Notes And References To Part One

(1) Killer Clown, by Terry Sullivan with Peter T. Maiken, published by Grosset & Dunlap, [2nd impression], New York, (1983). Two other books have been written about John Gacy: Buried Dreams and The Man Who Killed Boys.
(2) An interesting aside to this stomach-turning affair is that Gacy had himself once employed a man who was to be implicated in a series of grizzly sex murders, Robin Gecht. Gecht, one of a gang of men known as the Chicago Rippers, was convicted of attempted murder and rape. One of the gang was indicted on six murder charges. They had practised ritual murder and cannibalism. See page 70 of The Encyclopaedia Of Serial Killers by Brian Lane & Wilfred Gregg, published by Headline, London, (1992).
(3) Gacy began disposing of his victims in the river when the crawl space under his house filled up!
(4) Sullivan and Maiken, Killer Clown, page 88, (op cit).
(5) Sullivan and Maiken, Killer Clown, page 87, (ibid).
(6) Sullivan and Maiken, Killer Clown, page 88, (ibid).
(7) In the real investigation too, both this “psychic” (Carol Broman) and another, Dorothy Allison, sent Kozenczak off on wild goose chases. Broman claimed to have located Rob Piest’s grave (he was later found floating in the river), and, says Terry Sullivan, considerable police manpower and equipment, including dogs, helicopters, boats and trained divers were wasted. All searched fruitlessly. Leaving aside the expense of police investigations, (which comes out of the public purse), while these precious resources are tied up chasing psychic nonsense, they could be employed in tracking down other killers. Killers who may perhaps strike again.
(8) See Part Two for the real role played by “psychic” Peter Hurkos in the Boston Strangler case.
(9) Parapsychology: The controversial science by Richard Broughton, published by Rider Books, London, (1992), page 314.
(10) James Randi: Psychic Investigator - in search of the paranormal, published by Boxtree, London, (1991). This book is the companion to the excellent Granada TV series of the same name. Randi also discusses the Hillside Stranglers case and the actual role played by the psychic involved, a dowser named Verne McGuire.
(11) Sorry - You’ve Been Duped, by Melvin Harris, published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, (1986).
(12) See Chapter 11 of Voices In My Ear - The Autobiography of a Medium, by Doris Stokes and Linda Dearsley, published by Aidan Ellis, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, (1980). Appropriately enough, this book is ghost written! Presumably by the same Linda Dearsley who has written episodes of the BBC TV soap opera East Enders!
(13) Stokes and Dearsley, Voices..., page 140, (ibid).
(14) Stokes and Dearsley, Voices..., page 141, (ibid).
(15) Stokes claimed to be a clairaudient rather than a clairvoyant. A more appropriate word for people who hear disembodied voices is schizophrenic. Stokes has also had Innocent Voices In My Ear, Voices of Love, Whispering Voices, More Voices In My Ear, Joyful Voices, in fact A Host of Voices. For collectors of tall stories and embroidered tales, the reader is referred to The Doris Stokes Compendium. And, not to be outdone, in 1988, her collaborator, the culpable (or gullible) Linda Dearsley published A Tribute to Doris Stokes.
(16) Stokes and Dearsley, Voices..., page 143, (op cit).
(17) Stokes and Dearsley, Voices..., page 143, (ibid).
(18) Harris, Sorry, You’ve Been Duped, page 178, (op cit). “I can confirm that Mrs Stokes made no contribution to the detection of either the murderer of the children at Blackpool or the girl at Kirkham.”
(19) Harris, Sorry, You’ve Been Duped, page 33, (ibid).
(20) Daily Telegraph, December 11, 1978, page 15.
(21) (Ibid).
(22) Randi, Psychic Investigator, pages 89-92, (op cit). Fraud or not, Mrs Jones has published two ghost written autobiographies full of her psychic nonsense.
(23) Randi, Psychic Investigator, page 89, (ibid).
(24) This was reported in the News of the World Magazine, July 28, 1991. Denjiro Kinoshita, a 52 year old father of three, told police that his youngest daughter went missing after he had driven her back from school and dropped her near home. No trace of the girl was found, in spite of a week long search of the area, until one morning, Kinoshita rushed into the police station and announced that he had seen his daughter in a dream, crying in a forest. He led them to the wood where he had seen her in his dream, and they found her, lying dead. She had been strangled. The public were sympathetic, but police officers are made of different stuff. Further investigations led to the revelation that the girl’s life was insured for the equivalent of £80,000. Kinoshita eventually confessed to murdering the girl, and to murdering his wife who had allegedly committed suicide by strangling herself sometime earlier.
(25) I cannot recommend too highly the books of James Randi and others by skeptics and rationalists, which are published by Prometheus Books of Buffalo, New York.

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