Fan Mail From Florida

The following E-mail was received November 30, 2002 from a gentleman in Florida. I love those Americans!

Dear Mr. Baron,

I have spent the past (approximately) four hours studying the content of
your Demon website; and I have also confirmed that the Geocities pages
which were not loading on Thursday night (when I first wrote to you) are
now loading without problem.

I have not yet read any of the content of the Geocities site, but I am
very much looking forward to it.

Thus far, after studying the Demon site content, I must say that your
insights and compositional skills are formidable, and most entertaining.
Thank you for your significant contribution to the universal spectrum of
evolving human potential! You are definitely one very unique dude!!!!

I may not harbor the same emotional/neuropsychological responses as you
do, to various social and political realities [such as your hostile and
undignified outlook on the "dread" and "whore" "lowlife" in your Basic
Income essay], but your enthusiasm for creatively libertine solutions to
the "lowlife" problem, and to various social and political frauds and
failures is refreshing and inspiring. 

I am only a couple of years older than you (I'm 48), so we have both, in
many respects, very similarly experienced the developmental processes
which have produced this mess which "They" (the overlords) call the
International Community. I am glad to say that I am fortunate enough to
have been born with the genetic wherewithall to, as you do also, "go
where no man has gone beore", and to plunge into the depths of
controversy, no matter how cold, how stormy, how distant from shore, or
how dangerously infested with the sharks of conformity and corruption.

In doing so, one cannot avoid coming face to face with the involvement
of the Zionists and the Judaic supremacists in the construction and
maintenance of this mess "They" call the International Community.

I am in no way a racist, or an anti-semite, or a satanist, but I do not
fear being called such by those who will not admit to the authenticated
facts, about Zionism, and about imperial religion in general, which have
been for many centuries (and are still being) exposed by my fellow
anti-Zionist and fellow Atheist academics and activists.

Again, thanks for your ongoing contribution to the pool of ideas in the
ongoing People's struggle for justice, sensitivity, truth, and peace.

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