Details of performances at Toledo, Ohio


In February this year I was contacted by a high school teacher in Toledo, Ohio, who asked me if he could stage The Waiting Room or an adaptation thereof in conjunction with a performance of a play called Waiting by Ethan Coen. When he asked about performance rights and a fee, I felt my head swell. I pointed out to him that everything I publish on this site (of my own creation) is dedicated to the public domain.

He promised to forward me a copy of the programme and the flyers, which he did. I had hoped a video would be posted to YouTube but unfortunately this is against “District policy”. Sigh.

Nevertheless, I am more than happy with this. Below are a photograph of the flyer lifted from Facebook, and two screengrabs of WORD files he forwarded me from the programme. The top scan of the latter appears to be the back and front pages; the bottom scan, the inside, ie pages 2 & 3.

August 28, 2013

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