Searchlight Critical Bibliography

WOMBAT 92, alternatively NOBODY CONTROLS WOMBAT 92, undated, beginning of 1993?

A curious document put out as disinformation, praising Larry O’Hara and slagging off Searchlight as Statelight. O’Hara told me who he thought was responsible for it, but I can’t print his name here in case Gerry sues me for libel. [Based on photocopy].

LETTER - SEARCHLIGHT, letter from Larry O’Hara published in Green Party Anti-Racist/Anti-Fascist Newsletter, No.3, January 1993, page 3. [Based on photocopy].

O’Hara objects to the magazine advertising Searchlight because he has been “slanderously attacked in their pages twice now”. Gerry’s been busy since.

SEGREGATION - NO, IT’S DISINTERGRATION [sic], published in Scallywag, January 1993, issue 12, page 19.

Report on a fake leaflet going around featuring yours truly, which accuses Gable and Anthony Teflon Tony Hancock of working together. Esoteric, to say the least.

Cadet school bans anti-racism editor, by Lawrence Donegan, published in the Guardian, January 20, 1993, page 5.

Gable told he can’t lecture on the evils of racism at Hendon Police College anymore on account of his capers in Kensington Library.

Frail eccentric who wields a poisonous pen: Geryke Young sends racist pamphlets couched in scientific jargon to Jewish Nobel prize winners, academics and musicians. Heather Mills reports, published in the Independent, January 20, 1993, page 6. [Compiled from CD-ROM.]

Gable quoted.

Rapid increase in racial attacks ‘widely ignored’, by Duncan Campbell, published in the Guardian, February 20, 1993, page 1. [Compiled from CD-ROM.]

Quotes Gable, amongst others. Official figures for 1988 said to be 4,383; for 1991, 7,780. ARA estimated 70,000.

THE INTERNMENT OF ALIENS IN TWENTIETH CENTURY BRITAIN, Edited by David Cesarani and Tony Kushner, published by Frank Cass, London, (March 1993). 252 pages. Index. Illustrated.

The Editors’ Note is two unnumbered pages, credited to both of them, and according to which this book developed out of a conference organised by the Wiener Library and the Parkes Library in May 1990.

Alien Internment in Britain During the Twentieth Century: An Introduction, by Tony Kushner and David Cesarani, is pages 1-22.

Clubland, Cricket Tests and Alien Internment, 1939-40, by Tony Kushner, pages 79-101.

Page 80: “In 1954 the English Golf Union defended the rights of clubs ‘to exclude Jewish members’.”

Conclusion and Epilogue by Kushner and Cesarani is pages 210-16.

[BBIP, 1995]

Police fear race-hate clash, by Denis Campbell, published in Time Out, March 10-17, issue 1177, 1993, page 11.

Arch-liar Gable quoted.

True figures on disallowed travel and hotel expenses, published in the Times, March 20, 1993, page 30.

Another letter from Sweet Sonia. The above is a screengrab from the Times Digital Archive.

April 1993: Searchlight, pages 10 & 11, the usual exaggerated stories about the short-lived Combat 18.

Page 10
Page 11

Far Right entering anti-hunt groups, by Hugh Muir, published in the Daily Telegraph, April 7, 1993. [Compiled from CD-ROM.]

According to Gable, the far right are infiltrating the hunt saboteurs.

World in Action, TV “documentary” screened April 19, 1993.

Why not April 20? * - Gable’s exposé of Combat 18, a group of “fascist” thugs who have decided to fight fire with fire. According to my source - which is more reliable than Gable’s - C18 is made up largely of criminal-types rather than racial “idealists”. A bit like Searchlight.

* Adolf Hitler’s birthday, for the uninitiated.

Empirical Approaches to Social Representations, Edited by Glynis M. Breakwell and David V. Canter, published by Clarendon Press, Oxford, (May 1993). 344 pages. Index.

(See below for contribution by Michael Billig).

[BBIP, 1995 credits this book to “Oxf. U.P.”]

Studying the thinking society: social representations, rhetoric, and attitudes, by Michael Billig is pages 39-62 in Breakwell and Canter, (above).

ENEMIES of the STATE, by Gary Murray, Foreword by Tam Dalyell MP, published by Simon & Schuster, London, (May 1993). 322 pages. Index.

Page 252: “Gable, a reputable veteran journalist formerly with LWT...”

Murray refers to this as an attempted murder. In 1986, Gable was said to have received a phone call from a Daily Mirror reporter claiming that he was the intended victim of abduction and murder.

“Gable’s next step was to speak with a friend in Special Branch who decided to arrange armed bodyguards to watch over him.” And of course, this must be true because Gable told Murray.

Page 253: “As there had been no official action against the plotters, Searchlight decided to make public the basic facts of the case.” Read between the lines.

Page 255: “What is surprising is that charges were never brought against any of those involved...” like Gable and his goy sidekick Atkinson for wasting police time!

Page 255: “the evidence, much of which Searchlight is still unable to publish...” due to the law of libel!

Gable’s name is indexed to pages 252-7 and 259-60.

Page 256: Column 88 has existed “in one form or another, since the end of the war”

“Gable’s expert research” [sic] exposed Column 88 ad nauseum.

Gable said the British Movement’s Leader Guard graduated from Column 88.

“Despite several exposures in the Press, Parliament and on television, he has remained untouched by the law.” This is of the Major, ie Souter Clarence. Read, in spite of the lies the Searchlight team foisted onto a credulous media, the authorities showed no interest.

Pages 257-8: rubbish about “Lutz”.

Page 259: Gable is said to have been in hot pursuit of Lutz throughout the early 80s. Murray mentions the Leicester gun-running rubbish and says it was mysterious that the police didn’t prosecute.

[BBIP, 1995]

[BBIP, 1995] gives the second edition as Enemies of the State: Memoirs of a Private Spy, paperback, February 1994.

GERMANY CALLING: A SHORT HISTORY OF BRITISH FASCISM, by Ross Bradshaw, published by Mushroom Books, Nottingham, (May 1993). 16 pages. Illustrated.

Preface by Searchlight’s academic henchman Michael Billig. This is a poorly researched, gratuitously inaccurate smear on Britain’s far right.

[BBIP, 1995]


One-sided A4 sheet credited to Searchlight Watch, London, May 1993! Full title, SEARCHLIGHT THE INTERNATIONAL ANTI-FASCIST Anti-Leftist MONTHLY Sponsored by M.I.5 RUMBLED!

No further information on this, but contains extracts from the Gable Memorandum, smears on SWP and HSA etc. Obviously put out by some left wing group and just as obviously inspired by Larry O’Hara’s excellent exposé.

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE BRITISH LEFT FROM Harold A. Covington, National Socialist, by Harold Covington, published circa May 1993.

A letter circulated by Covington, who was named by Gable as the co-ordinator of the right wing hit squad Combat 18. Covington claims the group does not exist and that Gable made up the name. Covington is by all accounts a nasty piece of work, but probably not as big a liar as Gable. He is also a man who glorifies in violence, so his denial has the ring of truth.

Notes from the underground: part 3: British fascism 1983-6, by Larry O’Hara, published in Lobster, June 1993, issue 25, pages 16-21.

Red Herring, published in the Northern Echo, June 11, 1993, page 10. [Compiled from CD-ROM.]

A letter from BNP activist Kevin Scott denouncing Combat 18 as a largely media-inspired fantasy spawned by Searchlight.

At War With Society: The Exclusive Story Of A Searchlight Mole Inside Britain’s Far Right, by Gerry Gable, published by Searchlight Magazine, London, (July 1993). 36 page magazine format (40 pages with cover), illustrated.

Allegedly this tells Hepple’s story, but Gable is credited as the author. * Contains a short introduction by Ray Hill (Gerry Gable?) who says he was gratified to see someone following in his shoes nearly a decade and a half after he had “infiltrated the fascist terror network”. Hill did not infiltrate anything; he simply decided that Jews are not such bad people after all. Especially rich ones.

* See for example the Bookseller, August 20, 1993, page 84.

[BBIP, 1995]

July 12, 1993: This is a letter written Mike Newland, who was at the time the press officer of the British National Party. Fighting discrimination against white men - in particular older, highly qualified but unemployed white men like himself - was his own hobby horse, and I suspect what attracted him to the BNP in the first place. He was certainly no racial-nationalist. The Searchlight article alluded to here appears to have caused some confusion, see the entry for July 23 below.

SHOREDITCH column, New Statesman & Society, July 16, 1993, page 7.

Refers to a war of words breaking out between the Morning Star and Searchlight re Marc Wadsworth.

July 23, 1993: This is a letter from a firm of solicitors to Searchlight magazine. Unfortunately they managed, somehow, to send it to Mike Newland’s address. (See entry for July 12 above). The other Mr Newland appears to be an “Instructer”, whatever that is. This scan has been compressed, and a tiny bit of unimportant blurb has been lost at the bottom.

A stage not worth sharing, published in the LETTERS section, New Statesman & Society, July, 30, 1993, pages 27-8.

Gable rails at black activist Marc Wadsworth.

Taxback babble, a letter from Mrs Sonia Gable published in the Times, July 31, 1993, page 24.

Concerning a letter from the Inland Revenue to her “television producer” husband, no less. This was entered originally as Taxable babble but was corrected when the scan was uploaded, April 1, 2014.

THE NEW REICH “Violent Extremism in Unified Germany and Beyond”, by Michael Schmidt, Translated from the German by Daniel Horch, published by Hutchinson, London, (August 1993). 255 pages. No index.

Graeme Atkinson gets several serious mentions in this book, but even then, they can’t get the bomb plot right. Here, it is claimed (page 54) that “The plan was aborted and Ray Hill had to flee, since only he could have been the ’traitor’ who told the authorities.” In reality of course he never did any such thing, the story wasn’t leaked to the authorities, but to the Daily Mirror, and the police didn’t even bother to investigate because they realised the story was a pack of lies from beginning to end.

[BBIP, 1995]

Correspondence (page 11) relating to Hepple’s “Eagle Scout” article, published in Green Anarchist, No. 32, SUMMER ’93.

“GERRY, GERRY, GERRY.....” Searchlight’s macho munchkin GERRY GABLE is telling porkies again. HAROLD A. COVINGTON duly chastises the little twit. A DISSERTATION ON THE IDIOCY OF GERRY GABLE, published cAugust 1993.

This is a three page reply to Gable’s July 1993 comments on his Open Letter.... Like his previous letter, this has the ring of truth. The gist of it is that he received a very good response from British leftists who, according to Covington, are not quite as dumb as they are generally believed. Covington also accuses Gable of entering into a debate with him!

SHOT BY BOTH SIDES! A RESPONSE TO PARANOIA AND DISINFORMATION, by Paul Cox, published by Paul Cox, Leeds, (August 1993). 12 pages.

A circular-type publication put out by yet another victim of Gable’s smears.

Inside south London’s Nazi HQ, published in New Statesman & Society, August 6, 1993, pages 12-3.

First part of Hepple’s/Gable’s fantasy on the BNP.

Informer exposes neo-Nazi football gangs: Tim Hepple, who infiltrated the British National Party after a decade as a football hooligan and neo-Nazi activist, says a new more violent group, Combat 18, is behind many racial attacks, Tim Kelsey reports, published in the Independent, August 7, 1993, page 1. [Compiled from CD-ROM.]

Covers At War With Society, etc.

The Reich stuff, published in New Statesman & Society, August 13, 1993, pages 12-3.

Second of a two-part serialisation of Hepple’s/Gable’s fantasy.

Putting the boot into racism
But 17 clubs refuse to join the campaign, by Richard Todd, published in the Daily Mirror, August 13, 1993, page 6.

Arch-liar Gable quoted.

From the LETTERS section in New Statesman & Society, August 20, 1993, pages 27-8.

Page 27: this is a letter from one Nyta Mann re Searchlight, Hepple and Gable.

Page 28: letter from Simon Kyte re Hepple.

August 22, 1993: You Don’t Have To Be Jewish, August 22, 1993.

On this radio programme, Gerry Gable stated that the “cannon fodder” of the “Nazi” parties are unemployable, that they formed an underclass, glue sniffers and the like. So how are they going to earn a living, Gerry, if no one will employ them?

An errand boy’s ire, from the LETTERS section of New Statesman & Society, August 27, 1993, page 23.

Hill says O’Hara accused him of having convictions for fraud and arson in his anti-Searchlight pamphlet. He also says, “It is not the purpose of this letter to defend my editor, Gerry Gable. He is more than capable of doing that for himself.”

Of course he is. Who do you think wrote this letter? Incidentally, O’Hara made no such allegation, so Hill - or whoever really wrote this letter - is telling yet another bare-faced lie. Here also, O’Hara said to be worth no more than his weekly giro, elsewhere to have secret backers.

Debate is not enough, from the LETTERS section of New Statesman & Society, August 27, 1993, pages 23-4.

A letter from a Mr Tony Dabb attacking free speech, ad nauseum.

Circa late August 1993: A flyer for A Lie Too Far
This double sided leaflet is about A6 in size

A LIE TOO FAR -- SEARCHLIGHT, HEPPLE & THE LEFT, by Larry O’Hara and Tim Scargill, produced by Mina Enterprises, GA Mail Order, Camberley, (September 1993). 55 pages.

Written mostly by O’Hara, this A5 pamphlet is 55 pages of stomach-churning truth about Gable’s latest “mole” inside the British National Party.

O’Hara also published a small double-sided flyer for this publication, a reprint of the front cover. The one fault with this pamphlet is that it is just about impossible to read!

[BBIP, 1995. According to the September 1997 Whitaker microfiche, A Lie Too Far was published in September 1993 by Green Anarchist Books. No address was given].

September 1, 1993, David Cesarani, whom I’d been chasing for a while, declined to give me an interview on Irving and co.

He said I’d find Searchlight “useful”.

A Question Or Ten From The Floor To The Searchlight Representative, by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (September 1993).

A special pamphlet put together for a Federation of Conservative Graduates Conference at which a Searchlight “researcher” was booked to speak. The above scan - which was added August 17, 2015 - may appear lopsided, but it is the printing rather than the scanning that is at fault. The inside front cover and inside back cover of this publication are blank, so have not been scanned here.

Absent from the debate, from the LETTERS, section, same issue, includes a letter from Jim Boumelha, Former NUJ President, Oxford, re a letter from Gable published in the July 30 issue.

Searchlight on a Searchliar
The Evil Of Exploiting Anti-Semitism And Racial Bigotry

A Critical Evaluation Of Searchlight Editor Gerry Gable’s
The Far Right In Contemporary Britain -
His Contribution To Neo-Fascism In Europe -
An Examination Of Some Of His Neo-Nazi Fantasies
And His Attempts To Destroy Civil Liberties;
And A Message To All, Left And Right,
Who Wish To Preserve Them

Including A Selected, Annotated, Dissenting Bibliography On Searchlight, Researched By Two Independent Researchers, Edited by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, (September 1993).

Put out in September 1993. This is a long-winded title for this 54 page exposé of Gable the ignoramus. It includes the most extensive bibliography of Searchlight then to date.

Three “former Nazis” but no Blacks on its staff Black leaders called “worms” and “wankers” Black journalist hounded Free speech denied Son of publisher oppresses Palestinian people by B. Grant, published by Brixton Black People’s Truth In Media Campaign, London, (September 1993). 8 pages.

This is an anti-Searchlight A4 size pamphlet put out in September 1993, mostly for the benefit of blacks, published under the pseudonym Brian Grant, tongue firmly in cheek.

The Struggle Against Fascism Begins With The Struggle For Free Speech And The Struggle For Free Speech Begins With The Destruction Of Searchlight, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (September, 1993). 4 pages.

An anti-Searchlight flyer.

London braced for backlash
FEAR OF VIOLENCE AFTER BNP TOWER HAMLETS POLL WIN, by Nigel Morris, Gordon Hay and Don Mackay, published in the Daily Mirror, [CD-ROM], September 18, 1993, Edition 1, page 2.

Peter Brighton is quoted.

A case of muscle over mind... by Martyn Harris, published in the Daily Telegraph, September 29, 1993. [Compiled from CD-ROM.]

“...Searchlight is not always impeccably accurate...” Talk about understatement!

Outlook, Sept/Oct, 1993, pages 6-7.

An apparently untitled article covering Searchlight and A Lie Too Far.

A mole too far, from the LETTERS section, pages 28-9, New Statesman, 3 September, 1993.

Larry O’Hara has the last word.

Comment in the LETTERS section of New Statesman & Society, September, 10, 1993, page 27.

Editor Steve Platt re Larry O’Hara, Searchlight and Harrington.

Ode To Sweet Sonia, by Alexander Baron - who has no connection with Larry O’Hara, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (September 20, 1993). 4 pages.

Actually, some copies were mailed out before the official publication date. This is my tribute in verse to Mrs Sonia Gable née Hochfelder. The interested reader is referred to the entries for July 31 above and for May 2, 1991 concerning the content. And also to the former Sonia Hochfelder’s curious antecedents as a “Jewish Nazi”.

Are You Being Fed A Load Of
You Are If You Subscribe To Searchlight:
A Documented Exposé Of Gerry Gable’s
Error-prone, Lie-ridden, Mischief-making Magazine
, by Alexander Baron, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, (September 1993).

An excellent exposé if I say so myself, put out the end of September, beginning of October 1993. And now the Internet edition is only a click away!

At war with society, reviewed in a The Rune, issue 8, published circa October 1993, pages 18-9.

A hostile review in this semi-autonomous BNP publication.

SECURITY ALERT, published in Black Flag, Autumn 1993, issue 203, pages 12-3 & 21.

Tory alert over the ultra-right, by Mark Porter, published in the Sunday Express, October 3, 1993, page 1.

Gable quoted.

Untitled article on the “feud” between Searchlight and Larry O’Hara, includes a review of A Lie Too Far, published in New Statesman & Society, October 15, 1993, page 19.

Police act on neo-Nazi bomb manual, by Alan Travis, published in the Guardian, October 21, 1993, page 4. [Compiled from CD-ROM.]

Arch-liar Gable quoted.

Fighting the broader fight, published in the LETTERS section of New Statesman & Society, October, 22, 1993, pages 27-8.

A letter from Gable re AFA, O’Hara and the Gable Memorandum.

, by Larry O’Hara, Produced by Mina Enterprises, Camberley, Surrey, (circa late October 1993). 30 page A4 pamphlet.

This is O’Hara’s follow-up to A Lie Too Far; it exposes Hepple’s lurid goings-on with the even more lurid Gerry Gable. Reproduces a number of documents including one called Einherjar, a fake Nazi fanzine replete with anti-Semitic references which O’Hara believes Gable produced.

While his conclusion that Gable is some sort of Secret State “asset” is refuted by a comprehensive examination of the man’s record, this pamphlet documents Gable’s and Hepple’s attempted subversion of the left clearly and irrefutably. Most interesting of all is O’Hara’s claim that Searchlight published an anonymous fake anti-Semitic “fanzine”called Einherjar.

O’Hara also published a double-sided A4 flyer for this publication, a reprint of the front cover.

The Truth About “Searchlight’s” Information Network, uncredited six page pamphlet, written by me, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, (November 1993).

Second printing has a couple of minor textual alterations.

Searchlight on a Searchliar Errata

An A4 sheet making additional corrections concerning Colin Jordan. Updated 4 November 1993.

BREEDING HATRED, published in the Jerusalem Post, November 5, 1993, page 4. [Compiled from CD-ROM.]

A lengthy article which quotes Tony Carter of Searchlight. This probably means Tony Robson because Debbie Carter of the BNP is mentioned in the article.

The “Searchlight” Organisation, Racial Attacks And Freedom, two-sided A4 leaflet published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, (December 1993).

Before You Take The Searchlight Organisation’s Advice On Racial Attacks, There Are a Few Questions You Should Ask Mr Gable And The Other Liars, Hatemongers And Secret State Narks From His Error-prone, Lie-ridden, Mischief-making Magazine, published by Brixton Black People’s Truth In Media Campaign, (December 1993).

A four page A4 exposé which was earmarked for distribution at the Home Affairs Committee meeting on racial attacks. I gave a copy to an Asian journalist but it went undistributed due to the nature of the meeting. I mailed a few of them out and passed a the rest on to a white nationalist for distribution by other means.

“Searchlight” Monitoring Racial Attacks Or Inciting Them?

One side of A4 I intended to give out at the Home Affairs Committee hearing on 8th December 1993. I ended up mailing a few of them out.

Foreign racists gaining influence in Britain, Board tells MPs, by Jerry Lewis, published in the Jewish Chronicle, December 10 1993, page 48.

This is a report on the Home Affairs Committee meeting on racial attacks held at the Commons on 8th December. Gable is also given space but the article neglects to mention that the current writer served a writ on him for inciting a racial attack as he stood up to speak.

A LIE TOO FAR, a review of the pamphlet published in Class War, issue undated? Summer 1993? Issue 60, page 15. [Based on photocopy].

Night and Fog, published in Here and Now, issue apparently undated but published late 1993, issue 14, pages 37-9.

Contains a chronology of the “dispute” between Larry O’Hara and Searchlight.

Commons writ server in contempt, by Jerry Lewis, published in the Jewish Chronicle, December 31, 1993, page 8.

A brief report of Yours Truly held to be in contempt of Parliament when I served my writ on Gable. I’m not named in the article.

Searchlight Magazine: A Case Study in Secret State Media Manipulation

A speech given by Larry O’Hara at a Libertarian Alliance conference held on Sunday, November 14, 1993 at the New Cavendish Club, Central London.


The second scheduled speaker, Robin Ramsay, editor of Lobster, was replaced by Fred Holroyd.

“Searchlight” again, published in Lobster, December 1993, issue 26, pages 19-20.

Reviews of O’Hara’s work and mine.

Nationalism and Richard Rorty: The Text as a Flag for “Pax Americana”, by Michael Billig, published in New Left Review, November-December, 1993, Number 202, pages 69-83.

CONFUSED? YOU WON’T BE: A LIE TOO FAR REVISITED...., published in Green Anarchist, Winter ’93, No 33, pages 4-5.

A two page in-depth analysis of O’Hara’s work.

Call for MI5 to lead fight on extremists, by Ken Hyder, published in the Evening Standard, (CITY PRICES), December 9, 1993, page 18. [From photocopy.]

This is a report on the “evidence” given by Gable before the Home Affairs Committee. Hyder is one of his regular media poodles.

“BRITAIN’S leading anti-racism organisation is calling for MI5 to take the lead in the fight against violent racists.”

Arch-liar Gable is quoted.

First Special Report
Report, together with the
Proceedings of the Committee
“Ordered by” The House of Commons “to be printed”
13 December 1993, published by HMSO, London. 4 pages.

This was the result of a certain Alexander Baron serving a writ on Gerry Gable at the House of Commons: a whole Hansard report! This document has been compressed but has only lost some very minimal and unimportant detail.

Letter from Le Monde dated 16/12/93

The letter below is the one alluded to at page 66 of Liars Ought To Have Good Memories.

Barren Leaves, published in Cassablanca, Midwinter 1993-4, issue 8.

Refers to A Documented Exposé which is described as the effusion of Anglo-Hebrew Publishing. Actually, she appears to be confusing two or more publications here.

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