Notes and References

(1) Not to be confused with the Bishop of the same name.
(2) The Italian city of Trent.
(3) This case and others are discussed by R. Po-Chia Hsia, in The Myth of Ritual Murder: Jews and Magic in Reformation Germany, published by Yale University Press, New Haven and London, (1988).
(4) R. Po Chia-Hsia, The Myth of Ritual Murder..., page 72, (ibid).
(5) R. Po Chia-Hsia, The Myth of Ritual Murder..., page 76, (ibid). There were actually three trials in the Simon of Trent case. A Jew named Samuel was burnt on June 21st 1475, after first being tortured for two months. Others were tortured before being executed too. The second trial, held at Trent and Roveredo, established that the confessions had been made under severe torture. The third trial took place in Rome 1477-8 and resulted in a warning to Bishop Hinderbach not to cause further harm to the Jews.
(6) Rabbi Jossel, who was tortured first, confessed, others confessed immediately. Jossel confessed also to buying a child from a Christian beggar woman 8 years previously. Other confessions agreed a murder had been committed but did not agree on time and place. One claimed that Christian blood was used to smear on matzos! (This is a common claim: the Matza of Zion!)
   On 22nd April, Jossel’s cellar was dug up. After three days, bones identified as human were found. Four were identified as skeletons of young children. However, as stated, there was more to this than met the eye and the case dragged on until after four and a half years, all were released. [R. Po-Chia Hsia, (ibid).]
(7) R. Po-Chia Hsia, The Myth of Ritual Murder..., page 164, (ibid).
(8) The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, published by Universal Jewish Encyclopedia Inc., New York, (1940). See Volume 2, pages 407-10.
(9) Count Wolf of Bazin in 1529. The “victim” was later found alive. UJE, Vol 2, page 408, (ibid).
(10) UJE, Vol 2,
page 407, (ibid).
(11) UJE, Vol 2, page 408, (ibid).
(12) Blood Accusation: The Strange History of the Beiliss Case, by Maurice Samuel, published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, (1967), page 21.
Znamya was a well-known anti-Semitic newspaper of the time. In August and September 1903, under the editorship of Paul A. Krushevan, it published the earliest version of the infamous document known today as the Protocols of Zion. *
   * For the full history of, and background to, the Protocols, see Norman Cohn’s definitive Warrant for Genocide.
(13) For the full background to this case, the reader is referred to Maurice Samuel’s, Blood Accusation, (ibid).
(14) This article was in the form of a press cutting, which was supplied by Lady Birdwood. It was sent to her through the post by a “fellow traveller”. I am unable to reference the source, but it was credited to Bob Hallstrom. Most probably it was published by Sons of Liberty or by a newspaper not unconnected with this well-known anti-Semitic publishing house.
(15) In Pursuit of Satan: The Police and the Occult, by Robert D. Hicks, published by Prometheus Books, Buffalo, New York, (1991).
(16) Strieber, a horror writer of some repute, claimed to have been abducted by aliens. Subsequently he published two “non-fiction” books based on his fantasies, the first of which, Communion, brought him a million dollar advance. UFO debunker Philip Klass has made a protracted study of alien abduction fantasies and found them to be exacty that, fantasies. (See bibliography).
(17) It is of great significance that the police do not take such stories seriously. Whenever an offence is reported, real or imagined, they are of course obliged to investigate it, and murder is never a low priority crime. So when someone alleges that he or she has taken part in a murder and the police simply shrug their shoulders, it is obvious that they have that person’s measure. The only other explanation, the one preferred by anti-Semitic propagandists, is that ZOG controls the police too!
(18) This was recorded during one of several interviews with the well-meaning but gullible (and exploited) Lady Birdwood.
   On October 16th 1991, Lady Birdwood was convicted on ten charges under the Public Order Act of distributing a series of appallingly anti-Semitic leaflets which she had received through the post from an anonymous anti-Semite. Taking their calumnies on the Talmud and stories of ritual murder at face value, the dear old thing printed thousands of them at her own expense and mailed them out to prominent Christians to warn them of the all-encompassing International Jewish Conspiracy. She hoped also to make the Jews see the error of their ways and so avert another Holocaust. “They need a Holocaust every fifty years!”
   Lady Birdwood continues to publish and distribute such nonsense in good faith, and genuinely doesn’t realise either the distress it causes to the people she inadvertently libels or the way she is used by evil men whose motives, unlike hers, are anything but pure.
(19) Hicks, In Pursuit of Satan..., (op cit).
(20) This condition is by no means rare and is not confined to the absurd or bizarre; people have been known to confabulate about ordinary, everyday events.
(21) Although he was not the first person to claim contact with extraterrestrials, George Adamski, (1891-1965), was the man who truly launched the UFO “contactee” cult. He was the co-author of Flying Saucers Have Landed, published in 1953, and the author of two other books in which he described such absurdities as flying to the Moon. He also produced many dubious photographs of flying saucers. Many others have followed, including loony His Eminence Dr Sir George King, Metropolitan Archbishop of the Aetherius Churches, and, apparently, Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel. [See Is There Intelligent Life On Earth?, by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (1992).]
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(25) Deacon, ...Witch Finder General, page 24, (op cit).
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(29) Deacon, ...Witch Finder General, pages 82-3, (ibid).
(30) Hasted, The Pendle-Witch Trial 1612, (op cit).
(31) On 9th August, 1969, Charles Manson and his “family” murdered Sharon Tate the pregnant wife of the film director Roman Polanski, and four others. The victims were clubbed, stabbed and shot to death. The following night, Leno and Rosemary La Bianca were murdered. Manson, 33, and three of his girl followers, were convicted of murder and sentenced to death, though none were executed. Manson had set up a commune after his release from a ten year jail sentence. He and his “family” engaged in pseudo-religious ceremonies, drug taking and free love. See for example pages 207-8, THE NEW MURDERERS’ Who’s Who, by J.H.H. Gaute and Robin Odell, published by Harrap, Second edition revised and enlarged, London, (1989).
(32) Hicks, In Pursuit of Satan..., (op cit).
(33) The Times, July 2, 1986, page 5.
(34) The Times, February 17, 1992, page 11. Dahmer had pleaded insanity, but the jury found him sane.
(35) The Encyclopaedia Of Serial Killers, by Brian Lane & Wilfred Gregg, published by Headline, London, (1992), pages 69-71. An interesting aside to this affair is that one of the gang, Robin Gecht, had once been employed by homosexual serial killer John Gacy, (who claimed 33 victims).
   The Chicago Rippers murdered a number of women in 1981-2. Gecht was jailed for 120 years for attempted murder and rape; another gang member was indicted on six murder charges.
(36) Satan Wants You: The Cult Of Devil Worship In America, by Arthur Lyons, published by The Mysterious Press, New York, (1988), pages 3-4.
(37) Berkowitz was actually the adopted son of Jewish parents.
(38) Books have been written about all these serial killers; some of them have been the subject of extensive research. For brief details of David Berkowitz see The New Murderers’ Who’s Who, pages 46-7; for Sutcliffe, see pages 286-7.
(39) The victim, 14 year old Bobby Franks, was the son of millionaire businessman Jacob Franks. Richard Loeb, the son of the Vice-President of Sears, Roebuck & Co., was 18 years old; Nathan Leopold was 19. Although they sent their victim’s father a $10,000 ransom note, Franks’ brutal murder was a senseless crime committed solely for the purpose of committing the perfect crime. Both youths were jailed for life for murder, and 99 years for kidnapping. Loeb was murdered in prison in 1936, Leopold served 33 years. [Gaute and Odell, page 193-4, (op cit)].
(40) My Irrelevant Defence being Meditations Inside Gaol and Out on Jewish Ritual Murder, by Arnold S. Leese, published by the Imperial Fascist League, London, (1938), page 8. The first documented charge of ritual murder in England is the 1144 William of Norwich case.
(41) Countess Erzsebet Bathory has the dubious distinction of being recorded in The Guinness Book of Records as the most prolific mass murderess of all time. The 1993 edition gives her number of possible victims as 610. After her trial she was walled up in her castle until her death. * Both she and Gilles de Rais had accomplices.
    * The Guinness Book Of Records 1993, edited by Peter Matthews, published by Guinness Publishing, (1992), pages 186-7.
(42) UJE, Vol 2, see entry under Blood Accusation, pages 409-10, (op cit).
(43) The charge is RITUAL MURDER, by Colin Holmes and Tony Kushner, published in the Jewish Chronicle, March 29, 1985, page 26.

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