Letter To An Islamic Community Activist


Thought I’d better give you the benefit of my thirty years of research, whether or not you decide to heed it. You have a great show and your open-minded approach is to be applauded, but don’t be taken in by loonies.

In this connection I refer especially to the so-called 9/11 Truth Movement. The facts of 9/11 are thoroughly documented. We know the identities of the hijackers, all of them, we know who bankrolled it – and it wasn’t Bin Laden; we know the motive or rationalisation - Zionism.

The people who would have you believe this was an “inside job” or that Israel did it, the planes were controlled from the ground and so on, are idiots.

I can understand Moslems wishing to believe this sort of nonsense, but that is all it is, nonsense. The same people who peddle this are the same sort of people who peddle the line that Billl Clinton was behind the FBI building bombing, and that the Kennedy Assassination was carried out by the CIA. If you’re inclined to believe any of this nonsense – especially about the Kennedy Assassination – check out some of the excellent videos on Youtube.

All these ideas are being peddled by what might be called the Mystical Left, who have suddenly woken up to the money rip off. Like David Icke they think they’ve discovered something new. The truth is that everyone from Charles Lindbergh, Louis T. McFadden and Father Coughlin not to mention Arthur Kitson and CH Douglas warned against what was happening. Mrs Sarah Emery published Seven Financial Conspiracies back in 1887. Eustace Mullins did some excellent work on the Fed, but unfortunately he dressed it up with such lunatic nonsense about the Jewish Question that no one with half a brain would touch it. All the modern conspiracy literature has its roots in the the far right and authors such as AK Chesterton, Gary Allen, Dan Smoot and W. Cleon Skousen.

All these books have something to offer, but if you want to understand how conspiracies work in the real world, the book you should read first is CHEATS AT WORK. Don’t be sidetracked by loonies who will not only tar you with the same brush but lead you down blind alleys. We must concentrate first and foremost on liberating the West from the banking monster. Once we’ve done that, this phony conflict with Islam will disappear.


The above E-Mail headed Beware of loonies was sent Monday, 5 July, 2010 23:44 to an Islamic community activist. It has been reformated, but the text has not been altered in any way, including the repetition in the penultimate paragraph.

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