 2011 from someone who knows of me. It has been edited slightly - in particular some text has been omitted - for reasons of confidentiality.

The link to thislondon is now dead; on March 24, 2021, I replaced it with the archived version without altering the actual text.

Hello Alexander,

I saw on the BBC London news this morning about a murder of a Greenwich University student and they showed the “Venner Road” street sign which had a familiar ring to it and then it clicked and knew it reminded me of your address.

Sadly the line “robbery gone wrong” is PC Speak for a Afro on Euro attack as any savvy person knows this is never an appellation which would ever be applied by the PC Media or State Apparatchiks to the rare set of circumstances surrounding the Stephen Lawrence case.

Anyway that is not why I write to you but it did fire the starting gun to me finally getting round to sending you a piece I cobbled together several years ago...


I have to congratulate you on your sterling efforts over the years and though I don’t agree with everything you write you have made a unique contribution to highlighting many events and facts that would otherwise never have seen the light of day.

I am somewhat disturbed by you mentioning that you are living on borrowed time and that time may be about to run out. I hope that doesn’t mean what I think it means.

I bought your book on Irving some years ago. My brother always said he was a dodgy character with secret connections and someone who leads genuine opponents of the Tribe’s leaderships many nefarious activities astray. I have to say though that Irvine was the unwitting conduit for my discovery of the works of Kevin MacDonald when he called him as a witness against Lipstadt though there is not much else I can see that recommends him.

Best Regards in your health and welfare


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