Anti-Semitism In The Modern World:
Its Real Causes – And How To Reduce It

[This annotated version of this (dare I say vitally important?) Internet sermon is for the benefit of those listeners/viewers/readers who are not au fait with the minutiae of the issues expounded herein].

Hello, good evening and welcome, Shalom, Assalamu alaikum. It is August 2009, my name is Alexander Baron, and this is my fifth Internet sermon. I am an independent researcher based in London, England.

For the past twelve years I have, quite religiously, participated in the Mind Sports Olympiad, which for the most part has been held here in London. This year, I decided that twelve years of playing games is enough, so I am sitting here behind my computer, addressing what is in large part a manufactured problem, but one with which I have been concerned to some degree for the past twenty-nine, thirty years. This problem is what might be called the Jewish Question, and anti-Semitism in the modern world.

[That being said, I couldn’t resist the temptation of looking in on the Mind Sports, especially as I had some business in Central London on August 25 & 27. I played two tournaments, and picked up a bronze medal the second evening].

The inspiration for this dissertation is a document that was circulated in nationalist circles, and one presumes to Jews, in the early 1980s, certainly no later than 1982, when a copy came into my possession when I was living at Chestnut Avenue, Leeds.

[I have tried in vain for several years to locate a copy of this document; the copy I had was one of the many things I lost when I moved from Leeds, and by and large lost interest in extremist politics, only to re-invent myself a few years later as a Libertarian].

This document was called Letter To The Jews, and was issued by Ray Shenton of the English National Party. That was not the first such letter an activist had written to the Jews, but it has inspired what I hope will be the most significant. This is my letter to the Jews, not to their often as not self-styled leaders, nor to their activists, but to ordinary Jewish men and women, to Jewish businessmen, to Jewish academics, and most especially to Jewish youth. I see no point addressing the bigots and tyrants of Organised Jewry by trying to appeal to an obviously mythical better nature. Lord knows, I’ve tried many times in the past, and it has got me precisely nowhere.

I have no doubt that I will be denounced to high heaven for this broadcast; I will be branded an anti-Semite, bigot, lunatic, etc and all manner of other vacuous epithets. This won’t be the first time, nor will it be the last, but no one can say I didn’t try.

The subject of this broadcast/letter, as I said, is anti-Semitism in the modern world, its causes, and how to deal with it. My conclusion, the result of nearly three decades of research, as an outsider, unfunded and therefore not susceptible to financial and similar pressures, and likewise free from the shackles and shibboleths of academe, my conclusion is that the only problem of anti-Semitism in the modern world is the anti-Semitism that Jews themselves create. I came to this conclusion some considerable time ago, in the early 90s, and it is a conclusion that has been reinforced time and time again.

If this is indeed the case, then we should view it as a positive development, because it means that instead of changing the perceptions and attitudes of hundreds of millions of people worldwide, we have only to alter the behaviour of a few million, or perhaps only a few hundred thousand, or even fewer than that, because Jewish troublemakers and mischief makers have one thing in common with the troublemakers and mischief makers of all other races: their pernicious influence is exerted out of all proportion to their actual numbers.

Note that I said the only problem of anti-Semitism in the modern world is the anti-Semitism that Jews themselves create; I did not say all anti-Semitism per se. I’m not alluding here to stupid canards about the Christ killers, ritual murder, or the Protocols Of Zion. I’m not talking about the stereotyping of Jewish mothers, Jewish bankers or even of Jewish Bolsheviks. I’m not talking about drawing room anti-Semitism, I’m talking about the anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews – not always and invariably the same thing – that has real consequences in the world, and causes real problems and is of real concern to real people: Jews and Gentiles. After I have analysed these causes, I will propose real solutions, which far from being radical, controversial or outrageous, are simple and easy to apply. The rest will be up to you. First though, let’s take a look at the root cause of this problem.

These men are Jews.

You will doubtless recognise the type if not the individual: a group of Orthodox Rabbis, easily identifiable as Jews, and others like entrepreneur Alan Sugar, who is Jewish in name if nothing else, and the distinguished academic and educator Robert Winston. Most Jews are like these men. Whether or not they are instantly recognisable as Jews, like the rabbis, they are for the most part ordinary people going about their daily business like the rest of us.

But there is another type of Jew, a Jew who in the words of this Jew

is at war with society. That was a Jew named Gerry Gable. Here are a few others. This is a Jew named Leonard Zeskind.

Zeskind is an American, and a close collaborator of the Jew Gerry Gable, the one we just saw.

These two have, fortunately, long since left this world:

This one got his just deserts ↑

This one didn’t ↓

Mass murderer Leon Trotsky was assassinated by a Stalinist agent in Mexico in 1940. Mass murderer Menachem Begin died a natural death.

It has often been said that anti-Semites stereotype Jews. Granted that we can all be stereotyped, and frequently are – women as gossipy, Americans as loud, etc – it is the utmost foolishness to stereotype a rabbi or a Robert Winston alongside a Trotsky or a Begin, though some anti-Semites frequently do. But hardened anti-Semites are not the only ones who are incapable of distinguishing ordinary or fundamentally decent Jews from the pondlife of Jewry. Trotsky is still worshipped as a hero not only by many Jews but by countless so-called socialists of all races. And Begin was buried on the Mount of Olives, the final resting place of many Jewish holy men.

It is not the failure of the anti-Semite to distinguish between the ordinary Jew and the perfidious Jew that lies at the heart of the Jewish problem, but the failure, inability, and at times dogged unwillingness of the Jew to distinguish between the two. But the problem is far, far worse than that. For not only do so many Jews fail to distinguish between the two, many of them actually endorse the anti-social, destructive, and at times anti-goy behaviour of the parasites in their midst. This tendency not only to whitewash but to endorse these parasites is particularly prevalent among the Jewish elites and Jewish establishments worldwide.

The parasitic behaviour of this type of Jew is directed mostly but not exclusively towards his white Anglo-Saxon host. It includes but is not limited to, the promotion of Communism and related totalitarian ideologies, the erosion and destruction of freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry, and the promotion of enforced race-mixing with the obvious goal of destroying the hated white race.

If you think this is all paranoia or the ravings of someone who has been reading too many conspiracy theories, think again. The Jews involved in this type of activity are sadly all too real, and their destructive behaviour is thoroughly documented. But the proof of any pudding is in the eating, so don’t make up your mind until you have seen the evidence which I will now present.

Let’s take a closer look at this Jew in particular:

Although he has only one very minor criminal conviction, from January 1964, Gerry Gable is unquestionably the most evil Jew in Britain. His sinister machinations and schemes have been thoroughly documented and exposed time and time again, by me, and by others both before and since, but still he continues to be lauded as a dedicated anti-fascist, even, incredibly, by one of the publications that has exposed him. Twice.

[Gable was exposed twice by the New Statesman in the 1980s; it was the New Statesman that unearthed the notorious Gable Memorandum].

Gable is one of these so-called anti-fascists who opposes any platform or any free speech at all for fascists. And he decides who is a fascist, which can include, those who support a decentralised economy and state - in his own words. Or someone who attends a political meeting organised by people he claims are fascists - even if he attends the same meeting.

You could also find yourself branded a fascist by Mr Gable if you write a letter to a far right publication. In defence of a black boxer. No, I’m not making this up.

[This is a long story but very briefly, when I sued Gable in 1993 & 1994, he claimed, among other things, that my colleague Mark Taha was a fascist and anti-Semite. When asked on what evidence he based that claim he replied that Taha had once attended a meeting which was organised by fascists, and that he had published a letter in a fascist magazine. What Gable appeared to have forgotten was that he had attended the same meeting. The magazine concerned was in fact a newspaper (The Flag, not Spearhead as he claimed), and was published by the National Front rather than the British National Party. This letter, together with documents from these legal actions, can be seen below].

Or if, as Larry O’Hara found out, you interview so-called fascists without his explicit permission.

[Larry O’Hara is a left wing researcher who, his antecedents and wilful blindness to the Jewish Question aside, has done some excellent work exposing Gable’s perfidy].

It remains to be seen if this sort of nonsense applies to Jewish fascists, because his self-styled anti-fascist magazine Searchlight never has anything to say about the oppression of the Palestinian people.

Strangely, for such a committed anti-fascist, Mr Gable is married to a woman who was once a leading member of the League of St. George, and of the - fascist - National Front. Even more strangely, in the early 80s he worked hand in glove with Ray Hill, a notorious Jew-hater and racial bigot. In 1984, Hill “came out” as an undercover agent working for Searchlight. That was the fiction, the reality is that he was an agent provocateur, who during his time inside the far right, wilfully incited hatred against Jews and non-whites in order to demonise the men whom he once regarded as racial comrades.

Among the stunts Gable and Hill pulled was the 1981 Notting Hill Carnival bomb plot, a plot that was undoubtedly conceived by Gerry Gable’s sick Jewish mind, in order again to demonise the far right, but can you imagine what would have happened if some of its more gullible members had taken the bait?

[For the full background to his relationship with Hill, and their evil machinations, check out Liars Ought To Have Good Memories...]

Sick though that may be, Gable’s sickest stunt is the one he pulled on the people he claims to defend the most: the Jews.

In 1965, there were a number of arson attacks in London directed against Jewish premises. The arsonists were brought to book when one of the gang turned himself, and them, in. In 1987, Gable took the credit for clearing up this mini-pogrom, which the so incompetent police had been totally unable to solve. But that was only the half of it, in addition to this blatant lie he quite shamelessly and cynically added another fire to the rap sheet. In November 1964, prior to the National Socialist Movement campaign, a trainee rabbi died in an accidental fire at the Mesifta Talmudical College, Cazenove Road, in Stamford Hill, the heart of Jewish London. In an interview with the Jewish Chronicle, Gable told David Winner:

“I stood in the burnt-out shell of that yeshiva at four in the morning and made a private vow to get the people who’d done that”. Four in the morning, the time the fire broke out.

The most fascinating thing about this lie though is the reaction of the Jewish Chronicle, and indeed of the mainstream media, when it was drawn to their attention. They totally ignored it, and indeed have continued to support this arch-liar. As recently as April 2009, the Guardian newspaper endorsed Gable’s perfidy.

[After I referred this to the Press Complaints Commission, the paper published a retraction of sorts].

Is it any wonder that this Jew opposes all free speech and any sort of platform for so-called fascists? Because they are they only people who see him for what he is. And is it any wonder then that the gullible goyim are coming increasingly to doubt the veracity of that most sacred of Jewish institutions, the Holocaust? And who can blame them? If neither the Jewish press nor the mainstream media can be trusted to tell the truth about one Jewish death, how can they be trusted to tell the truth about six million?

Oh yes, the Holocaust, that unique act of wickedness, the Judeocide, as one historian called it. But was it? Any honest person who has studied this supposedly so difficult subject cannot but conclude that however reprehensible the Nazi persecution of the Jews may have been – and it was, let’s not have no apologetics here – however reprehensible, this persecution and suffering has been greatly exaggerated, and so particularly has the death toll. The six million figure is total bunk, it was pulled out of a hat, and however much the Jews suffered, others suffered more. The usual estimate for the Russian dead is twenty million; for all you mathematicians, that is more than three times the maximum Jewish toll. Whatever happened to the Jews of Germany and Europe happened in the context of the greatest conflict in history, a conflict that saw indiscriminate mass murder on both sides. The greatest single acts of mass murder were perpetrated by the Allies – the great democracies: Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The occupants of these cities were overwhelmingly women, children and old men; all the able-bodied young men were fighting in the Pacific. Yet even today there are those who attempt to justify these atrocities, usually on the grounds that they shortened the war.

Brutal though the Nazi persecution of the Jews was, it was a lot less so than the persecution of the Palestinians by the Zionists. You think not? Well, I’ve got news for you, with the single, spectacular exception of Kristallnacht, there were no state sponsored atrocities against the Jews in Nazi Germany at all before the outbreak of the Second World War. Not one. If you can name one, go ahead. Kristallnacht was a response to the assassination of a German diplomat – who wasn’t even a Nazi. The number of Jews who died in the Night Of The Broken Glass is generally given as ninety-one, and the involvement of the Nazi régime remains a matter of contention to this day. Contrast that with the Palestinians murdered by Zionist Jews in the twenty-two day siege of Gaza after Christmas 2009; thirteen hundred, mostly women and children. That was a state sponsored pogrom. And that was only one of many outrages against an essentially defenceless people in a country in which the use of torture is not only widespread but actually condoned by the courts.

[The above refers of course to Christmas 2008; the outrage continued until well into the New Year].

In the wake of the Gaza outrage, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, America’s Jewish Gestapo, whined about the demonisation of Jews in the Arab press. In a release dated January 8, 2009 they carped:

“Newspapers across the Arab and Muslim world have published editorial cartoons, articles and opinion pieces laced with age-old anti-Semitic themes, including blood-libel accusations and ugly stereotypical depictions of demonic large-nosed, bearded Jews plotting to rule the world.”

Are they really so stupid they can’t see the connection?

Check out their website and see the way they whitewash the mass murder of innocent civilians by the Zionists, and compare that with the outrage they express over – cartoons in newspapers.

The obsession these people have with fighting anti-Semitism is nowhere more pronounced and at times absurd than in their campaign against literature. Literally any time a Jew is portrayed in a less than favourable light they scream Holocaust, or if they don’t actually mention the Holocaust by name, then the implication is not far to seek.

Two of their favourites are Shylock in Shakespeare’s Merchant Of Venice, and Fagin in the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist. Wasn’t there an evil goy named Bill Sykes in Oliver Twist? And wasn’t it he rather than Fagin who murdered his lover? The Kosher Gestapo have even taken their quest for negative stereotypes of Jews into outer space.

The Jawas in the blockbuster Star Wars were seen by some as a combination of the Jew-hating Richard Wagner the composer, and the non-existent anti-Semitism of Charles Dickens. This sort of thing would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic. One has to ask, is this the way most goyim see Jews, or is it the way these people see themselves?

I could give many other examples of Jewish duplicity and mendacity, but the biggest one of the lot, and the one that causes the most resentment and hatred of Jews, is their incessant meddling in forced race-mixing. Let’s be clear what we’re talking about here, and what we’re not talking about. What we’re not talking about is equal rights for every civilised man south of the Zambezi, as Cecil Rhodes put it in 1900, and by every civilised man he included literate and educated Negroes.

We’re not talking about fair play for all, freedom under the law for all, equal access to health care, education, the criminal and civil justice system, and these sort of noble and high ideals. We’re talking about lowlife like Gerry Gable – whom we met earlier – and his kike – and goy - fellow travellers in the so-called race relations industry, and in the media and elsewhere, their promotion of forced race-mixing, and their campaign of unconditional hatred against the white race.

You think I’m kidding, you think this is paranoia? Fantasy perhaps? If only. In Britain, the race laws were written by Jews, at the behest of Jews, and in the perceived interests of Jews. One of the architects – if not the architect - of Britain’s Draconian and misnamed race relations laws was Lord Lester, and I got that straight from the horse’s mouth: Jewish Chronicle, October 15, 1993, page 40. That particular article reported a meeting of B’nai B’rith in Central London. At this meeting, Lester tried it on with Michael Howard, the Jew who at that time was Home Secretary; Howard was chastised for failing to ban the British National Party, and for refusing to strengthen our Jew-inspired race relations laws even further.

The situation is if anything even worse in the United States, but that’s hardly surprising when by their own admission Jews as good as control Hollywood.

It is probably true to say that the obsession of a certain type of Jew with pushing race-mixing has resulted in more anti-Semitism than any other of their obnoxious traits, including their unqualified support for Israel, certainly in the West. The reason why is not far to seek, this war on race, and on the white race in particular, is leading to what has been called a bloodless genocide. And Jews are in the forefront of it, indeed they started it.

In his 1947 book Take Your Choice: Separation Or Mongrelization, United States Senator Theodore G. Bilbo predicted that within nine generations the white race would be extinct in America. An even more horrifying prediction was made much more recently. Writing in her 1987 anti-abortion book Two Million Silent Killings, Dr Margaret White gave the blonde Swedes only four generations.

And you know what, there are many people, Jew and Gentile, who actually think that is a good idea. It goes without saying that as always there is one standard for Jews and another for the rest of us. In 1994, the Chief Rabbi of England published a book with the title Will We Have Jewish Grandchildren? Will you, indeed? And why should you care? More to the point, why should the goyim care, especially the white ones? Can you imagine the outrage if the head of the Church of England published a book called Will We Have White Grandchildren? When challenged on this issue, Jews usually retort that they are attempting to preserve their religious traditions, and it’s not a race issue. Granted, the racial criteria for Jewishness are not exactly narrow and specific, but is religion really more important than race? And doesn’t even the most anti-white, goy-hating, Westernised Jew feel some affinity with his Anglo-Saxon countrymen?

What lies behind the Jewish establishments’ fanatical campaign against white racial consciousness? The great British patriot A.K. Chesterton had an answer; he believed the Holocaust, and more generally Hitler’s anti-Jewish policy resulted in Organised Jewry worldwide attempting to deny and negate race, at least as far as the Aryan goyim are concerned. That explanation is plausible, it has certainly contributed to it, but it goes back further than that. It is well documented that the Jewish cultural anthropologist Franz Boas promulgated the negation of race; and his acolytes such as Ashley Montague and Melville Herskovits continued his work. But it was actually another German Jew, Magnus Hirschfeld, who conceived the very concept of what is today referred to as racism. Hirschfeld’s book Racism was published posthumously in 1938.

Today he is remembered primarily as a sexologist and campaigner for homosexual rights, but his greatest legacy, which lives on without attribution, was to appeal for the extermination not only of the white man but of all races. His grand design for mankind can be found at page 100 of his book, and is summed up simply as:


But Hirschfeld wasn’t the first Jew to promote this sick idea; hints about the activities of Jewish race agitators can be found in a 1927 book by a South African politician, Colonel Silburn, which leads one to suspect the problem goes back even further, which it does, and its roots are surprisingly, not a simple hatred of white skin, nor are they a reaction to two thousand years of unwarranted persecution – as drilled into the Jewish psyche by Jewish leaders - but a hatred of the concept of Jewishness.

The Haskalah, the so-called Jewish Enlightenment, founded by Moses Mendelssohn, is where it all began. Mendelssohn was the man who claimed the Yiddish language was "ridiculous, ungrammatical, and a cause of moral corruption”. He and his followers sought to integrate Jews into the mainstream. This was not necessarily a bad idea, but it is one that obviously went terribly wrong.

The ultimate champion of internationalism was Leon Trotsky, a man who is often fingered by the anti-Semitic Internationale as the Kosher spider at the centre of the web of Jewish-led Communism, which is rather ironic, because in spite of his Jewish origins, Trotsky had nothing but contempt for Judaism, as for all religion. His idiotic doctrine of world revolution would result, inevitably, in the destruction of all races, which ironically is exactly what the current trend of total global capitalism is leading toward.

I could say much more about this subject, but I have only limited space here, so first I’d like to show you the bigger picture, and then I’d like to propose a solution.

The way the world is going, all the races of mankind are under threat, and so is their freedom. Let’s take the freedom issue first. As long ago as 1995, the Board of Deputies of British Jews held a debate on mandatory ID cards. A motion opposing their introduction was narrowly defeated. You know, most so-called anti-Semites think Jews are highly intelligent; well, I don’t, because it’s obvious that although they never forget anything, they never learn anything either. These are the people who denounce fascism to high heaven, remember. These are the people who express outrage and horror at Jews in Nazi Germany being forced to wear a yellow star, and now they want to put the Mark of the Beast on the entire population.

Remember David Icke? Remember what he wrote in his book, about the Illuminati? The New World Order seeks to bring about “a microchipped population connected to a global computer”. Icke was portrayed as a crazy man when he wrote that, but he sounds less crazy every day, every minute. In Britain, the average city dweller is caught on three hundred CCTV cameras a day, they’re already microchipping dogs, and some people have seriously suggested that children should be microchipped.

The technology exists to bring this about, now, today, all that is lacking is the political will. Sadly, the will to impose a new tyranny on mankind is not lacking in the Jewish establishments worldwide. They’re not the only ones, of course, but their hate campaign against freedom, especially freedom of speech, in the guise of promoting tolerance, continues unabated.

Now let’s look at the bigger picture. Worldwide, indigenous peoples are under threat, languages, even entire cultures are dying. Earlier this year, Cambridge University instituted the World Oral Literature Project to preserve dying languages. Organisations such as Survival International already campaign to preserve the world’s indigenous tribes which are under threat. They claim this threat comes from racism. Wake up, dummies, it’s not racism but “anti-racism” that is threatening the survival of the races of mankind: “anti-racism” and globalisation. We are all under threat, all of us, not just from the pernicious “anti-racist” lobby but from many other problems: depletion of natural resources, environmental despoilation, global warming, and many more. We have the ability to solve these problems, all of them, but not if we waste precious time and resources combatting mythical problems like a pandemic of anti-Semitism.

So what is the solution? First, we have to understand that as I said earlier, the only problem of anti-Semitism in the modern world is the anti-Semitism Jews themselves create. In the real world, as opposed to the fantasy world of what might be termed classical anti-Semitism, Jews are hated for four main reasons:

the mendacity of their leaders
the mendacity of their self-styled radicals and activists
the Zionist entity
and the silent acquiescence of the at times dissenting majority.

Anti-Semitism is not a disease, so you can’t fight it. All you can do is give people the facts, and let them make up their own minds. Indeed, fighting anti-Semitism - and what Jewish leaders interpret as anti-Semitism - makes the problem worse. So what is the solution? What are the solutions?

One of the stock charges many anti-Semites – real and imagined – make against “the Jews” is that they are, or were, behind Communism. Anyone who has studied the facts about Communism will realise it was not that simple, but one global movement Jews were certainly heavily involved in was the white slave traffic. At one point, this sordid profession was as good as monopolised by Jews. It may be there was an historical, social or even a biological reason for that. It may be that it just happened.

When anti-Communists who didn’t know better lobbed charges against Western Jews in general of pro-Communist sympathies and subversion, they were denounced to high heaven by Organised Jewry as anti-Semites, regardless of the facts. That is in stark contrast to the way an earlier generation of Jews reacted to the Jewish involvement in white slavery. In 1903, Arthur Moro, a prominent British Jew, referred to this traffic as “this horrible blot on the reputation of our race”. And instead of denouncing the filthy goyim as bigots and haters, he and his kind set about cleaning it up.

This is the solution to real anti-Semitism in the modern world. It’s not a problem for the goyim to tackle, it’s a problem for you, and the way to tackle it, the only way, is by purging tapeworms like Gerry Gable from the media and other institutions, and cleaning up the Jewish establishments worldwide. I can’t do that, no mere goy can, it’s down to you.

I don’t like to keep harping on about this scumbag, but you really need to learn a lesson from this. I’ve spent the past fifteen years exposing Gable and his lies, yet he and his Searchlight organisation are still looked on by the British media as the first port of call for combatting the mythical fascist menace. Remember what I said earlier about the 1960s synagogue arsons? The Jewish Chronicle endorsed his lies in the full knowledge that they were lies. Is it any wonder that many people still ask are all Jews liars?

Earlier, as well as Gable I mentioned Michael Howard. Howard was briefly the leader of the Conservative Party, and would have made an excellent Prime Minister, better than that wimp David Cameron anyway. During his entire tenure as Home Secretary under the previous Conservative Government, Howard was constantly pressurised and baited by Organised Jewry, who assumed that just because he shares their ethnic affiliation he would do their bidding, and turn Britain into a Jewish dictatorship by further strengthening Britain’s already Draconian race laws. Never once did he bow down to such racial and religious blackmail. What the Jewish establishment needs is more men of integrity like Michael Howard, and fewer arch-liars like Gerry Gable.

On the subject of lies and liars, the Holocaust, and those who question it. What do you do about that? How about making an honest appraisal? The Holocaust – whatever it was – happened because of the Second World War. The first casualty of war is always truth, and a great many lies have been espoused and continue to be espoused about the Holocaust on the Jewish side.

Honest people question the nature and the extent of the Holocaust just as they question 9/11; the big difference is that people who accuse the US Government of complicity in 9/11 are not thrown into gaol. Examine the Holocaust critically, and concede what is obvious nonsense or just plain lies. Ask yourself this, would the world be a worse place or a better place if it turned out that only two million Jews had died during the Second World War rather than six million? Would the world be a worse place or a better place if the gas chambers turned out to have been crematoria?

And why do especially Zionist Jews believe the West owes them anything? What were they doing when the democracies were slogging it out toe to toe with the Nazis? Stabbing them in the back, that’s what. They started a war within a war. Even before the so-called death camps were liberated, these perfidious backstabbers were murdering British servicemen and non-combatants in Palestine. Several of the terrorists involved in this campaign went on to serve in the Israeli government. Including as Prime Ministers. The West owes the Jews nothing.

So what about the Zionist entity, Israel? Does it have a right to exist? To secure borders? Israel has no such rights. It was born in terror, in blood, the blood of the Palestinian people. It is difficult to take issue with that small minority of mostly Arab fanatics who argue for its total destruction. But as I said earlier, we have to see the bigger picture; world history didn’t begin in 1948. Israel has no right to exist, but by the same token most of the nations on Earth have no right to exist. America was stolen from the Red Man, was it not? But why stop there? England was invaded by the Normans in 1066. And what about the Roman Empire?

Applying the same standards to all the nations and races of mankind, no nation has any right to exist, but we are living in the real world, and we have real choices to make.

There are basically two solutions to the Zionist/Palestinian conflict – note, I do not say Jewish/Arab conflict. You can have a dual state solution, or you can have one democratic state. I said earlier that all the indigenous peoples of the world are under threat. I should have added not just the indigenous ones; therefore, it seems to me, that the correct solution to this conflict is the twin state solution, one where the Palestinians have their own state, which they govern autonomously, and one where the Zionists have their own, within secure borders.

This solution won’t go down well with my friends in Neturei Karta, but as I said, we are living in the real world, and hard choices have to be made. This means too that concessions will have to be made on both sides; the Zionists will have to give up a certain amount of land, and the Arabs will have to sign treaties of non-aggression, and these will have to be properly enforced. Terror attacks and reprisals must be stamped out on both sides.

And in the West, the race issue, as I said, is the greatest source of anti-Semitism, certainly in Britain and the United States. The namby-pamby liberal view is that Jews meddle in this out of concern for the poor, oppressed minorities, especially the blacks. One Jewish scholar gives a slightly different view; in his book The Fatal Embrace: Jews And The State, Benjamin Ginsberg suggests that the main reason they supported the misnamed civil rights movement is because they saw it as a means of furthering their own interests. That is certainly true in Britain, as I pointed out earlier, but what exactly has fighting so-called racism achieved for Jews?

Here is how one American right winger sees it.

For decades, Jewish mendacity in the race industry caused a backlash from race conscious whites. Now guess what? The blacks have woken up, and Jews are getting it in the neck from them too. But Organised Jewry won’t shut them up by screaming Holocaust; they’ve got their own Holocaust, a bigger one, one that no one disputes, one that no one can take issue with: slavery, and everything that went with it. To them, Jews are part of the white power structure, so why should they care about you?

This is what meddling in the race industry has achieved for Jews: the hatred of whites. And of blacks. And don’t even mention the Moslems.

A large part of anti-Semitic propaganda portrays Jews as incredibly cunning and devious. The truth is somewhat different. Some Jews, the Gerry Gables of this world, the people who run the ADL, and other Kosher scumbags, are incredibly cunning and devious, but the majority are not, they’re as dumb as any goyischer kopf, because they allow the Gables and the ADLs of this world to walk all over them. Remember the Jewish Chronicle? Gable lied to them blatantly, insulted their intelligence, exploited them, and the death of a pious young Jew, for money. And they still support him.

It’s ordinary Jews who pay the price for the perfidy of Gerry Gable, the Anti-Defamation League, for Zionist Imperialism. When Palestinian terrorists strike back, they don’t bomb Gerry Gable, or the ADL; they don’t shoot members of AIPAC, or powerful Jewish wirepullers. They shoot soldiers, ordinary Jews. Or a suicide bomber will board a bus, and blow himself and the rest of the passengers to Kingdom Come. How many Jewish lobbyists or plutocrats ride to work on buses?

If unlike Gerry Gable, the ADL, and the rest of the conniving Kosher crowd, you want to make the world a better place, there is one fight that is worth fighting, one enemy who oppresses us all. That enemy is the debt-based financial system. Like every rank and file goy on this planet, you have a vested interest in destroying this, in fact you have two vested interests, because not only does the financial system bleed you exactly the same way it bleeds us, but a lot of people – not just anti-Semites – believe Jews control it.

This is not a total fantasy; earlier this year, the President of Brazil said the world financial crisis had been caused by white men with blue eyes. David Duke, who for all his sins holds a PhD, believes it is controlled lock, stock and barrel by Zionist Jews – presumably ones with hooked noses. The truth is probably halfway between the two, at least as far as the West is concerned. The involvement of Jews with international banking is hardly a secret, the name Rothschild springs to mind, if nothing else. But the great fallacy is that because some, or even many, Jews are extremely wealthy, that they all must be.

The Jewish parasites who control the financial system don’t care about you anymore than the Gerry Gables of this world. As ever, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I live in South London, but an hour or so on the train and I can be in Stamford Hill, the heart of Jewish London. Like Soweto, Stamford Hill has its millionaires row, but it also has a housing benefit office, a job centre, charity shops...

As I said, the Jewish parasites at the top of the financial dung heap don’t care about you anymore than the white bankers with blue eyes care about the rest of us. But neither do the Gerry Gables or the ADLs of this world. They don’t even mention financial exploitation, nor do the Jewish so-called radicals of the far left, they never have. What did Trotsky have to say about usury? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

I could say much more, but I’ve rambled on enough, so if you haven’t got the message by now, you never will. Check out my websites, in particular my main website and FinancialReform. You can also check out SearchlightArchive if you want to see further documentation on what scum Gerry Gable is, and the sort of Kosher filth who claims to be fighting your corner. Or perhaps that should be treifeh filth?


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