Security Alert!

“Some people have been prepared to give nazi fellow traveller Larry O’Hara the benefit of the doubt, despite exposure in several issues of Searchlight in the past few months...Searchlight has never hidden the fact that we are prepared to work with the police...” - Searchlight, June 1993, page 24.

Security Alert!

For the past thirty and more years, Gerry Gable has been posing as an anti-fascist. His real agenda is to destroy your civil liberties, in particular freedom of speech, freedom of dissent, freedom of enquiry and freedom of association (and non-association). He has proven connections with (allegedly reformed) “Nazis”, Jewish and communist thugs, the British Secret State, and political Zionism - an international criminal conspiracy responsible for the oppression, torture and murder of the Palestinian people and the expropriation of their land. He is also known to pose as a journalist, a TV researcher and an expert on international terrorism. - A Baron, Commissioning Editor, Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, August 22, 1993.

The authors: Alexander Baron is an independent and totally unfunded researcher and a subscriber to the Libertarian Alliance, Britain’s premier anti-fascist organisation. He is an atheist and rationalist. Mark Taha is also a Libertarian, a passionate anti-censorship campaigner, a staunch defender of individual liberty, an opponent of all forms of collectivism, and a voracious reader of all extremist literature: right, left and loony.

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Copyright Alexander Baron, 1996.

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