Dear Loony Lisa, Cyber-Friends, Enemies and Strangers,

The following two messages (below the first dashed line) were forwarded to me by a contact who subscribes to the said list. I received them on the afternoon of June 8. Please read them, then read the refutations.


I have been smeared and attacked remorselessly by Organised Zionist Jewry and other hatemongers since 1993. Whenever they lie about me and these lies are brought to my attention or I come across them myself - as is usually the case - I publish a full refutation and broadcast it to the world in my usual undiplomatic fashion. The advent of the Internet means that the time honoured left wing/Zionist/scumbag technique of attacking people who cannot reply thanks to their convenient no platform for (everyone who disagrees with us are) Fascists scam doesn't work anymore.

Bear this in mind Loony Lisa, and next time you badmouth me, do so in private.



The following [see below] appeared on the Right-Left, UK Left Network and Anti-National-Anarchist lists.

Subject: [right-left] Help to close down a fascist website

This message is now being widely distributed across the internet. I dont know the original source but the fascist webpage it is asking to help close down belongs to “Alexander Baron”, a British fascist who sometimes pretends to be a Jew, sometimes pretends to be a socialist, and is currently distributing hate material against Satpal Ram, an Asian man victimised in Britain for defending himself against racist attack.

Lisa Taylor

Help to close down a fascist website

Take thirty seconds to go to to report the site

and in particular

which violates the geocities terms of service because it incites racial hatred.


Dear moderators and members of Kominform list, I am really fed up with the amount of material from fascists that is allowed to be circulated on this list. Bob Olsen, why are you forwarding this material? The sender of the message, Alexander Baron, is a British nazi who is currently campaigning against a Black man, Satpal Ram, who defended himself from racist attack.

ALL of the organisations listed towards the end of the message, as contacts for this demonstration against the Bilderberg Group, are from the strasserite far Right. They specialise in pretending to be anticapitalist (just as their idol Strasser did in the 1930s). For more information, ask any antifascist organisation.

Lisa Taylor

(personal capacity)



Alexander Baron is not a British fascist, and he does not run a Fascist webpage, Fascist website, or Fascist anything else.

Alexander Baron does not sometimes pretend to be a Jew.

Ever since I first became involved in extremist politics people have claimed I am a Jew, usually the more loony elements. I used to deny this, but the more emphatically I denied it the more emphatically the loonies believed it, so eventually I gave up denying it.

I have never pretended to be a socialist; this is purely and simply a lie. When I was younger I flirted with mild socialism once or twice, but we all make mistakes.

A very brief precis of my early political involvement with the extreme right can be found at pages 38-40 of my book The Churchill Papers, which is dedicated to an exposé of Zionist agent David Irving.

But just for the record, if I am a Fascist, what political party have I belonged to for the past nine years and more? Here's a clue; click on

and read a few of the articles I've had published in Common Sense over the years.

If I am a Fascist, why did I vote for Ken Livingstone in the London Mayoral race?

If I am a Fascist (and by implication an anti-Semite) why have two of my collaborators been Orthodox anti-Zionist rabbis?

I could go on but that is surely enough.

The claim that I am “currently distributing hate material against Satpal Ram, a black man victimised in Britain for defending himself against racist attack” is an outrageous lie.

In the first place Satpal Ram is not black but Asian.

In the second place, it is not me who is distributing hate material but Ram and his lapdogs, specifically he and they are spreading the most vile lies about the man he murdered in an unprovoked knife attack in a Birmingham restaurant in November 1986. Ram is serving a life sentence; his conviction has been upheld twice by the Court of Appeal; the full judgment from the first appeal has been posted on the website satpalramisguilty which can be found at

Ram wasn't the victim of a racist attack or of any attack; he was simply a drunken thug who stabbed his victim, Clarke Pearce, “in the back”. Furthermore, Clarke Pearce was an ordinary 22 year old, white working man who was dining with his fiancée. Get it, Miss Marxist? Ram didn't defend himself, he murdered a worker. Or don't white workers count any more?

Loony Lisa writes further: Take thirty seconds to go to to report the site

and in particular

which violates the geocities terms of service because it incites racial hatred.


Don't take thirty seconds, take three or four hours and read some of what is actually on the site!

So the url

incites racial hatred, does it? Did you bother actually to read the article? Here is the full title:

How Many More Times Will Gerry Gable And His Searchlight Gang Repeat This Vile Untruth?

The theme of many of my publications is the exposure of disinformation. And liars. On my site you will find many fearless exposés of liars irrespective of race, religion, creed or political affiliation. I expose Jewish liars and Gentile liars, white liars and black ones. And red ones, be it noted! Unlike you I am not terrified of being branded anti-Semitic, so I have exposed more Jewish liars than most.

But what is this particular article about? It is actually a précis of my pamphlet A Revisionist History Of The 1960s Synagogue Arsons (which is currently out of print). The lying Kosher scum concerned in Gerry Gable, publisher of Searchlight magazine. Gable has claimed repeatedly over the years to have brought to justice the killers of a yeshiva student, who died in an arson attack. In fact, the victim, 15 year old Woolf Katz, died in an accidental fire at the Mesifta Talmudical College in London's Stamford Hill in November 1964. In other words, Gable invented a hate crime, which some might see as an incitement against the gullible goyim. A broadly similar hate crime hoax is in the news at this very moment: Chris Cotter, the white (former) lover of black athlete Ashia Hansen, has just been jailed for faking an attack on himself! Now who's inciting racial hatred?

And just for the record Loony Lisa, I am not a fan of Otto Strasser. It is true that I have a lot of fans on the far right, but I won't condemn them for that! My biggest fan is probably Nick Griffin of the BNP; he appears to have read practically everything I have ever published. Him and Gerry Gable!

Finally, you radicals may think that exposés of the Bilderberg Group began with David Icke and his blood drinking lizards, but I've got news for you. It was Nazis and right wing conspiracy theorists who first brought such groups to public attention.

The book The Invisible Government, the first exposé of the Council on Foreign Relations, was published by American conservative Dan Smoot as far back as 1962. A.K. Chesterton's book The New Unhappy Lords, which included an exposé of the Bilderberg Group, was originally published in 1965. In case you've never heard of him, A.K. Chesterton was the founder of the National Front. He also fought for Britain in both world wars. Some Nazi.

I could write a lot more but you should have got the picture by now, so what I suggest you do is sod off back to where all you anti-fascist, “anti-racist”, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, brainwashed, braindead radicals hang out and choose your next victim with more care. Preferably someone in the lightweight division.

Alexander Baron,

June 9, 2001

The above webpage was revamped on May 20, 2012. When the above open letter was written, this site was hosted by Geocities, which is now closed. Among other things I have added some links. The original page has been archived and can be found here.

One thing I will add, this bitch has a lot of front branding me a fascist and accusing me of inciting hatred when she and her sister murdered a young woman, and got away with it.

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