It has often been said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and there is nothing so dangerous as a little knowledge concerning the so-called Jewish Question. Except perhaps a lot of the wrong kind of knowledge. This short study has been written to explain the folly of certain people on the so-called far right in continuing to authenticate, or attempting to give credence to, the long discredited document known as The Protocols Of The Meetings Of The Learned Elders Of Zion. It presupposes a certain familiarity with both the literature surrounding the Protocols, and certain publications on the general theme of world conspiracy. Even so, the reader who is totally ignorant of both will find much of interest and use here. I hope that after reading this pamphlet the activist will have a better grasp of that tortuous subject known as the Jewish Question, and thus be better equipped to combat both the cancerous ideology of political Zionism and the poisonous collectivism and racial hatred which masquerades as anti-fascism. In short, it is an attempt to sort the wheat from the chaff, in particular to distinguish between the innocuous men and women who practise the benign if banal religion of Judaism (Jews), and the political gangsters who hide behind the name Jew and employ it for their own nefarious ends. In so doing of course the latter incite hatred against the former, whilst claiming all the time to be defending them. I have also developed the theme I began in my earlier publications, namely that the Jewish Question is used by those who profit - financially and politically - from the corrupt, debt-based money system, to smear as anti-Semites, bigots, cranks and lunatics, all those who seek to overthrow it, in particular certain nationalists, Moslems, and, of course, Social Crediters.

This publication is entirely my own unaided work and was researched, written, proofed and typeset by me; all but a handful of the footnotes, references, and entries in the bibliographies, have been double checked, many have been multiply checked. My colleague Mark Taha has also run his beady eye over the manuscript, and has rechecked many of the footnotes and entries in the two bibliographies. Nevertheless, it is not inconceivable that the odd mistake has crept through. Any such mistakes (and errors of fact or of interpretation) are of course entirely my own.

This third edition is slightly expanded on the first edition and contains a number of minor corrections, (hopefully the last!)

Alexander Baron,

May 1, 1995
Updated April 14, 1996

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