Notes And References

(1) Who Makes Our Money? by F.J. Irsigler, published by F. Irsigler, Wynberg, South Africa, (1980), page 148. [The author is, apparently, quoting an article published in the Summer 1978 issue of American Mercury].
(2) The claim that communism is a Jewish-controlled movement for world domination was part and parcel of Nazi ideology, and remains so to this day. According to the Jewish Chronicle of May 12, 1944, the Nazis announced they had recently traced Stalinís Jewish ancestry, something that was conveniently overlooked at the time of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. (Stalin was, of course, a Georgian).
(3) Denis Sefton Delmer (1904-79) was a German-born British citizen of Australasian parentage. Before the war he was Berlin correspondent for the Daily Express; during the war he worked for the Psychological Warfare Department as an anti-Nazi propagandist.
(4) Hitlerís sister, Paula Wolf, died aged 64 ďin poor circumstancesĒ on June 1, 1960. There is no evidence that she was a half-wit, and even if she had been, so what?
(5) Believe it or not there are people who actually believe this. Writing in 1961, one J.S. Drummond claimed that Fascism and Nazism were cunning by-products of Zionism, that Das Kapital and Mein Kampf as well as the Protocols Of Zion were inspired by Zionism, and that Roehm was assassinated because he was about to spill the beans that Hitler was not the author of Mein Kampf! In its May 17, 1996 issue, a report filed from Budapest in the Jewish Chronicle claimed that Aron Monus, the publisher of a new translation of Mein Kampf, had already published a book called Conspiracy Against Nietzscheís Empire, which claimed that the Jews paid Hitler to carry out the Holocaust!
(6) A picture of Hitler training Blondie appears in John Tolandís 1978 HITLER: The Pictorial Documentary of His Life, as does a picture of another of Hitlerís dogs, Wolf, also an Alsatian.
(7) The Private Life of ADOLF HITLER, by Pembroke Stephens, published in the Daily Express, October 18, 1933, page 10.

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