Gable’s Fables

“The great ideological conflict of our age must not be confused with the mutual rivalries among the various totalitarian movements.” - Ludwig von Mises, page 13, Socialism, Jonathan Cape, London, (1951).

“Among the worst enemies of the Jew is the political racketeer and gangster who uses the name of his faith for his own filthy gain...Anyone who dares to link the name of Jew with any political organization ought to be scourged and excommunicated. They are the vilest type of professional Jew.” - Rabbi Stephen Wise, American Zionist, quoted in the American Hebrew, May 11, 1934, page 539.

Aside from the mainstream press there are literally dozens of political and current affairs publications in Britain, some of them weekly or even daily, and some with largish circulations. But as Goliath found out to his cost, size is not the only nor even the most important factor in efficacy. Likewise, a magazine can have a small, or even a very small, circulation, and wield enormous political and social influence.

One such small circulation magazine, which has appeared monthly since 1975, (1) is Searchlight. This publication which calls itself “THE INTERNATIONAL ANTI-FASCIST MONTHLY” (2) has a circulation of no more than 7,000, (3) but exerts enormous influence over the “anti-fascist” political scene in Britain and over the mainstream media.

Searchlight has a long and torturous history. According to Gerry Gable its publisher and current editor who has been associated with it from its inception, Searchlight developed from a news agency specialising in the activities of the fascist right, in May 1964. (4) Yet according to a recent editorial, Searchlight was founded 31 years ago, which would mean that it was in fact founded in 1962. (5)

Okay, so we can all miscalculate, but this is not an isolated example of poor arithmetic on the part of editor Gable. Searchlight has in fact become a vehicle for disinformation on the extreme right - and a very successful one - over the three decades or so that it has existed in one form or other. (6)

More recently however, Searchlight has taken a more sectarian position in the misnamed “anti-fascist” movement and has wilfully and at times viciously spread disinformation about people who by no conceivable stretch of the imagination could be termed fascist or racist. In the eighties it ran a series of smears and innuendoes on Chris Tame, Secretary of the Libertarian Alliance; (7) it also made disgraceful attacks on the distinguished psychologist Hans Eysenck. (8) Both these men have Jewish wives, and Eysenck was actually a refugee from Nazi Germany.

Searchlight’s latest target for slander is Larry O’Hara, a PhD student who is writing a thesis on the extreme right. O’Hara, a self-professed socialist, and a “green”, has been the victim of an almost unprecedented campaign of hatred such as is usually reserved for Holocaust Revisionists. Editor Gable, himself a tool of the British Secret State, (9) has been trying to convince the rest of the “anti-fascist” movement that O’Hara, among other things, is a subversive/Nazi fellow traveller.

However, it is not Searchlight’s disinformation we wish to address here, but its misinformation - its honest errors. (10) More specifically, we will make a critical examination of editor Gable’s contribution to the 1991 book Neo-Fascism in Europe. (11) Gable’s contribution is chapter twelve and runs from pages 245-63. Unlike Gerry Gable, the current writers do not hob-nob with members of the security services; unlike Larry O’Hara, we don’t have contacts with “political soldiers” nor access to internal documents of extreme right and “anti-fascist” organisations; we do most of our research in libraries. (12) This means that almost all of what appears here is in the public domain. This publication is minutely referenced, so let the suspicious or doubtful reader confirm the following facts for himself. In the event of a second or subsequent edition we will correct any meaningful errors of fact or of inference if the relevant documentation is forwarded to us.

Gable is widely regarded as an expert - along with Searchlight “the expert” - on “fascism” in Britain. (13) He is not, and Searchlight is not. Gerry Gable is as ignorant as he is evil and as evil as he is dishonest. His credentials as a liar and exploiter of racial bigotry will be exposed elsewhere; his credentials as a researcher are exposed forthwith.

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