Notes & References

(1) A popular singer of that era.
(2) The Short Arm of the Law THE MEMOIRS OF WILLIAM MERRILEES OBE Chief Constable The Lothians and Peebles Constabulary, published by John Long, London, (1966), page 118.
(3) Three of the most notorious serial killers of the modern era were homosexuals: the Americans “Killer Clown” John Wayne Gacy and the cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer; and the English necrophiliac Denis Nilsen. Gacy was executed; Dahmer was murdered in prison; Nilsen is serving a life sentence.
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(6) The homosexual lobby extends far beyond the Organised Homosexual Movement and includes many - mainly leftist - individuals and political organisations.
(7) Also known as Labour Left Briefing, this magazine devotes more space to campaigning against the Labour Party than for it. It is particularly hostile to Tony Blair.
(8) A few inches of flesh, by Peter Tatchell, published in, Labour Briefing, February 1993, page 14.
(9) In view of their incredible findings, it remains to be seen if the Kinsey reports were as well read as publicised.
(10) SEXUAL BEHAVIOR IN THE HUMAN MALE, by Alfred C. Kinsey, Wardell B. Pomeroy and Clyde E. Martin, published by W.B. Saunders, Philadelphia, (1948).
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(12) THE SEXUAL DEAD-END, by Stephen Green, published by Broad View, London, (1992), page 62.
(13) Dr Judith Reisman is Kinsey’s most vociferous critic; an Orthodox Jewess, she is also a staunch opponent of such openly subversive quasi-Jewish organisations as the misnamed Anti-Defamation League.
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(15) Reisman and Eichel, Kinsey, Sex And Fraud, page 15 (ibid).
(16) London, Manchester and Brighton in England; San Francisco and New York in the United States.
(17) The media and the arts in particular, but also, most unfortunately, in increasingly mainstream politics.
(18) An outrageous example of this appeared in the Daily Mail in October 1999. This newspaper is no friend of either homosexuals or the politically correct left, yet in an article Perks victory for rail workers’ gay partners it reported that “With up to five million homosexual workers in Britain, this could cost industry tens of millions of pounds.” Five million is about one in four of the workforce!
(19) One of the first overtly homosexual MPs (later Cabinet Minister) was Chris Smith, who is a moderate. There was also Peter Mandelson (who was demonised by the media for other reasons) and the sexually confused Ron Davies, who resigned as Welsh Secretary in 1998 after his notorious “moment of madness” on Clapham Common.
(20) The Times, February 22, 1994, page 1. Among other things they shouted “Scum” and “Shame on you” at MPs.
(21) Daily Telegraph, February 22, 1994, page 1.
(22) Private Eye, Friday 13 Nov. ’98, No. 963, page 6.
(23) Dr Hassan Irfan and Dr Jafar Qureshi. The letter was published in the November 13, 2000 edition at page 19.
(24) To borrow from his own terminology.
(25) WHY THE AGE OF SEXUAL CONSENT IN BRITAIN SHOULD BE LOWERED TO FOURTEEN, Legal Notes No. 38, published by the Libertarian Alliance, London, (2002).
(26) This sort of gross exaggeration is a regular sensationalist tactic of both the tabloid press and extremists. There is a principle that the sentence should be proportional to the crime taking into consideration all the circumstances, including relevant previous convictions. Unduly severe sentences are regularly struck down by the Court Of Appeal.
(27) Teenage boys who have one or two actual physical relationships with other boys and then move on are no more homosexual than are those who may experiment with drugs are junkies.
(28) The Paedophile Information Exchange “was started by male homosexual paedophiles from within the gay movement.” It advertised initially in predominantly male homosexual publications as evinced by the claim that “our only regular form of advertising is still a mention every two weeks in the guide section of Gay News.[Paedophile Information Exchange Survey of Members, (published August 1976 c/o Release, London), page 6].
(29) Merrilees, The Short Arm of the Law, page 118, (op cit).
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(31) Ostrow, Sexually Transmitted Diseases..., page 4, (ibid).
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(33) One book aimed at the lay reader which contains particularly graphic and shocking descriptions of the physical damage homosexuals inflict on themselves and on each other is THE AIDS COVER-UP? The Real and Alarming Facts about AIDS, by Gene Antonio, published by Ignatius Press, San Francisco, Second edition, (1987).
Another, slightly more academic book, The Silent Community: Public Homosexual Encounters, by Edward William Delph, published by Sage Publications, London, (1978), contains equally graphic and shocking descriptions of homosexual practices. The author appears to have researched this work in situ.
(34) In his essay The Heterosexual Victims of Homophobia, * Terry Sanderson, says the word homophobia was coined by Wainwright Churchill in his 1967 book Homosexual Behaviour Among Males.
* Published in NEW Humanist, September 1991, Volume 106, No 3, pages 5-6.
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(40) Reisman and Eichel, Kinsey, Sex And Fraud, page 110, (op cit).
(41) These attempts include literature aimed at children such as the 1991 book HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOUR DAD WAS GAY?, which tells the fictional story of a young black girl named Jasmine who lives with her homosexual father and his male “lover”. Such gay families do not exist.
(42) Capital Gay, June 24, 1994, page 1.
(43) The playwright John Kingsley (Joe) Orton was murdered by his homosexual lover Kenneth Halliwell in August 1967. His quite shocking diaries edited by John Lahr were published posthumously in 1986.
(44) Tatchell’s photograph appeared on the front cover of the August 12th, 1994 issue of the homosexual newspaper Capital Gay. He was being led away by two police officers after being arrested outside a Hizb-ut-Tahrir conference in Wembley where he was carrying a sign proclaiming ISLAM NAZIS BEHEAD AND BURN QUEERS.
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(46) Chirimuuta and Chirimuuta, AIDS, Africa And Racism, (ibid).
(47) One does not have to share this Hitlerian view to see where Crisp was coming from.
(48) He lived to be ninety, an exceptional age indeed for homosexuals, who generally die an early death.
(49) ‘Stately homo’ backs call to abort gay babies, by Dominic Kennedy, published in the Times, February 17, 1997, page 7.
(50) Halliwell’s lover was Joe Orton (see above); in August 1967, he battered Orton to death before taking a drug overdose.
(51) Which is what Crisp had achieved through celibacy.
(52) A typical scenario is after an accused is convicted in a notorious child murder case; outraged members of the public - many of them mothers - express understandable desires to see the perpetrator put to death.
(53) The Myth Of Heterosexual AIDS, by Michael Fumento, published by Basic Books, New York, (1990), page 233.
(54) The Autobiography of MALCOLM X, by Malcolm X with the assistance of Alex Haley, published by Penguin, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, (1968), page 478.

Author: Alexander Baron
Date Published: Nov 2002

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