Notes And References

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(2) The first mention of Column 88 ever in print appears to have been Hitler birthday party uncovered, by Peter Gladstone Smith, published in the Daily Telegraph, April 6, 1975, page 3. The name Column 88 is said to be derived from that of an Austrian student Nazi organisation which operated in Vienna in the 1930s.
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(13) Pages 46-7, (ibid).
(14) This was the cover story; it was taken up by Private Eye, which ended up paying out enormous libel damages to Conservative MP Gerald Howarth and others.
(15) The cover of the November 1992 issue was GUARDING NAZI CRIMINALS; this issue also boasted that the historian David Irving had been hounded across North America.
(16) Larry O’Hara has asked me to stop claiming that I have no connection with him, as, he says, this gives people the wrong impression.
(17) THE SECURITY SERVICES: ARE THEY A THREAT TO FREEDOM?, a Libertarian Alliance conference held at the New Cavendish Club, Central London, Sunday 14th November, 1993. O’Hara’s speech was entitled Searchlight Magazine: A Case Study in Secret State Media Manipulation.
(18) In 1992, the press officer at New Scotland Yard informed the current writer’s research partner that she could find no evidence of such a plot. More recently, in a telephone conversation, Superintendent Ken Day of the Yard’s Special Branch told us diplomatically that the media are only interested in stories, the police are interested in facts. All the “information” about the alleged bomb plot came from habitual liar, anti-Semite and thrice convicted thug Ray Hill and from his buddy, disinformation specialist and Secret State errand boy Gerry Gable, so is it any wonder that the police didn’t take it seriously?
(19) Issue 192, page 20.
(20) RENEGADE RAY COMES A CROPPER, published in Gothic Ripples, Nos. 20 & 21, April 1989, page 20. For the benefit of the uninitiated, Colin Jordan was, among other things, the founder of both the National Socialist Movement and the British Movement.
(21) It would be tiresome to list every individual reference; the readeris referred to Gable’s At War With Society, O’Hara and Tim Scargill’s A Lie Too Far -- Searchlight, Hepple & The Left and O’Hara’s At War With The Truth, all three published 1993.
(22) Ibid.
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(24) Covington appears on the front cover of Searchlight, issue 204.
(25) Read any wailing and gnashing of teeth “Jewish” publication, including Searchlight, and the unspoken assumption you are meant to take for granted is that Jews always tell the truth and Nazis are never to be believed. The reality is that Jews are just as likely to lie as anyone else, and, for various reasons which we won’t go into here, more likely to get away with it. Over the past few months though, the “Jews” who control Searchlight have been well and truly exposed as the liars and exploiters of racial bigotry that they are.
(26) “GERRY, GERRY, GERRY.....” Searchlight’s macho munchkin GERRY GABLE is telling porkies again. HAROLD A. COVINGTON duly chastises the little twit. A DISSERTATION ON THE IDIOCY OF GERRY GABLE. This was a follow up to his earlier open letter called AN OPEN LETTER TO THE BRITISH LEFT FROM Harold A. Covington, National Socialist, undated but published cMay 1993.
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(28) Hepple admitted in his own handwriting to stealing funds from the British National Party while working at their book shop, see A Lie Too Far, page 19, (op cit).
(29) Covington, Searchlight’s macho munchkin..., (op cit).
(30) See A Lie Too Far and At War With The Truth, (op cit).

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