Notes And References

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(3) Except for a brief mention in Searchlight, which claimed it was a tissue of lies!
(4) While I will continue to live in a South London housing association flat and to be ignored, unless our wonderful police decide to fit me up yet again.
(5) Bullish Irving claims trial has ‘enhanced my reputation’, by Lee Levitt, published in the Jewish Chronicle, April 14, 2000, page 4.
(6) Griffin was at first naturally skeptical about my version of my encounter with Irving but has seen hard evidence. In the Rune, issue 10 (undated but published cJune 1995) he wrote an article IMAGINE - or “Just Another Crazy Conspiracy Theory.”
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(8) Lipstadt claims to have coined the actual phrase “Holocaust deniers”, see for example David Irving v Penguin Ltd and Prof Deborah Lipstadt (summary of the issues in the case) at, (viewed by the current writer May 19, 2000).
(9) The phrase “No holes [therefore] no Holocaust” which appears to have been coined by Robert Faurisson was obviously never intended to be taken literally, rather it is an allusion to the impossibility of mass gassing in a particular Krema (without prejudice to the physical impossibility of mass gassings in any of them in the manner generally described).
(10) In other words, the Final Solution, which Revisionists claim refers to the evacuation rather than the alleged extermination of the Jews.
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(21) Mrs Jordan was eventually gaoled for eighteen months for her role in the 1960s synagogue arsons. She had in fact already been booted out of the NSM for cuckholding Jordan with a fellow member. From statements she made about her husband at the time it is clear that she was attracted to him in the first instance by his anti-Jewish views, but when he refused to take them to what she believed to be their logical conclusion, she wrote him off as a wimp and decided to take direct action herself.
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Hitler’s Martial Jews
Jewish and part-Jewish soldiers fought for the Third Reich.  What did they think they were doing? We shall never know
, published in the Times, December 6, 1996, page 20.
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(35) And all the prints to fit the news!
(36) In her book - which was of course the subject of Irving’s action - Lipstadt writes “scholars have long written that despite wartime rumors to the contrary, the Nazis apparently did not use Jewish cadavers for soap.”
(37) Though seldom as popular.
(38) And at times utterly hysterical; I’ve lost count of the number of times Keren has abused me gratuitously simply for expressing a dissenting opinion.
(39) Human soap “evidence” was actually produced by the Soviets at the International Military Tribunal, something which Lipstadt and her ilk now conveniently forget.
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(52) Or maybe he wasn’t, Chris Cotter was later charged in connection with this attack himself and appeared in the dock alongside two men accused of causing him grievous bodily harm!
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(54) I discussed the trial at length with a fellow Revisionist who has read my exposé of Irving, and he suggested that Irving is now a loose cannon. That may be true, or it may be that he is simply mad.
(55) Matthew Hopkins: Witch Finder General, by Richard Deacon, published by Frederick Muller, London, (1976), pages 82-3.
(56) In her widely quoted 1979 New Statesman article The Men Who Whitewash Hitler, Gitta Sereny argues that the more ludicrous Holocaust testimonies arise out of commercial frivolity, and from gullible scribes such as official Churchill historian Martin Gilbert; this is not the case, as anyone who has read the transcripts of selected war crimes trials will soon realise.
(57) The reader should beware: there was a camp named Struthof (or Natzweiler) and another named Stuthof; they should not be confused. Another name to avoid confusing is that of Rudolf Hess, the Nazi leader, who is a quite different person from the camp commandant Rudolf Hoess - see below.
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(61) I should declare an interest here; over the past few years I have done a certain amount of legal drafting myself, mostly in connection with civil actions in the High Court.
(62) The Law Society’s Gazette, April 21, 1999, page 38. This is from an article called Facing the facts, by District Judge John Frenkel.
(63) Kramer was apparently interrogated in German by French officers attached to the British Army. The Public Record Office file WO309/492 contains one such document, in French, which is dated Le 23 Juillet, 1945, along with an English translation.
(64) On occasion they even fabricate witness statements in their entirety, and again I speak from personal experience.
(65) These came under control of the Judge Advocate General’s Office.
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(68) Pressac gives a maximum of 750 incinerations a day for Krema II, possibly as many as one thousand and comments that "Any higher figure is unrealistic, and in certain cases a downright lie." [Pressac, AUSCHWITZ: Technique and operation of the gas chambers, page 494, (op cit)].
(70) Through the respirator?
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(72) The euphemism was it appears also used to mean extermination, or simply killing, see for example FO 646/1, CASE 1 MEDICAL, NOV. 21-DEC. 13 1946, Volume 2, pages 755-6. [FO is a Public Record Office reference but the NMT transcripts were transferred to the Imperial War Museum in 1968, where I have consulted them since 1996].
(73) Not everyone was impressed with this sort of nonsense. Major Cranfield (who defended Irma Grese) said of Litwinska: “Two of the Prosecution witnesses Litwinska and Lasker, have spoken well of Lothe. I do not ask the Court to pay very much attention to what the witness Litwinska says because it is my case that her evidence, together with the other Prosecution witnesses of her type, is unreliable from beginning to end, and if it is unreliable against the accused, then it is unreliable for the accused.” [WO 235/15, page 165].
(74) She says yards here. I wonder how significant that is. Probably not.
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(79) Confusion sometimes arises here: the Belsen Trial concerned alleged atrocities at both Belsen and Auschwitz; Kramer for example had been Commandant of both camps; it was not alleged at this trial that there had been gas chambers in the Belsen camp. (See below).
(80) Or indeed to any gassings at all.
(81) See for example The Hoax Of The Twentieth Century, by A. R. Butz, published by Historical Review Press, Brighton, Sussex, Second Edition, (1977), page 10.
(82) AUSCHWITZ: A JUDGE LOOKS AT THE EVIDENCE, by Wilhelm Staeglich, translated from the German by Thomas Francis, published by the Institute for Historical Review, Second edition, (January 1990). See in particular Chapter Four.
(83) And to add, drop and amend charges at will, and to adduce fresh evidence, including during the trial.
(84) Video kept back by police proves ‘rape’ girl lied, by Maurice Weaver, published in the Daily Telegraph, May 20, 1999, page 5.
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(86) Naumann, Auschwitz..., page vii, (ibid).
(87) The trial opened Monday, September 17, 1945; the whole of the first day was taken up with legal argument. The court sat on Saturdays, and closed at 17.10 on November 17, 1945.
(88) Arendt speaks of “notoriously unreliable” witness testimony, the “fantastic discrepancy between pretrial testimony and testimony in court in the case of most of the German witnesses” and the “justified suspicion” that the testimony of Polish witnesses had been doctored and that Jewish witnesses had been manipulated by the International Auschwitz Committee, [Naumann, Auschwitz..., page xiii, (op cit)].
(89) Naumann, Auschwitz..., page 416, (ibid).
(90) Naumann, Auschwitz..., page 417, (ibid).
(91) Investigating officer Mark Fuhrman, who had found the bloody glove at Simpson’s place, claimed under oath that he had never used the word “nigger” in the past ten years. A tape was then put in evidence in which he was heard using the word freely. In a British court this tape would almost certainly have been inadmissible. Perhaps more seriously, when asked “Have you ever falsified a police report?” Fuhrman replied “I wish to assert my 5th Amendment privilege.” The defence was able successfully to imply - though it never actually said so outright - that Fuhrman, perhaps with a little help from unnamed conspirators, had planted the glove (and presumably all the other evidence).
(92) SCOTTSBORO A Tragedy of the American South, by Dan T. Carter, Revised Edition, Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge and London, (1979), pages 78-9.
On March 24, 1932, death sentences on 7 of the 9 defendants were affirmed by the Supreme Court of Alabama. On November 7, 1932, they were set aside by the United States Supreme Court and a retrial was ordered.
(93) Again, I speak from personal experience.
(94) Details of this extraordinary case can be found in TRIAL OF STEPHEN AND JESSE BOORN, FOR THE Murder of Russell Colvin..., published by Fay and Burt, Rutland, Vermont, (1819), [apparently written by the publishers], and in THE TRIAL, CONFESSIONS AND CONVICTION OF JESSE AND STEPHEN BOORN, FOR THE MURDER OF RUSSELL COLVIN, AND THE RETURN OF THE MAN SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN MURDERED., by Hon. Leonard Sargeant, Ex-Lieut. Governor of Vermont, published by Journal Book And Job Office, Manchester, Vermont, (1873).
(95) Butz, Hoax Of The Twentieth Century, page 188, (op cit).
(96) It is extremely easy to take a sentence or a few words spoken in anger or in jest and present them as evidence of evil intent.
(97) Sheftel also acted for the gangster Meyer Lansky, whom he described as “this ageing, warm-hearted, sharp-witted Jew”, and is - in his own words - an ardent admirer of mass murderer Menachem Begin.
(98) Sheftel’s reward for his attempts to get at the truth and to save the life of an innocent man was a face full of acid from one of these poor, persecuted, powerless people. He narrowly escaped being blinded.
(99) SHOW TRIAL The Conspiracy to Convict John Demjanjuk as ‘Ivan the Terrible’, by Yoram Sheftel, Translated from the Hebrew by Haim Watzman, published by Victor Gollancz, London, (1995), page 324.
(100) Sheftel, Show Trial, page 45, (ibid).
(101) Sheftel, Show Trial, page 371, (ibid).
(102) After more than eight years in an Israeli gaol, John Demjanjuk was put aboard a plane straight from his cell and still in handcuffs. Jews who treat an innocent goy like this should not be unduly mystified about the phenomenon of universal “anti-Semitism”.
(103) Sheftel, Show Trial, page 180, (op cit).
(104) I am referring here to the main Belsen Trial (already alluded to) which took place between September 17 and November 17, 1945.
(105) At the end of the trial there were 44 defendants: 14 were acquitted; 11 sentenced to death; 19 were sentenced variously from one year to life.
(106) He said he had been forced to undress by a group of Ukrainians, and that after the liberation, German ethnic prisoners were abused by other inmates in the camp.
(107) WO 235/14, page 365.
(108) Cranfield defended Irma Grese (the Bitch of Belsen), and three other defendants: Lothe, Lohbauer and Klippel.
(109) WO 235/15 page 48.
(110) WO 235/15, page 49.
(111) The following is extracted from Over their Shoulder: Recollections of a British War Crimes Trial in Europe, by Maj. T.C.M. Winwood (Leading Defence Counsel, “The Belsen Trial”, 1945). * The Papers Of Major Winwood are lodged with the Imperial War Museum.
   * In the original document, the word “Maj.” has been crossed out as has the word “Leading”; after his name the following has been inserted by hand “(formerly Major RA)”.
(112) Winwood defended Dr Klein, and two other defendants - Weingartner and Kraft - as well as Kramer.
(113) In this particular instance, a number of Jews were executed in order to create a bizarre collection of skeletons.
(114) This was Dr Ada Bimko, see WO235/13, page 139; she claimed to have been told this by a man named Grzecks.
(115) When I say fabricated I do not mean that Kramer’s confession was made up out of the whole cloth, but like witness statements and confessions in most criminal proceedings, it was customised to serve the purposes of the prosecution, which in this case was to hang him!
(116) Pressac, The Struthof Album..., page 7, (op cit).
(117) According to his entry in the Encyclopedia Of The Holocaust * Karl Otto Koch was first arrested in July 1942, suspended, tried and acquitted. In August 1943, he was rearrested on fraud, embezzlement and “charges”, and this time was convicted. He was executed in April 1945, the month before Nazi Germany capitulated; “other charges” refers to murder. In the words of Professor Butz: “The Koch arrest had, in fact been part of the breaking of a ring of corruption which had spread through the German concentration camp system and had involved the murder of some prisoners who knew too much.” **
* ENCYCLOPEDIA of the HOLOCAUST, Editor in Chief, Israel Gutman, published by Macmillan, New York, (1990), Volume 2, pages 809-10.
** Butz, Hoax Of The Twentieth Century, page 42, (op cit).
(118) Butz, Hoax Of The Twentieth Century, pages 173-4, (ibid). Professor Butz disputes the method allegedly employed, but not the reality of the programme itself. The Jewish Revisionist David Cole believes there were some gassings in Struthof, and the current writer has also come to that conclusion.
(119) WO 235/306, page 37. This was the case of Heinrich Peters, Martin Hellinger and others who were tried at Hamburg, December 5, 1946 to February 3, 1947.
(120) WO 235/306, page 44.
(121) WO 235/306, page 45.
(122) Phillips, The Belsen Trial, page 156, (op cit). The bull-necked Kramer was actually exhibited to the world as such, and some of the unflattering racist stereotypes depicting him are comparable with the way Negroes are sometimes depicted by the lunatic fringe of the far right.
(123) See Holocaust Mythology Or The Laws Of Physics? above.
(125) WO 235/18, page 17.
(126) Also spelt Lohbauer.
(127) In a letter dated November 30, 1995, I wrote to the University of Breslau in connection with my researches into the ectoplasmic doctor. The reply to my letter was dated 30 stycznia 1996 r and arrived Thursday, February 15, 1996.
The translation by a Polish speaking academic reads as follows:
“In response to your letter regarding the conferment of a doctorate on Miklos Nyiszli at the University of Wroclaw, I inform you that in the records of conferments of the Philological Faculty from 1928-1933 his name does not appear. Neither does it appear in the records of conferments of doctorates in any other faculty of the University for the period 1928-1933.
In payment for the enquiries carried out in the Archives please pay $110 to the following account: Uniwersytet Wroclawski nr. 389206-80914-7879-158-400 etc. addressing the remittance to the Archiwum Uniwersytetu Wroclawskiego. This sum covers the initial and more detailed enquiry which amounted to 3 hours of search time...”
It goes without saying that I made no such donation!
(128) In 1996 I obtained a photocopy of Dr Nyiszli’s 1930 dissertation (on suicide) from a librarian at Pennsylvania State University Library. I donated this to the British Library. The Revisionist Carlos Porter told the current writer by E-mail that he believed this document was a fake and that it had been planted in the library (and other libraries?) after the Second World War. However, I have found other - and overwhelming - confirmation that Dr Nyiszli did exist, confirmation which predates World War II. I was also sent a photograph of him by the Auschwitz Museum.
(129) THE NAZI DOCTORS: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide, by Robert Jay Lifton, published by Macmillan, London, (1986), page 527.
(130) Which is undoubtedly the reason the likes of Home Secretary Jack Straw are so anxious to abolish trial by jury!
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(137) I do not of course mean literally.
(138) A photograph of soap “evidence” produced by the Soviets can be found in Butz, Hoax Of The Twentieth Century, page 201, (op cit).
(139) A senior concentration camp administrator.
(140) WO 235/14 page 305.
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(148) Dr Anthony Kushner, but that’s another story!
(149) See for example Professor Lindemann’s excellent study Esau’s Tears, (op cit).
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(151) Ibid.
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