Searchlight Critical Bibliography

O fair Jerusalem, a play by David Edgar, which, according to the Play Index 1983-1987, (page 103), is “Political drama positing notion that civilization tends to promote plague, hunger and war.”

Saigon Rose, a play by David Edgar, which, according to the Play Index 1983-1987, (page 103), is “Set in 1970s Edinburgh. Local outbreak of virulent strain of gonorrhea Saigon Rose equated with corrupting influence of American social values...”

Letters column Spearhead, January 1983, No 171, page 16.

A letter from Ray Hill attacking democracy in reply to one in November.

The diverse progeny of Jimmy Porter, by David Edgar, published in New Society, January 6, 1983, pages 11-3.

An analysis of Look Back in Anger.

The nuclear debate LET’S NOT FALL INTO THE TORY TRAP The fact that the left is wrong does not mean that the right is right says RAY HILL, published in Spearhead, February 1983, issue 172, pages 6-7.

Page 18, Leicester BNP win further victory over local council.

Ray Hill is said to have sought an injunction, etc.


March 1983: Plot to smash Searchlight flops

This piece of fiction, below, from page 8 of Searchlight, so dated, is a smear on Chris Tame.

SOCIOLOGY TAKES A KNOCK Review by RAY HILL, published in Spearhead, March 1983, No 173, page 10.

A review of Coming of Age in Samoa.

FOCAL POINT, March 31, 1983, page 18.


It is reported on this page that the Board of Deputies have “cut Smearlight adrift”. An unnecessarily optimistic prediction in view of subsequent events.

THE NEW FASCISTS, by Paul Wilkinson, published by Pan, London, (April 1983). 231 pages + advertisements. Index. Illustrated. First published November 1981.

[See also entry for 1981].

This is the paperback edition. The PREFACE is dated Washington DC September 1982. (The PREFACE to the hardback is dated 30 June 1981, ie before the mythical Notting Hill Carnival bomb plot). This new edition does not appear to be a significantly different work. In a nutshell it is a poorly researched book without a single footnote and written by a so-called expert on terrorism.

Page 79: “A recent authoritative study found evidence that Column 88 had infiltrated military units and established weapons training-camps and exercises. SS Wotan had been responsible for fire-bomb attacks on left-wing and immigrant targets.”

Page 202 appears to take the Carnival bomb plot at face value.

[BBIP, 1985]

Drummond wins first Maurice Ludmer prize, published in the Journalist, May 1983, page 3.

Race differences still divide ‘Zimbabwe’, by Ray Hill, published in Spearhead, May 1983, No 175, page 11.

Anti-nazi articles win prize, published in the Morning Star, May 2, 1983, page 3.

Report of the first Ludmer award.

EXIT DUE NORTH, published in THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF SEARCHLIGHT column, FOCAL POINT, May 31st, 1983, page 9.

Parkinson denies NF infiltration, by Anthony Bevins, published in the Times, May 31, 1983, page 5.

Pedley said to have warned against NF infiltration and League of St. George the previous day in the Mirror. a handful of people said to have been expelled from the Young Conservatives in the past six years.

A review of Michael Billig’s Ideology and Social Psychology, by Robin Gilmour, published in British Book News, June 1983, pages 351-2.

OUTLOOK On the Falklands, by Charles Hanson, published in NATIONAL REVIEW, No. 41, JUNE 1983, pages 12-3.

An article by long term Searchlight spy Hanson in this magazine, formerly League Review, which was the theoretical journal of the League of St. George.

Sniper shines the searchlight on Gerry Gable and illuminates some disturbing facts..., published in the Sniper column in the magazine Anarchy, 2nd series, Summer 1983, pages 23-5.

[Based on photocopy.]

More anarchist coverage of GG’s duplicity. This anonymous article was co-written by Morris Riley.

Audience engagement and reflexive history in the plays of David Edgar, published in Critical Quarterly, Autumn 1983, pages 49-60.

Not seen by compiler.

PROPAGANDA MASQUERADING AS HISTORY: Some observations by RAY HILL, published in Spearhead, September 1983, No 179, page 9.

Bitter Harvest, by David Edgar, New Socialist, September/October 1983.

[Not seen by compiler].

No further information known.

The politics of fun, by M Billig and R Cochrane, published in New Society, October 6, 1983, pages 10-13.

Tories expose ‘fascist’ moles, by Paul Lashmar, published in the Observer, October 9, 1983, page 1.

Billed as an EXCLUSIVE, this was definitely based on Searchlight’s “research” (contrary to Gable’s later assertions to the contrary. It is revealed that Tom Finnegan had been a member of the National Front. Don Mudie was also “exposed” as a former member of Column 88. Philip Hanman also former NF; David White, former National Front candidate. The report was produced by the Young Conservatives under Philip Pedley.

Tories act to stop infiltration by extreme right wing, by Julian Haviland, published in the Times, October 10, 1983, page 1, continued on page 4 as Tories urged to tackle extremist moles: Young Conservative inquiry into far right infiltration.

The YC Report is covered, the London Swinton Circle, WISE and others. “Much of the report consists of uncorroborated and sometimes defamatory material, in which Conservative MPs and councillors, and parliamentary and local candidates, are criticized for their associations with known figures in the National Front, the British Movement and other fascist groups.”

The Draft report was published in September.

DAVID EDGAR: BACK TO THE BARRICADES, by Sally Beauman, published in the Sunday Times Magazine, October 16, 1983, pages 73, 75, 77 & 79.

Signals of distress, by John Cunningham, published in the Guardian, October 17, 1983, page 11.

About Edgar, his plays and politics.

How to play around with the politics of fantasy, by Peter Jenkins, published in the Guardian, October 26, 1983, page 17.

A review of Maydays.

IMPERIALISM, RACISM AND VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, by Vron Ware, published in EMERGENCY, issue 1, Winter 1983/84, pages 25-30.

Page 30: Ware is referred to as the editor of Searchlight.

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