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Die Rassistische Internationale: zur Renaissance der Rassenlehre in der modernen Psychologie / mit einem Vorwort von Lothar Baier. - Frankfurt: Neue Kritik, (1981).

According to the Wiener Library catalogue, this is an “Enlarged transcription of original manuscript of: Psychology, racism and fascism”, Billig’s smear on Eysenck et al. Presumably it has a foreword by Lothar Baier.

De la psychologie à la “science” des races, by Michael Billig, Traduit par Yvonne Llavador et Annie Schnapp-Gourbeillon, published by François Maspero, Paris, (1981). 176 pages. No index.

This is a “petite collection maspero” edition.

When I attended the Mind Sports Olympiad at Loughborough University in August 2002, I found a copy of this in the Pilkington Library at shelfmark 153.92/BLL.

This book is basically a typical Billig/Searchlight/leftist smear job. My French is practically non-existent, but it doesn’t require much imagination to interpret the following footnote on page 156:

Did Six Million Really Die? - Harwood is pseudonym of Richard Verrall “voir Searchlight, 31 et 40”


The book was on the shelf next to Race, Intelligence and Education, by Hans Eysenck. It had apparently been borrowed once, return date Feb 8, 1991.

I took no little pleasure in finding a copy of one of my own pamphlets in the same library. The Shape Of Libraries To Come was held at (P) 025.04/BAR and had been borrowed no less than three times, the last return date was January 13, 1995. For the record, this pamphlet is now available on-line, and the author was listed erroneously in the Loughborough catalogue as my namesake, Alexander Baron (1917-

The entry for the Billig smear in the Loughborough University Library catalogue reads as follows:

Billig, Michael.:
L’internationale raciste :de la psychologie à la science des races ; traduit par Yvonne Llavador et Annie Schnapp-Gourbeillon.
Paris : François Maspero, 1981

Part of this work was originally published as “Psychology, racism and Fascism”, Birmingham : Searchlight, 1979. ISBN: 2707112186.

RIGHT-WING ATTEMPT TO SMASH BNSM FAILS, published in the Phoenix, Undated, circa 1981, issue 12, page 3.

Refers to Ray Hill’s “MURKY BACKGROUND”. The article, which was presumably written by Michael McLaughlin, cites the Johannesburg Sunday Times and the Rand Daily Mail which reported that a warrant was issued for Hill’s arrest on embezzlement charges. Reports too that he was friendly with “influential Jews in the Republic of South Africa”, which gives the lie to Hill’s claim that he was ever a candidate for British Movement leadership.

The National Front, by Nigel Fielding, reviewed by David Edgar in RACE & CLASS, Spring 1981, Volume XXII, Number 4, pages 427-31.

American culture
- a cop out, by Lynn Garafola, published in Marxism Today, January 1981, Volume 25, Number 1, pages 27-8

This is a discussion of David Edgar’s October 1980 article.

In defence of drama-documentaries: The treasured possession of the creators of dramatic fiction..., by David Edgar, published in the Listener, January 1, 1981, pages 10-11.

British Movement NAZIS ON OUR STREETS, An Anti Nazi League Pamphlet by Terry Jones, published by the Anti Nazi League, London, undated, c1981.

A 24 page pamphlet which claims (on page 21) that Column 88 has a membership of around 100 members, identifies the leader as Les Vaughan and says it is very dangerous. “Has claimed responsibility for a number of bomb outrages in Britain”, (page 18).

Which does tend to raise the question as to why Mr Vaughan was still going about his daily business, if these claims were taken seriously by the police. Likewise, on the same page, the League of St. George is said to have “connections with those responsible for the Paris, Bologna and Munich bombing atrocities.”

What does that mean, connections?

Most interestingly, Ray Hill, recently expelled from the British Movement and one-time rival for leadership of the Movement, was given a nine month suspended sentence in 1979 for attacking a Jewish café owner.

Of course, he just happened to be Jewish, didn’t he, Ray?

Ray Hill’s Letter Of Expulsion From The British Movement

In view of Hill’s oft’ repeated claim that he was a serious rival to Michael McLaughlin for the leadership of this organisation, it is worth publishing this in full.

Below is the text; click here for a scan of the actual document.

12th January, 1981.
Raymond Hill Esq,
13 Chaucer Street,

Dear Mr Hill,

Your much-publicised involvement with various groups not all of which are friendly towards the British Movement has given me some cause for concern. Members of the Movement including officials have on a number of occasions expressed doubts as to exactly where your loyalty lies. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, it is clear that you cannot serve the British Movement as an Organiser when your energies are divided between so many camps. Save for the initial free getting started parcel, Leicester has bought and distributed less literature than any other Branch. In fact it hasn’t as a branch bought any literature at all in the six-months that you have been organising the area. Individual members have bought some. It isn’t surprising therefore that Leicester’s growth is the furthest down the league.

In addition, you have without any justification at all gone out of your way to create the impression that your position in the Movement is a great deal more exalted than it is or could be. You have never been anything other than an ordinary organiser - just one Organiser out of nearly eighty and as the previous paragraph explains, not a particularly successful one. Hand in hand with this, you have denigrated the Movement and expressed opinions that a new party should be formed. This is not something new and for some two months, ordinary members have written in to speak of their concern at this. I have given you plenty of rope but these matters and others leave me no alternative but to dispense with your membership and entrust [you?] * to other groups less particular as to standards expected.

For Race and Nation
(signed) M. McLaughlin.

Following many months of open subversion etc., by Mr Hill, which has caused much concern to Organisers and members, we have had no alternative but to send him the above letter. Mr Hill is no longer associated with the British Movement in any form.

* A word has been omitted here.

PLAYING AT NAZIS? by Brian Hilliard, published in Police Review, February 6, 1981, pages 258-60.

An article written in good faith by the editor of Police Review. But the background information for it was supplied in bad faith and as usual is rubbish. For example, the claim is made that the British Movement split from the National Front; it didn’t.

Gun training given to neo-Nazis, by Peter Evans, published in the Times, February 7, 1981, page 2.

Says a number of prominent mercenaries attended a course by Column 88.

The violent tide of racist attacks that alarmed the Home Office, by Isabel Hilton, published in the Sunday Times, February 8, 1981, (includes a small inset Who’s who on the right).

Reports, among other things, that Column 88 is said to be a secret paramilitary organisation which “rejects political activity, openly advocating violence as only way of terrorising the niggers out.” Which is in total contradiction to all the other rubbish which has been written about this organisation.


[Not seen by compiler]

A pamphlet by fantasist, con-man and instigator of the Column 88 legend himself. No further information known.


Page 3: it is reported that South London News, a National Front publication, was publishing the names and addresses of opponents and inciting violence against them. While Forewarned... only published the names and addresses of fascists “...SO THAT THEY CAN BE MONITORED AND INHIBITED FROM INVOLVEMENT OR SUPPORT OF TERRORISM AND VIOLENCE.”


A review of the pamphlet of the same name (see above). Said to be very well researched.

Page 20: David Irving is said to be a leading member of Column 88. He lives at 81 Duke Street, Mayfair, so, “he would seem likely to be a tenant of the Duke of Westminster one of the wealthiest landowners in the world and a known supporter of Chilean fascism.”

OUTLOOK ON THE LIE MONGERS, by Heimdall, published in League Review, April 1981, VOL. 1, No. 33, pages 14-6.

This column has a mention of Gable and Dave Roberts.

Anti-racist jailed for press arson, published in the Jewish Chronicle, April 24, 1981, page 9.

This is a report on the jailing of Manny Carpel for two and a half years for burning down the Hancock press.

FIREBOMBING; NEWSMAN GAOLED, published in the Phoenix, undated, but cMay 1981, No 7, page 1.

Report of Manny Carpel’s arson of Historical Review Press.

Searchlight editor dies, published in the Birmingham Evening Mail, FINAL, May 16, 1981, page 2.

Says that Ludmer died at his home “last night”, actually he died Thursday night.

Editor dies suddenly, published in the Birmingham Post, May 16, 1981, page 3.

Very short report on the death of Ludmer “late on Thursday”. He was said to have left a son and four daughters.

Editor who armed the anti-fascist movement
Maurice Ludmer of Searchlight died Thursday; the man who
exposed the extreme right is profiled by Phil Cohen
, published in the Morning Star, May 16, 1981, page 2.

“An ironic epitaph comes from fascists who were having a party when they heard he was ill last year. Some tried to rejoice but were abruptly silenced by Column 88 members who told them to show respect for a worthy enemy.”

Mr Cohen is living in cloud cuckooland; no one that far out on the right had anything but the utmost contempt for Maurice Ludmer, and for all his race.

I am reminded here of a small piece of doggerel which appeared in a local National Front publication at the time of his death. It was called something like: Lines on the death of Maurice Ludmer and went something like this:

Maurice, you laboured in the fight
Against the fascist right,
Paid inflated wages
For writing Searchlight’s boring pages,
Because you fought for those of a darker hue
They called you a stinking, hook-nosed Jew.
Of course, you’re stinking now.

Anti-Semitism aside, that is a sentiment I warmly endorse.

Condolences. A letter re death of Maurice Ludmer from H.C. Gunter of Broadstairs, published in the Morning Star, May 22, 1981, page 2.

Maurice Ludmer - OBITUARY, from the Jewish Chronicle, May 22, 1981, page 14.

Fawning, unsigned obituary. “His untimely death [at 54] is a tragic and irredeemable loss to the community.” Your community perhaps; good riddance to bad rubbish say all true lovers of freedom.

Maurice Ludmer
, published in the New Worker, May 22, 1981, page 7.

MAURICE LUDMER and Tireless activist, two obituaries for Maurice Ludmer, by David Edgar and Paul Holborow respectively, published in Socialist Worker, May 23, 1981, page 8.

Edgar’s brief hagiography is extremely enlightening. According to him, “Virtually every photograph of National Front leaders, decked out in swastikas and nazi uniform, virtually every fascist quotation that appeared in the countless leaflets produced by the Anti Nazi League (of which Maurice was a founder) came out of Maurice’s files.” And “Virtually every TV and press exposé of the British and international fascist movement relied on Maurice’s encylopaedic [sic] knowledge.” It’s hard to believe that one human being could contain as much poison as this hate-filled little Jew. But Gable has long since exceeded even the achievements of his co-racialist and fellow communist.

Bid to rewrite death camp history, published in the Morning Star, May 29, 1981, page 5.

Report based on Ludmer’s exposé of (read ad hominem attack on) the Institute for Historical Review.

SEARCHLIGHT MAN JAILED FOR ARSON, by Our Sussex Correspondent, published in FOCAL POINT, May 30th, 1981, page 1.

David Irving’s thankfully long defunct magazine reports on the April 13th trial of Searchlight “researcher” Manny Carpel for burning down the printing press of the nice Mr Anthony “Teflon Tony” Hancock. This was widely reported at the time, including by Searchlight.

This issue also covers Gable’s antics in 1963 and his exposure as a supposed Secret State asset.

The front page article continues on page 3, where it is claimed that David Roberts joined the Searchlight editorial board “two years earlier” ie in 1974. Whether or not this is the case, the first issue of Searchlight magazine appeared in February 1975.

There is a separate article on page 3: Column 88 in Action: An Anti-Nazi Case History.
Page 4: Black Bag
Also on page 4 under Opinion THE CRIMINAL AND THE INSANE it is claimed that David Roberts helped to set fire to a Pakistani restaurant. This is nonsense; leaving aside the fact that a Pakistani restaurant is hardly likely to be called The Bombay. Roberts was convicted of a lesser charge. The reader is referred in the first instance to In Serving The Wicked Expect No Reward.

The title is a pun on LWT (ie London Weekend Television). This reports that Clapton businessman Leslie Jacobs put up £1,000 bail for the three; Irving spins his readers a fantasy about how he entrapped Gable & company in November 1963.

TWO VIEWS ON UNITY IT’S A NON-STARTER...says RAY HILL, published in Spearhead, June 1981, issue 152, Hill’s article page 7, Tyndall’s pages 7-8.

RIGHT-WING GROUP DISOWN RALLY “LEADER”, published in the Leicester Mercury, (ROYAL PICTURES), June 30, 1981, page 13.

Hill claimed to have led 18 members of the British Movement to Dixmuide [sic]. Michael McLoughlin [sic] said to have claimed Hill had not been a member for six months. Did not know his address but was interested in knowing his wherabouts. (The article published Hill’s address). Hill said to have been accused in a Sunday paper of threatening a coloured couple in a bar. Denied the claim.

Letter published in the Letters section in Spearhead, July 1981, issue 153, page 16.

From Ray Hill re Nationalist unity.

Guns to the Right, a World in Action programme screened on ITV, July 6, 1981, about “Nazis trading in arms”.

This was an attempt to set up a bunch of pillocks in Leicester. The police treated it with the contempt it so rightly deserved.

Administration of Maurice Ludmer

Maurice Julian Ludmer also known as Maurice Julian Lawton, died May 14, 1981, Administration July 16, 1981. He left £36,878. His address was given as 76 Sandford Road, Moseley.

CARNIVAL RACE WAR PLOT: Nazis planned a festival bloodbath, by Roger Todd, published in the Daily Mirror, July 21, 1981, pages 1 & 3.

Billed as a MIRROR EXCLUSIVE, this was the story which Searchlight fed to the Daily Mirror. It’s complete rubbish. Larry O’Hara has pointed out inconsistencies in the retelling - the book and the film of The Other Face of Terror. The current writer wrote to New Scotland Yard and asked for any information about this “plot” and was informed by a senior Special Branch officer that there was none. Doubters can do the same.

August 1981: The message below appeared on the back page (20) of Searchlight - Gable and Ware distance themselves from Dave Roberts whose death the following year went unmentioned.

When the law goes too far, by Ray Hill, published in Spearhead, 155, September 1981, pages 13 & 20.

Le fascisme dans les textes de la Nouvelle Droite, by Gill Seidel, published at Paris in MOTS, 3, (October 1981), pages 49-59.

[Not seen by compiler. Cited in TEXT: an interdisciplinary journal for the study of discourse, published by Mouton De Gruyter, Berlin, New York, Amsterdam, Volume 8-1/2, (1988), page 125, and in The Ideology of the New Right, Edited by Ruth Levitas, published by Polity Press, Cambridge, (1986), page 132.]

The National Front and Youth, by Michael Billig and Raymond Cochrane, published in Patterns of Prejudice, Volume 15, Number 4, October 1981, pages 3-15.

THE NEW FASCISTS, by Paul Wilkinson, published by Grant McIntyre, London, (November 1981). 179 pages. Index. Illustrated.

This is the original, hardback version. [See entry for 1983 for comment].

[BBIP, 1985]

HEIL & FAREWELL, published in FOCAL POINT, November 23, 1981, page 1.

A short, belated epitaph for Maurice Ludmer.

Putting politics on stage, by David Edgar, published in New Socialist, No 2, Nov/Dec 1981, pages 38-41.

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