Correspondence With The Morning Star, 1995-7

This page contains links to three letters which were written in 1995-7 concerning two entirely different matters.

The first letter, dated Tueseday November 7, in JPG format, is from Adam Goldstein of the Morning Star explaining - or rather not explaining - why the paper had refused my advertisement for A Revisionist History Of Prohibition. Many years ago I received a communication from someone who had bought a copy in the belief that it was in fact a history of Revisionist prohibition! I think something like that may have been at work here, although in view of a curious reference in the July 1994 issue of Searchlight, it is quite likely a certain Gerry Gable had something to do with it.

The second letter is my February 15, 1996 follow up.

The third letter dated May 7, 1997 was written following a report of my acquittal at Southwark Crown Court after the fit up by Gable's bent copper friend. This matter is still painful to me a decade and more later, so I will comment on it no further except to say that allusions can be found to it in various places on this site.

My letters were written using WordStar 6, so purists who want to read them in the original format can find them in this ZIP file. A cut down version of WordStar can be found here.


November 25, 2010

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