NOEL IGNATIEV: A True Enemy Of The White Race

If you haven’t heard of this piece of filth, he is the man who coined the phrase “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity”. To that end he founded the journal Race Traitor in which he called to abolish the white race.

As the reader might have suspected, with a name like that and an attitude like that, Ignatiev was a racial Jew. Like many of these Kosher crazies he was no friend of the Jews either. In June 2004, he published Zionism, Anti-Semitism And The People Of Palestine in which he made some good points, exposing the double standards and racial bigotry of the Israel Lobby, but as with many leftists - Gentiles as well as Jews - he went too far on the race issue. Much too far.

People of a certain political persuasion often mistakenly identify the cause of such Jewish depravity as Judaism. As I have been pointing out since the 1990s, nothing could be further from the truth. The real problem is a combination of communist/socialist hatemonger, secular humanism, the race lobby, feminism, and latterly, globalism.

The black dude talking common sense is John McWhorter.

The Noel Ignatievs of this world are only part of a much bigger problem. Ignatiev died in November 2019, but his evil lives on. Click on the first link below to hear it in his own words.

To Noel Ignatiev on the white race.

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