Notes And References

(1) The introduction was written by me as well as the text; the speech was delivered with a certain amount of humour, comment and ad libbing but this is a fairly accurate transcript.
(2) There was one lady present, Arlette Baldacchino, who also spoke. Another, also a speaker, had already left by the time I took the floor, due to a prior appointment.
(3) I can’t remember the exact chronology or sequence of my early researches, but I wrote to the victim’s mother in October 2000; a copy of the letter is reproduced on the satpalramisguilty website.
(4) I found these lyrics on the web; as with many songs, transcripts may vary. The actual song can be download from many sources by Limewire, for example. I would advise the reader against this, as the song really is as appalling as the above sample suggests.
(5) To be scrupulously fair, the leaflet states “This photo was taken by police investigating an assault by prison officers at Nottingham jail”, but this photograph has been reproduced numerous times with the claim or implication that these facial injuries were caused by Clarke Pearce or by a gang of racists. The NCRM website does not tell the reader the cause of these facial injuries but leaves this to the imagination.
(6) In its July 23, 1994; most tellingly, the idiot who wrote this article concludes “The only lasting way out is for Rwandans of all ethnic backgrounds to unite against the foreign troops and the rich.”

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