Notes And References

(1) This actually dates to at least 1844 and the Chartist Leader Feargus O’Connor. See for example page 126 of Karl Marx: Racist, by Nathaniel Weyl, published by Arlington House, New York, (1979).
(2) Few men in history have been more favourably misrepresented than Karl Marx. The man who has come to symbolise human equality and the antithesis of worker exploitation was in fact a gutter anti-Semite, a vicious anti-black racist, an Imperialist, an unfaithful husband, an unfaithful friend (to his bankroller Engels), and an unsuccessful speculator on the Stock Exchange.
(3) Actress Vanessa Redgrave, she of Workers’ Revolutionary Party fame, and the wealthy “Left Feet” family - former Labour leader Michael Foot and left wing journalist and one-time editor of Socialist Worker Paul Foot - are good examples. As is Tariq Ali, who once described himself as “an Asian”, in reality the son of a millionaire Pakistani landowner. The list goes on.
(4) The Encyclopedia of Homosexuality, Edited by Wayne R. Dynes, published by St James Press, London, (1990). See volume 2, page 773.
(5) Dynes, Encyclopedia of Homosexuality, volume 2, page 773, (ibid).
(6) According to page 3 of Diseases in the Homosexual Male, Edited by Michael W. Adler, published by Springer-Verlag, London, (1988).
(7) This pernicious organisation was founded in 1974. The March 1977 issue of its journal claimed that it had affiliated to the National Council for Civil Liberties; the same organisation which, seven years later, voted at its annual general meeting to no longer defend the civil liberties of members of the National Front and similar organisations. In March 1981, PIE’s Chairman, Tom O’Carroll, was jailed for two years for conspiracy to corrupt public morals.
(8) When the term gay cat appeared in print applied to a “homosexual boy”. Obviously it had been in use some time before that. Cited by the Encyclopedia of Homosexuality, volume 1, page 456, (op cit).
(9) This was a riot which ensued after police raided the Stonewall bar, a homosexual den of iniquity in Greenwich Village, New York on the night of 27-8 June 1969. This resulted in serious rioting during which the police took a beating.
(10) Jews, Catholics, etc have been persecuted on account of their religion, which is equally stupid, unless a religion advocates something bizarre such as human sacrifice.
(11) With the usual caveats of corrupted children, duress etc.
(12) London is the major city in England which they infest; they are also thick on the ground in Manchester and Brighton. To its eternal shame, the once beautiful city of Los Angeles has become known as the gay capital of the world, (a term of opprobrium that has also been applied to San Francisco, and even to London by a homosexual the current writer interviewed in connection with his research).
(13) SEXUAL BEHAVIOR IN THE HUMAN MALE, by Alfred C. Kinsey, Wardell B. Pomeroy and Clyde E. Martin, published by W.B. Saunders, Philadelphia, (1948).
(14) KINSEY, SEX AND FRAUD: The Indoctrination of a People, by Judith A. Reisman and Edward W. Eichel, published by Lochinvar-Huntington House, Lafayette, Louisiana, (1990). Kinsey was also widely criticised by contemporary reviewers and statisticians.
(15) Reisman and Eichel, KINSEY, SEX AND FRAUD, page 10, (ibid).
(16) A 1978 publication of the Paedophile Information Exchange * cites Kinsey with satisfaction.
* Page 4, PAEDOPHILIA: Some questions and answers, published by PIE, London, (1978).
(17) For example, homosexual activist Peter Tatchell claims in the February 1993 issue of the magazine Briefing that: “10 per cent of the population is exclusively or predominantly queer...”, (his word), and that “15 per cent are bisexual for all or part of their lives”, while “25-35 per cent have at least one homosexual experience leading to orgasm during their lifetime...” The self-serving nature of such lying propaganda requires no comment.
(18) The Programme of the NSDAP..., by Gottfried Feder, translated by E.T.S. Dugdale, first published 1932. This is taken from page 29 of the modern English edition published by the overtly Nazi British Movement, B.P. Publications, Shotton, Clwyd, (1980).
(19) For the benefit of non-UK readers, Julian Clary is an actor/comedian and a deliberately exaggerated stereotyped queen. The Julian Clarys of this world are no problem at all because no one takes them seriously.
(20) gay liberation front manifesto, revised 1979, published by Gay Liberation Information Service, London.
(21) Quoted in WHY WE’RE PROUD TO BE GAY, by Mike Burgess, published in the Voice, January 19, 1988, page 18-9.
(22) Dynes, Encyclopedia of Homosexuality, volume 2, page 644.
(23) Also spelt Jakobovits.
(24) Ex-Chief Rabbi endorses genetic engineering to stop homosexuality: Progressives join gays in attack on Lord Jakobovits, by Valerie Monchi, Jewish Chronicle, July 23, 1993, page 1.
(25) Lord Jakobowits is also the author of Jewish Medical Ethics.
(26) See for example The Pink Paper, November 12, 1993. This is the national newspaper of sodomites and dykes.
(27) The Law of Return considers anyone born of a Jewish mother to be a Jew whether or not that person practices the Jewish religion. If one were to use this sort of definition for black and white, it is obvious that many Negroes would be classified as white and many whites would be classified as Negroes.
(28) The faggots quickly decided that it would not be wise to take on Organised Jewry so called a truce. This situation may not last as the power of political Zionism continues to decline and the queers continue to push their luck.
(29) Gay Christian, May 1977, issue 5, pages 2-3. This prosecution, for blasphemous libel, was taken over by the Crown. The current writer being a lifelong atheist and a committed Libertarian couldn’t give a monkey’s about blasphemy and is opposed to all forms of censorship. One would however expect “Christians” to take a somewhat different view.
(30) Slightly adapted from page ix of the Encyclopedia of Homosexuality, (op cit).
(31) For example, successful legal attempts by Jewish organisations to suppress infamous fake the Protocols of Zion only result in charges that the “secret Jewish government” has suppressed the Protocols.
(32) The Times, July 11, 1987, page 4. Gay Switchboard denied it, but they would, wouldn’t they?
(33) The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS, by Michael Fumento, published by Basic Books, New York, (1990), page 233.
(34) Ironically, just as blacks have taken to calling themselves “nigger”, so too have homosexuals started to wear the appellation queer as a badge. In the United States there is a homosexual pressure group called Queer Nation.
(35) Having a pencil sharpener removed from the rectum, for instance.
(36) Many if not most homosexual liaisons take place in public toilets.
(37) From the essay on Collectivized “Rights” in THE VIRTUE OF SELFISHNESS: A New Concept of Egoism, (page 104), published by Signet, New York, (December 1964).
(38) The Silent Community: Public Homosexual Encounters, by Edward William Delph, published by Sage Publications, London, (1978), pages 109-10.
(39) This book was written before the advent of AIDS, but even without this modern day plague, homosexuals have long been recognised as reservoirs of filth with staggeringly high rates of sexually transmitted disease.
(40) The correct term for this is anilingus, inserting the hand or fist into the anus. Bizarre but true.
(41) Reisman and Eichel, KINSEY, SEX AND FRAUD, page 110, (op cit).
(42) And The Band Played On: Politics, People and the AIDS Epidemic, by Randy Shilts, published by Viking, London, (1987), page 222.
(43) Shilts, And The Band Played On, page 238, (ibid).
(44) But there have been many, many acts of disruption, the Stonewall incident for one, while in October 1977, the Times reported that the Gay Christian Movement [sic] had mounted a demonstration at a meeting of the Festival of Light. Presumably they wanted to replace it with a festival of filth. There have been many other such incidents.
(45) Which bears the fitting acronym ANAL.
(46) Currie said she chose to champion this worthless cause because as a married woman she couldn’t be smeared by opponents of lowering the age of consent as a homosexual, dyke, etc.
(47) The Times February 22, 1994, page 1.
(48) Ibid.
(49) Daily Telegraph, February 22, 1994, page 1.
(50) The reason for Yeo’s lack of enthusiasm for homosexual adoption “rights” has less to do with his endorsement of Conservative family values than with his own emphatically heterosexual lifestyle. It later transpired that Yeo, a married man, had sired two children out of wedlock by different women!
(51) In reality of course, the more Jews (and other minorities) support such repressive legislation, the more they will be hated, and, frankly, the more they will deserve to be hated.
(52) Such legislation has also been enacted in many other countries. Recently, West Germany passed a law which makes it a criminal offence to deny the Holocaust.
(53) This is not to say that such words and phrases are ever justified when used against racial and religious minorities, clearly they aren’t, but people should have a right to be bigoted.

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