Notes And References

(1) Daily Mirror, May 16, 1998, page 14.
(2) Fascist groups linked
to world trade riots
Ray risked life and limb to expose BNP race hatred
, by Debbie Manson, published in the Sunday Post, December 5, 1999, page 9.
(3) LIARS OUGHT TO HAVE GOOD MEMORIES: The True, Unsanitised Story Of “Searchlight” Mole Ray Hill with a critique of The Other Face of Terror, by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (1994).
(4) An organisation called the British National Party was founded in London during the Second World War. Another was founded during the 1960s and - I am reliable informed - a third (probably no more than a handful of far right activists) was formed some time in the 1970s. None of these other organisations is extant.
(5) The reader should bear in mind that it was the Labour Government that bombed Iraq, and the Labour Home Secretary who recently tried to curtail the right of trial by jury in “trivial” cases.
(6) See for example A REVISIONIST HISTORY OF THE 1960s SYNAGOGUE ARSONS: - The Truth About Harry Bidney And The 62 Group Laid Bare Further Documentation On The Lies And Libels Of “Searchlight” Head Honcho Gerry Gable, by Alexander Baron, 2nd Edition, Revised, Expanded And Updated, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (October 1994).
(7) THE OTHER FACE OF TERROR: Inside Europe’s Neo-Nazi Network, by Ray Hill with Andrew Bell, published by Grafton Books, London, (1988). The information (and lies) in this book comes primarily from Hill, who co-authored it with journalist Bell. Unquestionably though, Hill’s arch-manipulator (and Machiavellian schemer) Gerry Gable had a hand in it. The current writer’s book Liars Ought To Have Good Memories - see above - is largely a deconstruction of this book.
(8) Fighting talk, by Gary Younge, published in the Guardian, (supplement), March 16, 1994, pages 12-3. Like Manson, Younge displayed an appalling lack of critical faculty when interviewing Hill, but as Younge is black he was almost certainly conned rather than part of Hill’s deception.
(9) The British National Party started life as the New National Front when John Tyndall resigned from the National Front taking a large tranche of members with him. Later it changed its name to the BNP. The National Front eventually splintered into several fragments and as far as it still exists it has no meaningful membership.
(10) The BNP started life as the New National Front, when John Tyndall split from the National Front taking a fair perecentage of members and activists with him.

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