Correspondence With Yale University And A Feminist Fanatic

The screengrabs below are fairly self-explanatory. After reading the article An unsafe campus, I fired off a response to the author, Helen Price, which included a link to a recent article of my own. Her reply came later that same day; I hadnít expected a reply, and certainly didnít expect the one I got. It takes a lot to shock me, but...The reason she replied so is obvious, she had intended at some point, perhaps months or even years down the line to publish a screengrab of the forged reply as proof of my harassing her, what a wicked person I am, and what a poor, persecuted one she is.

Rather than wait for this to happen (I might be dead a year from now) I decided to pre-empt her. I have had no response to date - November 30, 2015 - from any of the administators at Yale - and do not expect to receive one, although I have no doubt that someone has had a word in her ear. I assumed Helen Price was an academic, which was rather silly as I read but clearly didnít note the reference at the bottom of the page to her being a sophomore, which was where I found her e-mail address! To date, her facile and misguided article has received nothing but hostile comments.

Although this attempted deception is only a small thing, to me it indicates both how dishonest and nasty the overwhelming majority of radical feminists are.

E-mail to Helen Price.

Forged e-mail response from Helen Price.

E-mail to Yale Administration.

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