Notes And References

(1) And a special edition of Hansard was printed just for me!
(2) Gable was represented initially by a goy barrister named Andrew Nicol, who took silk in 1995. Hermer came on the record along with the legal firm Kosky Seal in May 1996. During his student days, Hermer was a high flier in the Union of Jewish Students. The June 1991 issue of Searchlight reported that he was then editor of On Guard, the youth publication of the “anti-fascist”movement.
(3) Embarrassing is a legal term.
(4) I have recently been diagnosed as suffering from acute spondylosis.
(5) Morris had been contemplating legal action before Gable libelled me; we met through the magazine Lobster.
(6) For the benefit of the uninitiated, Colin Jordan was a Cambridge graduate who fell under the influence of Arnold Leese shortly after the Second World War. (Leese was probably the most fanatical anti-Semite this country has ever produced). On Leese’s death in 1956, Jordan became Britain’s leading Nazi and had a very high profile during the late fifties and sixties, forming several far right organisations, marrying the French heiress Françoise Dior (niece of Christian Dior), and being gaoled for organising a paramilitary group. Although long retired he still publishes occasional pamphlets and articles and is regarded with some reverence by the lunatic fringe.
(7) Except Tory hard liner Sir Ivan Lawrence, who in spite of his being duped by the likes of Gable where racism is concerned is fundamentally sound on most issues.
(8) Bindman is the senior partner in the firm Bindman & Partners. Another solicitor, Robin Lewis, and a (non-practising) barrister Caroline Bates, were dealing with Gable’s defence. Gable had at first wanted me cited for criminal contempt (he made other allegations as well). Like the rest of his so-called defence, this proved to be a futile exercise, although a very lucrative one for the lawyers.

(9) Its full title is: WHY BRITAIN’S POLICE AREN’T WORTH A JEWISH FINGERNAIL BY THE RIGHT HONOURABLE GERALD KAUFMAN MP AND THE LEADERS OF THE ANGLO-JEWISH ESTABLISHMENT: The shocking truth about how public money is used to incite the murders of policemen with the approval of Gerald Kaufman MP, Bindman & Partners (solicitors), “Searchlight” magazine and the “Jewish Chronicle” newspaper.
(10) One of the intimidation charges was later dropped.
(11) Morris had been on a government course as well as signing on and had been paying money into an account as permitted. Obviously being an accountant he wouldn’t be so stupid as to claim benefit illegally; he is in any case an honest man, although he does have a couple of driving convictions.
(12) What actually happened is that when Mark arrived at Belgravia Police Station he was arrested for questioning, a totally pointless exercise.
(13) Mark thought he might have absent-mindedly picked up this card somewhere. As he is certainly an absent-minded individual, this sort of thing can’t be ruled out, but Nemeth claimed to have found it on his bedside table, which does rule it out; in any case, the act of theft requires intent. After my acquittal I pleaded with Mark to lodge a formal complaint against this piece of filth; it may have been for example that the same credit card has been “found” by Nemeth before or that he has a track record for this sort of thing, but Mark obstinately refused, and both his legal advisers told him to let sleeping dogs lie.
(14) Mark is not the most sartorially elegant of men, to put it mildly.
(15) I was represented by Edward Goodman of the Desmond Pye Partnership. I would class him as a personal friend although I’m not sure he would reciprocate! I was introduced to him by Mark. As well as a solicitor he is a Labour Councillor and an anti-censorship campaigner.
(16) I say libel action rather than actions because the two actions were consolidated by Master Trench at a hearing shortly before my arrest.
(17) It is customary for solicitors and barristers to address each other by their surnames.
(18) I think those were his exact words. When I can afford to shell out four grand for the transcript, I’ll be able to confirm it.
(19) A common expression: a man who walks is acquitted.
(20) Reproduced in full here as Appendix A.
(21) IS Books is the company name of Bookmarks.
(22) From the re-amended defence to the first action pursuant to the Order of Mr Ronald Walker QC of 11 April 1997. There are minor differences in the wordings of these otherwise identical passages because they appear to have been wordprocessed individually.
(23) This was O’Maoileoin’s opinion although Goodman didn’t share it.
(24) Without prejudice communication dated May 12, 1997.
(25) The full text of the consent order (including the verbatim retraction) is reprinted here as Appendix B.
(26) Two of my publications have been written in collaboration with Rabbis; the first, A Goy Pries Into The “Talmud”..., was written with the assistance of the pseudonymous Rabbi Cohen; the full title of the second is THE WORLD ZIONIST CONSPIRACY Exposed By A Rabbi: Rabbi Yosef Goldstein Of Neturei Karta Lifts The Lid Off Political Zionism, annotated and with additional notes by Alexander Baron. Rabbi Goldstein is the PR man for Neturei Karta, the men I refer to as “the real Jews”.
(27) Yes, we were actually branded terrorists! In February 1996, Mark Taha had issued writs against Gable, Searchlight, Russell Press (Gable’s printer), Central Books (his distributor), Housman’s and Bookmarks in connection with the same article. For legal reasons I cannot at this stage comment on this action.
(28) Anti-fascist articles prove rich pickings, by Patricia Wynn Davies, published in the Independent, June 22, 1996, page 5.
(29) Bookshop denies funding right-wing pamphlet, by Robert Bevan, published in The Big Issue, January 15-21 1996, issue 164, page 24.
(30) Hansard (House of Commons) for June 24, 1996, columns 117-20 - Defamation Bill [Lords].
(31) This time on a fraud rap.
(32) The full credits of this book are THE OTHER FACE OF TERROR: Inside Europe’s Neo-Nazi Network, by Ray Hill with Andrew Bell, published by Grafton Books, London, (1988).
Andrew Bell is an Oxford graduate and journalist; he is also, allegedly, a former editor of Searchlight as well as, definitely, one of Gable’s poodles in the media.
(33) THE DECADENCE OF JUDAISM IN OUR TIME, by Moshe Menuhin, published by Exposition Press, New York, (1965), page 356. The full quote is as follows: “Anti-Semitism exists and may, in some degree, always exist. It is possible, in fact, that it is greatest among Jews themselves. Anti-Semitism is not always a ‘one-way street.’” Ditto anti-goyism or in Gable’s case, anti-Aryanism.
(34) This word has been incorrectly transliterated; it should read Halakhah or Halacha.
(35) Yes, that really is his name.
(36) For full documentation on this the reader is referred to my book THE CHURCHILL PAPERS: Revising The Revisionists, Unmasking Irving, in particular to Part 11.
(37) Gable and his wife have always claimed that she was a “mole” during her time in the far right. This is complete tosh because she made no secret either of her ethnic origins or of her passionate Zionism while she was writing articles for League Review.
(38) A theory doesn’t have to be pleasant, merely correct.
(39) Ie there can be special laws for blind people, children should have more protection and less “rights” under the law, allowance should be made for women, for feeble-minded persons, and so on.
(40) My aforementioned pamphlet Why Britain’s Police Aren’t Worth A Jewish Fingernail illustrates this dramatically, particularly with reference to the activities of the leading South African Zionists Arthur Suzman and Denis Diamond.
(41) Relentless searchlight on hunting the hated, article/interview by David Winner, published in the Jewish Chronicle, October 23, 1987, page 10.
(42) For the full story the reader is referred to A REVISIONIST HISTORY OF THE 1960s SYNAGOGUE ARSONS: - The Truth About Harry Bidney And The 62 Group Laid Bare Further Documentation On The Lies And Libels Of “Searchlight” Head Honcho Gerry Gable, by Alexander Baron, 2nd Edition Revised, Expanded And Updated, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (October 1994).
(43) Incredibly, Gable repeated this lie under cross-examination at Southwark Crown Court, and thereby added perjury to his crimes.
(44) The first edition of A Revisionist History Of The 1960s Synagogue Arsons was published in March 1994. In its March 17, 1995 issue, the Jewish Chronicle ran a full page spread on Gable and Searchlight magazine to celebrate [sic] the latter’s twentieth birthday. Among other things it was claimed therein that “A child died in one of the attacks.”
(45) Something Gable actually admitted under cross-examination at Southwark! My book Liars Ought To Have Good Memories - to name but one publication - also provides irrefutable documentation on how Gable and his gang have wilfully incited criminal acts. Another seminal study, * by an American (left wing) academic, has documented countless phony hate crimes by and against all racial groups, mostly in the United States.
* [CRYING WOLF: Hate Crime Hoaxes In America, by Laird Wilcox, published by Laird Wilcox Editorial Research Services, Olathe, Kansas, (1994)].
(46) This last word should be publications [ie cleared Mr Baron’s publications] rather than simply publication, but I didn’t notice this until it was too late.

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