Notes And References To Bibliography

(1) Which is of course part of the British Library.
(2) There is no library here but there is an archive to which selected Jewish and grovellingly philo-Semitic Gentile academics are sometimes granted access. I am neither.
(3) None traceable to me at any rate. For example, in Warrant For Genocide, (1967), Norman Cohn refers to a character named Millinger (a purveyor of Protocols precursors). This character’s name (one of them) was actually Frederick Millingen.
(4) This is the title given by Cohn, page 41, [See entry for Warrant For Genocide, (1967)]. The copy in the British Library bears the title LE JUIF LE JUDAISME ET LA JUDAISATION DES PEUPLES CHRÉTIENS in block letters, thus.
(5) For various reasons, the British Library Current Catalogue contains a great many books published before 1975.
(6) There are various translations of this, eg: The Great in the Small. Antichrist considered as an imminent political possibility.
(7) As far as is known.
(8) The asterisks denote Cyrillic - my wordprocessor can’t reproduce the characters.
(9) I counted 125 pages but the catalogue says 124.
(10) Bondy, Racketeers Of Hatred, pages 129-30, (see entry under 1946).
  Presumably the printer concerned was Walter Whitehead, who stood trial with Arnold Leese in 1936 in the notorious ritual murder/seditious libel case. Leese was the publisher and editor of The Fascist, the leader of the Imperial Fascist League, and a fanatical anti-Semite. For further details, the interested reader is referred to Leese’s 1938 pamphlet My Irrelevant Defence being Meditations Inside Gaol and Out on Jewish Ritual Murder. This is still in print.
(11) This edition appears to be undated but is listed by the British Library catalogue as published 1948.
(12) History Today is held in the British Library, but this issue was deficient; a copy is held by Westminster Central Reference Library, just off Leicester Square. I reported the deficiency, and in a personal communication dated 9 Feb 1995 from R. A. Christophers, Head of Twentieth Century British Collections, I was informed that the publisher would then shortly supply the missing issue.
(13) These are actually column numbers rather than page numbers.
(14) Arnold Leese had published this anti-Jewish hate-sheet since 1945, (not 1944 as stated in his autobiography Out Of Step). When he died in January 1956 the editorship passed to Gittens, (though one would hardly have noticed). Eventually this title passed to the charismatic ideological anti-Semite and British Führer Colin Jordan, who is positively philo-Semitic in comparison.
(15) Published by the British League of Rights.

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