Appendix B:
A Selected, Dissenting Bibliography
On “Searchlight”

Compiled And Edited
By Alexander Baron

It is an almost impossible task to compile a complete bibliography of any subject, but even if it were possible it would be futile to include every book or article which mentioned en passant say, the Kennedy assassination or the Princess of Wales. While Searchlight may not be as big a scam as the JFK industry (and nowhere near as well-known as the lovely Diana), its influence since it was set up in the sixties has been enormous. Furthermore, that influence has extended far beyond the written words and black bag tricks of its controllers. At the time of writing, I am compiling an extensive ongoing bibliography of this perfidious organisation, which, if it ever is finished, will take at least another year, if not two.

Although the current listings are not in chronological or alphabetical order there is a method in the madness. We begin with the magazine itself.

Searchlight – the broadsheet. There were four issues, which, according to Philip Rees (Fascism In Britain, page 213), were published from Spring 1965 (the date of the first issue) to May 1967, (this issue is undated).

A WELL-OILED NAZI MACHINE: An Analysis of the Growth of the Extreme Right in Britain, published by A.F. & R. Publications, (1974).

This is the publication which really launched Searchlight. It is thought to have been written by or largely by Maurice Ludmer and Gerry Gable.

Certainly Gable had something to do with it, the sloppy research is a testimony to that, while the innuendo is more typical of the late and unlamented Ludmer. The following brief analysis is based on the microfiche of the booklet held in the Wiener Library. This pamphlet covers the Action Party, Tyndall, Webster, Jordan ad nauseum. The title is taken from a quote attributed to then self-professsed National Socialist Martin Webster in 1962. The entire publication is basically a smear job on the keep-Britain-white lobby.

Page three lists the chronology of the extreme right in Britain and also claims that the Second World War ended with ten million dead in the “Death Camps”. As the enlightened reader will be aware, the death toll for the Nazi concentration camps is more flexible than an Access card, but such an absurdly high total won’t wash today. On page four it is revealed that those wicked “Nazis” even have the audacity to deny the Holocaust in its entirety.

“Recently, journalists and MPs were sent copies of a magazine...entitled ‘The Lie of the Six Million’...”

Actually, this magazine/pamphlet was the now world (in)famous Did Six Million Really Die? The story of its distribution was revealed in an article Secret of a house called Heidelberg, by Andrew Fyall, which appeared in the Daily Express, (page 8) on Monday 17th June, 1974.

Page 16 concludes no “freedom of speech” for racialists ad nauseum. Presumably this means anyone who doesn’t think it’s a good idea for white women to have black babies and is foolish enough to say so, or who believes, erroneously, that “the Jews” control the media. Hopefully, these Jews and their goy fellow travellers won’t for very much longer.

Searchlight - first issue in the current format by subscription, February 1975, second issue April 1975, more or less monthly after that. Page 4 of issue 1 contains the first ever reference the current writer has ever seen to Column 88.

May 1975, first article on Column 88.

Issue 73, July 1981, Maurice Ludmer obituary issue, resumé of life and tributes etc. Veronica Ware takes over editorship.

Issue 74, August 1981, cover story, NAZI INTERNATIONAL PLAN CARNIVAL MASSACRE... Column 88, the lot. Pure fantasy.

Issue 96, June 1983, cover story, MP DEMANDS PROBE INTO MALSKI’S ARMY, page 3-4 covers military fantasist Tony Malski. On page 5 is a photograph of Don Mudie (of Column 88 fame) in uniform looking a right twat - as he undoubtedly is. Who will they be investigating next - Dad’s Army?

Issue 107, May 1984, DEALING IN DEATH, cover story, The Ray Hill story: 1 – The Terrorist Connection, pages 10-12.

Issue 108, June 1984, The Ray Hill story: 2 – The Safehousing Conspiracy, pages 10-11.

Issue 111, September 1984, page 5, HARRY BIDNEY 1922-84, an obituary.

“Harry was a man who had no time for party politics, who had friends amongst all races.”

Including blond Aryan boys, I’ve heard. See reports for August 1977 from the Evening Standard and the Daily Telegraph.


Not only did Gable claim there was a plot to murder him, he also thought (and thinks) he’s a journalist. It has been suggested that Gable genuinely believed this rubbish, he didn’t. This lie was spawned by him and his minions in order to poison the minds of the jury in the libel case Neil Hamilton and Gerald Howarth brought against the BBC as a result of the Maggie’s Militant Tendency smear which Gable and company “researched”.


More to the point Gerry, how about unmasking the former National Front and League of St George member who penned the following words in 1976: “The enemies of the White Race operate on an international scale and will continue to dictate to us if we fight amongst ourselves.” (109) Who is she? Here’s a clue: you sleep with her.

Issue 214, April 1993. Special 28 page issue devoted largely to Combat 18. See also entry for World In Action, 19th April, 1993.

Terror on the Terraces – a Searchlight supplement published as an insert to issue 121, July 1985.

Women and the National Front, by Veronica Ware, published by A.F. & R. Publications, (ie Searchlight), (1979).

A Searchlight pamphlet. The back cover of this short monograph explains:

Why you should subscribe to Searchlight

“Over the years it has produced a wealth of documentation and exclusive stories that have been taken up by the national Press and TV.”

The current publication has proved conclusively what a damning piece of self-advertising that final statement is.

Psychology, Racism & Fascism, by Michael Billig, published by A.F. & R. Publications, (1979).

A Searchlight pamphlet. The author was, at the time, with the Department of Psychology, University of Birmingham. This booklet is anything but subtle. It is a thinly veiled attempt to smear Professors Eysenck, Jensen et al as closet Nazis.

The Gable Memorandum. Dated 2nd May, 1977. Said to be one of a series.

For the full text of this now notorious document, see Lobster, issue 24, (listed).

Professor Eysenck’s political psychology, by Michael Billig, published in Patterns of Prejudice, Sept-Oct 1979, Vol 13, No 5, pages 9-16.

Basically a smear on Eysenck’s research into the psychology of extremism, but what else would one expect from someone of Billig’s impeccable antecedents? And from the theoretical journal of the Institute of Jewish Affairs?

Maggie’s Militant Tendency, BBC TV programme screened on January 30, 1984.

The entry in the relevant issue of the Radio Times, (page 37), reads as follows:

8.10 Panorama
Maggie’s Militant Tendency

The programme was produced by James Hogan and edited by Peter Ibbotson. Michael Cockerell was said to have been investigating the far right. With a little help from Gerry Gable, no doubt.

From Ballots to Bombs: The Inside Story of the National Front’s Political Soldiers, published by Searchlight, London, (1989).

Credited by Gable to various authors, (The Far Right..., page 263). Not seen by bibliographer. No further information.

Information is his weapon,
quietly collected and
communicated to the right ears. He is haunted by the
spectre of the holocaust
but it is his best ally

This was the somewhat long-winded title of an article/interview with Maurice Ludmer, published in the Guardian, page 8, in the Guardian Women column for February 25, 1980, written by Polly Toynbee. As candid an admission as you will find anywhere that, together with their goy fellow travellers, Organised Jewry exploit the suffering of their co-racialists - real and imagined - in order to destroy the precious freedoms our forefathers shed their precious blood to secure.

Ludmer is said to have seen at Belsen “a room full of human hair, and stuff made out of human skin.” And the non-existent gas chamber too, no doubt. The much maligned (though sorely misguided) Lady Birdwood, who was also at Belsen after the War - with the Red Cross - paints an entirely different picture of this camp and the real reasons for the terrible suffering its inmates - Jew and Gentile - endured in the last months of the War.

Searchlight was said to have a circulation of 4,000 at the time, a staff of mainly volunteers, and numerous “spies” in the “fascist” movement. Including agents provocateurs like Dave Roberts too, no doubt. Like his successor, Gable, Ludmer was a thoroughly evil man, and both the “fascist” movement and the Jews are well rid of him.

The darker side of video viewing, by Gerry Gable, published in the Illustrated London News, July 1980, page 62.

No mention of anti-Semitism, strangely enough. This is a little fantasy about the alleged involvement of something called the Mafia in the video and dirty book trade.

TV Eye, December 4, 1980.

The TV listing in the Guardian (page 26) for this programme on the date it was shown reads as follows:

8.30 TV EYE. Danger on the Right. An investigation into the neo-Nazi efforts to recruit the young unemployed to the ranks of the British Movement.

Maurice Ludmer - OBITUARY, from the Jewish Chronicle, May 22, 1981, page 14. (Based on photocopy).

Fawning, unsigned obituary. “His untimely death [at 54] is a tragic and irredeemable loss to the community.” Your community perhaps; good riddance to bad rubbish say all true lovers of freedom.

CARNIVAL RACE WAR PLOT: Nazis planned a festival bloodbath, by Roger Todd, published in the Daily Mirror, July 21, 1981, pages 1 and 3.

Billed as a MIRROR EXCLUSIVE, this was the story which Searchlight fed to the Daily Mirror. It’s complete rubbish. Larry O’Hara has pointed out inconsistencies in the retelling - the book and the film of The Other Face of Terror. The current writer wrote to the press officer at New Scotland Yard and asked for any information about this “plot” and was told there was none. Doubters can do the same.

We Expose Nazi Terror, by Andrew Drummond, published in the News of the World, March 25, 1984, pages 4-5.

Another supposed exposé. This was Hill’s coming-out article which he and his co-conspirators fed to the Sunday tabloid.

GUIDE TO EXTREMISM IN BRITAIN 1973 EXTREME RIGHT, compiled by Julian Radcliffe and Leslie Wooler, published by the Circle for Democratic Studies, Croydon, (1973).

This is a 24 page pamphlet put out by a non-existent organisation, from an accommodation address in Croydon. (110) I was originally led to believe that it was the work of the Searchlight team. Now I’m certain of it, but for a totally different reason than at first suspected. Leslie Wooler was one of the Searchlight team’s first agents, perhaps the first. The really significant thing about this pamphlet is it contains no mention of Column 88. The style in which it is written (including the disinformation) indicates that Maurice Ludmer - and possibly even Gerry Gable - had more than a hand in compiling it.

World in Action, screened on ITV, July 6, 1981, about “Nazis trading in arms”. No further information known, but it’s a fair bet that Gable either “researched” the programme or supplied “information” for it.

Private Eye, untitled article from the COLOUR SECTION column, issue 636, 2nd May, ’86.

Reports on the non-existent plot to kidnap and murder Gable.

Tips that spotlight the Nazi tendency, by Denis Campbell, published in the Guardian, September 29, 1986, page 15.

Gable’s poodle reports on “the success of a 12-year fight against racism” [sic]. Says the magazine’s editor, “a television journalist, does not want to be named.” The mind boggles. Also reports on the history of the magazine, one of the many versions of it.

THE OTHER FACE OF TERROR: Inside Europe’s Neo-Nazi Network, by Ray Hill with Andrew Bell, published by Grafton Books, London, (1988).

One for the fiction shelves, an error-prone, lie-ridden book. See also the film of the same name and critiques by Larry O’Hara.

The Other Face of Terror, the Channel 4 documentary of the same name which Gable “researched”. Definitively refuted by Larry O’Hara. Screened March 29, 1984.

It is significant that no one was ever charged with, much less convicted of, any offence on account of Hill’s “revelations” here and in his and Gable’s lie-ridden book and documentary.

Searchlight, a letter from Gable published in Private Eye, issue 763, 15 March, ’91.

“I have no conviction for burglary...Harry Bidney...had no...convictions [for sex crimes against young men]”.

Both these claims are technically correct. Gable’s 1964 conviction would today be called burglary artifice, and Bidney wasn’t convicted of buggery, but he was convicted of pimping, and his employer was convicted of attempting to procure a youth for him.

The Far Right in Contemporary Britain, by Gerry Gable. Gable’s contribution to the book Neo-Fascism in Europe, Edited by Luciano Cheles, Ronnie Ferguson and Michalina Vaughan, published by Longman, London and New York, (1991).

Patterns of Prejudice, Volume 25, Number 2, Winter 1991.

This is a long report of a conference entitled Antisemitism in the 1990s: A Symposium. More wailing and gnashing of teeth about the uniqueness of Jewish suffering and the wickedness of the “Aryan” goyim. Billig’s contribution is pages 10-13. If you really want to know why they hate you so much, o learned Professor, there is a very simple reason: PEOPLE WHO DESTROY OUR FREEDOMS DESERVE TO BE HATED.

At War With Society: The Exclusive Story Of A Searchlight Mole Inside Britain’s Far Right, by Gerry Gable, published by Searchlight Magazine, London, (1993).

40 page magazine format, illustrated. Allegedly tells Hepple’s story, but Gable is credited as the author. (111) Contains a short introduction by Ray Hill (Gerry Gable?) who says he was gratified to see someone following in his shoes nearly a decade and a half after he had “infiltrated the fascist terror network”. Hill did not infiltrate anything; he simply decided that Jews are not such bad people after all. Especially rich ones.

World in Action, TV “documentary” screened on April 19th, 1993 - why not April 20th? - Gable’s exposé of Combat 18, a group of “fascist” thugs who have decided to fight fire with fire. According to my source - which is more reliable than Gable’s, C18 is made up largely of criminal-types rather than racial “idealists”. A bit like Searchlight.

Magazine “incited racial violence”, unsigned article in the Birmingham Evening Mail, December 31, 1976. (Based on photocopy). See also below.

Searchlight accused of inciting violence by a magistrate.

Magazine accused of race incitement and False friends, published in the Birmingham Post, December 31, 1976.

Page 1, main article, page 4, the editorial. False friends refers to Ludmer and co. This is a report of a court case brought by Colin Jordan against Maurice Ludmer in connection with A Well-Oiled Nazi Machine. Jordan sued for criminal libel, but although both summonses were thrown out, the magistrate said that “the words in question were, prima facie, libellous.” The implication is that Ludmer was a political opportunist, instead of the hatemongering little Jewish fascist that he was.

National Front men in court over cash, published in the (Johannesburg) Star, Thursday, March 29, 1979, page 4.

Hill said to be on bail for fraud charges. This was a civil case. R30,000 said to have been misappropriated from the Sons of England Society. Of course, it wasn’t you, was it, Ray?

Destabilising the “decent people”, by Duncan Campbell, Bruce Page and Nick Anning, published in the New Statesman, February 15, 1980, pages 234-6.

The first exposé of Gable’s Secret State connections. Includes the notorious Gable Memorandum.

Anti-racist jailed for press arson, published in the Jewish Chronicle, April 24, 1981, page 9.

SEARCHLIGHT MAN JAILED FOR ARSON, by Our Sussex Correspondent, published in Focal Point, May 30th, 1981, pages 1 and 3-5.

David Irving’s thankfully long defunct magazine reports on the April 13th trial of Searchlight “journalist” Manny Carpel for burning down the printing press of the nice Mr Anthony “Teflon Tony” Hancock. This was widely reported at the time, including by Searchlight. Also covers Gable’s antics in 1963 and his exposure as a Secret State asset.

Sniper shines the searchlight on Gerry Gable and illuminates some disturbing facts..., published in the Sniper column in the magazine Anarchy, pages 24-5, 2nd series, Summer 1983. (Based on photocopy)

More anarchist coverage of GG’s duplicity.

New Doubts on the phone-tap programme, published in the Evening Standard (CLOSING PRICES), the Londoner’s Diary column, March 7, 1985, page 6.

Michael Forsyth MP: “I am aware of Mr Gable and his activities. If he researched the film it would place a very large question mark over its credibility for me.”

I do hope he wasn’t being anti-Semitic.

Claudia Milne co-producer of 20/20 Vision said, “Gerry Gable is an extremely good researcher, well respected in the industry and has produced much distinguished work in the past.”

She won’t say that after she reads this.

PARANOIA PEDDLED, published in the International Times, Full Moon, March, 1986, VOL 86, No. 3. pages 2-3.

Unsigned article covering Gable’s attempts to smear anarchists. Also covers the Gable Memorandum.

Black Flag Anarchist newspaper. Issues 155-6 published in 1985-6 said to cover Searchlight’s/Gable’s mendacity. No further details, not seen by compiler.

INVESTIGATION, published in Black Flag - The Anarchist Fortnightly, 25-8-86, issue 160, page 7.

Covers the Brian Gentleman frame-up. Gable said to work for Special Branch and to have a reputation to protect. Not now, he hasn’t. Same page SOUTH AFRICAN CONNECTION, Gable’s, that is.

SOUTH AFRICAN CONNECTION, published in Black Flag - The Anarchist Fortnightly, 25-8-86, issue 160, page 7. See also INVESTIGATION, same page.

SPY TRIAL BY TELEVISION, by Duncan Campbell, Patrick Forbes and Jolyon Jenkins, published in the New Statesman, July 25, 1986, pages 10-11.

Coverage of a particularly nasty smear in which Gable played a part in his role as a TV “researcher”.

SEARCHLIGHT ADOPTS McCARTHYISM, unsigned article published in Black Flag, March 21, 1988, issue 188, page 9. (Based on photocopy).

Anyone who is au fait with the unjaundiced facts about the much maligned U.S. Senator will realise just how great an insult this is.

THE OTHER FACE OF SEARCHLIGHT: Thuggery, Buggery, Arson and Whores, authors not credited, researched by SID - the National Front’s “Security and Investigation Department”, published by BCM Grimnir, London, (1989).

A 36 page exposé of the Searchlight team. Very interesting but has its shortcomings, for example, the photographer on page 17 is not Michael Cohen as captioned.

Our Searchlight Problem, published in Lobster, December 1992, issue 24, pages 2-4.

Unsigned article (written by editor Robin Ramsay) recounting Gable’s smear/hate campaign against Larry O’Hara. Contains the full text of the notorious Gable Memorandum.

Notes from the Underground: British Fascism 1974-92, Part Two, by Larry O’Hara, published in Lobster, December 1992, issue 24, pages 15-21.

A lengthy (and excellent) analysis; also demolishes Searchlight’s Notting Hill bomb plot nonsense.

A LIE TOO FAR -- SEARCHLIGHT, HEPPLE & THE LEFT, by Larry O’Hara and Tim Scargill, produced by Mina Enterprises, GA Mail Order, Camberley, Surrey, (1993).

Written mostly by O’Hara, 55 pages of stomach-churning truth about Gable’s latest “mole” inside the British National Party.

AT WAR WITH THE TRUTH: THE TRUE STORY OF SEARCHLIGHT AGENT TIM HEPPLE, by Larry O’Hara, Produced by Mina Enterprises, Camberley, Surrey, (1993).

This is O’Hara’s follow up to A Lie Too Far. While O’Hara’s conclusion that Gable is some sort of Secret State “asset” is refuted by a comprehensive examination of the man’s record, this pamphlet documents his and Hepple’s attempted subversion of the left clearly and irrefutably. Most interesting of all is O’Hara’s claim that Searchlight published an anonymous fake anti-Semitic “fanzine” called Einherjar.

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE BRITISH LEFT FROM Harold A. Covington, National Socialist, by Harold Covington, published cMay 1993.

A letter circulated by Covington, who was named by Gable as the co-ordinator of the right wing hit squad Combat 18. Covington claims the group does not exist and that Gable made up the name. Covington is by all accounts a nasty piece of work, but probably not as big a liar as Gable. He is also a man who glorifies in violence, so his denial has the ring of truth.

“GERRY, GERRY, GERRY.....” Searchlight’s macho munchkin GERRY GABLE is telling porkies again. HAROLD A. COVINGTON duly chastises the little twit. A DISSERTATION ON THE IDIOCY OF GERRY GABLE, published cAugust 1993.

A three page reply to Gable’s July 1993 comments on his Open Letter.... Like his previous letter, this has the ring of truth. The gist of it is that he received a very good response from British leftists who, according to Covington, are not quite as dumb as they are generally believed. Covington also accuses Gable of entering into a debate with him!

“DISGUSTING” VICE CHIEF IS JAILED, by Neil Blincow, published in the London Evening Standard, (Closing Prices), August 5, 1977, pages 1 and 40.

Harry Bidney, a Jewish-born thug, was eulogised by Gable on his death. The following reports paint a slightly different picture of him. This one reveals that Bidney’s employer, had attempted to procure a 16 year old youth for him. He was fined £4,500 and jailed for 18 months.

SOHO VICE BOSS JAILED, published in the Daily Telegraph, August 6, 1977, page 3.

Harold Bidney, a 54 year old company secretary, was fined £1,600 after being found guilty of eight charges concerning female prostitutes between January 1973 and October 1976. Was said to have lived off their earnings.

SEARCHLIGHT - Time to come out of the closet, by A. Drummond, published in Vanguard, December 1986, issue 4, page 13.

Based on photocopy. From a column EXPOSING THE HATEMONGERS, this is A VANGUARD EXCLUSIVE. Exposure of sordid Jewish pimp, one of Gable’s heroes.

SEARCHLIES, from a column, TROUBLESHOOTING SPECIAL REPORT, published in Vanguard, September 1988, issue 22, pages 10-11. (Based on photocopy) .

More about Gable’s connections with pervert Harry Bidney.

What THEIR papers didn’t say, published in Vanguard, issue 33, page 3. (Based on photocopy).

Reports on the rift between Searchlight and “anti-racist” Asians.

Lifting the lid off the “Anti-Nazi League”, published in support of the National Front Ex-Servicemen’s Association by NFN Press, with a Foreword by Squadron-Leader John Harrison-Broadley, Edited by Martin Webster, (October 1978).

Covers ANAL and all its foul-smelling connections, including Searchlight. I have it on good authority that this was actually written principally by Richard Lawson and that Webster took the credit for it.

UJS to join anti-fascists, published in the Jewish Chronicle, November 3, 1989, page 9.

Searchlight said to have “monitored” the far right since 1963. “The Friends of Searchlight” set up to raise money and other support.

CARF is back/Dear Searchlight, published in CARF, Feb/Mar, 1991, issue 1, page 2. (Based on photocopy).

The grovelling letter Searchlight declined to publish, explaining why the CARF Collective can’t work with Gerry and co anymore. We don’t want gollywogs on jam jars and we don’t want Israeli soldiers shooting Palestinian schoolchildren either, Holocaust or no Holocaust.

SEARCHLIGHT: The Slide into Racism, published in the NEWS AND VIEWS column in Return, December 1990, issue 5, page 5. See also Black People Banned From Meeting.

Condemns Searchlight smears and the anti-Arab racism of Gable’s co-racialists. Somebody should have told these boobs that ultimately only Jewish suffering matters to them.

Black People Banned From Meeting, published in the NEWS AND VIEWS column in Return, December 1990, issue 5, page 5.

See also SEARCHLIGHT: The Slide into Racism.

No Palestinian rights in this synagogue, comrade.

Dear Searchlight: A STATEMENT ON THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BLACK STRUGGLES AND SEARCHLIGHT MAGAZINE, undated, but cOctober 1990 (Based on photocopy).

This is the full version of the CARF statement (see under CARF is back/Dear Searchlight) - a two page letter - addressed to Gable and co from a number of “Black” organisations including Indian organisations. I believe this was issued as a circular. Enumerates seven points, particularly the fight for Palestinian rights. They don’t think much of our wonderful police force either.

Black activists challenge Searchlight, from the FIGHT RACISM, column in the magazine Labour Briefing, July, 1991. (Based on photocopy).

Black groups unhappy with Gable and company’s attitude towards Zionism and the oppression of the Palestinian people.

More on Searchlight..., from the RIGHT OF REPLY column in the magazine Labour Briefing, September, 1991, page 25.

Two letters from Searchlight apologists, one of them a certain Mr Ray Hill.

More on Searchlight..., from the NEW & VIEWS column in the magazine Labour Briefing, October, 1991, page 7.

Larry O’Hara’s reply.

Searchlight accuses Briefing of “knife in the back”, published in the RIGHT OF REPLY column in Labour Briefing magazine, February, 1992, page 29.

Graeme Atkinson of Searchlight tries to whitewash Gable, and slags off O’Hara.

Letters page, Labour Briefing magazine, March, 1992, page 31.

Letter in support of Larry O’Hara from Tony Greenstein in the Searchlight v O’Hara debate.

Public Reply by CAFE to slanders by Gerry Gable (editor/boss of Searchlight) and the leaders of Red Action, pages 4-5, Nazis Out!, issue 7, Nov/Dec 1992, published by the Campaign Against Fascism In Europe.

Gable’s equally undemocratic rivals slag him off. A good article.

OPEN LETTER TO RAY HILL, from John G. Wood, published in Spearhead, May 1984? (Based on photocopy)

IMPRESSIONS OF A TURNCOAT, by John Tyndall, published in Spearhead, April 1984, issue 186, pages 17 and 20.

Written after Hill’s “defection”. Tyndall says Hill was welcomed, even liked, but never completely trusted. Also denies that Hill was ever his deputy: “no such position exists in the Constitution of the BNP.”

WELL, IF IT ISN’T...!: An old acquaintance turns up again in Lincolnshire, published in Spearhead, July 1988, issue 233, pages 14 and 20. Unsigned article, probably written by Tyndall.

Interesting report of a court case in which Hill attempted to smear a Jewish businessman as a child molester. Although the man in question, a Mr George Lewis, was a convicted sex offender, the jury acquitted him rather than convict him on the word of Ray Hill. Doubtless justice was done.

RIGHT-WING ATTEMPT TO SMASH BNSM FAILS, published in the Phoenix, issue 12, undated, c1981, page 3.

Refers to Ray Hill’s “MURKY BACKGROUND”. The article, which was presumably written by Michael McLaughlin, cites the Johannesburg Sunday Times and the Rand Daily Mail which reported that a warrant was issued for Hill’s arrest on embezzlement charges. Reports too that he was friendly with “influential Jews in the Republic of South Africa”, which gives the lie to Hill’s claim that he was ever a candidate for British Movement leadership.

I AM NOT A FASCIST says author who was tricked by anti-Nazis, published in the Islington Gazette, January 17, 1964, page 8.

Report of a 26 year old Gable together with his co-racialists Manny Carpel and David Freedman standing trial for breaking into David Irving’s flat - burglary artifice this is called nowadays, ie they tricked their way in. Gable and Carpel pleaded guilty, no evidence was offered against Freedman. Gable and Carpel were fined £20 for the “break-in”; Gable was fined £5 for stealing a G.P.O. pass card.

Racism rides again, by Vron Ware, published in the New Statesman, August 3, 1984, pages 17-8.

Report on the Greensboro incident.

Relentless searchlight on hunting the hated, article/interview by David Winner, published in the Jewish Chronicle, October 23, 1987, page 10.

A real embarrassment to Gable, this. Repeats the rubbish about the Notting Hill bomb plot, among other things.

SPOTLIGHT ON SEARCHLIGHT..., by Tony Greenstein [originally published as SEARCHLIGHT: Undermining Anti-Fascists, Defending Zionism, publication unknown], published in Red Action, September/October 1990, issue 57, page 3. (Based on photocopy).

An attack on Gable by an anti-Zionist Jew. Exposes him for the snake he is. Although Greenstein doesn’t believe that “Nazis” have rights, he does, to his credit, realise that the only real difference between the Nazis and the Zionists is that the former use a hooked cross while the latter use a six-pointed star. They also dynamite people’s houses and shoot their children, something the Nazis never did. In peacetime at any rate. Greenstein also misses the point that the driving force behind Searchlight has always been racial hatred and is therefore far too generous to the late, unlamented Maurice Ludmer. But one could not reasonably expect anything else from any species of Jewish “anti-fascist”. I was told this article was published originally in Palestine Solidarity, but I made an exhaustive search of this publication and it didn’t appear to be there, even though a later issue of this magazine refers specifically to this article!

Exposing the Hatemongers, Part 1, published in National Front News, March (1), 1987, issue 85, page 2.

Exposing the Hatemongers, Part 2, published in National Front News, April (1), issue 87, 1987, page 2.

Covers the Gable Memorandum and an article on Searchlight from Sniper, the anarchist paper.

Exposing the Hatemongers, Part 3, published in National Front News, April (2), 1987, issue 88, page 2.

Lists playwright David Edgar as a Searchlight shareholder.

THE OTHER FACE OF SEARCHLIGHT, a review of The Other Face of Terror, published in National Front News, page 4, issue 108, undated but certainly 1988. Reprinted from the anarchist paper, Black Flag, No 181, 25/4/88.

GOTCHA! gable tracked down, cover story, National Front News, issue 126. Undated.

Gable given a dose of his own medicine.

Writer’s Name “leaked” to NF, by David Rose, published in the Guardian, January 31, 1991, page 2.

Claims that Gable’s address was leaked to the National Front by the Secret State. In the first edition of this study I claimed this was absolute rubbish. However, I have since heard from someone who has “links” (in Gable’s terminology) with the Security Services who told me that Gable’s address had indeed been leaked to the far right after he accused SIS of protecting far right terrorists.

Anti-Fascist faces disorder charges, by Julian Kossoff, published in the Jewish Chronicle, August 16, 1991. (Based on photocopy).

Fawning, apologetic article relating the allegations against Gable of organising the violent bust-up of the meeting in Kensington Library.


A curious document put out as disinformation, praising Larry O’Hara and slagging off Searchlight as Statelight. O’Hara told me who he thought was responsible for it, but I can’t print his name here in case Gerry sues me for libel. (Based on photocopy).

Anti-fascist editor “beat up members of right-wing St George league”, by Angella Johnson, published in the Guardian, July 21, 1992, page 3.

Correction: Gerry Gable, published in the Guardian, July 22, 1992, page 3.

Apologises for the previous day’s misleading headline but neglects to point out that Gable’s magazine glorifies violence against, and repression of, “fascists”.

Anti-fascist editor cleared of violence, by Sarah Boseley, published in the Guardian, July 24, 1992, page 2.

Report of the court farce. Gable had the chutzpah to claim that he was being victimised for investigating the security services! O’Shea was bound over to keep the peace for six months in the sum of £50. GABLE TRIAL, published in the LEAGUE NEWS column of League Sentinel. Issue 13? (Based on photocopy).

Covers the trial fiasco of Gable and Gary O’Shea over the Kensington Library incident.

The plot to criminalise Anti-Fascist Action Codename “OPERATION BLACKSHIRT”, published in Red Action, Dec 92/Jan 93. issue 64, pages 3-4? (Based on photocopy).

The fantasy after the farce. Reports on the failed attempt to prosecute Gable and O’Shea after the brawl in Kensington Library.

LETTER - SEARCHLIGHT, letter from Larry O’Hara published in Green Party Anti-Racist/Anti-Fascist Newsletter, January 1993, issue 3, page 3. (Based on photocopy).

O’Hara objects to the magazine advertising Searchlight because he has been “slanderously attacked in their pages twice now”. Gerry’s been busy since.

Cadet school bans anti-racism editor, by Lawrence Donegan, published in the Guardian, January 20, 1993. (Based on photocopy).

Gable told he can’t lecture on the evils of racism at Hendon Police College any more on account of his capers in Kensington Library.

Inside south London’s Nazi HQ, published in New Statesman & Society, August 6, 1993, page 12-3.

First part of Hepple’s/Gable’s fantasy on the BNP.

The Reich stuff, published in New Statesman & Society, August 13, 1993, pages 12-3.

Second of a two-part serialisation of Hepple’s/Gable’s fantasy.

Absent from the debate, from the LETTERS, section, same issue, includes a letter from Jim Boumelha, Former NUJ President, Oxford, re a letter from Gable published in the 30 July issue.

From the LETTERS section in New Statesman & Society, August 20, 1993, page 27.

Page 27, letter from one Nyta Mann re Searchlight, Hepple and Gable.

Page 28, letter from Simon Kyte re Hepple.

An errand boy’s ire, from the LETTERS section of New Statesman & Society, August 27, 1993, page 23.

Hill says O’Hara accused him of having convictions for fraud and arson in his anti-Searchlight pamphlet. He also says, “It is not the purpose of this letter to defend my editor, Gerry Gable. He is more than capable of doing that for himself.”

Of course he is. Who do you think wrote this letter? Incidentally, O’Hara made no such allegation, so Hill - or whoever really wrote this letter - is telling yet another bare-faced lie. Here also, O’Hara said to be worth no more than his weekly giro, elsewhere to have secret backers.

Debate is not enough, from the LETTERS section of New Statesman & Society, August 27, 1993, pages 23-4.

A letter from a Mr Tony Dabb attacking free speech ad nauseum.

A mole too far, from the LETTERS section, New Statesman, September 3, 1993, pages 28-9.

Larry O’Hara has the last word.

Outlook, Sept/Oct, 1993, pages 6-7.

Apparently untitled article covering Searchlight and A Lie Too Far.

THE PRESS WE DON’T DESERVE: How The “Guardian” Gives Aid And Comfort To The World’s Master Liars And Thereby Perpetuates The Nazi Underground Myth - Yet More “Searchlight”-Inspired Disinformation Exposed, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (July 1994).

A 12 page documented exposé of a lie-ridden interview Hill gave to the Guardian in March 1994.

LIARS OUGHT TO HAVE GOOD MEMORIES: The True, Unsanitised Story Of “Searchlight” Mole Ray Hill with a critique of The Other Face of Terror, by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (August 1994). 129 pages.

The definitive exposé of Gable’s alleged star mole. Tears his story to shreds; extensively and irrefutably documented.

- The Truth About Harry Bidney And
The 62 Group Laid Bare
Further Documentation On The Lies And Libels Of
“Searchlight” Head Honcho Gerry Gable
, 2nd Edition, Revised, Expanded And Updated, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (October 1994).

Documents Gable’s lies to the Jewish Chronicle and how he has exploited a tragic accident to make political capital at the expense of the Jews.

JEW-HATERS, BLACK-HATERS, VIOLENT CRIMINALS, HYPOCRITES, AND LIARS CONDEMNED OUT OF THEIR OWN MOUTHS: A Guide For Teachers And Educators To The Criminal Conspiracy Known As The Searchlight Organisation, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (October 1994). 26 pages.

Complementary material to the current publication.

WHITE LIES A conspiracy to promote violence in the city of Leeds.

This is a 63 page booklet published by the Leeds Branch of the British National Party. No ISBN, a few illustrations. It is not a bad effort, and was launched on the world in about April 1995.

It is difficult to assess the accuracy of the material herein, especially about the booklet’s central character, Tony White. The claim that White dealt in snuff films is an exaggeration rather than a lie, snuff films do not exist, but he certainly appears to have been trading in dodgy videos. The claim that he was working as a police agent provocateur also appear to have some basis in fact, but the role Gable played in this is not clear. Certainly there is no real evidence that Gable was acting as any sort of Secret State errand boy.

The main theme of this booklet is that Gable tried to start a street war in Leeds between the far right and the SWP/ANAL. Their persistent references to the BNP’s Security Unit does seem somewhat over-glamorous, though I do not take this as evidence that they are sharing the same delusions as Gable.

THE LIFE AND “CRIMES” OF JOHN COLIN CAMPBELL JORDAN or WHY AN HONEST NAZI IS BETTER THAN A LYING, SCHEMING JEW, by Alexander Baron, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (July 1995). 49 pages. Illustrated.

No prizes for guessing the identity of the lying, scheming Jew in question. This contains further documentation on the 1960s synagogue arsons.

Bookshop denies funding right-wing pamphlet, by Robert Bevan, published in The Big Issue, January 15-21, issue 164, page 24.

A grotesquely inaccurate report on a publication put out by the current writer, but one which any bookshop stocking or thinking of stocking Searchlight would do well to read.

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