[The following is the text of an Internet Sermon that was uploaded to YouTube August 13, 2009.]

Do You Trust The Western Media?

Hello, good evening and welcome, Shalom, Assalamu alaikum. It is August 2009, my name is Alexander Baron, and although I have made the occasional speech before, this is my first ever Internet sermon, as it were. Hopefully the first of several, or even many. I’ve always been a no frills type of individual, so no collar and tie, no fancy graphics, just my ugly mug, and a book. Assuming I do make more videos for YouTube, they will all be like this, so please accept my apologies in advance. My apologies too for any background noise. And finally, I’m sure this isn’t your idea of a topless video, but as Mr Porter said, it’s too darn hot! So please excuse the shirt, or lack thereof.

I am a fairly notorious person, but I make no apologies for that. Most – but by no means all – of my notoriety, can be traced to my publishing activities.

My main website, which contains the bulk of my writings, is called InƒoTextManuscripts.

I am an independent researcher based in London, England, and for my first ever Internet sermon I would like to ask you a most important question: do you trust the Western media to tell you the truth? And I am going to convince you – I hope – that, sadly, the answer to that question is an emphatic no.

I stress here that I am not talking about trivial issues such as the tabloids inventing fanciful or even scurrilous stories about celebrities major and minor, although I stress too that if you are on the receiving end, a trivial fabrication or distortion is not necessarily so trivial. Nor am I talking about psychics, sightings of ghosts and other such phenomena that sell magazines and books and make money for authors and publishers by appealing to our sense of wonder, our spiritual needs, etc. I am talking about serious, political, historical, and related issues.

To illustrate the sad fact that the Western media cannot be trusted on many very major issues, I would like to draw your attention to this book [holding it up]: The Hoax Of The Twentieth Century. I read this in 1980, if I recall, certainly no later than 1981. Its thesis is that the Holocaust, the extermination programme the Nazi High Command is alleged to have ordered during World War Two, a programme which is said to have resulted in the deaths of approximately six million Jews, is a gigantic fabrication – the hoax of the Twentieth Century, hence its title. The author, Professor Butz, concludes – in Chapter VIII, page 249 of the Second Edition – published in 1977 – that “the major implication of this work [is that] the media in the Western democracies are exposed as constituting a lie machine of vaster extent than even many of the more independent minded have perceived”.

In common with similar books on this supposedly so difficult subject, the learnéd Professor’s treatise was ignored by the mass media, for as long as possible. Then it was subjected to ridicule, and of course the author was denounced to high heaven as an anti-Semite, a raving Nazi, a lunatic, etc and ad nauseum, and his thesis, well, it’s all a vast international conspiracy, ho, ho, ho.

Unsurprisingly, this book has been denounced as inspired by or even characterised as the latest update of, the Protocols Of Zion, and of course, nobody could believe such rabid anti-Semitism, no rational person could give it any credence whatsoever. How could these perfidious Jews orchestrate such an all-pervasive worldwide conspiracy? How indeed.

The silent treatment, ad hominem attacks, ridicule and satire have not of course been enough, this book – and other works on the same subject – have been banned – in then West Germany, and in racist South Africa under the Apartheid régime.

I don’t agree with absolutely everything Professor Butz says, but this is an honest book by an honest scholar. Now having said all that, I don’t want to talk about the Holocaust at all, not this one in which millions are alleged to have died. I want instead to talk about a much smaller Holocaust, one which involved just one Jewish death. In Greek, Holocaust means, or meant, burnt whole. In common usage it can mean a fire, a conflagration. This particular mini-Holocaust happened in London, in November 1964. And for at least twenty-four, nearly twenty-five years, it has been the subject of a campaign of lies by one man. And for the past fifteen years I have been exposing these lies. And in all that time, the Jewish Chronicle newspaper, more generally the Jewish establishment, and latterly a major and supposedly world respected newspaper, have endorsed these lies uncritically, and in the full knowledge that they are lies. It was only when I took the paper to the Press Complaints Commission that it published what might be called a qualification, certainly not a full-blooded retraction.

We begin with the Guardian newspaper for April 13, 2009. Herein we find the obituary of Colin Jordan, who was the acknowledged leader of National Socialism in Britain since 1956.

Now Mr Jordan was not just an unabashed Nazi, he was an avowed anti-Semite. The two don’t necessarily go together, by the way. At one point the Dutch Nazi party admitted Jewish members, and Fascism has in the past attracted many Jewish supporters, and indeed continues to, mostly in Israel.

That being said, I think it is fair to say that Mr Jordan was what most people would regard as not just a Nazi and an anti-Semite but a racial bigot; he was certainly a White Supremacist as much as a White Separatist – and again these beliefs do not necessarily come as a package.

In view of his self-proclaimed Nazism, his open adulation for Adolf Hitler, etc, it should have been possible for the Guardian to publish an obituary of Mr Jordan that vilified him without resorting to outright falsehood. Unfortunately, the paper hired a notorious hatemonger and many times proven liar to write it, a man named Gerry Gable. Mr Gable is a self-styled Jewish anti-fascist, okay, let’s not hold that against him, as long as the same rules apply to him as to the rest of us. But there’s the rub. In his obituary, Mr Gable wrote:

“In the mid-1960s NSM supporters carried out 34 arsons against Jewish buildings in London. One attack on a Stamford Hill theological college left one student dead and another seriously injured.”

NSM refers to the National Socialist Movement, a small group that Jordan founded. In his obituary, Mr Gable does not actually accuse Mr Jordan of running this arson campaign, although he has made this allegation elsewhere, but just for the record, it is not Jordan I am interested in here, but the reference to the attack on a theological college which resulted in the death of a trainee rabbi.

Although the arson campaign was real, and there was indeed such a fire, at the Mesifta Talmudical College, Cazenove Road, this particular fire was not arson, and for the record, the claims that Mr Gable has made about the arson campaign elsewhere, and his role in bringing the perpetrators to justice, are also a tissue of lies.

I have documented the true facts about this campaign fairly extensively, as long ago as 1994, and I published the definitive edition of the history of the London synagogue arsons in 2002. You will find it on my SearchlightArchive website. But very briefly, the two arson gangs were brought to book when one of their number became disillusioned with Nazi ideology and the hate campaign against innocent Jews, and turned himself, and his comrades, in. All the attacks occurred in 1965, while the accidental Mesifta College fire happened in November 1964. We know it was accidental because the St Pancras Coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death. And the word of a coroner in a British coroner’s court carries considerably more weight than the self-serving Nazi hunting fantasies of Gerry Gable.

Having seen this lie in print for the Nth time, I contacted the Guardian and informed the relevant departments – plural – that they had been conned. This is a paper that boasts – and I quote “It is the policy of the Guardian to correct significant errors as soon as possible”.

That boast is a lie, at least in this case, and when the paper attempted to fob me off I took it straight to the Press Complaints Commission, which resulted in the following appearing in its corrections and clarifications column:

“In the obituary of the former British fascist leader Colin Jordan below we stated that a fatal fire at a theological college in Stamford Hill, London, was part of a wave of 34 arson attacks by National Socialist Movement (NSM) supporters in the mid-1960s. While some have contended that the college fire had hallmarks of the later arsons, no charges were brought over that incident and the coroner at the time recorded the victim’s death as ‘accidental’”.

This is total flim-flam, for “some have contended” read “Gerry Gable told us”.

Gable also lied to the Jewish Chronicle, he wrote the obituary of Colin Jordan for that paper too, but as I pointed out, this was far from the first time Mr Gable has lied about this fire. He lied to the Jewish Chronicle about it for the first time way back in October 1987.

As with the Guardian, the people who run the Jewish Chronicle know Gable lied to them, and they have continued to endorse his lies.

This is a particularly vile lie, not because it libels Colin Jordan and his followers, but because for over two decades Gable has quite cynically and wickedly exploited the death of a pious young Jew to promote his own political and racial agenda, and to portray himself as some sort of hero, instead of the hatemonger and mischief maker he is.

The lies are blatant, they have been exposed time and time again, yet they continue to be repeated time and time again, and even the people Gable lies to – his victims, as it were – continue to endorse him.

Now, this book [holding up The Hoax Of The Twentieth Century] you see where I’m coming from?

The Guardian, the Jewish Chronicle, the Jewish establishments in Britain and worldwide, and the Western media generally, is it all a vast conspiracy, or is it simply that they don’t care? That they will parrot any lie that serves their purpose, even when they themselves have been deceived?

For the past fifteen years I have been exposing this lie about the Mesifta fire, a lie that is easily refuted, and for fifteen years, Gerry Gable’s falsehoods have been endorsed uncritically by the British media. We’re talking about one Jewish death here, just one.

Now, I have two questions for you: if these people can’t be trusted to tell us the truth about one Jewish death, how can they be trusted to tell us the truth about six million? Or however many they claim it to be?

The second question is even more frightening. What would happen if the Jewish establishment: organisations such as the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish Chronicle, and the odious Gerry Gable and his Searchlight Organisation got their way, and this book, and anything else they brand “anti-Semitic” or hate literature, were banned?

Thanks to the Internet, total censorship is now a thing of the past, but that is no deterrent to these arch-liars and Machiavellian schemers. They’ve tried to have me thrown into gaol more than once for exposing their lies, and last year the Australian scholar Dr Fredrick Töben actually was thrown into gaol afer being arrested at Heathrow Airport, as a result of their decades’ long campaign of hatred and repression, all dressed up in the garb of racial tolerance and the universal brotherhood of man, of course.

These are the same people, the very same people, who supported not one, but three wars against Iraq, who sanctioned the blockade, bombing and indiscriminate mass murder of that country’s citizens, including women and children, and who but for the election of Barack Obama might well have started a war against Iran. Racial tolerance indeed.

To this day, scholars who have the temerity to challenge the officially sanctioned version of the Holocaust are subjected to legal, and sometimes extra-legal, persecution. That is here in the West. The same Western media that defends the grossest blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad in the name of free speech, bows to the whims of International Zionism, and indeed to the lies of one man, Gerry Gable.

Isn’t that a frightening thought?

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