Public Reply
To The Ongoing Libels
Of Gerry Gable


I’m never quite sure if your arrogance exceeds your stupidity or vice versa, but in the July issue of Searchlight you have shot yourself in the foot three times in relation to myself, so here is my reply to your twisted ravings.

On page 7, under the pseudonym Ray Hill you write that David Irving claims that a writ was served on you while you were giving “evidence” to the Home Affairs Committee “investigating” racial attacks. “Sorry David, it wasn’t, it was invalid.” For the benefit of the increasingly dwindling band of “anti-fascists” who take anything you say at face value, this is a half truth; the full facts are as follows:

After certain allegations were made against me in the November 1993 issue of your lie-ridden magazine, I wrote you a strongly worded letter demanding a full retraction or I would sue. No such retraction was published in the December issue, but before that appeared I was attacked on my own doorstep by three mallet-wielding thugs, one of the occupational hazards of one’s name appearing in Searchlight. On December 8, as you were about to give your “evidence” to the committee, I walked out of the audience and announced: “Before he begins his dissertation, I’d like to serve this writ on Mr Gable for inciting a racial attack.” If those weren’t my exact words they are 90% accurate. I was then ejected from the Commons of course. As some of your readers may not be aware, service of a writ within the precincts of the House of Westminster is automatically null and void; I served it thus to highlight your hypocrisy and to raise public awareness of your evil machinations. The press noticed, but to my knowledge the only publication which mentioned it was the Jewish Chronicle which in its December 31 issue ran a small piece which said that although I had been found in contempt, no further action was to be taken.

In spite of the venality of the press, my action appears to have not gone unnoticed by persons in high places, including by a former MP you once libelled grossly. After I received a letter from your solicitor, I re-served the writ by post. Due to its being poorly worded it had to be amended. Due also to libel being extremely complex and the writ having to be drafted in a very specific form, your lawyer and barrister have been able, successfully, to challenge it. As things stand, most of the writ has been struck out, but my appeal against the court’s decision will be heard in the next session, on or after September 12. (If I don’t have another mysterious accident first). But I’ll have a further surprise for you before then. I’ve also got one now, because my biography of Ray Hill is published August 2, and it utterly destroys his (and your) myriad lies in The Other Face of Terror and exposes you both as hatemongers of the first order.

The other two references in the July Searchlight appear on pages 7 and 4, and concern advertisements for my publications. On page 7 you refer to an advertisement placed in the Morning Star and infer that this is for a publication of an anti-Semitic nature. Actually, it was for a pamphlet exposing the 1970s Column 88 “Nazi Underground” hoax which led to the conviction of Searchlight agent provocateur Dave Roberts for conspiracy to assault the staff of an Indian restaurant. Just the sort of thing any public spirited anti-fascist would do. As you have obviously contacted the Morning Star to add slander to libel, I sent them a copy of this publication, and a few others, including my exposé of the Searchlight Educational Trust. I’m also sending the paper a copy of this. We’ll see then if my rational argument is superior to your crazed ravings about Nazi conspiracies. Won’t we?

The reference on page 4 is to an advertisement which was placed in Spearhead which contains material “which is crazy by any sane person’s standards. The NUJ would be well advised to take note.” First, let me explain how this advertisement came to be placed. After he had read some of my documented exposés of Searchlight, Keith Thompson rang me, said he was very impressed and would like to buy some for resale through Steven Books. He was particularly interested in A Revisionist History of the 1960s Synagogue Arsons, which, among other things, documents your lies in your own words, out of your own mouth:

“I stood in the burnt-out shell of that yeshiva at four in the morning and made a private vow to get the people who’d done that”. Remember?

Incidentally, I sent a copy of this, and an open letter to the Jewish Chronicle. They gave it the silent treatment, but I don’t think you’ll be selling them many stories in future; they’ve got your card marked too, now. I also sent a copy to your drinking pal at the Guardian/Observer, David Rose, who by now has probably concluded, correctly, that the tribal loyalties you perpetuate don’t exist. You exploit your co-racialists exactly the same way you exploit the gullible goyim, you evil little bastard.

For the benefit of the unenlightened, David Rose is the journalist you told Patrick Harrington had edited the Young National Front magazine, Bulldog, remember? Another of your lies, because if you were half the expert on the extreme right you make yourself out to be, you’d know that Harrington had never edited Bulldog. And if you were honest about Harrington’s so-called Italian terrorist connections, you’d admit this was total garbage as well. These people weren’t extradited not because they were working for MI6 or because the extradition procedure was bungled, but because there was no case against them in English law.

Thompson was interested in my exposés because at your 1992 trial you accused him of selling information to Searchlight. He didn’t sell you anything, you know how I know? Because if he had, you’d have made damned certain you had some record of the transaction, a cheque number, a video of the meeting between the two of you, or a recorded telephone conversation, the same as you did when your stooge Hill was trying to incite the lunatic fringe to bomb the Notting Hill Carnival. That’s how I know, Gerry, you lying scum.

I was pleasantly surprised at Thompson’s response, and later he came down to my flat where I interviewed him. About the activities of a certain Sonia Hochfelder among other things. You know her, don’t you Gerry? She’s the former National Front, National Party and League of St. George activist who shares your bed. Perhaps she was a mole, too, like Ray Hill. But then again, perhaps she wasn’t. Thompson was very magnanimous about her. He also surprised me by announcing, after he had read one of my pamphlets (concerning anti-Talmudic fabrication), that he was withdrawing an anti-Semitic book from the Steven Books list, The Talmud Unmasked.

As to the NUJ taking note, I sincerely hope they have, because I sent them a copy of my Open Letter To The “Jewish Chronicle”; I also sent them a copy of the long letter I wrote to the editor of the Guardian following Ray Hill’s lie-ridden interview with the gullible journalist Gary Younge which appeared in the March 16 edition. (This is now available in pamphlet form). So why don’t you give legal officer Sally Gilbert a ring, or Phil Sutcliffe perhaps, and explain precisely how and why these are insane ravings? Refute what I say. If you can.

Obviously you can’t Gerry, because, unlike you, I have both a certain commitment to historical truth, and I do my research properly. So keep whining and wailing and libelling me to high heaven. Every time you lie about me in print, I’ll publish a detailed refutation. And we’ll see which of us your readers believe.

Alexander Baron,

July 29, 1994.

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