Letter From A Nutter

One of the doubtful benefits of even the most peripheral involvement with far right fringe publishing is the adulation of a certain type of nutter. For a man who has never made any secret of his albeit fairly transient Nazi antecedents and his ongoing loathing of Zionist mendacity, this is ironic indeed. Like most people - researchers and members of the general public - I have fallen for the occasional hoax. I believe I first heard of the Israel Cohen Racial Program For The Twentieth Century Hoax around 1980-81; certainly it is given some space by George Lincoln Rockwell in his book White Power, which I read at that time.

For many years I took it at face value, not because of my rabid anti-Semitism, but because it seemed like exactly the sort of thing a Jewish communist would say. I have since learned of course that while the sentiment is undoubtedly genuine, the enemies of Western Man and of all races never couch their genocidal sentiments in such terms. Magnus Hirschfeld, the man who can be said to have in some sense invented racism, spoke not of exterminating the wicked Aryan goyim but of unifying Mankind. Abraham Foxman, head honcho of the perfidious (and misnamed) Anti-Defamation League, does not speak of the indiscriminate mass murder of innocent Palestinian men, women and children but of Israel exercising its right to self-defence, or to protect its own citizens.

Be that as it may, it was not until I met Mark Taha that I realised I had been hoaxed by the Israel Cohen fabrication, and indeed it was this realisation that set me off into a fact finding inquiry that continues to this day. Although my publications have been generally well received by most of the so-called far right, the mere suggestion that the Jews per se are not responsible for every evil in the world since the snake tempted Eve does not go down at all well with some people, including Mr Mullin.

The photograph and letter below came in a mailing from him. Over the years I have received a number of such missives, most of them handwritten, and some of considerable length. Although he has never affixed his own address to his epistles, they have never been in any sense anonymous, and most of them have been signed. A denizen of Glasgow, he is a true believer in the Grand Conspiracy. Contrary to his assertion here, I have never denied the fact that Israel Cohen existed, he did, indeed, at the time Eustace Mullins put this quote in his mouth, he was very much alive, and was apparently not amused. I could say more, but I will end with a half-defence of Mr Mullin, he is not, in my humble opinion, an anti-Semite in spite of his apparently extreme views. This sort of nonsense has nothing to do with Jew-hating as such, rather it is a particularly extreme form of mysticism. Hating Jews is anti-Semitism; a belief that they are behind Communism and all other evolutionary movements, and that in 929BC the Elders of Zion sat down to plot the conquest of the world by sending the Symbolic Snake of Judaism through its great cities does not necessarily constitute anti-Semitism. But nor does it constitute sanity.

Those seeking to make out a real case against the Jews should seek their justification in the pages of the utterly grotesque Jewish Chronicle rather than in the fantasies of Nilus, Arnold Leese or David Icke. Another irony here, while the over-active imagination of Mr Mullin sees my exposés of his almost namesake as proof positive of not only my Kosher roots but of my attempting to subvert his belief system, the sick Jewish mind of Gerry Gable interprets the same works as proof of my virulent anti-Semitism. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, you can please some of the people none of the time. I canít remember when I received the Mullin photograph and typed rant, but I believe it was sometime between 2000 and 2005; I scanned it around September 2006, but even then I had no real intention of publishing it. Alas, poor Harry...


May 1, 2010

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