And Related Literature:
A Selected, Annotated, Chronological Bibliography
including precursors and updates.

This bibliography is part of a substantial pamphlet entitled THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION: Organised Jewry’s Deadliest Weapon. It is also being issued simultaneously as a separate publication. Readers of the former may notice a certain amount of repetition; I make no apologies for this. The page counts of the publications listed here may vary. Generally I go by the number at the bottom of the page, but many books have preliminary sections: Foreword, Preface, etc, which are numbered i, ii, iii, iv...before the pagination proper begins 1, 2, 3, 4...Some bibliographers include such details but for the most part I have not. As far as possible, this bibliography is in chronological order. Where publication dates coincide, the relevant entries are entered alphabetically. Just because no mention is made of an index doesn’t mean that a book doesn’t have one, likewise illustrations. Like any bibliography though, this is aimed at serious researchers, and I have no doubt that most people who research into this particular aspect of the Jewish Question and consult this work will be familiar with many of the more important publications.

Most of my research is done in the British Library so most of the entries listed have been inspected there. There are many exceptions though. There is a full set of the Morning Post at the Newspaper Library at Colindale. (1) I consulted the Spectator at Westminster Central Reference Library (these are held off-site and must be reserved in advance); the Spectator may also be consulted at Colindale, as may the Church Times. Publications marked UCL were inspected at the Jewish Studies Library, University College London - Mocatta boxed pamphlets - (see next page).

Other archives which contain documentation on the Protocols are - in no particular order - the Wiener Library (from which I am banned), in particular the Freyenwald Collection; the library of the Institute of Jewish Affairs; the Board of Deputies of British Jews; (2) and the Jewish Chronicle Library. Lebzelter (see entry for 1978) lists the following archives on page 203: University College Swansea, (Gwynne Papers - files relating to Victor Marsden and the Protocols); the Britons Library, Chawleigh, (which may no longer exist); and the Parkes Collection/Anglo-Jewish Archives, University Library, Southampton. One might add to this the archive of the Times newspaper, London, and the libraries of virtually every major Jewish organisation throughout the world, including the library of the American Jewish Committee (the Blaustein Library); the library of the Anti-Defamation League (New York); and the library of the Alliance Israélite Universelle, (Paris). I spent an afternoon poking about in the archive of the London Museum of Jewish Life, which was most interesting and aided my ongoing researches into the Jewish Question considerably, but it contains little or nothing of value with regard either to the Protocols or to organised anti-Semitism.

Having researched at both the Jewish Chronicle Library - two visits - and for well over a year at the Wiener Library, I was rather disappointed to find that they had very poor collections of American anti-Semitica. The Wiener Library specialises in the Nazi era and has a vast archive of Nazi and German anti-Semitica - which, being a monoglot, I cannot read.

I have included a few titles in this bibliography which are not directly related to the Protocols, which in fact do not mention them at all. These are, in no particular order:

A) The Monita Secreta - this 17th Century calumny on the Jesuits is probably the archetype of this sort of literature, and indeed may in a very general sense have been one of the numerous possible inspirations for the Protocols.
B) The WICCA Letters - a very recent Protocols-like fabrication, but one which is directed against witches. Strangely it doesn’t seem to have caught on.
C) Farrer’s Literary Forgeries. In comparison with some of the stuff that has been palmed off on the credulous, the gullible and the stupid, the Protocols is quite plausible. One has only to recall the case of the Hitler diaries from our own era.
D) Fabrications of a similar nature to the Protocols, but which are calumnies on the Aryan goyim rather than on the Jews, (specifically the Germans), in particular the Auschwitz Protocols and the Wannsee Protocol.
E) The Sisson Documents.

I have a tendency to use a colon between a title and a subtitle and tend also to follow the layout for both, eg, block letters when used on the book’s cover. Often, major publishers publish the same book simultaneously in two or more places, some books are even issued simultaneously or near simultaneously by different publishers; generally I list only one place of publication.

A Note On The Chronology
Of The “Protocols”

The Protocols Of Zion was first launched on the Western World in January 1920 with the publication in Germany of Die Geheimnisse der Weisen von Zion (dated 1919); and shortly afterwards with the publication in England of The Jewish Peril, under the imprint of the respectable firm of Eyre & Spottiswoode. These caused a media flap, as did the publication in the United States by Henry Ford of the Dearborn Independent and all the accompanying nonsense about the machinations of the International Jews.

Following the August 1921 Graves exposé in the London Times, there was the Berne trial - and two other, minor court cases - the complete exposure by Herman Bernstein, and then, finally, the 1967 publication of the definitive history by Norman Cohn.

There were of course many other minor outbursts of Protocols-related media coverage, such as the nonsense of the Mullins Israel Cohen hoax, which was fully exposed in the Washington Evening Star of February 18, 1958, but I think I have managed to cover all the main ones. The point is that it would be impossible to list every Protocols-related story that has ever appeared in print, and pointless to try. Any one of the above events will have produced prolific coverage in Jewish, (so-called) anti-fascist and related and unrelated publications worldwide, including through the wire services, and later the broadcast media, and I hope that the selection provided here will prove more than ample for the most voracious of researchers.

A Note On
Holding Libraries And References

I had not intended originally to list the holding libraries of publications, but I have after all included some such details. I have no doubt that there are many multiple entries here, but I have listed only a few. I have neither the time nor the resources to check every single book and article personally, but every single title listed here has been double checked by myself, many have been multiply checked, so there should at least be no spelling mistakes. (3)

The following abbreviations should be noted:

[BL] is held in the British Library, Humanities and Social Sciences.

[LOHF (followed by a number)] means that the listed publication can be found in The Legend Of Henry Ford at the indicated page number. (See entry for 1948).

[MARS] is held by the British Library Document Supply Centre, Boston Spa. (MARS is a British Library acronym).

[NUC (followed by a date and two numbers)] refers to an entry in the National Union Catalog. The National Union Catalog Pre-1956 Imprints, Volume 473, pages 335-41 contains entries for Protocols of the wise men of Zion.

[POMM (followed by a number)] means that the listed publication can be found in Portraits Of Mean Men at the indicated page number. (See entry for 1938).

[Sing (followed by a number)] means that the listed publication can be found in ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA at the indicated page number. (See entry for 1982).

[UCL] Is held by University College London, Jewish Studies Library, Mocatta Boxed Pamphlets.

[WFG (followed by a number)] means that the listed publication can be found in Warrant For Genocide at the indicated page number. (See entry for 1967).

[WL] Is held by the Wiener Library, Devonshire Street, London.

A complete set of the (quite contemptible) Jewish Chronicle newspaper is held at the Jewish Studies Library, University College London, and, of course, at the Jewish Chronicle Library. A near complete set is held at Colindale, (the older issues are microfilmed). The London Times is microfilmed and indexed, and available increasingly on CD-ROM. Every research library throughout the English-speaking world worthy of the name will have a complete set. The American Hebrew (an incomplete set) is available at Colindale, including every entry listed here. An incomplete set of Patterns Of Prejudice is held in the British Library; a full or more or less full set can be found in the Wiener Library and a set is in the ibrary of the so-called Commission for Racial Equality. There will also of course be a full set at the Institute of Jewish Affairs Library, its publisher. Likewise, the Wiener Library Bulletin is available in the Wiener Library; there is also (what appears to be) a full set in the British Library. Both Jewish encyclopaedias listed here are available on the open shelves in the British Library, and, if my memory serves me correctly, also at UCL. The Encyclopedia Judaica is also held in the Wiener Library. A complete set of Spearhead should be located in the British Library, but it doesn’t appear to be complete. The magazine is also available in the CRE Library, (selected issues) in the Wiener Library, ditto, and presumably that nice Mr Tyndall will have a complete set. I also have my own personal copies of a number of the listed publications.

Finally, the bibliography itself has both a heavy English language bias and a heavy UK bias for the obvious reason that I am based in London, and also because of my aforementioned ignorance of other languages. However, as the English-language literature relating to the Protocols is substantial, I do not think this will prove too much of a hindrance to the diligent researcher. As stated, all the major dates of media-related Protocols activity have been included, so the following selection should be more than satisfactory.

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