Let’s Hate Hitler

In 1980, a South African author wrote that: “It is reported that through the year 1975, 50,000 serious books have been published on Hitler and the National Socialist years in Europe...” something which was said to have made him the most popular “we didn’t say liked” subject in the Western World next to Jesus Christ. “Yet each day Adolf Hitler is killed anew by the media. His name is so consistently pilloried that nothing is too vile to associate with it.” (1)

More than a decade and a half on, that claim is as valid now as it was then, for with the exception of a tiny handful of cranks and unabashed worshippers, the name Adolf Hitler is still mud. Leaving aside Holocaust Revisionism, speculation about how much Hitler knew about the Final Solution, or whether or not the crimes of the Nazis were dwarfed by the crimes of Stalin, Trotsky, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot and other such “anti-fascists” and anti-Imperialists. Leaving aside all this, it really is not too difficult to make out a case against Adolf Hitler.

Like Mussolini, Hitler made the trains run on time - including to Auschwitz! In Hitler we have a man who abolished parliamentary democracy in Germany (with the Enabling Act of March 23, 1933); who threw all his enemies - not just Jews - into concentration camps; who murdered his most loyal supporters - in the Roehm purge; who invaded neutral countries as part of his Lebensraum policy; and who practiced the vilest hypocrisy by signing a non-aggression pact with “Jewish-controlled” Russia. (2)

Even without the Holocaust, without World War Two, for which he was at least partly responsible, without his wrecking of Germany and the indoctrination and finally the destruction of the finest flower of German Aryan youth, Adolf Hitler must be weighed in the balance and found wanting. Why then, do so many authors consider it necessary to lie about him?

In THE LIFE & TIMES OF ADOLF HITLER, author Ian Schott does a hatchet job on the Führer that Sefton Delmer would have been proud of. (3) This book is actually one of a series of diminutive pocket books which retail for 99p. They are lavishly illustrated with colour photographs, and are terrific value. Others in the series include (the life and times of) Julius Caesar, Mother Teresa and Napoleon; (they died too young) Elvis, James Dean and Sid Vicious; (illustrated poets) Robert Burns, Emily Dickinson and Oscar Wilde. So what do we learn about Hitler from Schott that we didn’t know already?

That his sister Paula was “half-witted”; (4) that Hitler may have contracted syphilis from a Jewish prostitute and that he is said to have required young women to urinate and defecate on him. On page 7 we are told that “Hitler claimed that during the following years [after 1908] he experienced hardship, poverty [and] unemployment...” but in fact had “a good supply of money from private sources”. From the Thule Society no doubt, or perhaps he was bankrolled by the Elders of Zion? (5) On page 12 we are told that “Without exception, his comrades found him dreary.” This claim is difficult to believe since it was Hitler’s powerful oratory that led to him being invited to join the German Labour Party as only its seventh member, and it remains a staple of anti-Nazi propaganda to this day that one reason Hitler was able to do more or less as he pleased after coming to power was that his speeches had mesmeric effects on his audiences.

On pages 22-3, author Schott tells us that the Nazis received support from industrialists and tycoons like Alfred Hugenberg. As Hugenberg was in fact the leader of the rival Nationalist Party, that claim is hardly tenable.

On page 32, Hitler’s doctor Theo Morrell is referred to as Theo Morel, while the claim that the Nazis beat, murdered and raped Jews (presumably Jewesses!) with impunity is nonsense, as a reading of the Jewish Chronicle for the Nazi era reveals. Hitler was not facing a financial crisis in 1938 and he wasn’t itching to start a war, at least, not with Britain, and certainly not with the world.

There are many other mistakes and distortions in this short work too. On page 69 we are told that in 1945, Hitler had a “favourite golden labrador puppy”. Actually, it was an Alsatian bitch named Blondie. (6) Hitler had an Alsatian in the 30s too; in October 1933 a feature writer for the Daily Express reported that it had been poisoned by the Communists. In the same article it was revealed that “Politically, Hitler’s life is black with crime. But the private life of Hitler is without reproach. Alone among his fellow leaders his shield is pure.” (7) One wonders why such frankness is anathema to today’s hacks, “anti-Nazis” and propagandists masquerading as historians.

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