Appendix D:
Searchlight Associates:
The Official Company History
by Alexander Baron

The current writer has recently obtained documentation on the original “Searchlight” from Companies House, so this is the latest, up-to-the-minute research on the genesis of this evil organisation.

According to official records, the Searchlight Association Limited was incorporated as a “COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE AND NOT HAVING A SHARE CAPITAL”. Its “Memorandum of Association” (840295) is stamped by Companies House “REGISTERED - 9 MAR 1965”.

The original directors were Reginald Freeson, Maurice Orbach, Benjamin Mark Goodman, Baron Moss, Frederick Leonard Tonge, Philip Ian Page and William Douglas McClelland. The company secretary was Norman James Stenner. Both Freeson and Orbach were MPs, Freeson a leading Labour Zionist; Orbach was likewise a Zionist Jew. Baron Moss was director of Baron Moss Advertising Ltd; Goodman (who may have been Jewish) was a barrister; Tonge was a retired trade union official; Page an historian; and McClelland an economist. This is hardly a representative sample of the population. The Conservative associated with the publication was the Catholic MP Norman St. John-Stevas, who was obviously a dupe; his name does not appear in the Companies House documents. The Searchlight broadsheet’s first editor was the Labour MP and Zionist Jew Reginald Freeson named above.

In issue 4 of the Searchlight broadsheet, it was announced that Freeson, who had received a government appointment, was being replaced as editor by Joan Lester, M.P. However, no further issues appeared, so Lester edited only the single issue. The annual return “made up to the 31st day of December 1967” showed that Lester had replaced Freeson as a director. Lester’s name is absent from the 1971 annual return (made up to the 17th September). The organisation does not appear to have been active at all for the next few years - although appearances can be deceptive - and on May 29, 1975, because it had failed to file accounts, it was issued with a notice under section 353(3) of the Companies Act 1948 that it would be struck off the register “unless cause is shown to the contrary”. It wasn’t, and the company was duly dissolved under Section 353(5) of the Companies Act by notice in the London Gazette dated 3 OCT 1975.

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