Alexander Baron And
The British National Party

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               A Public Statement

In recent months I have read and heard a
great deal of nonsense about myself and
certain of my associates. I am therefore
issuing this public statement to set the record
    I am not, nor have I ever been, nor will I
ever be, a member of the British National
Party. Nor am I a fascist, an anti-Semite,
Jewish, insane, a secret state asset, or in any
way connected with Larry O'Hara.
   I am an associate member of the Islamic
Party of Great Britain, a long time Social
Creditor, and a committed Libertarian,
although my commitment to Libertarianism
does not extend to gross libels on either
myself or on my friends which lead to 'anti-
fascists' - be they idealists or hired thugs -
assaulting either myself or those with whom
I associate.
    My only contribution to politics is my
writing; I research - usually in libraries -
then publish my findings. My writings
displease many people, but that is simply
because the truth is often ugly, and unpleasant,
and hurts, not because of malice on my part.
Certain people seem to believe that claiming
to be anti-fascists, 'anti-racists' or Jewish puts
them above all criticism and gives them carte
blanche both to lie with impunity and to ride
roughshod over the rest of mankind. They are
   Some of my publications have been
advertised by Spearhead and sold by the
British National Party. As much as I disagree
with the BNP's politics, I welcome such
enlightenment and progressiveness, and would
dearly like to see it extended to a broader
political spectrum.
   I have also been smeared as a fascist and/
or fellow traveller on account of the above
endorsement. People who make such
allegations in print should bear in mind that
the free speech they and their fellow 'anti-
fascists' repeatedly attempt to deny the BNP
is a myth. There is such a thing as free
expression, but there is also the law of
defamation. Fees for libel litigation start from
around a hundred pounds per hour, as some
of the people reading this advertisement know
already. To their cost.

Published in Spearhead, January 1996, issue 323, page 15.

There is a very minor error in this advertisement. The phrase “I am an associate member of the Islamic Party of Great Britain” should read “I am an associate member of the Islamic Party of Britain”.

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