Slanders on Keith Thompson

Below are 3 screengrabs. The first is of an E-mail I received from (the non-existent) Herbert Monckton at 14.03hrs on Saturday, June 23, 2012. It was headed thus:


Below is my reply, which was sent as shown. This is made up of two grabs; at the bottom of the second is the header from the original.

My apologies to Mr Monckton, Keith did indeed shake hands with Gable, or rather Gable shook hands with him. His comments in a subsequent e-mail are shown in green (one or two minor spelling and punctuation errors have been corrected):

Gable came over to me and said.
“Right. We are leaving now peacefully. Give us 10 minutes before you call the police and nobody will be hurt”

Someone was being assaulted; Gable went over and stopped it. By this time, what was left of the mob was panicking and trying to get out. And...

Gable grabbed my hand and shook it saying “right -thats a deal”
At that moment Brian White who had been locked in the projection box apppeared and said “Don't shake his hand Keith”. I said “I am not” and tore my hand away from Gable's.
That is the whole story.

This version of events was corroborated to me at the time by someone who was there - not Mark Taha, who was one of the people assaulted - but someone who interpreted the situation correctly, ie that Gable had let this mob in, and panicked when they got out of hand, especially after the elderly Jeffrey Hamm was knocked to the floor. It was an incredibly stupid thing to do, even by his standards.

It is ironic that just as these idiots pointed and continue to point the finger at Keith, so too did the left wing loonies point the finger at Gable. At least one suggested the object of the exercise was to set up the valiant “anti-fascists” of Red Action, and that Gable did this in his role of state asset.

As I have told not a few people, if Keith had been selling or simply passing information to Gable in any way, manner, shape or form, Gable would have ensured that he had him on camera. No such photograph or footage has to date emerged, but if it does at a later date, think Photoshop!

I have explained both the rationale for and the credibility of Gable's lies elsewhere.

Keith deserves to have the final word though; as he pointed out in another E-mail about an unrelated slander:

My situation is that I do a little job as part of the Steven Books team.
I am not a cheque signatory and have no access to any money.
There are millions of people in the world and that is the market we want to reach...
The fact is, Al, that anyone can say anything about anyone - unless you are rich or have a great reputation.


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