Selective Chronology
Some Major Blood Libel Accusations

1144 William of Norwich

1168 Gloucester

1255 Hugh of Lincoln (Little St. Hugh)

1475-6 Simon of Trent

1570 Brandenberg

1636 Lublin

1637 Cracow

1712 Frankfort

1801 Bucharest

1840 Damascus

1898 Posthumous publication of diplomat and explorer Sir Richard Burton’s The Jew, The Gypsy And El Islam. The version that was eventually published contained a number of calumnies on the Talmud, (undoubtedly included out of ignorance rather than malice). The appendix containing allegations of ritual murder (relating to Damascus 1840) was suppressed, primarily under pressure from the Board of Deputies.

1911-3 Kiev (the Beiliss case)

1929 Salonica

1934 May 1st, special Ritual Murder issue of Der Sturmer

1936 September saw the trial of Arnold Leese and his printer Walter Whitehead. Leese was acquitted of the major charges against him but was found guilty of conspiring to effect a public mischief and causing a public mischief.

1938 Leese publishes Jewish Ritual Murder. Although he was not credited, this pamphlet is believe to have been co-written by Charles Gore, a fellow traveller of Leese’s. (43) This pamphlet also contained an account of Leese’s trial in which he claimed the presiding judge was a Freemason.

1940 Welhartitz

1991 October. Trial of the sincere but gullible and exploited Lady Birdwood for distributing anti-Semtic leaflets including calumnies on the Talmud. The prosecution was brought under pressure of the quasi-fascistic Board of Deputies of “British” Jews. Like Arnold Leese, Lady Birdwood, who was 77 years old at the time, elected to defend herself. She was convicted on all ten charges.

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