Searchlight “mole” Ray Hill
caught lying to the press yet again

[This pamphlet was first published in 2000 with what is apparently an invalid ISBN]

Liars With Poor Memories
And Journalists Who Don’t Care

The low esteem in which the print media in general and British journalists in particular are held is not difficult to fathom. The public in Britain and elsewhere is fed a near constant stream of pap and trivia; important issues - political or otherwise - are often reported in an irresponsible, slanted or downright disingenuous manner. Victor Lewis-Smith once wrote touchingly that “journalism is such a loathsome profession that our coat of arms ought to be emblazoned with two maggots rampant over a bucket of sick, surmounted by a chequebook.” (1)

The most sinister face of journalism though is not the tabloid type but the broadsheet kind which holds pretences to impartiality, objectivity, and even to truth. A prime example of this style of so-called journalism appeared in the Scottish newspaper the Sunday Post before Christmas 1999. (2) Herein, Debbie Manson, who is either extremely gullible or even more corrupt, published a full page article devoted to much practised liar and con man Ray Hill, who fed the credulous Manson lie after distortion after inaccuracy which she didn’t so much as question.

This is the same Ray Hill of course who was, allegedly, the Searchlight Organisation’s “mole” inside the British far right during the early 1980s. For background information on Hill’s activities in Britain and South Africa the reader is referred to the current writer’s minutely documented 1994 biography. (3) But what of his current claims in the Manson article?

According to Hill, the mass rioting in Seattle and London against the World Trade Organisation which had recently taken place and received front page news all over the world may not have been solely the work of “environmentalists and human rights groups”. Fair enough, “anarchists” may have had something to do with it, but it is not anarchists Hill suggests were “orchestrating violence there and in Britain” but Fascists, in particular the British National Party. Yes, the BNP is now operating on an international scale, not content with building a gas chamber in its Welling bunker for the local rabbi, cottaging queers in the town’s toilets and Mr Patel in the newsagent’s at Welling Station, it now wants to tear down the City of London and the City of Seattle to boot. Okay, that’s enough of an intro, let’s go through Manson’s dribblings in chronological order.

Hill is described as a “reformed fascist”. Although Hill was once a member of an avowed National Socialist party and was in and around several other far right parties it is doubtful if he was ever any sort of fascist. He was a man who was attracted to the far right for all the wrong reasons.

“He risked life and limb working undercover in the highest ranks of the BNP to expose their activities.” This makes the British National Party sound a bit like the Provisional IRA, in reality the BNP (4) is - and always has been - a legal if small political party; it is no more a terrorist organisation than the Labour Party, and a good deal less fascistic by all accounts! (5)

Ray Hill is said to be celebrating his 60th birthday this week, and recently spoke to a Jewish group in Glasgow. Fair enough, if they were gullible enough to listen to him. One wonders if like Miss Manson they were gullible enough to swallow uncritically Hill’s claim that he has “survived several attempts on his life”. Curiously, not one of these attempts has made the national press, or even Searchlight magazine which would surely have made capital of such “attempts” to further discredit the wicked fascists of the BNP et al and ad nauseum. But there was not a whisper from Searchlight, not a whisper.

Fascist groups all over the world liaise with each other, says Ray. And so does everybody else nowadays, thanks to the Internet. What’s the big deal? Not only that, but they go all over the world to cause trouble in a bid to bring down democracy. It remains to be seen if any members, or even one member, of the BNP, attended the recent Seattle riot, although as there is now an organisation called the American Friends of the BNP it is just possible that in an extremely tangential way it could be said that the BNP may have had a presence in Seattle.

Manson waxes on about Hill’s perils, which extend to his family: “His wife and children were lucky to escape when fascists burned down their house.” Again, the only mention of such allegations occur years after the events (supposedly) happened. One is reminded here of the oft’ repeated claim by Hill’s puppet master that Searchlight “intelligence officers” were responsble for bringing to justice an arson gang who, in the 60s had caused the death of a trainee rabbi. This lie has been exposed and refuted by the current writer many times, but that doesn’t stop it being repeated incessantly. (6)

Manson’s article recounts how Hill became attracted to the far right as a young man during the early sixties. He was, he says, resentful of the privileges non-white immigrants were perceived to receive from the local authority, in particular they were jumping the housing list.

“Ray’s anger turned to something more sinister when he noticed an Anti-Immigration Society ad in his local paper”. It is true, as claimed in Hill’s lie-ridden autobiography, (7) that he entered the far right through this short lived and eminently respectable Leicester-based organisation. However, in this book he claimed - undoubtedly truthfully - that through AIMS he received literature from the Racial Preservation Society; there is no mention of the Protocols Of Zion as claimed in the Manson article, rather the work which really introduced him to the Jewish conspiracy was Colin Jordan’s Fraudulent Conversion, which is referred to by Hill and his collaborator Andrew Bell as Fraudulent Conspiracy. From there he contacted Jordan, joined the British Movement, and for about a year was a tireless activist.

Curiously, there is no mention of the British Movement in this article, although nearly six years previously, Hill told Guardian journalist Gary Younge that he had been a member of the National Socialist Movement for five years. (8) He never was.

Manson says that at the age of 25, Hill emigrated with his family to South Africa. In fact, he was somewhat older than that; according to his autobiography, he landed at Jan Smuts Airport on New Year’s Day, 1970, his wife and child following shortly. You work it out Debbie, if Ray Hill celebrated his 60th birthday the week before your article was published on December 5, 1999, how old was he at New Year 1970?

In South Africa, Hill is said to have “befriended many Jewish families”. In his autobiography at page 60, Hill himself describes this sudden philo-Semitism slightly differently: “strange as it may seem, [I had] already established friendships with a couple of Jewish chaps who had been extremely kind to my family and myself when times had been hard.” Read: “I made contact with two wealthy Jews and sold them information about my political contacts.” In fact, the available evidence suggests that Hill was a paid agent provocateur while in South Africa, openly inciting anti-Semitism and anti-black hatred at the behest of Organised Jewry.

Hill tells Manson that when he returned to Britain in 1979, Searchlight wilfully spread stories about him defrauding companies to fund fascist groups for the purpose of boosting his credibility. What short memories people have. According to reports in the contemporary South African press, Hill returned to Britain after jumping bail. For example Hill faces charge of embezzlement, which was published in the (Johannesburg) Star, May 11, 1979, or the earlier Front man fled on spare passport, by Ray Joseph, which appeared in the (Johannesburg) Sunday Times, (Early edition), April 29, 1979. And of course there is no mention of the fact that when he “emigrated” to South Africa ten years earlier he was also on bail for assault!

Hill claims that when he joined the BNP, (9) he became national officer for the whole of Britain. He was actually made publicity officer, which is not quite the same thing.

The “plot” to bomb the Notting Hill Carnival is dragged in, which Hill and his manipulators exposed, of course. This lie has been dissected incisively - by both myself and Larry O’Hara - so there is no need to re-examine it yet again. Curiously though, this was said to have been inspired by the 1982 bombing of Bologna Station which killed 18 people. As the mythical Notting Hill bomb plot appeared on the front cover of the August 1981 issue of Searchlight under the title: British Nazis Plan Carnival Massacre, Manson’s chronology is obviously as suspect as her doubtful journalistic talents. In fact, the bombing of Bologna Station was August 2, 1980 (a date I remember well because it was my 24th birthday!).

If this so-called journalist had bothered to consult the Times Index for 1980 she would have read under the entry for August 3: “at least 76 people killed in explosion at Bologna railway station; 200 injured”.

The story is also related in Manson’s worthless article of how Hill reportedly saved an elderly Asian man from being kicked to death by three “fascist” youths in Leicester. At page 152 of his book, Hill claims this man was attacked by two “fascists”, but heck, who’s counting?

Manson’s and Hill’s suspect chronology is revealed yet again when Hill allegedly visits a Paris apartment owned by a member of the Spanish CEDADE organisation, and:

“I was wired up to the hilt with a microphone under my armpit. Ten minutes after I arrived, members of Cedade were ranting that I should be searched.

“I was sweating profusely. All I could do was bluff. I shouted who did they think they were dealing with, I was the head of the BNP. They apologised and that was the end of that.”

Hill visited Paris in 1981; the BNP was not launched until 1982! (10)

This is followed by more nonsense about “fascists” smuggling arms and ammunition; this was in fact a Searchlight-sponsored entrapment operation which the authorities ignored.

Hill’s main worry nowadays though is the Internet because “It’s impossible to police and they can reach millions of people with their lies.” Too right, Ray. But look on the bright side, “they” can also reach millions of people to expose your lies, which is exactly what I intend to do with this document!


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