Notes And References

(1) The DESTRUCTION of the EUROPEAN JEWS, by Raul Hilberg, published by W.H. Allen, London, (1961), pages 662-3. This is a standard reference work on the Holocaust.
(2) The Britons was an anti-Semitic publishing house founded by the “travelling salesman of anti-Semitism”, Henry Hamilton Beamish. Beamish spread his anti-Semitic philosophy as far afield as Africa and Japan. When he died in Rhodesia he left a bequest to his protegé Arnold Leese to carry on his evil work. (Leese received £3,350 net from Beamish’s estate, a substantial sum in 1948).
(3) See for example a contemporary anti-Semitic leaflet THE CONQUERING JEW! which can be found in the Public Record Office file HO 144/21377, page 18. In view of later developments in Germany, this was somewhat ironic.
(4) Madam Schwimmer, a Hungarian-born Jewess, sailed with the peace ship, as did the distinguished journalist, author and diplomat Herman Bernstein, who later sued Ford for implying that he was one of the Jewish conspirators. The peace ship - actually the Oscar II - was Madam Schwimmer’s idea; it was she who approached Ford in the first place. Rosika Schwimmer was a pacifist, (old-style) feminist and anti-communist.
(5) Behind Communism, by Frank L. Britton, pages 1-2. My copy of this has no credits, but the National Union Catalogue lists the first edition as published by American Nationalist, Inglewood, California, c1952. I believe the author edited the newspaper American Nationalist.
(6) The Jewish method of ritually slaughtering animals.
(7) As indeed have all forms of publishing.
(8) Ironically, the blood libel was first levelled at the early Christians by the Jews; it has since come back to haunt them with a vengeance. For further information the reader is referred to a pamphlet by the current writer, Jewish Ritual Murder: Anti-Semitic Fabrication Or Urban Legend? or to the far more substantial The Blood Libel Legend: A Casebook in Anti-Semitic Folklore, edited by Alan Dundes.
(9) For the definitive history of the Protocols see Warrant for Genocide: The myth of the Jewish world-conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, by Norman Cohn, published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, (1967).
(10) Jewish Rights And Jewish Wrongs, by Neville Laski, published by Soncino Press, London, (1939), page 129.
(11) The Jewish Bogey and the Forged Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, by Lucien Wolf, published by the Press Committee of the Jewish Board of Deputies, London, (1920). This was also published as THE MYTH OF THE JEWISH MENACE IN WORLD AFFAIRS or THE TRUTH ABOUT THE FORGED PROTOCOLS OF ZION, Macmillan, New York, (1921).
(12) Although the Protocols had been around since the turn of the century, they only took off after the “Russian” Revolution. The claim was made that Jewish Bolsheviks were financed by Jewish Wall Street bankers. In his definitive study Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Professor Sutton suggests that this myth was deliberately nurtured by the real bankrollers of the Bolshevik Revolution, - the (Gentile) banking firm of Morgan - in order to distract attention from its own perfidy. Another reason the Protocols became so popular was because Henry Ford became obsessed with the Jewish conspiracy and used his great wealth to finance a worldwide “educational” campaign to promote them.
(13) Laski, Jewish Rights And Jewish Wrongs, page 130, (op cit).
(14) In reality, they were at it long before even then, at the turn of the century or even earlier, as the suppression of Sir Richard Burton’s posthumously published The Jew, The Gypsy And El Islam clearly demonstrates. Among other things, this book accused Jews of practising ritual murder - undoubtedly out of ignorance rather than malice. For a fawningly philo-Semitic account of the book’s suppression, the reader is referred to Colin Holmes’ Anti-Semitism in British Society 1878-1939, in particular to chapter four.
(15) See in particular Gitta Sereny’s classic apologia The men who whitewash Hitler, published in the cringing left wing New Statesman, November 2, 1979.
(16) Needless to say, the Board of Deputies has lobbied long and hard to outlaw “Holocaust denial” in Britain, fortunately with no success. Zionist organisations have never campaigned to outlaw Holocaust lying per se, and for a very good reason. If telling lies about the Holocaust were to be made a criminal offence period, there would be more than a few “survivors” in the dock.
(17) ANTI-RACISM: A Mania Exposed, by Russell Lewis, with an introduction by Enoch Powell, published by Quartet Books, London, (1988), page 4.
(18) Lewis, Anti-Racism..., page 34, (ibid).
(19) THE BRITISH POLITICAL FRINGE: A Profile, by George Thayer, published by Anthony Blond, London, (1965), page 83.
(20) Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol 8, pages 68-9, (1942).
(21) The most significant of which was the Imperial Fascist League of the Jew-obsessed anti-Semite Arnold Leese.
(22) In 1933, Mosley told the Jewish Chronicle, “As I have already said in public, I think that the anti-Semitic policy of the German Nazis was a great mistake. It certainly is not our policy.” He went on to accuse the British press of misrepresenting the BUF, and distanced himself from anti-Semitic fascist groups in Britain. (May 12, 1933, page 35). This is not intended as an apology for fascism, which is in reality the Siamese twin of communism, whatever your friends in the “anti-fascist” movement may have told you. The real ideological conflict of our age is between individual liberty and collectivism: fascism and freedom.
(23) For an excellent analysis of this, see Oswald Mosley, by Robert Skidelsky, Third edition published by Papermac, (1990).
(24) For a disgusting example of this, the reader is referred to a series of pamphlets put out by the overtly Marxist Institute of Race Relations. Roots of Racism and Patterns of Racism are particularly vile tracts of Marxist “anti-racist” rhetoric which do for Aryans what the Protocols of Zion does for Jews.
(25) Lifting the lid off the “Anti-Nazi League”, published in support of the National Front Ex-Servicemen’s Association by NFN Press, with a Foreword by Squadron-Leader John Harrison-Broadley, Edited by Martin Webster, (October 1978), page 3.
(26) Massive ‘No’ to Arafat’s PLO, by Barry Toberman, published in the Jewish Chronicle, July 10, 1981, pages 2-4.
(27) And one which was ironic as many anti-Semites believe the Jews control the United Nations.
(28) The reader is referred specifically to The Zionist Connection by the American anti-Zionist Jew Alfred M. Lilienthal and to Publish It Not...The Middle East Cover-Up, by Michael Adams and Christopher Mayhew. These books, published in 1978 and 1975 respectively, give an overview of the hidden hand of Zionist censorship and mendacity in the United States and Great Britain.
(29) The Nation Wreckers, by (the non-existent) Sandra Ross, published by Britain First Press, (October 1975).
(30) Anyone who is tempted to give this nonsense greater credence than it deserves should read THE JEWISH VOTE IN GREAT BRITAIN SINCE 1945: Studies in Public Policy No 72, by Dr Geoffrey Alderman, published by the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, (1980). Black Anti-Semitism and Jewish Racism, published by Schocken Books, New York, (1972), gives an American perspective.
(31) It is thought that as many as a thousand people, mostly women and children, were murdered by the Israelis’ barbaric friends the “Christian” Phalangists in this terrible massacre, and who could forget the film of Israeli soldiers beating West Bank Palestinians with clubs, deliberately trying to break their arms?
(32) Redgrave accused of antisemitism, August 24, 1979, page 3.
(33) Challenge to the Press, by Eric Moonman M.P., published in Patterns of Prejudice, Jan-Feb 1975, Volume 9, No 1, pages 12-7. Patterns of Prejudice is the theoretical journal of the Institute of Jewish Affairs.
(34) It is a staple of anti-Semitic propaganda that the Jews control the press by ownership and by the withholding of advertising from publications which displease them. In a classic own goal, Theodor Herzl the founding father of political Zionism, wrote in The Jewish State: “When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of all revolutionary parties; at the same time, when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse.” * Anti-Semites have quoted this out of context ever since.
  * The Jewish State, by Theodor Herzl, published by Constable and Company, London, (1988), page 91. This is a Reprint of the American Zionist Emergency Council edition of 1946 with an Introduction by Louis Lipsky and a biography by Alex Bein.
(35) Actually, “What are the Palestinians?” This was Levi Eshkol, the former Prime Minister of Israel, speaking in 1969. Apparently, the Israelis “made the desert bloom”, then the Palestinians decided they wanted a slice of the cake. See The Zionist Connection, Lilienthal, page 146, (op cit).
(36) Patterns..., page 15, (op cit).
(37) All political movements and campaigns are run by small cliques of hard-core, dedicated activists, who can at times become dogmatic in the extreme.
(38) This has now changed somewhat following the 1976 act. In 1979, Michael McLaughlin, National Chairman of the openly Nazi British Movement received a four month prison sentence for publishing literature protesting against forced race-mixing in Britain and against red-inspired black terrorism against Rhodesia.
(39) Charity Begins At Home: How To Help Your Fellow Jews - And Combat Anti-Semitism, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (1993).
(40) This guy’s name is - get this - Mike Whine.
(41) Anti-Israel pamphlet referred to law officer, by Julian Kossoff, published in the Jewish Chronicle, September 10, 1993, page 12.
(42) Not all whites are Aryans.
(43) Even if one accepts all the Revisionists’ arguments, the fact remains that the Nazis committed countless unspeakable crimes against the Jews, including mass murder. The fact that the Allies also committed countless unspeakable crimes, against both the Germans and the Japanese, hardly mitigates this.
(44) This may not sound quite credible, but it is true nonetheless. The legal position of the Jews in Nazi Germany was incredibly complex, but it was certainly a crime to kill them. Individual acts of violence and other criminal acts committed against Jews by National Socialists were punished by the courts, sometimes severely, as a reading of the Jewish press for the period shows.
(45) Nazi advertisements not to be censored, published in the Jewish Chronicle, April 24, 1981, page 8.
(46) Ibid.
(47) Ibid.
(48) Jews were actually banned from flying the swastika in their homes and offices under the Nuremberg Flag Law. (Jewish Chronicle, October 4, 1935, page 21).
(49) Ibid.
(50) One of the author’s many interviews with Lady Birdwood.
(51) One of these leaflets is called The Snides of March, another is some sort of sick, anti-Semitic “satire” on the blood libel. They are all in this vein. It is highly doubtful that the anonymous author expected anyone to take them at face value. I have no idea who he is, Lady Birdwood has refused point blank to tell me.
(52) Albert Elder contested Hendon South for the National Front in May 1979, [Alderman, The Jewish Vote..., page 27, (op cit)].
(53) Angry scenes as Lady Birdwood is convicted on ten race-hate charges, by Julian Kossoff, Anne Sacks and Caroline Bass, published in the Jewish Chronicle, October 18, 1991, page 1.
(54) Ibid.
(55) Searchlight, October 1985, issue 124, page 8.
(56) Editors! Are You Being Fed A Load Of Bullshit? You Are If You Subscribe To Searchlight: A Documented Exposé Of Gerry Gable’s Error-prone, Lie-ridden, Mischief-making Magazine, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, 3rd Printing, London, (1993), page 22.
(57) Author’s interview with Dr Kitty Little.
(58) There was no copy in the British Library so I had to order it through the inter-library loan service. It is an incredibly complex book, far beyond me, and, I suspect, beyond most people who have not studied life sciences to at least degree level.
(59) Professor Sir Richard Doll is considered by some people to be the world’s leading cancer “expert”. I have interviewed him at some length, and earlier this year published a pamphlet, Smoking and Something Else... which demolishes his absurd claims that smoking causes 150,000 premature deaths in Britain a year. Dr Little was way ahead of me, and refuted Doll’s hypothesis in the 1950s.
(60) See in particular Green sheep of the family, published in INVESTORS CHRONICLE, 12-18 January 1990, page 15.
(61) Goldsmith admits to being “half a Jew” but is totally assimilated; his world revolves around his work.
(62) Ironically, Goldsmith too believes in a conspiracy theory - albeit a much milder one - and one that is at least supported by some evidence. His belief is that industry is operating a vast conspiracy to cover up the truth about environmental carcinogens. He refers to it as a conspiracy, if he were to use instead the phrase “vested interest” I would agree with him totally. He claims in particular that the results of research into environmental carcinogens have been systematically doctored by the multinational companies which pick up the tab. When I put this to Kitty Little she claimed that it was not a conspiracy by industry, as Goldsmith claims, but “a conspiracy against industry”. Obviously the two claims are mutually exclusive.
(63) Under her imprint Inter-City Research Press.
(64) A WORLD COUP d’ETAT IS PLANNED......Publicity will defeat it, (1984) and TREASON AT WESTMINSTER, (1986). This latter is said to be the text of a memorandum she submitted to the Royal Commission on Criminal procedure in October 1978. Little has also read a quote from the Protocols of Zion into the report of an official inquiry.
(65) Sebastian Coe slams Birdwood booklet, by Julian Kossoff, published in the Jewish Chronicle, July 23, 1993, page 36.
(66) President of the Board of Deputies and a QC.
(67) It was stated in court that the police had confiscated 153 copies at her flat, all that remained of the 15,000. I believe she ordered them in tranches of 5,000.
(68) The booklet was priced at one pound but she has certainly never been in this for the money. Like her campaigning newspaper, Choice, which goes out free, she never solicits donations. If people want to give money, they do, she told me.
(69) She has, unfortunately, published a great deal of this sort of “literature” over the years, but she only began distributing anti-Semitica with the anti-Talmudic leaflets. When I visited the Jewish Chronicle Library in 1992 I asked if I might look at her file. If my memory serves me correctly, there was no mention of her before this nonsense started, at least, no significant mention.
(70) Mr Merchant is my MP as it happens.
(71) Shortly after the start of the intifada, Mrs June Jacobs, Chairman of the Board’s Foreign Affairs Committee, co-signed a letter published in the Independent newspaper condemning Zionist atrocities. A former President of the Board suggested she resign. * To his credit, even arch-Zionist Greville Janner, spoke up on this occasion, albeit mildly. ** But there was no blanket condemnation as there should have been.
  * THE CLUB: The Jews of modern Britain, by Stephen Brook, published by Constable, London, (1989), page 365.
  ** Pages 366-7.
(72) I would also place Henry Ford in this category, and, after some consideration, the American “anti-Semite”, Elizabeth Dilling. Mrs Dilling, who died in 1966, was a great admirer of Ford, and was also bankrolled by him. And perhaps a forerunner of Lady Birdwood?
(73) This is something several Jews have told me, hence the contemptuous reference to “ultra-Orthodox”.
(74) Jewish Chronicle, July 2, 1993, page 5.
(75) It is ironic that the Jews are widely believed by anti-Semites to control TV, because all the leading sages of the Jewish religion have declared the television to be an abomination and not to be taken into the Jewish home.
(76) B’nai B’rith is a very old Jewish fraternal organisation. In the United States it spawned the thoroughly obnoxious and undemocratic Anti-Defamation League, the Zionist “thought police” which was founded at Chicago in 1913.
(77) Howard clashes with leading Jewish peer over racism, by Bernard Josephs, published in the Jewish Chronicle October 15, 1993, page 40.
(78) Brittan is often referred to by right wingers as “Latvian Leon”, however, his loyalty to Britain cannot be questioned. His loyalty to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was even more commendable, by allowing himself to be made her fall guy in the Westland affair he undoubtedly saved her job, though not for long as things turned out. His loyalty was rewarded with a lucrative post in the European Parliament.
(79) PUPPETMASTERS: The political use of terrorism in Italy, by Philip Willan, published Constable, London, (1991), page 15.
(80) In 1991, it had a total population of 1,583,000, (Whitaker’s Almanack 1993, page 118).
(81) THE WORLD ALMANAC AND BOOK OF FACTS 1993, page 948. I have always understood rape to mean the illicit carnal knowledge of a woman effected by force, intimidation, threats or deceit as to the nature of the act, but let’s not split hairs.
(82) Whatever you might have been told about South Africa, the average white South African does not hate blacks, he just does not want to be forced to integrate with them. For example, in January 1979, the Sunday Express reported that the South African National Front - which was founded by expatriate Britons * - had been reported to the government for inciting racial hatred against blacks. ** Apartheid, and segregation in the American Deep South, are based less on racial bigotry than on long-held social customs and mores. Marxist and Zionist propaganda to the contrary.
  * One of the expatriate Britons who was a member of the SANF at the time was Ray Hill, who later turned up in England after jumping bail on a fraud charge. He joined the British Movement, was a founder member of the British National Party, then finally became a Searchlight “mole”. Worm would be a better word. Mr Hill went right through the political spectrum from racial hatred to racial treason. First he preeched hatred of blacks and other non-whites, then he sold himself to the enemies of all races for thirty pieces of silver.
  ** MPs want action over racist Front, by Craig Tyson, published in the (Johannesburg) Sunday Express, January 28, 1979, page 6.
(83) For another contemporary - if at times imaginative - account of “Jewish self-defence”, the reader could do worse than read The 43 Group, by Jewish thug Morris Beckman. * Beckman’s story is so candid that it is embarrassing. Among other things, the author boasts that he and his fellow bootboys - including some Gentiles - were (at one point) attacking as many as fifteen fascist meetings a week, knocked a fascist speaker unconscious with a brick, and used forged tickets to gain entry to fascist meetings to cause disruption.
  * The 43 Group: the untold story of their fight against fascism, by Morris Beckman, published by Centerprise Publications, (1992), Foreword by Vidal Sassoon.
(84) Encyclopaedia Judaica, published by Keter Publishing, Jerusalem, (1973), see Volume 10, column 1263.
(85) According to For Those Who Cannot Speak, by Michael McLaughlin, Historical Review Press, (1979), no Jews at all were killed. McLaughlin, it may be argued, was a self-professed Nazi, but in any case he didn’t write this pamphlet.
(86) In her recently published book From Prejudice To Genocide, * Carrie Supple reports that 92 Jews were murdered on Kristallnacht and that 7,000 shops owned by Jews were looted and destroyed, (page 84). Supple also reports that thirty-one thousand Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps. Ms Supple is a director of the Searchlight Educational Trust, but she seems to have gone one better than even Searchlight’s legendary sloppy research. In September 1988, issue 159, page 11, Searchlight reported 91 murders and twenty-six thousand arrests. For the record, Argov survived, vom Rath died.
  * From Prejudice To Genocide Learning about the Holocaust, by Carrie Supple, with a Foreword by Martin Gilbert, published by Trentham Books, Stoke-on-Trent, (1993).
(87) It that sounds a bit strong consider the analogy with the Los Angeles riots. Rodney King, a black motorist, was dragged out of his car by four white police officers, who then proceeded to kick shit out of him. Mr King was beaten over fifty times, had his skull fractured, other serious damage, and the whole incident was captured on video. When the case came to court, a predominently white jury freed his assailants on the grounds that they hadn’t (illegally) assaulted him. How would you have felt if you had been a black person in Los Angeles at the time?
  At the time Grynspan gunned down vom Rath, Organised Jewry throughout the world had mounted a massive boycott campaign against Germany, its government and its Führer and had declared its intention of bringing Germany to its knees. Yes, I know that the Nazis were also persecuting the Jews within Germany, but things like that are often conveniently forgotten in the heat of the moment and with righteous indignation. Kristallnacht then was not necessarily an anti-Semitic outburst, but a spontaneous act by a people against an avowed enemy. I have no doubt also that, just as a lot of people took advantage of the LA riots to line their own pockets, so did certain people on the Night of the Broken Glass.
(88) The Israelis call this a preemptive strike. The rationale is that they are surrounded by anti-Semites who would like nothing better than to murder every Jew on the face of the planet. So, to prevent the imminent Holocaust, every now and then they have to exterminate a few anti-Semitic goyim. Obviously, any evil can be justified on this basis, that the murders of a few - or a few hundred - non-Jews now will save the lives of millions in the indeterminate future. But where does this all end?
(89) Brook, The Club, (op cit), page 390.
(90) Jewish Chronicle, September 24, 1993, page 1.
(91) The reader should not fall into the trap of thinking it is only Organised Jewry who are trying to destroy our freedoms. Many other groups are playing the same game with deadly intent, if from different angles including the “anti-fascist” movement, and, never let it be forgotten, the British National Party.
(92) Extract from a conversation with Rabbi Cohen published in A Goy Pries Into The Talmud..., by Alexander Baron in collaboration with Rabbi Cohen, InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (1992), page 20.
(93) The Beiliss case in Kiev, Russia, 1911-3, appears to have been politically motivated, but, one likes to think, the world has come a long way since those dark days. Or has it?
(94) The Board of Deputies of British Jews annual report and accounts 1988, page 6.
(95) Board of Deputies...annual report...1988, page 6, (ibid).
(96) Board of Deputies...annual report...1988, page 6, (ibid).
(97) More accurately, “The ultra-Orthodox communities play no part in the Board.” They were said to have walked out in the early seventies. Stephen Brook, The Club..., page 213, (op cit). “Ultra-Orthodox”, is I am told, the way secular (Zionist) Jewry refers to the more devout members of the community, in particular the Hassidim, Lubarvichers and other non-Zionist and anti-Zionist sects. These are the men in the black hats and their womenfolk.
(98) Board of Deputies...annual report...1988, page 7, (op cit).
(99) Board of Deputies...annual report...1988, page 14, (ibid).
(100) Fined for Insulting a Jew, reported in the Jewish Chronicle, February 9, 1934, page 14.
(101) See in particular the contemporary Jewish Chronicle.
(102) The Jewish Chronicle for April 7, 1933, pages 24-7, reports that “The [Nazi] boycott had a trial run of one day - and that day Shabbat - and was then ingloriously called off. Realising that he has brought the world about his ears, Hitler has sounded the retreat on the anti-Semitic front; but he has not yet surrendered, and a protracted war of attrition is facing German Jewry.”
  An international boycott conference was actually convened in New York by Samuel Untermyer (also sometimes spelt Untermeyer). Under his entry in The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 10, page 379, it is claimed that Samuel Untermyer 1858-1940 “directed a counter-boycott against German goods.” This is an outright lie, the Jewish boycott came first.
(103) Jewish Chronicle, November 16, 1934, page 24.
(104) Ibid.
(105) Prior to World War Two, the Nazi persecution of the Jews was almost entirely economic.
(106) Punishing A Nation: Human Rights Violations During The Palestinian Uprising December 1987-December 1988, a report prepared by Al-Haq, Law in the Service of Man, published by South End Press, Boston, MA, (1990), page 3. The reader is referred specifically to this book, and to Amnesty International, who have catalogued extensively the appalling brutality meted out to the Palestinians by the Zionists.
(107) See Alderman, THE JEWISH VOTE IN GREAT BRITAIN..., (op cit).
(108) This belief is vindicated (for them) by the role of the Board of Deputies in destroying their freedom and in the prominent role played by Jewish “anti-fascists” in such undemocratic organisations as ANAL.
(109) As happened to Robert Relf in 1976.
(110) As happened to Michael McLaughlin in 1979. If he was referring to miscegenation, as clearly he was, then the facts speak for themselves.
(111) See for example Jews mourn victim, published in the Times, February 4, 1993, page 2. More than a thousand mourners attended her funeral.
(112) “I was a Councillor, of course, for three years, but found it dull work. Simpson served his three years and then put up again as Fascist and was re-elected; I did not try again...We were the first constitutionally elected Fascists in England.” Quoted from page 49 of Leese’s autobiography, OUT OF STEP Events in the Two Lives of an Anti-Jewish Camel-Doctor, by Arnold Spencer Leese, published (by the author), Guildford, Surrey, (1951).

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