Appendix C:
Colin Jordan, Afterword

In a personal communication dated 2nd November 1993, Mr Colin Jordan of Thorgarth, Greenhow Hill, Harrogate, asks me to point out the following:

His version of events surrounding his arrest, prosecution and conviction for shoplifting is very different from that published in the Sun newspaper. In short, he maintains that, in a hurry to do some shopping, he rushed into the Tesco store. “...I had not obtained a wire basket and instead simply used my own shopping bag.” The claim that he thrust the unpaid goods into his pocket he dismisses as “nonsense”. He maintains too that he was known personally to the supermarket staff, and that they gave dishonest accounts of what had happened. Of course, he would say that, wouldn’t he? But many people have made similar mistakes. On more than one occasion I personally have almost walked out of a supermarket without paying. It’s easily done. As when this offence happened Mr Jordan was well into his sixth decade and had never before been convicted of an offence of dishonesty, the reader is invited to draw his own conclusions as to Mr Jordan’s character. But it still goes without saying that one can hardly complain of the Jews controlling the economy if one shops - however infrequently - at Jewish-owned supermarkets. The knickers were in fact for his aged mother.

Of his earlier conviction for an imaginary offence under the Race Relations Act Mr Jordan points out that he was only charged with and convicted of “conspiracy”, not with distributing racist literature, or of criminal damage.

Finally, in relation to the 1962 People article, he says that he was elected the initial commander of the World Union of National Socialists, “and nothing more.”

I am most grateful to Mr Jordan, whose correspondence has also revealed a number of falsehoods in Ray Hill’s already error-prone, lie-ridden book.

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