The Biggest Liar Who Ever Walked The Earth


Lying is intrinsic to human nature, ordinary people lie every day: to avoid causing offence, to protect people, for all sorts of noble reasons. People also lie for less than noble reasons, but some lies are not simply less than noble, they are despicable beyond belief. There follows a resumé of one such despicable lie, but first, a little history relating to its genesis, and the despicable liar who told it. And to the spineless media poodles who have given aid and comfort to this despicable liar, in the full knowledge that he continues to repeat this despicable lie.

In 1965, there was a series of arson attacks against Jewish premises in the Greater London area. These attacks were incited by Marie Françoise Suzanne Dior/Jordan, the wife of the British Nazi leader, Colin Jordan. None of these attacks resulted in loss of life. The two gangs involved were brought to book when nineteen year old Paul Dukes, who had taken part in some of them, decided he’d had enough of Nazi ideology. In the first instance, Dukes did not turn himself in to the police, but approached a man named Harry Bidney. Bidney was a small time spiv and compulsive gambler. He was also a Jew who was active in the 62 Group; previously he had been a member of the 43 Group. These were violent gangs of Jewish thugs whose idea of self-defence was to attack anyone they considered to be anti-Jewish – including many people who had no interest in Jews – and ask questions later. The 43 Group was shut down by the Jewish establishment in the mid-fifties, but re-emerged in 1962 under a new name, the 1962 Committee, or 62 Group. To his credit, Bidney took Dukes along to the police, but first he did something very uncreditworthy. He – and others – attempted to frame Colin Jordan for masterminding the arsons campaign. Unlike his wife who was a fanatical Jew-hater, the idealistic but sorely misguided Jordan planned to rid Britain of Jewish influences by purely legal means. He had no truck with any sort of racially motivated violence, and was shortly abandoned by his French heiress spouse, who regarded him as something of a wimp.

The investigation into the arson attacks was led by Detective Inspector Bert Wickstead, one of Scotland Yard’s finest, and the following year the two arson gangs appeared at the Central Criminal Court where they received surprisingly lenient sentences. One defendant who did not appear in the dock was Mrs Jordan, who had returned to her native France, but later she too was gaoled when she foolishly returned to Britain. And that should have been the end of the story, apart from a mention in the memoirs of (then) Commander Wickstead after he retired. Alas, the story does not end here, rather this is where it really begins, for in an October 1987 interview with the Jewish Chronicle, Gerry Gable – the biggest liar who ever walked the Earth – claimed not that it was Paul Dukes who had turned in the gangs, nor that it was the Old Grey Fox, nor even Harry Bidney, but Gerry himself. But that was not all, because, curiously, he appended to this list another fire, the November 1964 fire at the Mesifta Talmudical College in Cazenove Road, Stamford Hill, the heart of Jewish London.

In 1994, while researching and deconstructing sundry Gable fantasies, I came across this lie, and exposed it. I even mailed a copy of my exposé to the Jewish Chronicle, believing naïvely, that they would be annoyed they’d been deceived by this arch-liar and Machiavellian schemer. Alas, no liberty, equality, fraternity, don’t judge a man by his skin colour, religion or lack thereof here, these are concepts manufactured solely for the consumption of the gullible goyim. In short, it is all down to tribal loyalties, even when the lowlife of your own tribe lies to you. Eight years later I published the definitive history of the 1960s synagogue arsons after documents relating to the campaign and subsequent trials were released by the Public Record Office under the thirty year rule. Whereas previously I had relied on press reports, now I supplemented these with official documents – including a letter from the St Pancras Coroner. And the result? Gerry Gable kept repeating this vile, despicable lie, and, incredibly, he elaborated on it.

In August 2008, Gable went over the top and directly accused Colin Jordan of involvement in the arsons campaign. Shortly, I received a circular from Jordan to the effect that he was contemplating legal action. I sent him a copy of my letter to the St Pancras Coroner, which pleased him greatly. He had already instructed solicitors but was wary about bringing an action in view of his notoriety. I pointed out that he had already initiated an action for criminal libel against Searchlight way back in the Seventies, and that although this had failed, he had nothing to lose by bringing another one, that the court was liable to be less tolerant this time, especially in view of Gable going one step further, and that even if the action did fail, the resulting publicity would ensure Gable was branded a damned liar for all the world to see. Jordan decided to take some time to consider his options; fortunately for Gable, his poor health caught up with him, and the fearless Führer went off to Valhalla in April 2009, and was buried – naturally – on April 20, Adolf Hitler’s one hundred and twentieth birthday. And, like the lowlife he is, Gable continued his hate campaign beyond the grave, penning not one but three obituaries – one in his own hate sheet, another in the Jewish Chronicle, and a third in the Guardian.

While it is true that Colin Jordan was a notorious individual, his notoriety was solely for holding outrageous opinions and having the moral courage to express them. All the same, it should have been possible for Gable to speak ill of the dead without resorting to crass falsehoods, but in his Searchlight obituary, which appeared in the May 2009 issue, he wrote “One attack on a theological college in Stamford Hill left one student dead and another seriously injured. Intelligence officers from the Jewish defence organisation, the 62 Group, uncovered the perpetrators after the police failed to find them”. Gable repeated this outrageous lie not only in the other obituaries but to his lawyers, who being every bit as intelligent as the staff of the Jewish Chronicle, likewise took him at face value. When this lie was pointed out to the editorial staff of the Guardian, incredibly they backed Gable up, and it was only after the case was referred to the Press Complaints Commission that they made a half-hearted retraction/qualification.

Now, if the fire at the Mesifta Talmudical College was indeed arson, that would warrant a charge of manslaughter at the very least. In fact, most juries would take little persuasion to return a verdict of murder against any individual or group of people who set fire to a building in a residential area and thereby killed some unsuspecting person. Likewise it goes without saying that if Gerry Gable had or has evidence relating to the setting of this fire, then it should long ago have been turned over to the police. To withhold evidence of a serious criminal offence from the legal authorities is itself a serious criminal offence. So, in July 2009, Yours Truly wrote to the Metropolitan Police pointing out Gable’s claims, and suggesting they investigate. Obviously this was not a high priority, so it took a little time, and on the afternoon of September 18, 2009 I had a long telephone conversation with Detective Sergeant Roger Conway. Finally, a letter dated 29th September 2009, from Mr Conway’s Superintendent, stated “Mr. Gable has been spoken to and does not claim to personally be in possession of any evidence relating to the Mesifta fire”, confirming – as if further confirmation were needed – that both this fire and the resulting unfortunate death, were accidental.

I would be the last person to suggest that the word of a police officer should never be impeached, but there is no reason to suggest that the murder squad detectives alluded to here are involved in any sort of cover up. What we have seen is that Gerry Gable – the biggest liar who ever walked the Earth – continues to quite cynically exploit the tragic death of a pious young Jew for his own nefarious purposes: to bolster a reputation he does not deserve, to feed his Nazi hunting fantasies, and to prey off the Jews, the people he claims most of all to be defending against the all-pervasive Fascist conspiracy. He continues – and will continue – to make the most outrageous claims in the mass media, in the Jewish press, and in his own hate sheet, but when he is asked to back up his claims by the legal authorities, he has nothing to say.

October 20, 2009

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