Reply To A 13 Year Old Re “Holocaust Denial”

[Below is my response to a comment by a 13 year old. I believe it was a boy, but can’t find the original; the comment has either been deleted - not by me - or was e-mailed and later deleted by me. I can’t remember anything about the content of his message, but it was obviously the usual mass media nonsense of how can you deny the Holocaust and believe in this horrible anti-Jewish conspiracy theory, etc. There are not a few comments of this nature on this video and indeed on the rest of my channel, most of them with considerably more years and considerably less brains to their credit than this bemused and brainwashed child].

Thank you for commenting on Part 1 of my video THE TRUTH ABOUT HOLOCAUST DENIAL. The problem the Jews have is that while they never forget anything, they never learn anything either.

You, likewise, appear to insist on repeating their arrant nonsense.

Nobody, nobody with even half a brain - as evidently you have - denies the Holocaust. The concept of Holocaust Denial is a Jewish invention. The term was popularised if not invented by Deborah E. Lipstadt; its purpose is to bring Holocaust Revisionists into ridicule, hatred, scorn and contempt, and to discourage honest, independent-minded men and women from examining the arguments they muster and the evidence they adduce.

The basic tenet of Holocaust Revisionism is that the atrocities committed against the Jews have been greatly exaggerated, and that the weapons of mass destruction, the so-called gas chambers, were no such thing.

If that is too much to swallow I suggest you give the 9/11 Truth Movement and their fellow travellers a wide berth, because their claims made on far less evidence, are nothing like as tenable although a great deal more popular.

Alternatively, you might like to check out my book HOLOCAUST AFFIRMERS which you can download for free, and read what I actually say rather than what Organised Jewry and their ugly fellow travellers claim I - and other Revisionists - say.

A Baron

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