An Open Letter To
Paul Boateng MP,
Professor Akbar Ahmed, And
The Right Reverend Richard Harries,
And A Public Reply To
The Ongoing Libels Of Organised Jewry,
Including A Critique Of
The Gratuitously Inaccurate
Runnymede Commission Report
On So-Called Anti-Semitism.

“Among the worst enemies of the Jew is the political racketeer and gangster who uses the name of his faith for his own filthy gain...Anyone who dares to link the name of Jew with any political organization ought to be scourged and excommunicated. They are the vilest type of professional Jew.” - Rabbi Stephen Wise, American Zionist, quoted in the American Hebrew, May 11, 1934, page 539.

“ people in history have ever been so betrayed, or so easily betrayed, by power-seeking scoundrels within their own ranks as have the Jews.” - Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, quoted in On Target, Vol. 23, No. 11, November 27, 1993, page 8 (128).

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