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The following conventions should be noted for this database:

Alexander Baron (born 1956) is referred to as Al, Al Baron, Alexander Baron, me, I, the current writer and Yours Truly. And quite a few other things besides!

“this site” – refers to InƒoText Manuscripts, wherever it is based. It was opened on Geocities, and eventually moved to its own domain. There was also, briefly, a mirror site.

FinancialReform is the site I set up dedicated to reforming the corrupt, debt-based money system.

Michael Stone site and Michael Stone website are both synonymous with IsMichaelStoneGuilty.

Satpal Ram site, Ram site, etc is synoymous with satpalramisguilty. I suppose I should have spelt this SatpalRamIsGuilty as per the Michael Stone site, but I didn’t.

SearchlightArchive is the site I set up dedicated to exposing the perfidious Searchlight Organisation in all its manifestations, including Searchlight magazine.

Vexatious Litigant website. etc is synonymous with Vexatious Litigant.

Although I have a “house style” as it were, I am not always consistent with dialogue for limericks; ie sometimes I use quotation marks, other times I don’t.

Generally I have tried to keep a ruled line between articles etc published in two different places on the same day. My apologies if I have missed any.

MajorityRights refers to MajorityRights.Com

Mathaba refers to Mathaba.Net

Songfacts refers to Songfacts.Com, an American-based on-line music database; a reference to “published by Songfacts” means a sentence or two, a paragraph or two, or a somewhat longer essay about a particular song. This can be literally anything about the song, but personally I tend to concentrate on its inspiration/genesis. Songfacts has two smaller, sister websites: SongImages.Com and ArtistFacts.Com.

A reference to a song published with a song image, or to a song image being added to a song, is to be taken that it was published on SongImages.Com. The Songfacts website is structured so that further information can be added to the same songfact from any source at anytime (by the site owner). There is also a provision for comments to be made – by any registered user. Most of these are short, but some can be long and detailed, and would perhaps be better published as additions to that particular songfact. A few comments may be obscene, and not necessarily directed at the song concerned.

ArtistFacts has a similar structure, but is far smaller than Songfacts.

Regarding all three of the above, and especially Songfacts. The database is usually updated overnight; once or twice I have actually been on-line while new songs were being added. Because of this, and because of the time difference, you may find a reference like “The following were published by Songfacts, apparently in the small hours”. This is no big thing. Like most on-line databases it is updated on an ad hoc basis at the convenience of the owner, or whoever is running the show, without prior notice, so short of monitoring it in detail every single day, it is often not possible to give a precise date of publication or augmentation of a particular Songfact. To all intents and purposes, these three domain names make up one and the same site.


The following are in no particular order, although the most important by far – from my perspective – is Mark Taha.

Anglo-Hebrew Publishing is a sub-division – if you want to call it that – of ITMA. Though it started life from a British Monomarks box number there was never any secret about who was behind it, although at the insistence of “Rabbi Cohen” I used a pseudonym for what little correspondence it generated.

Brixton Black People’s Truth In Media Campaign was a joke at the expense of Gerry Gable – the most evil Jew in Britain. And he didn’t like it.

Mark Taha: I met Mark the day Margaret Thatcher was forced out of office; he remembers the latter on account of the former! I was given his name by Chris Tame because I was looking for someone to help out on a certain unmentionable legal campaign, and Chris said he was a reliable type.

Chris may have introduced us in a formal sense, but I am convinced this was a meeting engineered by Fate – with a capital F – for although the ITMA Project was well underway by the time he walked into my life, with his input it took an entirely new direction, and it is fair to say that although this input – writing wise – has been minimial – he was the inspiration for the series of exposés of Searchlight, including the book Liars Ought To Have Good Memories, which we researched together.

Goodman: I met him through Mark Taha in late 1993 or early 1994. His full name was Edward Anthony Charles Goodman and he was a solicitor. He handled my first case against the Metropolitan Police and my claim for criminal injuries compensation after the November 28, 1993 serious assault on Yours Truly by thugs hired by or put up to it by the most evil Jew in Britain.

When talking to Taha I called him Ted; to his face I called him Goodman (he called me Baron) and he also went by EAC Goodman as well as Edward Goodman.

You will find his name all over this website including three archives, two of which were set up on his instructions and the third of which resulted from his invitation to help him clear the apartment David Webb had occupied until his death in 2012. Goodman was his executor. Before the covid lockdowns he commissioned me to edit the memoirs of his mother, who at that time was still alive. I wanted to present her with her own personal copy but due to the lockdowns was unable to do so. She died on September 9, 2021 at the remarkable age of 106, and indeed she was a remarkable woman. We published the book on the first anniversary of her death. Although I am listed as the editor, he was the de facto co-editor.

Ted Goodman died February 15, 2024 aged 78.

Terry Ewing: The reader will find sporadic references to Terry Ewing/Terence Patrick Ewing in this bibliography. When I was introduced to him in 1997-8, Ewing was the Legal Consultant for the POW Trust, an outfit run by a crook named Peter Sainsbury. His was a voluntary post; I too worked for Sainsbury on and off for over a year, although unlike Ewing I was paid, after a fashion. This has a long and for me ultimately painful history; I will say only that Ewing was good to me, and I tried to reciprocate with the Vexatious Litigant website, but things turned unpleasant if not ugly after he began making demands about my removing his name and references to Sainsbury, etc. Sainsbury treated him very shabbily, probably because Ewing rejected a veiled invitation to line his pockets through one of his scams. I received such an invitaton at one point; I declined politely, but the writing was on the wall, and shortly I walked out. In spite of his previous criminal history, Ewing is basically an honest man in the fiscal sense.

On February 12, 1990, Ewing was made a vexatious litigant, which means that he cannot bring any action in a civil court without being granted leave. References will be found to him all over the web as a convicted fraudster, and worse. He is indeed a convicted fraudster, but many of the others things that have been written about him, especially about his motives, are uncharitable, to put it mildy. He is a man who has a personal axe to grind with the legal system. I will say no more than that here except that I have met many such people over the years, and more often than not, their grudges have more than a little justification.

Judith Hatton: Four of Judith’s pamphlets can be found on this site; for them, and for information about her, click here.

Andrew Savage: This likeable nutcase was one of my first publishers. Although Andrew is in every sense unique, his kind has also been made obsolete by the advent of the Internet, though fortunately that hasn’t done him any harm, he has simply adapted to it and reinvented himself – as Angelo Gravity – on MySpace.

I found him through the vast network of “underground” publications that used to exist but sadly or otherwise is no more, when he was churning out leaflets, the odd pamphlet and later tapes. I met him a couple of times, once when I was in the North of England, late 1990, and a bit later when he was in London. He relocated to the South coast, and unlike me has a family, and a life. Occasional mention will be found of him here mostly in the early years. He published as Pleasure Publications, the alluringly named Tapeworm Tapes, and just plain Andrew or Andy Savage. His recordings – including of some of my material – have stood the test of time. Love on yer, geez.

Mike Weller: Although he had a fairly minimal involvement with the ITMA Project, and for a limited time, Michael J. Weller can be said also to have been an early catalyst. For details, click here.

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