BILL COSBY: A Voice Of Reason

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This is Alexander Baron, the only man in the UK who told you the truth about convicted murderess Linda Carty, convicted murderer Satpal Ram, and the Mesifta Talmudical College fire. In this video I will be presenting some incisive analysis of the allegations against veteran entertainer Bill Cosby, or perhaps that should be veteran former entertainer Bill Cosby, because his career has now been effectively trashed.

I will also be discussing related aspects, in particular rape allegations both true and false. And the at times sordid politics that goes hand-in-hand with them.

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Before we go any further though, I would like to make two things clear. The first is that I am not a Cosby fan. From 1965, Cosby starred in an American TV series called I Spy. That was shown in the UK, and I watched quite a few episodes. Apart from that and as far as I can recall I have seen only two Cosby films; one of these was Mother, Jugs & Speed. As I was somewhat youthful at the time, I was more interested in Jugs than in her two co-stars. I have also seen another film in which Cosby had some sort of role, I can’t even remember what it was, and can’t be bothered to Google it.

I have never watched The Cosby Show; I’ve seen tiny snippets of it on YouTube, but I like my comedy with bite, and won’t be watching anymore.

The second thing I will say is that if Cosby had committed a fraction of the criminal acts that have been laid at his door since he was “outed” by Hannibal Buress in October last year, he should have been behind bars permanently. These allegations were not of mere rape but aggravated rape; in fact it could be argued that the drugging was more serious than the rapes because if you administer a noxious substance to someone other than on medical advice you could kill or seriously incapacitate that person. You don’t know if someone has allergies, intolerances, and so.

Comedian Hannibal Buress: one man who is definitely not laughing at his jokes is Bill Cosby.

Last year, when the proverbial really hit the fan, there was a certain skepticism in some quarters, but as more and more alleged victims came forward, that skepticism was replaced with a disclaimer at some point during the myriad interviews and analyses that Cosby had never been charged with any criminal offence.

The consensus appeared to be that with so much smoke it was impossible for there to be no fire at all, that if one or two of Cosby’s accusers were liars or fruitcakes, they couldn’t all be. At this point in time - December 21, 2014 - no fewer than 25 women have accused Cosby of acts ranging from mild attempted sexual assaults to aggravated rape. Can all 25 be wrong? What if he’d been accused by 25 hundred women, wouldn’t that be even stronger evidence? Or 25 thousand, wouldn’t that be proof positive?

If mere allegations constituted evidence, flying saucers would be real. Exotic creatures would lurk in Loch Ness. And your great-aunt Alice would talk to you from the other side. We’re not dealing with the supernatural, the extraterrestrial or just plain exotic, so we don’t require such a high degree of proof, nevertheless, these are still mere allegations.

People who believe most, all or some of Cosby’s accusers must be telling the truth don’t understand human nature, and they certainly don’t understand women, some of whom will lie literally at the drop of a hat about being raped, sexually assaulted, or indeed about anything else.

Some of them are so shameless they take your breath away. This is Jodi Arias who stabbed her lover over twenty times, nearly hacked his head off, and put a bullet in his skull for good measure. Then she attempted to trash his reputation in open court.

Women will lie about deadly serious matters, they will lie about trivial ones...

...and no, it isn’t only white women. This is Carnita Matthews, who obviously needs to re-read the Holy Qur’an, because I’m sure there is a passage or two therein about bearing false witness.

Okay, back to Bill Cosby, if these allegations had been made against him in the UK, he would already have found himself in extremely deep water because there is no statute of limitations here. If you haven’t seen it, check out my video Rolf Harris And You, which you can find at the Internet Archive. This covers the Operation Yewtree witch-hunt. Harris and others have been convicted of albeit less serious offences on so-called evidence that is even more unreliable.

When William Roache stood trial accused of raping no fewer than five women, in her closing speech for the Crown, Anne Whyte QC said either he was lying or all the alleged victims were. She said that apart from two sisters, none of the complainants knew each other, and the implication was of course that he had to be lying, for how could all of them be? This sort of dishonest rhetoric can bamboozle juries, but fortunately for Mr Roache, it didn’t here.

Again, if you haven’t already watched it, check out my Rolf Harris video. I will though have to cover some of the same ground here.

All the allegations against William Roache and most of the others in these cases had no substance in themselves, but the Crown attempted to use what is known as corroboration by volume. This is what is happening with Cosby by and large. Corroboration by volume has become an accepted principle in England, together with the process of trawling - with which it goes hand in hand - and has also led to some terrible miscarriages of justice, not only of celebrities. Let’s stay with celebrities though. With Cosby as with other celebrities at times, one allegation leads to another and even to an avalanche. Now imagine this were not Bill Cosby but Bill Smith, and he were accused not by 25 women but by three or perhaps only two of drugging and raping them in different cities at different times. Wouldn’t that be more impressive, three or just two women who had no idea the man they were accusing was being similarly accused?

I said the media coverage had been largely hostile as the allegations mounted up, but there are a few people, mostly on YouTube, who have seen through this charade. Most but not all of them are black. Unfortunately, they tend to use intemperate language and to be conspiracy-minded talking about the white supremacist media - as if - and stuff like that. They may be wrong on that score, but while there is no conspiracy as such, there are certainly agendas at work here, including the feminist rape narrative.

Now back to basics, the allegation that started the ball rolling was made by Andrea Constand. She was not the very first person to make an allegation of sexual impropriety against Cosby; I’ll discuss the others in due course, but this is the most important one. Andrea Constand is a qualitatively different accuser from most of those who have been paraded to the media by Gloria Allred. There is little information about her on the Web, but she was a talented sportswoman who took up a post as a coach, and is now pursuing a career in medicine. She is also a physically formidable individual, and if Cosby or any man of his age had tried to force himself upon her in January 2004, he would very likely have come off worse.

Andrea Constand: not your usual airhead false rape accuser.

There are different versions of what happened, but the most reliable source - though not necessarily the most reliable version - can be found here:

If this is to be believed, Cosby appears to have had a very close relationship with a woman who was young enough to be his daughter and then some, she turns up at 9pm, then asks for or is offered some pills to counter stress, next thing it is 4am, and Cosby is in his bathrobe. Then what, she just leaves?

Four months later, she quits her job and returns to Canada, then a year after the alleged rape she goes to the police. We are told she delayed for so long because “it was haunting her, as it does haunt every victim of a sexual assault. This is permanent injury to anyone who has suffered something such as this and you can’t do it alone. You need to have therapy; you need to talk about it. And what happened was that she was having nightmares.”

If you don’t recognise this, it is part of the aforementioned feminist rape narrative, the idea that rape is always such a terrible, soul-shattering crime that most victims don’t report it at once, if ever, and it does all sorts of bizarre things to them psychologically. If you accept that narrative uncritically, then you might as well switch off now and watch another video.

The feminist rape narrative includes all sorts of nonsense, like that one woman in five, or even one in four or more will be raped or otherwise sexually assaulted in her lifetime. All or almost all men are viewed as potential rapists, and anyone who does not accept this garbage about rape culture can only be a rape apologist or worse.

Shockingly, this narrative has become not simply widely accepted but the norm; at this current time there is a soap opera plot here which is using it. According to the BBC, on October 7, 2014:

This is a usually feisty woman who is raped upstairs in a public house, in a room which is a family thoroughfare, she doesn’t scream, is too terrified or shocked even to resist, and immediately after the rape she jumps in the shower destroying the forensic evidence.

A rape scene from the BBC soap opera EastEnders: feminist propaganda and lies dressed up as education.

Here is another clip from the same soap opera, EastEnders, herein the rape is revealed, and we hear all the feminist propaganda we’ve grown used to over the years. The victim was unable to resist, she was paralysed with fright, she blames herself, she’s ashamed, she’s having nightmares, yadda, yadda, yadda.

This isn’t a realistic rape scenario, this is indoctrination and brainwashing. Its purpose is to convince you to believe uncritically any woman who accuses a man of rape, to believe any self-styled survivor is telling the truth regardless of the lack of evidence or indeed in the face of exculpatory evidence as in the Tawana Brawley case, or in the even more shocking Rhiannon Brooker case.

The Rhiannon Brooker rape hoax beggars belief, even the police were astounded at her duplicity.

If a woman doesn’t come forward reasonably promptly, if she accuses a man weeks, months, years or even decades later when there can be no physical evidence, that is not because she is deranged, vengeful or simply evil, rather she is suffering from rape trauma syndrome. What a total crock, and guess what, you, the public both sides of the Atlantic and indeed the world over are falling for it, as are the men and women who control the criminal justice system, and at times so are hardened and cynical police officers. The idea that Rape Crisis are experts beggars belief; organisations such as Rape Crisis and Women Against Rape are first and foremost agenda-driven special interest groups. Any good they may do is far outweighed by their corruption of the legal process relating to sex crimes and the perpetuation of rape myths in the guise of combatting them. Not to mention the blanket endorsement of proven lies.

The reality is that usually victims, real victims, fight back, even the small ones.

Yes, there are what are called vulnerable women and girls who might not report their violator for whatever reason. Here is one example, a rapist with a badge who preyed on illegal immigrants.

There are others too who are usually easily recognised by the police, but we are not talking about vulnerable women here, rather about women who sought out or who were found by Bill Cosby and went with him willingly. And others in which these liaisons happened only in their tiny heads.

Granted that every victim of a real assault - sexual or otherwise - may behave differently, and indeed the same victim may react differently at different times, but there is an alternative scenario here, and an alternative narrative. Returning to Andrea Constand, the question we should be asking is not why did this physically formidable and clearly superior woman delay her report for a year, but what - or more likely who - persuaded her she had been raped so long after the event? I believe I may have the answer to that.

Andrea Constand was employed by Temple University in Cosby’s native Philadelphia. She ran or was one of the people who ran the university’s women’s basketball team, and is unsurprisingly herself a former player. Constand is said to have regarded Cosby as a mentor. Cosby appears to have done a lot of mentoring in his career, always of younger women, and it is clear that he did not always keep a professional distance. On the occasion he is alleged to have drugged and raped Andrea Constand, she is said to have been invited to his home for dinner, arriving about 9pm. Just the two of them? With no wife or staff in attendance? What does that suggest to you? If Cosby had taken her to a restaurant, ie to a public place, that would have suggested something entirely different. Clearly she was comfortable around Cosby, but think of the context.

Andrea Constand reported this incident a full year later, and in another country, be it noted. When the police declined to act against Cosby, she filed a civil claim against him, on March 8, 2005, the certificate of service of which was dated April 6, 2005. She sought $150,000 plus costs, and demanded a jury trial. (If Andrew Mitchell had demanded a jury trial, he would have saved himself £3 million, but that’s another story). Cosby appears to have handled this allegation very badly, which is probably why since the scandal broke last year he has followed legal advice and kept his mouth shut. The terms of their settlement remain confidential, and this is probably another reason for his keeping tight-lipped. I think we can say though that with legal costs it would almost certainly have cost him in excess, quite likely far in excess of the original $150,000.

We should not draw any conclusions either way from this settlement, either that Cosby caved in to avoid being exposed as a serial rapist, or that Constand tried successfully to shake down a former friend.

Let’s go back to the night of the incident, according to Constand, she left under her own steam, got up and walked out. She may have been confused, but she noticed her clothes were in disarray, and she was sore “around her vaginal area”. Yet she left, she didn’t tell anyone, she didn’t proceed to a hospital where an examination would have confirmed she had been violated or at least had sex, and just as importantly, if she had been drugged, she really should have sought medical help. If she had been tested for drugs, and they were found in her bloodstream, what would that have indicated?

From the documents that have been made available, Andrea Constand was treated by a psychotherapist in Canada, always a bad sign, because these imbeciles have been known to implant false memories of sexual abuse in both women and the very young of both sexes. But whom did Constand tell in Philadelphia before leaving the country? Quite likely someone at Temple University, and like many American universities, the Temple campus is a hotbed of radical feminist activity. In 2012, a Temple student was thrown out for raping another student. Seventeen months later, the truth came out.

If you think that is a bit of a stretch, consider this too. Because Constand actually filed criminal and then civil charges against Cosby, a certain amount of publicity was generated, as might have been expected. This is when the Jane Doe’s appeared. Jane Doe Number One was domiciled in Taos, New Mexico, and was represented by Joyce Dale of Philadelphia; as was Jane Doe Number 2 of Spring Hill, Florida, as was Jane Doe Number 3 of Las Vegas, Nevada, as were Jane Doe’s 4, 6 and 7.

Joyce Dale is not simply an attorney, she is Executive Director of Delaware County Women Against Rape. Again, I don’t want to paint this with a conspiratorial brush, but after Constand’s allegations against Cosby are made public, these women appear out of nowhere filing what are said to be similar allegations; they gravitate to the same advocate, and they do this in a remarkably short space of time.

As I said, Andrea Constand is dissimilar to most of Cosby’s accusers, for one thing she was never an aspiring model, an aspiring actress or an aspiring anything. I feel if she had been raped by Cosby, she would have gone straight to the authorities, and if she had decided to make a false allegation - for whatever reason - she would have done so when there was physical evidence of intimate sexual contact. I believe, in all sincerity, that this woman had a consensual sexual encounter with Cosby then regretted it - as well she might - but then was brainwashed into believing she had been drugged and raped by him.

The genesis of this allegation is almost certainly Cosby’s own fault, albeit in a bizarre fashion. In 1969, he incorporated his now infamous Spanish fly gag into his comedy routine. Here is an extract from it; if you listen to the whole routine in context, there is nothing sinister about it at all. Incidentally, the background music is called Spanish Flea.

The Bill Cosby Spanish fly joke - could this have been the real inspiration for the drug and rape allegations against him?

So Constand had too much to drink, ended up in bed with Cosby, regretted it, then at some point she confided in someone, and was told she’d been drugged. After all, why else would she have had sex with Cosby? Or as Christina Hoff Sommers put it:

Just as feminist psychologists persuaded children that they had been abused, so feminist activists have persuaded many young women that a foolish drunken hook-up was actually a felony rape.

When the news of her allegations leaked out, the other accusers crawled out of the woodwork, and in some cases out of the gutter. Okay, let’s take a look at some of them, starting with the craziest.

This is one of the Jane Doe’s, later identified as Beth Ferrier. Listen carefully to what she says, Cosby was more powerful than God. This begs the question, if she didn’t want to mess with God then, why does she now? Can a woman who talks like this really be taken seriously?

Cosby accuser Beth Ferrier - more powerful than God, and more nuts than Brazil.

In a recent interview, Ferrier says her modelling work dried up, she lost everything, and her family didn’t want to talk to her. Let’s be brutally frank about this, modelling is largely for young women, there are older models, but clearly the years have not been kind to Ferrier. Did her family stop talking to her on account of her allegations against Cosby, or do they know something about her we don’t? She says Cosby drugged her in his dressing room. If you read her account at Free Republic, it contains nothing of substance. If what she says about her affair with Cosby is true, the way he treated her was her own fault for being so dumb, but does her claim about the drugged coffee have any credibility at all? Seriously? I really don’t want to sound unkind, but clearly she is a deeply disturbed individual, and I doubt any of that is down to Cosby. She is said to have passed a lie detector test, but so did Warren Mackey, the man who murdered Norma Rodriguez; there is no such thing as a lie detector, and in any case, Ferrier is probably not lying as such, she is simply delusional.

Joan Tarshis claims Cosby raped her in 1969. In a TV interview she claimed he forced her to perform oral sex, and was asked by Don Lemon why she didn’t bite him. He took some flak for that, but it isn’t such a dumb question, that’s what Chima Benson did when she was attacked by a serial killer. She may have been lucky to escape with her life, but she lived to see him die by lethal injection.

When Chima Benson was attacked by “Bathtub Killer” Dale Scheanette, she fought back, as do most rape victims.

By her own account, Joan Tarshis was still a teenager when she struck lucky as a scriptwriter. Again, by her own account she worked as a publicist for among others Bob Marley. The fact that she waited all this time to make these claims about Cosby does not enhance her credibility in the slightest, but although she looks a bit odd, she is clearly not as deranged as some of his accusers.

Cosby accuser Tamara Green is a disgraced lawyer, and apparently a head case. According to The Daily Caller, in December 2005, the State Bar Court of California recommended she be “suspended from the practice of law in the State of California for a period of two years” and that she “be placed on probation for a period of five years.”

We are told that Green “has a mental health problem, and the court found that there is sufficient evidence of a nexus between that mental health issue and respondent’s misconduct in this proceeding.”

Green also failed to disburse “a $20,000 medical settlement to a client” and instead pocketed the settlement for herself. Green also accepted “a $1,000 retainer from a client that she did not contact or represent...” und so weiter.

Cosby accuser Tamara Green - too dishonest even for the California Bar!

Green is not the only lawyer to accuse Cosby. Louisa Moritz claims she was orally raped by Cosby on The Tonight Show in 1971. This claim has been parrotted uncritically without any fact checking at all, but at least one YouTuber did bother to check the Internet Movie Database. When I checked it, this is what I found.

She appeared on The Tonight Show, August 23, 1971. Cosby did not.

Louisa Moritz appeared on The Tonight Show August 23, 1971, but Cosby did not.

Miss Moritz is certainly a multi-talented individual, as can be seen from her official website. However, veracity does not appear to be among her talents.

Cosby accuser Louisa Moritz - actress, lawyer, songwriter...but would you buy a used car from her?

There have been so many allegations levelled against Cosby since the dam broke that it is unsurprising he has not responded to all of them, but he, or rather his lawyer, did respond to Miss Moritz.

Cosby accuser Louisa Moritz - actress, lawyer, songwriter...but would you buy a used car from her?

Linda Traitz is another Cosby accuser. She claims he drove her to the beach, opened a briefcase full of pills, and tried to drug her. This happened over four decades ago! It’s difficult not to laugh, especially as this woman is more likely to have offered Cosby drugs than vice versa. In 2009 she served hard time for a drug offence, and her rap sheet includes theft and assault.

Cosby accuser Linda Joy Traitz: a woman who knows all about illegal drugs.

The Cosby accuser with the biggest mouth by many decibels is Janice Dickinson. She is the world’s first supermodel - according to herself. I actually wrote for a model newspaper briefly in 1989-90, and I’d never heard of her before this story broke, unlike quite a few other highly paid models. Having said that, she was never an aspiring anything, and has a decent track record.

Janice Dickinson gracing the front cover of Vogue in 1978; unfortunately, she has not aged gracefully.

Perhaps surprisingly she doesn’t appear to have done much if anything in films or TV before about 2002, apart from the 1992 film Sandra After Dark, but she has been extremely busy in TV since. She has also been married three times and had substance abuse issues. This shouldn’t be held against her because it comes with the territory; few people in the entertainment industry don’t have at least one of these problems. This is because of the peripatetic nature of the work, long, sometimes strange hours, separation from spouses and loved ones for long periods...Nevertheless, Cosby is not the first man she has accused of sexual abuse; she claimed her own father was a paedophile, and says she may have accelerated his death.

If you listen to Dickinson railing against Cosby, you’ll see what I mean. In this interview with an uncritical Nancy Grace she follows the feminist rape narrative, and then loses it completely. You can find other interviews with her on the same subject, and they are more of the same.

Having said all that, let us assume that Miss Dickinson did have a bad experience with Cosby in which she passed out due to drugs. Would that necessarily be down to him?

Supermodels are supposed to have class. Is this a classy way for any woman to dress?

Not necessarily, indeed there is evidence from five years ago that Miss Dickinson likes to mix drink and drugs, or at the very least that she doesn’t take care not to mix them. This is how this incident was reported by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

And we actually have video of this incident.

It may be that Miss Dickinson has changed drastically since her youthful encounters with Cosby, but the impression one gets from this disgraceful episode is that this is not the type of woman any rapist would target, and if she had indeed been drugged and raped by Cosby she would have let the whole world know about it at the time, perhaps by calling him out publicly.

One other thing about Miss Dickinson, if it is true as she claimed that with malice aforethought she hastened the death of her own father, what do you think she would do to any other man who wronged her?

Janice Dickinson may be her own biggest fan, but some people are clearly not amused by her TV antics.

Here is another of the crazies, aspiring model Chelan Lasha. Cosby gave her a pill too, because she had a cold. It’s truly amazing how many of these women had a ready pretext for Cosby to give them pills. Miss Lasha has been scrubbed up very well for this little charade. But this is what she really looks like.

Cosby accuser Chelan Lasha.

Chelan Lasha has convictions for prostitution and for false reporting. According to the feminist rape narrative, a woman of her dubious character is the way she is because of the way she has been abused by the patriarchy. Maybe she even became a prostitute because of her treatment at the hands of Cosby himself, this aspiring model.

Another mugshot of Chelan Lasha. Would any man pay to have sex with this woman, seriously?

When I found out the truth about her background, I couldn’t help thinking of a song I know well - Old Compton Street Blues. If you’re not an Al Stewart fan - or even if you are - check it out.

Ah, your pictures they don’t really do you justice any more
For they’re crumpled now and faded and were taken long ago,
And that faintly coy expression has now left without a trace,
Ah there’s little of it buried in the ruins of your face.

The rest of the song isn’t a bad fit for this pathetic woman either.

This is Therese Serignese who claims Cosby gave her two white pills for no reason whatsoever. Which she took. She claims after Cosby raped her the first time she went back for more, and if you listen to this next clip carefully, you’ll see she is withdrawing consent retrospectively. She claims too she told her mother about the rape. What would any mother worthy of the name do if her teenage daughter had just been raped? And of course, her mother is now dead.

Cosby accuser Therese Serignese: if I change my mind tomorrow, it was rape.

The most interesting accuser of all is arguably Judith Huth, who claimed Cosby raped her at the Playboy Mansion in 1974. At that time, Huth was only 15 years old, and this has prompted Gloria Allred to try to bypass the statute of limitations. The first objection that must be raised to this claim is Hugh Hefner, who is known for his colourful sex life, to put it mildly. But, and this is a massive but, it is inconceivable that Heffner would have allowed his premises to be used for anything even borderline illegal, much less the rape of a 15 year old girl. Heffner’s persona would also tend to undermine any suggestion that Cosby raped not just P.J. Masten but other bunny girls as she claimed.

In order to bolster her credibility, Huth met with Dr Anthony Reading of UCLA, who is quoted thus: “I have concluded, based upon my knowledge of the facts and issues, that there is, in my professional opinion, a reasonable basis to believe that Ms. Huth had been subject to childhood sexual abuse.”

Dr Reading and people like him are what are known as whores of the court. As Diana Davison has pointed out in her excellent series of videos on the feminist corruption of the Canadian legal system, such testimony is often used in cases where women have murdered a spouse or partner as part of what has become known as the battered wife defense. If a woman takes the stand and claims she was driven to murdering her husband, she can be cross-examined, which might involve her answering, or more often being unable to answer, inconvenient questions. By substituting expert evidence, so-called, this problem is averted.

Expert evidence of this nature is not the same as expert evidence from say a medical doctor, who might give evidence that the victim’s skull was fractured - evidence of fact - and then opine that it could have been caused by Exhibit A, the candlestick, or whatever. The expert evidence of Dr Reading in this case is in reality hearsay, he has listened to Judith Huth, formed an opinion that she is or may be telling the truth, and can if necessary present her evidence in court.

It is unlikely this would wash in a case of this nature because Huth would be the plaintiff in a civil court rather than a defendant in a criminal one. Gloria Allred thought she would be able to get away with this nonsense because Huth was claiming her memory of this encounter had been repressed. If she could demonstrate this to a Californian court, she would be able to proceed with a civil claim. Leaving aside the fact that repressed memories are garbage, Cosby’s lawyer has raised one terribly inconvenient fact:

Approximately 10 years ago, plaintiff Judith Huff unsuccessfully tried to get money from a tabloid by selling the same story about Bill Cosby that is the subject of this lawsuit. Knowing that since she disclosed her allegations to a media outlet 10 years ago, she cannot claim to have a repressed memory.

Cosby lawyer Martin Singer.

Who do you believe? Let me put it another way, if her repressed memory story is bunk, why should we believe anything she says in this connection?

Okay, let’s deal with one more crazy, this is Helen Hayes.

Bill Cosby touched my tit in 1973 and ruined my life. Boo hoo hoo. This testimony is similar to that of Tonya Lee who accused Rolf Harris of indecently assaulting her in a crowded public house, an assault which likewise no one else saw, yet Lee’s lies were so convincing that the jury convicted Harris. Again, this is part of the feminist rape narrative. Now I want to take a little diversion, first I will show you a real rape victim, then I will give you an alternative narrative.

Cosby accuser and fantasist Helen Hayes.

This is a young lady named Kristie Reed. The clip you are about to watch contains a reconstruction, but nothing graphic. Oh, and even if you don’t look too closely, you will probably notice the marks on her neck.

You’ll probably be glad to learn that the sicko responsible for these unspeakable crimes was sent to the electric chair. It took a decade, but he finally got what he deserved. I said earlier that real victims often fight their attackers, Kristie didn’t, and in this case clearly she made the right decision. This was a 14 year old girl who came home to find her sister dead on the floor, and the monster responsible says to her, cooperate or else. So she lay down, and he raped her, but mercifully he didn’t kill her, though he tried.

Kristie Reed was 14 years old when she was raped by the same man who murdered her sister, yet she makes less noise about her real suffering than any member of the Gloria Allred get Bill Cosby freak show.

I have no doubt that in spite of her outward calm, she remembers that terrible day every anniversary, indeed I have no doubt it is with her all the time in some sense, but compare her with especially Helen Hayes, and any of these women in any similar case who claims to have been raped or have perhaps have been the victim of a real but trivial sexual assault.

You will find many testimonies of genuine rape victims on YouTube, some of them just as harrowing as Kristie’s, something that is very noticeable about the genuine victims is that they rise above it, it’s almost as though they shine. Like this young woman, who was raped multiple times by a psycho who left her for dead. Among other things, she needed not only stitches but plates in her face. Her voice is still a bit faltering, but if you compare her with Helen Hayes, the difference is stark.

And this is not limited to sexual assaults, nor to women, you will find all manner of testimonies of people who have suffered terrible physical and spiritual pain, often both. Remember 9/11? As I write these words, a school has been attacked by terrorists in Pakistan with horrific loss of life. What are these people going through, survivors and families? You can tell the real victims, they’re the ones who don’t read from a script.

Okay, now before returning to Cosby, here is an alternative narrative. Over the course of the 20th Century, we saw a massive rise in the incidence of mental illness, so-called. There is no single reason for this, I have often said that today we are all a little mad, we have to be, the world has changed at such an incredible pace, and there are such pressures on us today, not the sort of pressures our ancestors faced, men and women who lived short, hard lives in a world without electricity, consumer goods or modern medicine.

If like me you are a disciple of Thomas Szasz, you will realise that most so-called mental illness has been created by the psychiatric profession, nevertheless, I believe there is another cause. I don’t want to get into eugenics here, but it was pointed out by Elmer Pendell among others that civilisation reverses evolution. People are today living longer than ever before; what is most important though is the dramatic reduction in infant mortality.

This graph is from a document published in 1999, A Century Of Change: Trends In UK Statistics Since 1900. In 1900, infant mortality was a staggering 140 per thousand births; in 1997 it was 5.8 per thousand. Obviously this is good news, but there is a downside. Babies who would have died previously include not only normal kids who would have had a fighting chance but a large number of defectives, both physical and mental defectives. And at this point I will add that, for reasons I won’t go into here, had I been born in 1856 rather than 1956, I doubt very much I would have lived to see my teens. As for mental defectives, well, my enemies have often branded me mad, but sarcasm and humility aside, the fact remains that many people who would previously have been weeded out by natural selection live to a decent age, and pass on their defective genes. Sadly, our governments are doing their best to accelerate that process, except the Chinese Government, which is why White Supremacy will as things stand eventually give way to Yellow Supremacy, but that’s another story.

The falling mortality rate means more defectives pass on their genes, including mentally deranged women.

It may be that genetic deterioration is only part of the problem, or it may be there are other causes entirely, fluoride in the water, lead in the environment, radio waves, or whatever, but we are seeing more and more madness, everything from eating disorders to road rage, the modern world is driving us nuts.

While physically defectives should concern us, mental defectives cause very serious social problems. In males, mental defectives focus outwards and often wreak havoc on the world. There are more serial killers now than there have ever been; true, there were those in the past who killed purely for fun, there were even a handful of women amongst them, most notoriously the Blood Countess. But wars aside, there was nothing like the murder and mayhem we have today. On the whole, while men become serial murderers, professional crooks and general anti-socials, women internalise their aggression. Part of this internalisation is fantasies about sexual abuse, and delusions about being raped.

A point made by the political blogger Claire Khaw is that in the UK, the Crown Prosecution Service is pursuing a policy of increasing the conviction rate for rape, and in doing so is making the problem worse. This observation was made in the wake of the suicide of Eleanor de Freitas, who had falsely accused a man of rape, and then killed herself when he turned the tables on her by bringing a private prosecution. As Khaw points out, nowadays many women are neurotic, malicious and promiscuous, something she blames on feminism. Whether or not feminism is the sole or main cause, making it easier for women to cry rape increases not only both the risk of false convictions and the rate of false allegations, but at the end of the day it does these women no good either, and may in some cases result in their committing suicide as an easy way out.

Eleanor de Freitas cried rape then killed herself when faced with the consequences of her actions.

Clearly the feminist movement does have a lot to account for by its demonisation of rape. If they were given the choice, which would most women opt for, a short but unpleasant experience, a bit of vaginal bruising and a bit of post-traumatic stress disorder, or having an arm ripped off by a shark?

Some things are far, far worse than rape; when she was thirteen, Bethany Hamilton had her left arm ripped off by a shark.

I’m not saying rape cannot be a life-altering or even a life-shattering experience, and I’m not saying there aren’t men who have similar delusions; Operation Yewtree is not the only recent witch-hunt in the UK, some of the trawling exercises I mentioned earlier have focused on the abuse of boys in care homes by mythical paedophile rings, but the reality is that this kind of madness is primarily a female issue, which is probably the reason the majority of spirit mediums are women. Unquestionably some of them are simply evil, like the late Sylvia Browne, but the majority are simply demented. Which brings us back to Bill Cosby, this is not about serial rape but madness, hysteria, revenge, other issues, and by no means least, money.

One of the claims made about Cosby’s accusers is that they have nothing to gain. It isn’t about the money. Right Gloria?

Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. How much did you say?

I wouldn’t mind 1% of that. What is your percentage, Gloria?

Then there is the little matter of Janice Dickinson being - ahem - bankrupt. Her debts in 2013 included $8,000 to a dermatologist, and a half a million dollars in taxes, but happily she found a rich man to bail her out. This begs the question, did she perhaps ask Cosby to help her out, and if so, what do you think he said?

A bankrupt Janice Dickinson looking nothing like a supermodel.

According to this article, the couple recently bought a home in the Hollywood Hills. This should of course read the new man (read mug) in Miss Dickinson’s life bought her a new home in the Hollywood Hills.

Okay, we’ve heard some of the crazies, now let’s hear from just one of Cosby’s more rational sounding accusers, former bunny girl P.J. Masten. Here are two short excerpts from her interview with Nancy Grace; Grace can at times be right on the ball, or like here she can be an uncritical true believer.

Masten sounds rational enough here, but in case you missed it, here is the feminist rape narrative again, and just for good measure, she ropes in her female supervisor, who says nobody will believe her.

Former bunny girl P.J. Masten with Cosby, apparently before the rape that never happened.

Incidentally, Cosby is not the first celebrity Masten has accused of sexual abuse. Marv Albert was cleared of sexual assault but convicted of a misdemeanor. And Masten’s attorney at that time was...would you believe Gloria Allred?

Masten doesn’t sound quite so rational in this 1998 report relating to allegations of sexual impropriety against the sportscaster Marv Albert.

The big question with all these allegations is where is the evidence? These allegations having been made so long after the event - real or imagined - there is no physical evidence, which is one reason for a statute of limitations. There have been some people arguing that the statute of limitations should be removed. No one should be taken in by that specious argument, and indeed we should have one here. There is a statute of limitations in civil cases, so there is no reason there should not be one in criminal cases. Now let’s return to Miss Masten. There is no evidence now, but there certainly would have been then.

No one will believe you, she says she was told. This is one of the most parrotted of feminist lies, no one will believe the victim, or they will claim she asked for it. The truth is very different. It is difficult not to believe a woman who claims she has been raped when she turns up at a hospital with bruising on her lower body and a vagina full of semen. All or almost all of these Cosby victims could have proved they were raped, if they were indeed victims, or at the very least could have whipped up massive publicity and sold their stories to the media. Yet they were too frightened? Masten’s supervisor - a woman - told her no one would believe her? Get real.

Most genuine rape victims, like Cheryl Maddison, do not have credibility issues.

We see this sort of nonsense from criminals too. This man is Krishna Maharaj; in October 1986 he murdered a father and son in a Miami hotel room. He was arrested the following day, convicted and sentenced to death, although this was later commuted to life imprisonment. At his trial he offered no alibi and indeed didn’t testify. Now, a quarter of a century later that champion of lost causes Clive Stafford Smith claims to have found proof that the murders were committed by someone else. The case against Maharaj was overwhelming and included not only forensic evidence but an eyewitness who was lucky he didn’t end up in the dock with him. Stafford Smith has duped a Florida judge into allowing an evidentiary hearing, but he won’t get anywhere. If a man can’t remember where he was the day after a murder, how can he adduce an alibi decades down the line?

Given enough time and resources, any guilty man can supply an alibi for murder, by the same token, with the passage of time, evidence can be concocted to “prove” an innocent man guilty, but all there is in the Cosby case is talk.

Not Masten nor any of Cosby’s accusers has ever provided anything more than talk. Didn’t one of them see a doctor immediately or soon after one of these rapes? We know that none of them filed a police report. There is not a single contemporaneous document to support any of their claims.

Oh, but Cosby was too powerful, yadda, yadda, yadda. He was a comedian, not a politician, but even the President of the United States was not too powerful when the press smelled scandal. Was Cosby more powerful than Richard Nixon as well as God?

Clearly not, because in March 2000, it was reported that the actress Lachele Covington had filed an allegation of sexual assault against him.

You can read the full report at this url:

Three things are noteworthy about this incident. One is that Cosby didn’t actually do anything illegal. One might argue that a married man of his age who invites a woman of her age to dine with him alone while his wife is out of the house and then comes on to her is reprehensible, or perhaps needs a reality check, but however reprehensible his behaviour, it did not constitute a crime. The second is that Miss Covington appears to have had no qualms about reporting this non-crime by this supposedly so powerful and controlling man. The third is that her story has grown in the retelling.

One is entitled to ask if somehow Andrea Constand had heard about this incident, or if whoever had been whispering in her ear had.

In addition to this report there is a much earlier one, but not an allegation of criminality, at least not against Cosby. This is the curious case of Autumn Jackson. We need not waste too much time on this because it is about consensual sex.

It remains to be seen if this woman is his illegitimate daughter, but as Cosby has admitted to a sexual liaison with Jackson’s mother, to have paid her substantial sums of money, and there is no suggestion that rape or sexual abuse was involved, we are I think in a position to put together a true picture of what has actually been happening here, especially in view of the revelations of Frank Scotti, who has provided what all Cosby’s demented accusers have not been able to provide, a paper trail.

Scotti has been quoted as saying he felt like a pimp; if that were indeed the case, then that does not make Cosby a rapist, but it does make these women what?

Cosby with Frank Scotti in happier days.

Bill Cosby had something in common with Bill Clinton. He was if not powerful then had the perception of power, he was charismatic, wealthy, and many young women thought he could or would help them with their careers, be they aspiring or whatever. Like Clinton, Cosby couldn’t keep it inside his trousers, and when he had finished his business with one, he would move on to the next one. Aspiring young women don’t like being treated like whores, even if they act like them. There is no doubt either that Cosby tried it on with women regardless of their aspirations. Did his wife know about this? How could she not have? This begs the question why did she put up with it, but that question is not difficult to answer.

Marriage is about more than sex, and it may be she simply didn’t mind. In this connection it is worth bearing in mind that even today some men - Moslems - have more than one wife, and there are such creatures as swingers! In 1969, Cosby’s co-star from I Spy, Robert Culp, made a film called Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.

The available, credible evidence supports the contention that Cosby was a lecher, and that he is a hypocrite, the man who told Black America to pull up its trousers, while at the same time he couldn’t wait to pull his own down. He appears also to have been very generous to some of his companions. That is unless some, many or all of these women were business arrangements. You have to ask yourself too if Camille Cosby would have supported her husband so unflaggingly if she had not known the truth. Unless she were Black America’s answer to Karla Homolka or Rose West, she would hardly have stood by a serial rapist.

There is no need to go through every single accuser, if you apply a little critical faculty you will realise that for most of them their credibility is somewhere between zero and minus one. Let me put this another way, a woman who admits to having sex with Bill Cosby for $200 will receive precious little sympathy, but a woman who claims he raped her and left her $200 as an afterthought or hush money, well, she can call herself a victim, or even a survivor.

Some of Cosby’s alleged victims were lookers, obviously they don’t look so good now, age has that effect on women more so than on men, but here is one painful truth ladies, women who have real talent don’t need to drop their knickers to make it in show business, or in any business. And women who have real class don’t do so anyway.

This is Dani Clay, a singer-songwriter from Brentwood, UK. Like many other talented divas she never got her big break, but if Cosby had come on to her, she’d have slapped his face.

Now let me just clear up some minor points. A few years ago there was a lot of talk here about women being preyed upon by men who spiked their drinks and then raped them. A study by ACPO revealed that this was largely an urban legend, and as far as women were raped under the influence of drugs, the drug concerned was alcohol, and it was largely self-administered. It is not a total myth though; in March 2009, taxi driver John Worboys was convicted of attacks on 12 women. He is believed to have attacked many more, which in his case is probably true; he had a unique modus operandi, but there are men like him out there, and they need to be stopped.

Media manipulation!

Cosby is said to have pressurised the media into spiking stories, and has even used lawyers to do this. That is what lawyers are for, to protect the interests of their clients. Today of course there is no stopping any imbecile who wants to make the most outrageous allegations against the rich, powerful or famous. Hey man, when are you going to arrest George W. Bush for setting up 9/11? When are they going to arrest Bill Clinton for raping all those women? And don’t forget, it was him who was behind the Oklahoma bombing. Get real, dude.

Hannibal Buress ranted at Cosby in his stand-up comedy routine, so-called, and it went viral. Now he’s some kind of hero? No, he’s a comedian who made a joke that many people liked, one that isn’t even funny.

Bill Cosby is not the only person who has used lawyers to silence the media, sometimes the legal authorities will step in; that has happened here in at least two cases fairly recently. First there is the case of Hollie Greig, she is a Mongol, and her mother is an imbecile. In 2000, she accused her own father of sexually abusing her, and her brother, then the allegations mushroomed. The police investigated, as did social workers, and when they found nothing, they too became part of the child abuse conspiracy which went all the way up to the top of the legal establishment in Scotland.

This is a rather typical allegation levelled against anyone who debunks conspiracy garbage on-line. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve been branded a government shill and so on; many others have had the same experience. The Hollie Greig case might have been ignored if a man name Robert Green hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon. This idiot represents himself as a crusader against child abuse, yet he didn’t check a single fact; many of the allegations made by Hollie Greig were readily falsifiable, and it was clear to some people that she was being coached by her mother.

When Green began distributing defamatory leaflets about not only the establishment but ordinary people, he was warned off by the courts, and when he persisted, they threw him into gaol for a year.

In England, a former child actor named Ben Fellows has made similar allegations against all and sundry, including former Chancellor Ken Clarke. If these lies had stayed in cyberspace, probably no action would have been taken, but some of the allegations Fellows made have been shown to be false, and he’s had his collar felt. So what do his supporters cry? Cover-up, conspiracy! The simple fact is the guy is a fantasist, a publicity seeker, or whatever. As I said, it isn’t only women. Before you become indignant about Bill Cosby using legal muscle to silence the mainstream media, ask yourself what you would do if your husband, son or father had been accused of serial rape, or if you wife, daughter or mother were accused of dealing in Class A drugs, running a child brothel, or some such.


Do Chelan Lasha’s convictions for prostitution and false reporting mean she can’t be telling the truth here? Of course not, a lord can lie, and a whore can tell the truth. Remember the case of Jeffrey Archer and the prostitute Monica Coghlan?

Is it possible that P.J. Masten could have been attacked by both Bill Cosby and Marv Albert? People have been unluckier. On Christmas Day 1987, a woman named Sheila Jankowitz was raped by the serial rapist Antoni Imielia. In 2006, she was murdered by someone else.

It is at least theoretically possible that some of Cosby’s accusers may be telling the truth, but don’t let’s kid ourselves about this media frenzy. This is not an investigation, it isn’t even a witch-hunt, it’s a freak show. Beth Ferrier is clearly mentally disturbed; Chelan Lasha is putting on an act; P.J. Masten, she’s so plausible she could sell you a used car, but...

Barbara Bowman sounds persuasive, but take a deeper look. Clearly she had a relationship with Cosby, and just as clearly it ended on a sour note. That can happen with any relationship as I know from personal and painful experience, and if you haven’t had the same experience, you will surely know some, perhaps many people who have. Bowman says Cosby was her mentor. The correct term is sugar daddy. And this sugar turned sour.

In October last year, Bowman gave or more likely sold an exclusive to the London Daily Mail; that article reproduced a court document from a civil case she brought in a New York court against her former landlord. She won this case. This indicates a certain amount of determination if not character. She can sue her former landlord for money, yet she can’t file a report against a man who drugs and violates her repeatedly. If she had, and if she could have proved a close association with Cosby at that time, she would have caused a terrific furore, as she must have realised. Why didn’t these claims materialise until much later? How about because her relationship with Cosby ended on a sour note, and it was she who was in the wrong?

Then there is Beverly Johnson, she’s in good shape for a woman of her age, she looked even better when she was younger, and she has credentials, but check out her description of her encounter with Cosby when she says he drugged her coffee. Here is a challenge for you, can you find anything unpleasant Johnson said about Cosby before she jumped on this bandwagon?

The above is from the on-line Daily Mail, December 29, 2014.

Like Janice Dickinson, Miss Johnson has graced the front cover of Vogue magazine. What was that about beauty being only skin deep?

Like Janice Dickinson, Beverly Johnson has graced the front cover of the fashion magazine Vogue. She may have more class than Dickinson, but she has no more credibility.

Finally, by way of comparison, here is a woman who worked with Cosby and knew him well; if her description of him is correct, then it is clear as from the Lachele Covington incident that he was a man who would try it on, but understood clearly that no means no.

Kathie Lee Gifford is one of a tiny number of women who has stuck her head about the paraphet to voice dissent over the Cosby allegations, but unlike the Gloria Allred freak show, what she says has the ring of truth.

More than one pundit has claimed Cosby’s drugging and raping women was common knowledge in Hollywood. The expression “streets don’t lie” has been used. This is not comparable with the Roman Polanski affair, scandalous though that was, this is a whole new ball game. These people are saying that actors, directors, producers, technicians, publicists, even lawyers, women as well as men, knew - ie had credible evidence - that Cosby committed unspeakable crimes against dozens of women over a period of decades, but did nothing about it, in other words they as good as condoned it. Yet, now, suddenly, we have this whirlwind of empowered women who have found the courage to speak out, to stop this man before he does it again. Get real.

Having said all that, I am still willing to believe Cosby is a rapist, but I want to see something concrete, and so should you. You should not allow demented, grasping, vengeful or simply evil women to wrap you around their little fingers by playing the victim card. There is nothing more disarming than a woman’s tears, especially for a man, but streets can lie. And so can tears. This is Susan Smith; she murdered her two young sons. Then said the black guy did it.

The mythical black man Susan Smith blamed for the abduction of her young sons.


A few miscellaneous notes regarding the above transcript. I’ve checked this against the film very carefully, but in the event of any differences between the two, the transcript is to be considered definitive. It does not include transcripts of the video clips herein.

If you find the odd grammatical error, including split infinitives, I know about them, but they sound better this way!

I have used archived links to all external sites in this transcript because even webpages that have been up for years have been known to disappear or to have their content altered drastically - especially news sites.

For more on the practice of corroboration by volume, see How the police trawl the innocent and most tellingly the evidence to the Home Affairs Committee given by many victims of this obscene practice in 2002. The allegations against Cosby are not quite comparable, but there are clear parallels.

I said Chima Benson was attacked by a serial killer. Bathtub Killer Dale Devon Scheanette was actually convicted only of murdering one woman although he is known to have murdered at least one other, and to have raped several others besides. The DA who prosecuted him, Greg Miller, said he may have committed other murders, so if I have exaggerated here, it is not by much.

Re Krishna Maharaj, he actually testified at the penalty phase of his trial, such testimony not being subject to cross-examination. He did not testify during the trial itself for the obvious reason that he is as guilty as any man ever was of a double murder. Includig O.J. Simpson! On January 9, 2015 - a week after this video was released - Judge William Thomas threw out his frivolous appeal.

Please feel free to link to, copy, or otherwise distribute this video.

July 2015 Update

In view of the revelations from Cosby’s deposition in the Constand lawsuit released recently to the media, and one or two other things, I thought I had best add this note.

Firstly, one tiny correction, the following line from a CNN interview with Linda Traitz has been altered from:

“She claims he drove her to the beach, opened a suitcase full of pills, and tried to drug her.”


“She claims he drove her to the beach, opened a briefcase full of pills, and tried to drug her.”

I will not be making any corrections to the video, but as already stated, as far as my narration goes, this transcript is to be taken as definitive.

Regarding Joan Tarshis, I have already revised what I said about her:

“...although she looks a bit odd, she is clearly not as deranged as some of his accusers.”

I should have realised she was not quite right in the head when she said she was employed by Godfrey Cambridge as a teenager. I remember Godfrey Cambridge - God to his friends - in particular his 1970 film Watermelon Man, and there is no way a 19 year old white girl would have been writing his scripts.

Not only that, Tarshis is a total headcase by her own admission, although she doesn’t use those words. Jay Raskin found a video of her from 2013 talking about her struggles with mania and hallucinations. In addition to that, she never met Cosby, at least not in the time and place she claims.

What though of Cosby’s own admission that he obtained quaaludes that he gave women whom he had targeted for sex? It is of course possible that he did indeed drug some of them, but do the math. Barbara Bowman was living off his largesse; Therese Serignese sought Cosby out and had sex with him within hours if not minutes of their meeting; even Andrea Constand was dining with him alone at his home where he was mentoring her. She went to him for career advice. Yeah, right.

My definitive article on this subject is Gloria Allred’s Despicable Crusade. In view of the fact that not one of these women accused Cosby at the time, and especially in view of the way the 13 year old Samantha Geimer reported Roman Polanski at once, I have nothing further to add except that I agree 100% with CNN legal analyst Richard Herman, namely these women have reconstructed history in their own minds to interpret their consensal mutual depravity with Cosby as rape. Would any of them have touched him with a bargepole if he hadn’t been rich and famous, and perhaps they thought he would advance their careers as aspiring this or that? Nuff said.

July 29, 2015

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