The following was delivered to the 46th meeting of the New Right, at Croydon on Sunday, July 14, 2013. Due primarily to its being the hottest day of the year and perhaps a Sunday rather than the usual Saturday, the turn out was embarrassingly small. This is an important speech though, and as usual my principal audience will be on-line. It is published here with some added comment.

I was given the usual flattering introduction by Master of Ceremonies Adrian Davies, then spoke at length. This transcript is not 100% verbatim, it does not include the various interruptions, but the full video has been published on both YouTube and the Internet Archive, so feel free to check it out. If you don’t mind either my ugly mug or the background noises from the beer garden below.

THE JEWISH QUESTION: Fantasy, Fabrication And Fact

Good afternoon everyone, all of you, I wasn’t expecting to be here this afternoon, I was expecting to be in London, but Croydon is if not my manor then a place that has mixed memories for me, but I didn’t come here to talk about either Ralph McTell (1) or demented women.

The subject of this dissertation is one that has been close to my heart for over thirty years, something I said the last time I spoke at one of these meetings on a related subject, but I’m not going to discuss the Holocaust in any depth here. I’ve said all I believe I can say on that subject: if it’s physically impossible, it didn’t happen, and I’m referring specifically to the testimony at the Belsen Trial concerning alleged gassings at Auschwitz.

This is also a subject into which I have been given a unique insight. I say that not out of arrogance or out of humility, but lifelong atheist that I am, like Richard Dawkins, I cannot help but think that someone – or some thing – up there, has given me a number of these special insights in a number of fields of human misfeasance, and like Cassandra has condemned me to be ignored. Having said that, I consider it my duty to continue to attempt to enlighten, and at times to prophecy regardless.

This is also a very big issue, and an incredibly complex one, but at the heart it is very simple, and it is one that we must, and I stress must, put to bed if we are to make any progress at all. I might also add that I speak on this subject with not only personal and at times painful insight but with a certain legitimacy, because as of January 12 last year I appear to be an ordained rabbi, although I didn’t discover that until November.

Four years ago I published an Internet sermon on the subject of anti-Semitism in which I pointed out its real causes, which includes Gerry Gable. On November 29 last year I found the transcript republished verbatim on a website called Try My Rabbi, which I found amusing, but if the person who posted it – the admin – has read it right through, we should also find that encouraging.

I know that many people on the so-called far right regard Jews as incredibly intelligent, devious and cunning. I take a slightly different view, I think they are basically very stupid people; I’m not saying they aren’t very intelligent as well, sadly these two human qualities are far from mutually exclusive, indeed at times they seem to go hand in hand. Jews are stupid for two reasons. One is that although they never forget anything, they never learn anything either. The other is that they or at least their rank and file are putty in the hands of their leaders and agitators, and I am thinking in particular of two: Gerry Gable in the UK, and Abraham Foxman of the ADL in the United States.


Is there anybody who has not heard of the ADL? (What one anti-Zionist Jew called the Jewish Gestapo). (2)

Like most Britons of my generation, and I suspect like most of the people in this room, including those who are considerably younger than me, I grew up totally ignorant of there being any such thing as the Jewish Question. I heard a few Jewish jokes at secondary and indeed primary school; nowadays they would be branded anti-Semitic in the usual unthinking and at times hysterical manner, but the one about the Jew in the gas chamber was really only an elaborate pun, and others were mostly black humour. (3)

I could go into a lot of detail but this is not intended to be an autobiographical presentation, so I will say only that by the time I became aware of the Jewish Question, I realised there were, broadly speaking, three types of Jews. There were what were called the Orthodox who dressed in black, and who wear those classy hats, one of which I have always intended to buy but never quite got round to. I call them the real Jews. Then there were the Reform, who dressed like us, but you could tell the men were Jews purely because they wore skullcaps. Finally there were people who were Jewish, which really meant and means nothing more than “of Jewish origin”, a nebulous concept indeed.

Having myself grown up in a nominally Church of England household, I could by the same token call myself a Christian, but having never really believed in God, that wouldn’t make a lot of sense, although for some reason, a Jew is always a Jew. This is something that is frankly silly, and you find some people going to extraordinary lengths to attempt to trace the Jewish origins of Stalin or David Cameron or whoever; all it takes is one drop of Jewish blood.

I began to take a real interest in politics in any meaningful sense only in my early 20s; this was after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, which was portrayed by some alarmists as the next domino, the first of many before the collapse of the decadent West and the triumph of world communism, for those of you who are old enough to remember communism, and so towards the end of 1979 I began looking round for answers, and found the British Movement. Although this was an openly Nazi organisation, and I didn’t really consider myself a Nazi, I threw in my lot with them, and began devouring far right literature with some vigour.

At the time, I was living in Leeds, the centre of which is dominated by the University, and which also had a large and very active far left contingent, including loony men-hating feminists. It was in Leeds I discovered the International Jewish Conspiracy. Fortunately though, I had by that time become aware that the world is full not only of damned liars, but of trustworthy people who will lie to us on a particular issue or subject, and indeed this is true of all of us. This knowledge of human nature was supplemented in 1982 when I read a remarkable book by the anthropologist Gerald Mars, Cheats At Work. Along with the works of Major Douglas, the researches of Antony Sutton, and Sun Yat Sen’s The Three Principles Of The People, this is one of the most important books ever published, because it tells us how human beings really behave rather than how we think they do.

So, being aware that there are usually two and often three sides to an argument, I decided to read not only the Nazi and far right literature but the rebuttals, and the other side generally. I was most fortunate to discover not only Nazism or what my contemporaries thought was Nazism, but Social Credit and very shortly, Libertarianism. In the first half of 1983, I decided I’d had enough of the extreme right, and wrote to Michael McLaughlin to resign from the British Movement. McLaughlin would eventually betray his professed ideals big time, and as for me, I concluded then – and I still believe this now – that the big difference between the extreme right and the extreme left is that the right ask the right questions, but they have the wrong answers. On the other hand, the left haven’t a clue what is going on.

To take just one example, the race issue, the left are fond of spouting slogans like “Racism and Sectarianism divides workers”, (4) and perpetuating this idea of the bosses and wicked (read white) capitalists being behind racism as it were, yet common sense as well as the evidence of our own eyes tells us this is not the case. We know for example that the white birth rate is now suicidally low.

Anyone disagree with that statement?

[Nobody did.]

[We know] that miscegenation is being pushed in the media and most insidiously in our schools, along with the ludicrous claim that race does not actually exist, that it is some sort of social construct. Earlier I mentioned Richard Dawkins; does anyone know where Richard Dawkins was born?


Well done.

Cliff Richard was born in Imperial India, and is a typical Indian. It’s really too silly for words.

If the wicked capitalists were on our side, we wouldn’t be meeting here, and we wouldn’t be swamped with diversity and all manner of other nonsense. Likewise I have concluded that while the right ask the right questions, that like the left on other matters, when it comes to the Jewish Question, most of them don’t have a clue what is really going on.

From 1983 until about 1988, I lost interest in politics for reasons due to my own, shall we say personal failings. I moved back to London in March 1985, where I have lived ever since. Sometime after that I renewed my acquaintance with the late Chris Tame, whom I’d met only once, on a visit to London in 1982, which was when I also visited the Free Chinese Centre. It was through Chris that I met a man who was to change my life dramatically, a man many of you will know or know of, Mark Taha. Like me, Mark is something of a social misfit, but his researches and observations have at times been inspirational.

I met Mark the same way I would shortly meet a man I allude to only as Rabbi Cohen. Again, I can’t help but feel that somebody up there ↑is directing me.

It’s a long story, but in 1990, I was working on an ill-fated legal campaign that saw me played for a patsy – not for the first or last time – and which left a bitter taste in my mouth. It wasn’t concerned with politics, though it did give me a foot in the door for my publishing work.

At one point I was looking for people to assist with handing out leaflets and such; the campaign was reasonably well-funded, but I was having difficulty finding reliable people, so I phoned Chris Tame, and he put me on to Mark telling me “He’s an idiot” - those were his exact words - adding but he’s unemployed and can do simple things. I would shortly find out that this idiot was one IQ point short of MENSA, at which point Chris added “He’s an intelligent idiot”.

It was Mark who led to my, our, researches into the activities of Gerry Gable and his gang, and it was Mark who prompted my researches into the Jewish Question. In addition to The Protocols Of Zion – which I have never given any credence whatsoever – there are many spurious documents that turn up all over the place, documents that purport to expose the Jewish origins of Communism, and so on. One of these is the Israel Cohen Racial Programme For The Twentieth Century hoax. I have to confess that I did take this seriously, because it sounded like the sort of thing a Jewish Communist or indeed any modern day Communist would say if he dared to articulate his true motives openly. When I mentioned this document to Mark he said simply “It’s a fake”. Just like that.

On the strength of this I decided to make a more detailed investigation into the Jewish Question, something I had been unable to do in Leeds, so I began researching it from all angles, and I was actually quite angry by what I found. I get like that when people lie to me. I’ve noticed the opposite reaction entirely on the far left, these people seem to wallow in being led astray, and at times lead themselves astray, but tell the notorious Alexander Baron a porker, and he’ll never trust you again.

My initial researches included The Protocols Of Zion; I ended up publishing a bibliography of that. This curious document is routinely denounced as anti-Semitic, as is anyone who endorses it, but it is actually a mystical document rather than an anti-Semitic one.

Anyone who believes the original Elders of Zion sat down with King Solomon in 929BC and plotted to conquer the known universe by sending the Symbolic Snake of Judaism through the world’s great cities is not necessarily an anti-Semite, but is not necessarily sane either.

Having said that, The Protocols has been used as much by Organised Jewry as by then anti-Semites and the mystics of the lunatic fringe; it’s the first thing they cry when they’re caught with their hands in the till, indeed they attempted to use that smear the victims of the Flotilla Massacre in that fashion, if you can believe that.

Show them the cartoon, Al.

The other cartoon, you idiot.

At this point I handed round some print outs of the cartoon below. Those last comments would probably have gone down better with a larger audience on a milder day. They were intended to be a joke, in case you didn’t notice.

That shows the lengths they go to: any criticism of the Israeli Government or Jewish mendacity or Jewish organisations can only be anti-Semitism or traced to The Protocols Of Zion. It really is silly.

Anyway, I began researching a book exposing anti-Jewish propaganda, and it was at this point that I met the Rabbi. He had no interest in politics as such, but when I showed him some religious anti-Semitica, he found it hard to contain his mirth. We published a collaborative effort: A Goy Pries Into The “Talmud”, the second edition of which you can download in HTML format, and we were in the process of setting up a publishing project when everything went pear-shaped thanks to a false allegation against us by the arch-liars and Machiaevellian schemers of the Anglo-Jewish establishment. The Rabbi bailed out at this point, but before he did, and indeed while I was researching A Goy Pries Into The “Talmud”, I asked him about Zionism, and his answers took me aback.

He also introduced me to another rabbi, the PR man in London for Neturei Karta, Rabbi Yosef Goldstein – these are the me I call the real Jews - and I wrote another pamphlet on the Jewish Question with him. His views were if anything even more extreme, or so I thought at the time, and between these two anti-Zionist rabbis I found myself in the embarrassing position of having to relearn much of the anti-Semitic propaganda I had un-learned after meeting Mark Taha, albeit from an entirely different angle.

For example, although they believe in the Holocaust, Neturei Karta believe it was Divine Retribution for wandering from the straight and narrow, that the Zionists collaborated with the Nazis, and they told me about how the Zionists incited anti-Semitism, which I took with a pinch of salt until I researched the Lavon Affair myself, so we do know that Zionism and anti-Semitism have an intertwined history.

I will not discuss here the racial anti-Semitism as developed by Wilhelm Marr, but I think it is significant that Marr was married four times, three times to Jewish women.

A lot of so-called anti-Semitism is no such thing, certainly Jewish power is not a myth, nor is Zionist power, which is not always and of necessity the same thing. There is a lot to the Jewish Question – real and imagined – but broadly speaking there are canards against and misrepresentations of the Jewish religion including a great deal of historical stuff, some of which may be true, but even if it is, so what? There is the Jewish involvement with banking and usury, something that is often misunderstood. There is the Jewish involvement in so-called revolutionary and radical movements, including of course Communism. Then there are other things like the promotion of race-mixing – a very important issue for us. Finally, there is Zionism.

Let me deal with religious anti-Semitism first – classical anti-Semitism. During my researches at the British Library and elsewhere, I spent some considerable time searching the Talmud for anti-Gentile quotes and the like. I have no doubt that some of you are au fait with this sort of thing. In the old days it was confined to leaflets and books; nowadays it is all over the Internet including YouTube, which begs the question why, if the Jews do indeed control the media? Some of these are these Talmudic quotes are pure fabrication, others are things that have been twisted out of context and so on. When I pried into the Talmud, well, the politest thing I can find to say about it is that it is soporific in the extreme.

Nowadays of course, along with those other great books the Bible, Mein Kampf and Das Kapital, the Talmud is but a mouse click away, so you too can pry into it.

You’ll find something like Rabbi A said something, Rabbi B said something else, Rabbi C commented on it, and ludicrous things like if my schizophrenic daughter puts a slice of ham in my salt beef sandwich, and I eat it by mistake, will I go to Hell? It’s absolute innane drivel.

Below are two consecutive pages from the Talmud; the entire work – or most of it – is just as mindnumbingly boring.

This sort of thing is not confined to Jewish religious writings or to religious writings in general, in fact anyone who has read some Court of Appeal judgments especially in the Civil Division will know what I mean...endless debates of this, that and the other.

And then you’ve got commentaries on it by this rabbi and that down through the ages, and then you have the Tosefeta. There are it has to be said passages about sex and about us goyim which can be read or misread in certain ways, but to me at any rate, the whole thing is the most absolute drivel. If people want to devote their entire lives to studying this, well, whatever gets you through the night. Myself I’d rather watch a soap opera on YouTube, or watch paint dry.

There are other aspects of classical anti-Semitism, and these relate to things like the involvement of Jews in banking and usury, and of course the killing of Christ. The accepted version of this is what has become known as the scapegoat theory of anti-Semitism. I looked into this, and I have to say that it is basically true, but with one very major caveat. In fact it is such a big one that I’ve developed my own theory about it, which I could have called Baron’s theory of scapegoating the Jews, but modest fellow that I am, I chose to call it something more meaningful. I call it the misadventures of Kosher Red Riding Hood. And the big bad anti-Semitic wolf. (5)

With this you have to remember two rules only:

Rule 1: In any conflict between Jew and Gentile, the goy is always in the wrong.

Can anyone tell me Rule 2?


Rule 2 is if in doubt, refer to Rule 1.

I’ll give you an example, the involvement of Jews in the development of banking and usury is usually explained away as follows:

In days of yore, Jews were not permitted to own land, and they were also excluded from the professions, so they had to set up their own banks. Just like that. What else could they do? Believe it or not, a Jewish academic once gave me the very same explanation for the Jewish monopoly of Hollywood. I won’t name him because I wouldn’t want to embarrass Daniel Keren PhD.

I say believe it or not, this is actually the standard academic line. Now, there is a far more plausible explanation, one you will find in a book by the Jewish academic, Benjamin H. Ginsberg. The thesis of his monograph The Fatal Embrace... (6) is that throughout history, Jews have been a persecuted race, but they have also been a privileged one.

Over the centuries, many individual Jews, including Court Jews, rose to positions of both great wealth and great power. (7)

Jews were also used by rulers as tax collectors, and some became financiers. This may be the origin of the Jew as scapegoat. Nobody likes tax collectors, so when taxation becomes oppressive, the people vent their spleen on whom? Best not to say anything disparaging of the king, you may lose your head, but his servants, that’s a different matter.

Interestingly, the Nazis did something like this during the Second World War. In its June 13, 1941 issue, the Jewish Chronicle reported they had appointed dozens of Rumanian/German speaking Jews as food controllers, so who would be blamed for the inevitable shortages?

Okay, Jews in banking, dear old Lady Birdwood believed they controlled all the banks. I actually took Rabbi Goldstein to meet her, and she mentioned the name Rothschild, of course. He came back with “The Rothschilds are Gentiles”. She didn’t know quite what to make of that. Someone else who sees the Jewish hand behind banking is David Duke; he refers to Goldman Sachs as a Zionist banking house, but is it really?

The point the Rabbi was making is that although many but by no means all of the big finance houses were Jewish, today that is very different. The Rothschilds have assimilated with the rest of the financial aristocracy, and have become part of the power structure. There is an infamous quote attributed to the founder of the House of Rothschild: “Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes its laws.” (8) There appears to be no contemporaneous record of that, so unless and until it turns up, we should not give it too much credence, but it is in any case a commentary on the power of the banks rather than of Jews. In this connection, I can offer a genuine and far more sinister quote:

Professor Quigley gives the following in his book Tragedy & Hope... from the Financial Times of September 26, 1921, and which he says was directed at the Lloyd George Government: “Most people have not yet realised how dangerous a thing it is that the banks of this country are now in five big groups, and that half a dozen men who control them can make or ruin the entire nation.”

Then there is the rather sinister question: “Does he, and do his colleagues, realise that half a dozen men at the top of the five big banks could upset the whole fabric of Government finance by refraining from renewing Treasury bills?”

I checked the original, and it does indeed appear in that issue of the paper, at page 2.

Goldman all the major banking houses, is now a public company. The same can be said of most one time Jewish companies, including in the retail sector. Marks & Spencer is perhaps the classic example. The founder, who went by the English name of Michael Marks, started out as a peddlar; he was what today would be called an asylum seeker from Poland. After initially selling door to door, he opened a market stall in Leeds. Tom Spencer bought into the business for £300, and in 1894 they opened their first shop, again in Leeds. On the death of its founder, the company was almost renamed Steel & Chapman, but the family won control. And today...well, again, if you have the money, you too can buy shares in it. This is all a matter of public record.

Marks & Spencer is not a problem for us, and never has been, banking is a different matter, but this filthy cabal has seized control of the entire globe, including the Islamic world, which tends to indicate that it is not Jews that is the problem, but banking itself. And for those interested in financial reform, you can check out my dedicated website which is called FinancialReform.

Okay, let’s deal with Communism, this is again not a simple problem, the involvement of a certain type of Jew with these perfidious, misnamed revolutionary movements is not open to debate, but one thing that always perplexed me right from my political awakening, was that the one thing you would never saw any communist wearing, was a skullcap. I don’t think anybody has ever made this observation before (9). Religious (Torah-true) Jews and Communism – there is no connection.

I believe I know the reason for that [the Jewish involvement in Communism], it is to be found in a remarkable book called The Iron Curtain Over America which has of course been branded anti-Semitic and then some. I believe also this book holds the key to understanding the obsession so many Jews have with the promotion of race-mixing. The great A.K. Chesterton suggested this was an over-reaction to the Nazi persecution. No, it is not, or rather that is only half the story.

Below is page 209 of the A.K. Chesterton classic The New Unhappy Lords. The full book can be found at the Internet Archive – unless the Elders of Zion have ordered its removal.

The Iron Curtain Over America was written by John Beaty, who during the Second World War was a highly placed officer in American military intelligence. In this book he makes a few remarks about the so-called Holocaust which shows that he was in the know about what really happened in Europe, or didn’t happen, as the case may be. He also deals with the historical origins of the German-Jewish conflict, and with the Bolshevik Revolution.

As I’m sure most if not all of you know – enlightened audience that you are – the people known generically as Jews are for the most part not descended from Biblical stock but from the Khazars, who were converted en masse to Judaism by their king, Bulan, circa 741AD.

These Judaised Khazars were a distinct nationality, they had their own traditions, and so on, and for many centuries they lived much the same as their neighbours. Under Catherine the Great who reigned from 1762-96, the Russian Empire expanded, and along with it, its Jewish population. It was Catherine who created the Pale of Settlement, and it was at this time that Moses Mendelssohn came up with the movement that became known as the Haskalah, or the Jewish Enlightenment. As John Beaty put it, Mendelssohn’s idea was the Jews had erected a mental ghetto around themselves similar to the physical ghetto in which they lived. His goal was to take them out of this mental ghetto and to lead them into “the wide world of general culture” while retaining their Jewishness. For me, this is where the real problems begin.

It was Jews from this background who rose to positions of power in the movements that became known as international socialism, and Communism, and they were rebelling primarily against their own heritage. They may profess to be proud of Judaism, or even pay lip service to it, but these people – along with many Gentiles – developed the obsessive and frankly ludicrous belief that race doesn’t really exist. Not that it is relatively unimportant, not even that it doesn’t matter, but that it doesn’t exist, period, or that if it does, in some way, then it damn well shouldn’t, and it won’t for much longer.

Below are pages 22-3 of The Iron Curtain Over America; John Beaty identifies the root cause of the race problem, which although having a Jewish origin has now progressed far beyond that. It should be noted, as ever, that it is not and never has been Torah-true Jews who were responsible for this, rather the assimilationists, which today includes a motley collection of Communists, socialists, so-called secular humanists, militant homosexuals and sundry fellow travellers.

The man who laid the foundations for race-mixing in the West was the German-born Jew Franz Boas. He and other race agitators were up to no good well before the rise of Nazism. In fact on May 15, 1910, an article appeared in the New York Times wherein Boas advocated racial amalgamation to solve what he called “the negro problem” in the United States.

He was quite candid about this, he wanted to see the elimination of the Negro, the same way the same lowlife today advocate for the elimination of the White Man, except they call this fighting racism. We tend to call it genocide, and it remains so whether it is directed against blacks, whites, or indeed as it is now, against all Mankind. So no, it was not the Holocaust – whatever it was – that created this Jewish obsession with race-mixing, although it certainly made the problem a great deal worse. We have actually seen this poison put into practice on a small scale in both Canada and Australia where there were attempts to assimilate – read destroy – the native populations. This was done not by Jewish hatemongers, but shamefully by the British Empire.

This is extremely important, all the idiocy you find all over the Internet including YouTube about the Jews – all of them? – pushing race-mixing to destroy us specifically, misses the point, it isn’t just us they want to destroy, it’s all Mankind. And it isn’t just and only Jews. The Jewish involvement in this reshaping of Mankind goes back to at least Karl Marx. As doubtless all of you know, Marx was as Kosher as they come, but less well known is that he was also a rabid anti-Semite; it wasn’t Hitler who wrote “Ramsgate is full of Jews and fleas”, but Marx. Likewise Trotsky, David Duke alludes to Trotsky as a Zionist; Trotsky was no Zionist, he didn’t care a hoot about the Jews, and he had this insane idea about world revolution.

Many of the Jewish opponents of Zionism, not the Neturei Karta who oppose it on religious grounds, but its political opponents, hate it, Zionism, because they perceive it as an Imperialist movement – which it is – but one which is allied to Western Imperialism. To them, Zionists and Palestinians is a re-run of the British Empire, the version promulgated by the idiots of the loony left who have this fantasy about Europe sucking the wealth out of Africa, and destroying some fabulous but non-existent black civilisation.

I didn’t realise this until I read Uncomfortable Questions For Comfortable Jews. I can’t recommend this book highly enough, which is in places inadvertently hilarious; it was written by the Zionist fanatic Rabbi Meir Kahane, who was assassinated in November 1990. Kahane is an interesting character because he combined his own brand of racial-nationalism with a perversion of Judaism. On page 12 of this book he attacks race-mixers, but instead of seeing the Jewish hand behind this as most people on the far right do, he calls these people gentilized Hebrews. Kahane was branded a fascist, as is anyone who opposes race-mixing nowadays; at one time, it was only whites who got this treatment, but for sometime blacks have too, in particular the Nation Of Islam, but even Jews are not exempt, certainly not Jews cut from the same cloth as Kahane, who writes:

“I have seen the face of the real fascism and real cruelty and real hate and real vicious animalism, and it is important that you see it too. For it is the face of gentilized Hebrews who represent all that is foreign and antithetical to Judaism, and who are driven by a deep pathology to attempt to destroy the source of their existence.

Let there be no mistake. These are the haters, the primordial, visceral haters whose ugliness is a stench that comes from deep in the soul. These are the real fascists, the real killers.”

Later, he makes a statement with which everyone in this room will identify:

“Ah, how quaintly clever the liberal totalitarian mind. Having stated the axiom that fascism has no right to demand freedom of democracy, all that remains is to describe anyone whom we oppose as being a fascist!”

It was the Jewish establishment as much as anyone else who opposed Kahane, and of Jewish leaders he writes: “Through the weapons of fear and monetary blackmail they rule unfettered...” again, something we all recognise, and in a chapter called Artists, Intellectuals and Imbeciles he makes the irrefutable statement that “The ultimate danger to Jews has never been the gentile; it is the Jews who have always been their own worst enemy.” More specifically: “The Arab’s greatest allies are the Israeli artists, theater and news media.”

Kahane gives specific examples of this; I won’t go into any detail, but this begs the question, is it the Jews who control the media, as David Duke and Harold Covington believe, or is it the media that controls the Jews? Because...if you look in the right places, and read between the lines, and if you speak to individual Jews – ordinary Jews – as I’ve done over the years, you find the same thing, they know what’s going on and don’t like it anymore than us, yet like the vast majority of the goyim they’re terrified of being smeared as racist, or even Heaven forbid, Nazi fellow travellers.

We see this everywhere, and in recent years even a handful of brave mainstream politicians have spoken out again it. In the UK recently we have seen a series of trials of men described as of “Pakistani origin” as the mass media calls them, or Moslem paedophiles if you credit Nick Griffin – and who does nowadays? Jack Straw no less raised this issue years ago, but nothing was done, and the result was the continued targeting and systematic abuse of vulnerable young girls because everyone who could have stopped it was terrified of being branded racist.

Even Meir Kahane was if not afraid then unhappy with being branded a racist, and as he pointed out in another book, some of the most powerful opposition to his self-styled Jewish Defense League in the USA came from the Anti-Defamation League. In fact, the ADL lists his movement not simply as a hate group but as a terrorist group. (10) This is the same ADL that under the odious Abraham Foxman endorsed the Gaza Massacre, and the Flotilla Massacre. We see this same insane double standard here with successive governments that are horrified by any manifestation of white racism, yet at the same time have been complicit in both the illegal war on terror and the infamous drone programme that targets so-called militants in Pakistan and elsewhere, and if innocent people are killed, including the very young, that is collateral damage.

So what is really going on here? Dr Stan Monteith came up with the answer, it looks like a conspiracy because all the parties involved are pushing in the same direction: ie big government, a world dictatorship of either big corporations or so-called socialism, a world in which there is only one race – the human race. That sounds idealist, until you look behind the slogans and the rhetoric.

There is a famous parable you will all know, The Good Samaritan. The message behind this is simple, if you see a man in trouble, lend him a helping hand. That doesn’t mean you have to devote your life to helping those less fortunate than yourself, it doesn’t even mean you should dig into your pocket for Save The Children, it means simply if you can lend someone in trouble a helping hand, do so. It doesn’t matter who he is or where he’s from. If you can’t lend someone a helping hand, then at least don’t contribute to the misfortune of others.

Movements for social change – quote unquote – like socialism and secular humanism have taken the message of The Good Samaritan, and have perverted it for their own ends.

Again, as Stan Monteith said, if you look at this conspiracy – for want of a better word – if you look at it from one direction, you see Jews, Jews of a certain type. Look at it from another, you see Zionism – which is far from exclusively Jewish. Look at it from another, and you see no Jews at all, as with the Bilderberg meeting held at Watford here last month. Or you see the Organised Homosexual Movement. Look at it from yet another angle, and you see secular humanism. In the UK, homosexuals and humanists have teamed up. The magazine The Freethinker is currently edited by an out homosexual named Barry Duke. Its pathological hatred of religion – including Judaism – is a wonder to behold, as is its regular blasphemous comic strip Jesus & Mo. It is not simply religion these so-called freethinkers hate, it is the entire concept of Judeo-Christian morality. These are our true enemies, not your local rabbi.

Let me mention though Jewish power in its own right. We know that a handful of Jewish political organisations in the UK, in the USA and worldwide wield enormous power and influence, including and especially with people in high places. How did this come about? Let’s not use the C word, let’s not talk about conspiracies, Freemasons, or any of that mystical stuff. I want to introduce two words that you all know and understand: lobbying and networking. It really is as simple as that.

Lobbying has been in the news a lot recently, there has been another scandal about politicians taking bribes – perish the thought. When businesses lobby governments, as they do, persons of a certain political persuasion tend to become very angry, but we all have the right to lobby our rulers, indeed at times the government invites us to do so. We now have e-petitions in this country, and when there are proposed changes to legislation, or perhaps a proposal to build an airport or something, there can be public consultations. The trade unions are recognised lobbying groups.

Now if a big company plans to embark on a major construction project or something else that might be equally controversial, and you stand up in public and oppose it, you’ll be lauded as a champion of the common man, even if this project may create ten thousand new jobs and benefit the country as a whole. You can oppose business interests, oppressive laws, you can oppose obscenity on the one hand, and censorship on the other. But what are you if you oppose special privileges or legislation that may be favourable to Jewish interests? Anyone know the word?


How could you be anything else?

There is nothing at all wrong with lobbying provided it is done openly, and those doing the lobbying declare their interests. It may benefit them, a particular group, or society as a whole. Almost all the lobbying certain Jewish political organisations have conducted over the past few decades have been beneficial to Jews – some of them – but the fruits of their labours have been detrimental to, certainly Western interests. Furthermore, a lot of this lobbying has been conducted in secret, and much of it has amounted to blackmail in one form or another. Meir Kahane was on the receiving end of that, and wrote about it. Some of us in the room have been on the receiving end of it. And it is not simply lobbying but lobbying combined with smears, inuendo and outright lies. I have found evidence of this going back to 1840, the Damascus affair.

The ADL and similar groups have smeared as anti-Semites people who oppose non-white immigration, into Western nations; people who promote separatism – be they white or black – but not Jewish, of course; people who oppose communism; questioning the holy writ of the Holocaust in any way, manner, shape or form; and most of all, anyone who opposes either Zionist Imperialism in the Middle East or any sort of just settlement for the Palestinians. That is by no means an inclusive list, but it is wide enough to suggest the ADL and similar organisations have political agendas other than simply protecting Jews from the mythical Nazi menace.

As well as lobbying, there is networking. This is something we all do; on a small scale it amounts to nothing more than personal recommendation. In the wider world there are both formal and informal networks that are totally closed to anyone outside, indeed, some of them are impenetrable. I take it everyone here knows the name Boris Johnson?

[They did!]

Johnson’s first real job after graduating from Oxford was as a trainee reported on the Times. That lasted less than a year, he was sacked for falsifying a quote, something that is not exactly unknown in that one-time sewer known as Fleet Street. From there he walked into a job on a provincial newspaper, the Wolverhampton Express & Star, then later the Daily Telegraph, and The Spectator. Then he moved into politics, but was booted out of the Shadow Cabinet because he couldn’t keep it inside his trousers. And where is he now? In his second term as Mayor of the greatest city on Earth. (Don’t blame me, I voted for Livingstone). Now, Boris certainly has the common touch, and he is one of those people who are impossible to hate, but how many people in this room could have walked into one high powered post after another with his appalling track record?

High academe is another of these charmed circles; these people enjoy highly paid sinecures, their researches and books are funded by special interests; they review each others’ work, and they move seamlessly from one position to the next. Norman Finkelstein was one of these people, though he is not anymore, and neither his impeccable creditials nor his ethnic origin could save him.

Here is a quote from THE ASIAN BUSINESS MAGAZINE of January 1995.

After lauding its ABC accredited circulation of nearly fifty thousand, it says [this is]: “The magazine for the men and women who own more than 70% of Britain’s independent outlets”.

Is this an Asian conspiracy that has taken over a significant tranche of the retail trade, or is it simply men and women who know each other and work together? Networking goes hand in hand with lobbying, which are two things Organised Jewry have always done par excellence.

Dr Fredrick Tφben has a saying: “Don’t blame the Jews, blame those that bend to their pressure!” If there is one field in which this is bending is more pronounced than politics or the mainstream media, it is high academe, and in this connection I’d like to introduce the creep of creeps, Alan Dundes. Dundes, who died in 2005, was a folklorist. In 1991 he edited The Blood Libel Legend “A Casebook in Anti-Semitic Folklore”. As doubtless many of you know, according to folklore, it is part of Jewish ritual that at a certain time of the year, Jews kidnap and murder a young Christian boy and use his blood for ritual purposes. This is an horrific tale, if true. It is one I have not studied in any detail, and on the whole I am inclined not to believe it, although there is one very strange case, Damascus, 1840, which I mentioned earlier en passant, and which I feel was genuine, certainly two people were murdered. (11)

Whatever, I think we can safely say that there is no such tradition in mainstream Judaism, although that does not rule out the possibility that a renegade sect did indeed practise ritual murder. We know for certain that our own ancestors did, indeed there are well documented cases of ritual murder in Africa and elsewhere in the 20th Century, indeed in the 21st Century there was even one in London. In September 2001, the torso of an as yet unidentified African boy was recovered from the Thames. Educated Africans have been prominent in denouncing this heinous and barbaric practice. There is no suggestion that this is an urban legend, and it is perfectly acceptable to claim both that the ancient Britons and modern Africans have and may still practise ritual murder. However, when a certain Arnold Leese made the same claim about Jews, back in the 1930s, it earned him a six month prison sentence.

Obviously the lesson is that Jews are morally superior to both native Britons and Africans, at least that is what Alan Dundes thought. Now listen to this creep:

“The prospective reader should be warned at the very outset that the subject of this volume is not a pleasant one. This is not a study of a folktale like Cinderella or Little Red Riding Hood. Instead it is an assemblage of essays all treating one of the most bizarre and dangerous legends ever created by the human imagination: the blood libel legend.”

He goes on: “Strange though this legend may sound to anyone who has not encountered it previously, it has a sordid history which has caused great grief to countless numbers and generations of Jews.”

He goes on: “The intent of the casebook is to hold an evil legend up to the light of reason with the hope of nullifying its pernicious influence. To do so, I had to take the risk of introducing the legend to some who may never have heard it before. I would hate to think that this volume would in any way help spread the legend.”

He concludes: “I believe the risk is worth taking because such an evil legend must be analyzed and shown to be the dangerous fantasy that it surely is.”

Actually, it doesn’t end there. After acknowledging the assistance of the American Jewish Committee and the Simon Wiesenthal Center he says: “Finally to my dear wife, Carolyn, who is ever by my side, I wish to signal my heartfelt appreciation for her continued assistance and support during my research on this painful and unpleasant project.”

What a creep.

An essay by Gavin I. Langmuir from this book relates a story from 1149 of a deathbed confession in which a wealthy man claimed to have come upon the evidence of a ritual murder. The author calls this “superbly imaginative and unbelievable”. Why?

There is though one group of people who are even creepier than the Alan Dundes of this world when it comes to the Jewish Question, our very own police. In 1991, Gerald Kaufman MP – both a Jew and a Zionist – received through the post a leaflet that was published by Colin Jordan, a cartoon. Alarmed at this, he reported it to plod, as you would do, and this set off a campaign of harassment that lasted years, literally.

Below is the offending cartoon, which I distributed to the audience at this point.

If you want to learn more about this case, you can find some background information on my main website.

There is also someone present who is more knowledgable about this sordid affair than myself, and about legal matters, and doubtless if you fill his glass at the bar later, he will share his insights with you. Suffice it to say that Colin Jordan would go on to sue the police successfully for damages.

Next, because he had given them a bloody nose, they and their friends in the CPS dragged this elderly and quite frail pensioner into court over a pamphlet called Merrie England 2000. In 2005, the very same people who applauded this unremitting persecution of a geriatric Nazi with a diminutive audience lauded the publication of a series of grotesque cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him - and defended this gross and quite pointless blasphemy on the grounds of free speech, the free speech to which Colin Jordan and everyone else who stands up for White Survival is not entitled.

That very same year, this same force that had squandered tens and hundreds of thousands of pounds on prosecuting a work of fiction that few if any would have read but for the publicity, sent two unarmed police women in response to a 999 call, a report of an armed robbery. This resulted in WPC Sharon Beshenivsky being shot dead by Mustaf Jama, the stereotypical type of person they were protecting from Colin Jordan. Ain’t karma a bitch?

There is an interesting sequel to this sordid affair. The man who started the ball rolling, Gerald Kaufman, is a rather unusual Zionist because he believes goyim including Palestinians, have rights. During the calculated act of mass murder known as Operation Cast Lead, he made an outspoken attack on the genocidal policies of the Israeli Government that puts Jordan to shame. (12) Organised Jewry have never forgiven him for this, and in an April 2010 issue of the Jewish Chronicle, the reader is informed that two Labour MPs were smeared as anti-Semitic for promoting a conspiracy theory involving the long tentacles of the Israel lobby and its influence on the British elections. One of these anti-Semitic MPs was – surprise, surprise - Gerald Kaufman. Further comment would be superfluous.

I’d like to mention briefly three Jews who are on our side, whatever their views on race: George Weiss, Judith Reisman and Irwin Schiff.

George Weiss is also known as Captain Rainbow; I met him many years ago. He was sitting on the steps of the London School of Economics where Donald Martin was to deliver a talk. And, surprise, surprise, this talk was cancelled, having been sabotaged by the usual suspects due to Mr Martin’s so-called “fascist connections” - or as Gerry Gable would say, his links to fascism. George was running the Rainbow Coalition, and one of his ideas, one that doesn’t sound quite so radical now, was that we should shut down Parliament and vote by computer. Can you imagine what that would entail for immigration? It would stop over night.

If you haven’t heard the name Judith Reisman, you should have, because no one has done more to expose and debunk the forces behind the tidal wave of sexual depravity that has swept over the West since the 1960s. In the UK we had the Swinging Sixties, in the US it was the Summer Of Love, which sounded good at the time, it certainly sounded good to me, even though I was not quite old enough to participate. This was a good time to be a rock star, even a minor one, the back end of the Sixties and on into the Seventies, but as usual, there is a price to pay for overindulgence. Drink too much, and the following morning you’ll have a hangover. Overindulge continuously, and you’ll face more than a one-off headache.

The Sixties saw not only sexual liberation, but gay liberation, with the so-called Stonewall Rebellion, and the mass indoctrination of the young, until now we have even our own Prime Minister campaigning to allow homosexuals to marry. This poison didn’t begin in the 1960s, it started way back in the 1940s with the work of Dr Alfred Kinsey.

Kinsey’s two best known books are the 1948 monograph Sexual Behavior In The Human Male, and a similar study 5 years later about the human female. I read both these books back in the 1990s, and the claims they make about the extent of sexual depravity are so far off the scale that I wondered anyone could take them seriously. So did Dr Judith Reisman, and she has spent decades exposing both Kinsey’s so-called researches, and the man himself.

I’ve had some brief correspondence with her, and although she is a “conspiracy theorist”, she is certainly no Holocaust Revisionist, as you might guess. But she has followed the money, and the paper trail leads right back to the big foundations, including the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. This is a consistent pattern we find throughout the 20th Century, big money financing so-called radical movements for social change, social-ISM, and in this case social and sexual depravity. Alfred Kinsey died in 1956, but if it hadn’t been for him and his extant institute, there would have been no homosexual revolution. And if it hadn’t been for Judith Reisman, this fraud on society would never have been exposed. (13)

As one US Army veteran has pointed out in this connection: “While a society can tolerate some deviancy on its fringes, it cannot accept it within its mainstream.” When that happens, that is curtains, for all of us.

That applies not simply to homosexuality, but to that other most insidious of poisons, miscegenation. The shocking fact is, something no one in this room will dispute, that both homosexuality and miscegenation are now creeping slowly towards the mainstream, or perhaps not so slowly. We have to reverse this trend certainly within two generations, or there may not be a third. We have Judith Reisman more than anyone else to thank for waking us up to this threat. (14)

The third Jew who deserves an honourable mention as an enemy of the New World Order is Irwin Schiff. Though that name is probably not familiar to you, he has paid a heavier price than anyone in this room. Along with two other Jews - his lover Cynthia Neun and Lawrence Cohen – Schiff launched a direct attack on the American income tax system, and on the Federal Reserve, which lies at the very heart of this problem. Having put his money where his mouth is, he has spent many years behind bars a victim of the same US Government David Duke and company believe is controlled lock, stock and barrel by Jews.

We don’t have an Irwin Schiff here in the UK, but interestingly, last year an alumnus of the Jewish Free School named Seth Freedman exposed a rip off in the energy industry, and found himself bounced out of the building. This was yet another case of market manipulation following on from the PPI and LIBOR scams. No one asked him if he went to synagogue or church, no one cared. Anyone who threatens powerful vested interests including Jews like the Revisionist David Cole and the non-Revisionist Norman Finkelstein, can expect the same treatment.

I’d like to finish with a few suggestions about where we go from here. I haven’t mentioned Zionism much, because you all know the score, so there is not a great deal to be said about that. First though, the bottom line of anti-Semitism. Like us, the Jews have a considerable history, and a considerable influence on world history. Indeed it is difficult to believe that this small island nation once controlled the greatest empire in history, greater even than the Romans, on which the Sun never set. The men of England, the men of Scotland, of Wales and Ireland, were all part of that, but Jews too have a history. You can’t in all honestly say the same thing for Nigerians or the Inuit. Having had a lot of history, they have produced a lot of scumbags, so if you look for evil Jews, you’ll find them, and the bottom line of anti-Semitism is as simple as that. If you do look for them and find them, you will be branded an anti-Semite.

On the other hand, if you blame all the evils of the world on the White Man, or more generically, racism, you are an “anti-racist”. There is one group of total muppets, the loony feminists for whom men are the root of all evil, not just white men; that’s half the human race. There are some who preach that, literally.

Now, if it is reasonable to accept either of these propositions, that men or simply white men are the root of all evil, then it is no less reasonable to accept the same nonsense about Jews. If on the other hand you reject anti-Semitism, you must also reject the lunatic ideas behind “anti-racism”.

Earlier I alluded to a book by Benjamin Ginsberg; I said the thesis of The Fatal Embrace is that throughout history, Jews have been a privileged race as much as a persecuted one. That is true, but the author points out a corollary to that, namely that just as empires have risen and the Jewish elites have risen with them, so too have the Jews gone down with their host nations. This is where we are at the present day, the White Race stands on the precipice. If we go down, the Jews go down with us, all of them. It may be that the Gerry Gables and the Abraham Foxmans of this world don’t care about that, but doubtless your local rabbi does, certainly the Chief Rabbi does, for why else would he write a book...Anyone know the title of that book?

Will We Have Jewish Grandchildren?

Substitute the word white in that title for Jewish, and see the hysterical reaction it provokes.

Does anyone recognise the girl in this photograph?

[At this point I handed out copies of the photograph below.]

If you do, don’t share it, simply raise your hand.

Her name is Becca; she’s named after her paternal great-grandmother. Rebecca Gable, she’s Gerry Gable’s granddaughter. I found her on YouTube or MySpace where she was defending her Granddad.

Now it may be that Gerry Gable wouldn’t mind if his great-granchild looked like this...

That is the creature known as Jordan with her first born offspring.

[At this point I handed out copies of the photograph below. It beggars belief that any self-respecting white man would want his daughter to present him with a grandchild like this, and hate has nothing to do with it.]

Maybe Abraham Foxman feels the same way, but I’ll wager that the overwhelming majority of Jews don’t. We have to get through to them the truth about where this obsessive, suicidal campaign against the chimera of racism is leading.

There is though another race problem, that of the Zionist entity in the Middle East. Now I realise many people will not agree with this, but there has to be a two-state solution in the Middle East, the Palestinians must have their own state, based on racial lines, hopefully, and there must be a pragmatic recognition of the reality of Israel, not Zionism as we know it, but an acknowledgment that it is there to stay.

I wasn’t born until 1956, so I have no guilt complex about the Holocaust – whatever it was – anymore than I have about slavery. Furthermore, the UK in particular owes nothing to Zionist Jews, because before even the end of World War Two, which was fought partly to save them from the Nazi menace they had shown their appreciation by starting a terrorist campaign in Palestine, which was in fact a war within a war. So once again, I, the people in this room, the people of these islands, and indeed the White Race, owe the Jews nothing.

I know all the arguments on the other side, but the simple fact is we can’t turn back the clock to 1948. If you take that to its inevitable conclusion, what do we do, give back America to the Red Man? And so on. Native Americans have had a raw deal too; in fact everybody has had a raw deal, but rather than simply join in a collective whine about who has been the most oppressed throughout history and who owes whom what, we have to look to the future. We can do that, and we can recognise racial realities by acknowledging the rights of all racial minorities and majorities to self-determination and self-preservation. That will not be easy, but we have to do it, or die trying. We also have to reach an accommodation with both Islam and the rising super-power, China. The way to do this is by the overthrow of the New World Order, destroying the power of the banks, and restoring national sovereignty to all nations, in particular the power to create and control their own financial systems and their own credit.

This is about all I have to say, I could include many points which I may cover at a later date, but I know there will be at least one person who will want to ask some questions, so I will leave it to you Adrian.


There followed a discussion of sorts which was mostly an argument between myself and Michθle Renouf. Although she styles herself anti-Jewish she is really no such thing; like Lady Birdwood she has Jews on the brain, although she is not so gullible. Also, sometime ago she set up a website called Jewish Republic, which proposes a novel and not totally impractical solution to the conflict in the Middle East. Although I don’t think anything will come of it, it is clear that she has the best of intentions. The same cannot be said for her detractors.

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