Notes And References

(1) In its current form.
(2) Over the years it has used a number of similar - and equally disingenuous - sub-titles.
(3) Benn’s Media Directory * lists Searchlight as established in 1975. Its Circulation Manager is listed as Graeme Atkinson - the token goy on the staff. ** Gable is listed as the Publisher. The circulation for Jan-Jun 1989 is given as 6,900. This is almost certainly a gross exaggeration. The real circulation is believed to be less than half that; a bigger mystery is who foots the bill for the production of this expensively-produced, glossy magazine. Benn’s Media lists its readership as “very broad. Anti-rascists, [sic] racists unions, academics and students. All political parties.”
   Page 304 of the same directory lists another magazine called Searchlight. Ironically, this one is available on cassette and in braille and is published quarterly by Torch Trust for the Blind. As opposed to Gable’s magazine, which is aimed at the dumb.
   * Benn’s Media Directory 1993, 141st Edition, (United Kingdom), published by Benn Business Information Services, Tonbridge, Kent, page 365.
   ** Though perhaps not the only one: Tony Robson has also acted as media spokesman for the magazine on occasion. Reformed (ie turncoat) “Nazi” Ray Hill’s name appears over the Hill Street News column, but this column is actually written by Gable.
(4) Relentless searchlight on hunting the hated, an interview/article by David Winner, which was published in the Jewish Chronicle, October 23, 1987, page 10.
A broadsheet called Searchlight first appeared in 1965. There were three further issues, (the third dated Spring 1967; the fourth undated but also published 1967), then no more until February 1975 when a pilot issue of a proper magazine format publication appeared in February 1975, and from April 1975 it appeared monthly. A number of Searchlight pamphlets have also been issued over the years.
(5) Issue 217, July 1993, page 2. In an editorial Negative and positive, (which was presumably written by Gerry Gable), the following phrase appears: “...Searchlight in its 31 years of existence...”
(6) In a Guardian article published 29th September, 1986, Denis Campbell reported that Searchlight had been active since 1963 and had produced 5 issues of the broadsheet 1964-8. Our information is that there were four issues only, 1965-7.
(7) Tame is also the most dedicated anti-fascist the current writers have ever met. His “fault” is that he believes everyone, including fascists, has the right to free speech.
(8) Issue 46, April 1979, contains a particularly nasty smear on Eysenck. The article, entitled Eysenck: Smearing Anti-Fascists (page 13), speaks glowingly of Michael Billig’s * “researches” into “scientific racism” and the extent to which it has supposedly pervaded academia. Eysenck is accused of proclaiming the “biological inferiority of blacks and women” and of moral blindness. Coming from the likes of the Searchlight team, this is chutzpah indeed.
Professor Heuse once noted that "In our effort to respect the full complexity of bio-physical and bio-sociological human phenomena, we often meet with opposition from Jewish academicians...[who] believe that in denying race and racial psychology they suppress at one and the same time both racism and anti-semitism. We are indeed surprised at their naive and erroneous belief." ** No prizes for guessing Billig’s ethnic origin. When will these stupid people ever learn?
   * As well as being a psychologist, Billig is a Searchlight shareholder. He is also the author of the Searchlight pamphlet Psychology, Racism and Fascism, which attempts to smear all psychologists who accept the validity of racial differences (psychological as well as physical) as “Nazi fellow travellers”.
   ** Quoted in RACIAL DIFFERENCES: Science refutes equality dogma - THE RACE ISSUE Pamphlet No. 9., published by The Racial Preservation Society, Brighton, Sussex, (undated).
(9) The reader is referred in particular to O’Hara’s article on Gable and his error-prone magazine in Lobster, December 1992, issue 24, which also reprints the notorious Gable Memorandum to the Security Services which was leaked to the New Statesman in 1980.
(10) It would take a book to catalogue all the lies and errors in the magazine since its inception, but the current writer has made a contribution here and there!
(11) Neo-Fascism in Europe, Edited by Luciano Cheles, Ronnie Ferguson and Michalina Vaughan, published by Longman, London and New York, (1991).
(12) In particular, the British Library including the British Newspaper Library at Colindale, the Wiener Library and the Public Record Office at Kew.
(13) Page vi lists Gable as the publisher of Searchlight, an international lecturer on fascism and racism, and makes the astonishing claim that he “holds an American Adjunct Professorship in journalism.”
(14) The National Front, by Martin Walker, published by Fontana/Collins, Second Edition, Glasgow, (May 1978), page 67.
   (RPS = Racial Preservation Society). Although Walker professes to be an “anti-Zionist”, he is in every other sense a man after Gable’s own heart. On page 9 of his excellently researched book, * Walker says, “I firmly believe that the human race, in 5,000 or 50,000 years will be a uniform coffee-colour with a pleasing tinge of yellow and I lustfully believe in accelerating the process.” Gerry Gable too seeks to destroy the white race, but he hopes to achieve this evil end within the next generation or two.
   * Although unfortunately Walker’s book does not contain a single footnote, it was researched by interviews with many people in and around the National Front and from many other sources, (see Walker, pages 13-4 for credits).
(15) On August 16, 1962, summonses were issued against Jordan and three other members of his National Socialist Movement (John Tyndall, Roland Kerr-Ritchie and Denis Pirie) for organising a paramilitary force. Jordan was subsequently jailed for 9 months under the Public Order Act. The others received lesser sentences. All were released by May 1963. *
   In 1967, Jordan was jailed for “offences” under the Race Relations Act. The Times for 24 and 26 January, 1967, makes interesting, if horrifying, reading. The articles Colin Jordan on race plot charges and Colin Jordan gaoled for 18 months, which appear on pages 10 and 9 respectively, reveal that Jordan was jailed under the Race Relations Act, 1965, for 18 months for, what was at worst, causing minor criminal damage - sticking labels on other people’s property. The criminal damage element of this “offence” (actually series of offences) was of course not even considered; property rights don’t count, “unacceptable” opinions do.
   The basis of the charge was that Jordan had distributed leaflets and pamphlets protesting against “the coloured invasion”. Some of these were of an anti-Jewish nature. Stickers had been stuck on the windows of a public house. Jordan, who was 43 at the time, was charged along with his 19 year old neophyte Peter Pollard, the latter had also defaced a synagogue, ostensibly without Jordan’s consent or even his knowledge.
   What sort of “democracy” do we live in when men can be jailed for 18 months for this kind of nonsense?
   * The British Political Fringe: A Profile, by George Thayer, published by Anthony Blond, London, (1965), page 26.
(16) In 1967 he tried to arrest then Prime Minister Harold Wilson for treason; four years later he tried to arrest Prime Minister Edward Heath!
(17) British Parliamentary Results 1974-1983, Compiled and Edited by F.W.S. Craig, published by Parliamentary Research Services, Chichester, (1984). Nor does the name Bramwell appear in the index for the editions covering the periods 1950-1973 and 1918-1949.
(18) One of the authors made a search of the Lancashire Evening Telegraph for May 1976 in the British Newspaper Library at Colindale. This paper gave Read extensive coverage and would surely have mentioned it if he had previously been a councillor.
(19) Walker, The National Front, page 9, (op cit).
(20) Oswald Mosley, by Robert Skidelsky, Third Edition, published by Papermac, London, (1990). See in particular, Chapter 27, A New Beginning?
(21) Skidelsky, Oswald Mosley, page 505, (ibid).
(22) Skidelsky, Oswald Mosley, page 514, (ibid).
(23) Skidelsky, Oswald Mosley, page 517, (ibid).
(24) Craig’s British Parliamentary Results (op cit), lists four entries for Mosley 1918-1949 and two 1950-1973. In the latter, (page 26), Mosley’s 2,921 votes in Kensington North (1959) is said to have represented 8.1% (last), while in the Shoreditch and Finsbury 1966 contest (page 39), he polled 1,126, a mere 4.6%, and lost his deposit.
(25) Skidelsky, Oswald Mosley, page 492, (op cit).
(26) Gable, The Far Right..., page 245, (op cit).
(27) This includes anti-white and anti-Zionist hate, (the latter often being erroneously referred to as anti-Semitic).
(28) Gable is said to have “researched” this Channel 4 pseudo-documentary which revealed, among other things, hitherto undisclosed details about the non-existent plot to bomb the Notting Hill Carnival. If the membership card Hill flashed at the camera was genuine, it was most likely printed by Mr Anthony Hancock of Historical Review Press. If it were not genuine, it was most likely printed to order for Mr Gable. It may even have been printed by Mr Hancock for Mr Gable. Anything is possible where GG raises his ugly head.
(29) See Appendix A.
(30) Anyone who reads Tyndall’s The Eleventh Hour or indeed any issue of Spearhead, which he has edited for many years, will find it impossible to conclude that Tyndall is a man of “small intelligence”. As to charm, that is largely a matter of taste. One suspects that BNP members and their fellow travellers would judge JT to have considerably more charm than Mr Gable, while MI5 agents would say exactly the opposite.
(31) JOHN KINGSLEY READ - PENITENT FASCIST, page 7, November 1985. Read’s death was reported on the front page of the Lancashire Evening Telegraph for Thursday, September 19, 1985: Former Front chief is found dead at 48 said that Read, who, it was claimed, erroneously, founded the “National Front Party” and was a former Blackburn councillor, was found dead in his flat the previous day at the young age of forty-eight. An obituary which described him as Blackburn’s most controversial politician appeared on page 3. Read actually founded the National Party.
(32) Lilienthal is the author of a massive book, The Zionist Connection, which exposes all the dirty tricks the Zionist lobby get up to in the United States, how they control U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, and how they keep the U.S. media and rank and file Jews in line by a mixture of emotional blackmail, financial pressure and paranoia.
(33) This is absolute rubbish. Whatever its real agenda, there is far more to the Institute for Historical Review and Revisionist History generally than taking pot shots at Zionism.
(34) Although it had one or two other prominent members, it is probably true to say that Leese was the IFL to all intents and purposes. He founded and edited the party’s paper (from 1929-39) * and wrote most of its literature. Leese was one of the most obsessive anti-Semites who ever lived and blamed the Jews for every evil under the Sun from controlling the banks, starting both world wars and funding animal societies (in order to buy off the opposition to shechita).
   The grass roots of the organisation appears to have been a lot more pro-Hitler than Leese, however, the point we wish to make is that just as certain elements of the extreme right are incapable of viewing the Jews as anything but an homogeneous bunch of anti-goy conspirators, so too does Gable see the extreme right as a megalithic, neo-Nazi conspiracy which works in concert and is uniformly anti-black and anti-Semitic.
   * Apart from a short spell in prison when he was jailed for seditious libel.
(35) THE IMPERIAL FASCIST LEAGUE - a six page (formerly secret) report in PRO file HO 45/24967.
(36) According to Craig, British Parliamentary Results 1974-1983, page 45, (op cit), R.W. Painter polled 2,211 votes for the National Front in Tottenham, 1974.
(37) Private information from a more reliable source than Gable.
(38) The book was the result of a symposium held in November of that year at the University of Lancaster; most of the chapters are based largely on papers read there. Neo-Fascism in Europe, page xi, (op cit). There are though references in Gable’s error-prone essay to events after 1987, so it was obviously written at least partially after that date. Whatever, as it was not published until 1991, he has no excuses for any of the more blatant gaffs since he would have had ample time to proof read and double check his facts. Assuming that is that he knows how to use a library.
(39) The Other Face Of Terror: Inside Europe’s Neo- Nazi Network, by Ray Hill with Andrew Bell, published by Grafton Books, London, (1988), page 292.
(40) This was the Cotswold Agreement and formation of WUNS with Jordan as World Leader. “...although there is some speculation that [Lincoln] Rockwell is the actual leader.” [Thayer, The British Political Fringe, page 25, (op cit)]. Contemporary newspaper reports were less flattering. The People for Sunday, August 12th, 1962 ran the headline THE NEW “WORLD FUEHRER” - elected by 27 idiots!
(41) The Sun reported on May 17, 1975, PANTIE THIEF JORDAN: I ACCUSE RACISTS, (page 3). Jordan of Tudor Avenue, Coventry, was fined £30 with £29.42 costs for stealing three pairs of red frilly knickers and a box of chocolates. He was said to have quite deliberately thrust the knickers into his pocket and the chocolates into his shopping bag.
   Jordan is quoted thus, “I believe this is a malicious allegation, brought by a Jewish-owned store against someone who in the past has been known for his opposition to Jewish power in this country.” (And the knickers were for his mother, of course).
   Mr Jordan has had a bee in his bonnet about Jewish financial hegemony for most of his political life. If he reads this publication he might like to ponder the following: how does the international Jewish conspiracy compel 14 million people every week to shop at Marks & Spencer? How does it compel the gullible goyim to patronise Tesco (Jewish supermarket); to buy their suits from Montague Burton (Jewish tailors); their watches from H. Samuel (Jewish jewellers); and so on? The answer of course is that it doesn’t. In a free market - even one as highly regulated as Britain’s - it is the customers who decide whom they will patronise. So, if the Jews do monopolise the economy it is because they deserve to. * In short, the goyim are not gullible, they are satisfied. They even satisfy Mr Jordan, who by his own admission patronises these wicked, scheming Elders of Zion. They also expose him as a hypocrite.
   * This applies only to traders who sell honest products. Searchlight, which monopolises “research” into the far right and sells its services to the media, does not sell an honest product. And for that reason we intend to destroy it.
(42) Club introductory leaflet.
(43) The front page of issue 61 of National Front News shows a photograph of Joe Pearce and Ian Anderson proudly displaying their summonses with which they were issued on Friday 2nd November. The article is called: It’s business as usual despite....Race Act Charges!
Issue 74, page 7, reports:
   Ian Anderson was cleared but Pearce * was jailed for TWELVE MONTHS at Snaresbrook Crown Court relating to “charges” involving several issues of Bulldog. ** In spite of their valiant stand against this “race relations” tyranny, the National Front leaders achieved nothing, and, it must be said, they have ultimately contributed more to the destruction of free speech than to its restitution. Joe Pearce has now dropped out of nationalist politics.
   * A brief article appeared on page 2 of the Times, (December 13th, 1985). NF editor is jailed reported that Pearce, aged 24, who had conducted his own defence, was jailed for 12 months on December 12th.
   ** Bulldog was a very puerile magazine published in support of the Young National Front. Have we gone mad? How have we allowed our basic freedoms, in particular free speech, to be destroyed under the pretext of combatting “racial hatred” ?? Incredibly, Gable and his ugly friends in the “anti-fascist” movement, and his even uglier fascist friends at Woburn House are still not satisfied. The Board of Deputies of “British” Jews in particular is constantly pulling wires behind the scenes to deny any freedom of speech at all on the subject of race. And we’ve let them get away with it. The goyim are not just gullible, they’ve been totally brainwashed.
(44) Issue 113, page 12, DECLINE AND FALL.
(45) Joe Pearce’s “criminal activity” has already been dealt with. With regard to Martin Wingfield’s: the front page of issue 72 of National Front News bears the headline, JAILED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH. Wingfield, who had apparently been addressing an election meeting in May 1983, was reputed to have said, “Coloured immigration has brought strife and decay to Britain’s inner-city areas. Coloured immigration is destroying British culture and the British way of life.” For which he was fined £1,500! He refused to pay the fine and the following April was jailed for default.
(46) For an anarchist view of Gable and Searchlight the reader is referred to the Sniper article in Anarchy, pages 23-5, no 36, Summer 1983. For an up to date green/anarchist assessment, the reader is referred to A LIE TOO FAR -- SEARCHLIGHT, HEPPLE & THE LEFT, by Larry O’Hara with Tim Scargill, produced by Mina Enterprises, (1993). Scargill is an anarchist who has been the victim of Gable/Searchlight smears. On page 55, the authors also list three issues of the anarchist paper Black Flag (155-6 and 160, for 1985-6) which contain their views of Gable/Searchlight.
(47) Private information from an extremely reliable source.
(48) See Terrified Brons quits as Front chairman, page 3, Searchlight, issue 115, January 1985. In this article it is reported that Brons quit at the end of November “only a week after the Front’s Annual General Meeting”. In another article on the same page, it is reported that the National Front’s Annual General Meeting was held in London on 24 October. So we are asked to believe also that the end of November is “only a week” after 24 October.
(49) As good a transliteration as any for the charismatic and much maligned Colonel’s surname.
(50) Which for Gable is synonymous with anti-Semitism.
(51) The Holocaust Denial: A Study in Propaganda Technique, by Roger Eatwell.
(52) He is also Lecturer in Politics at the University of Bath. For the Sutton reference see page 173 of his Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, published by ’76 Press, Seal Beach, California, (1976).
(53) Eatwell, The Holocaust Denial..., page 132, (op cit).
(54) NAZI ROEDER IN BRITAIN FOR SPEAKING TOUR, pages 12-3, issue 30, December 1977.
(55) The photograph of the bulldozer shovelling bodies into a mass grave is very famous; it was taken shortly after the liberation of Belsen in April 1945. I was told by the Wiener Library that the other photograph was taken in Dachau but later I found the same photo in Yitzhak Arad’s book THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE HOLOCAUST, which, whatever its faults, is a far more reliable source of information than Gable’s lie-ridden magazine. It shouldn’t be necessary to point it out, but the reality is that neither Belsen, Dachau nor Wobbelin were “extermination camps”, nor was it ever seriously claimed that Jews (or anyone else) were gassed in them.
(56) Farrakhan’s newspaper The Final Call is entertaining to say the least.
(57) We have already demonstrated that Jewish financial dominance is a reflection of market preference (consumer choice) rather than producer sovereignty, however, (Zionist) Jews do control vast tranches of the American media, and for decades they have had a virtual stranglehold over US foreign policy, at least as far as the Middle East is concerned, although even there they don’t always get their own way.
(58) Pierce’s testimonies of hate * were written with the explicit intention of “inspiring” his fellow white racists to murder non-whites, and in the United States at least there have been murderers and at least one terrorist organisation who have modelled themselves on his books. But if it weren’t for “Jews” like Gable, there wouldn’t be any William Pierces.
   * He wrote another book in a similar vein to The Turner Diaries - Hunter - which was published in 1989.
(59) Issue 35, pages 3-9, May 1978. The article is called Column 88: The Nazi Underground, (A Searchlight Exclusive!) According to this, Column 88 was formed around 1970! Its motto is said to be “Loyalty is our Honour”, (page 5). Loyalty and honour are of course two words which are not in Gable’s vocabulary.
(60) This claim actually appears in this article (issue 35, page 8), here though it is referred to as the “Nazi underground”. A number of documents (of doubtful provenance) are also reprinted here. Really there are only two possibilities here: either the whole thing was dreamed up by the Searchlight team - the most likely; or, if it is genuine, then the “Nazi underground” is no more a threat to the security of the state than the Boy Scouts, which is what it most closely resembles.
(61) A classic example of this type of “Nazi” is Tony Malski, claimed by turncoat “Nazi”, fraudster and inveterate liar Ray Hill to have been a prime mover in the non-existent plot to bomb the 1981 Notting Hill Carnival.
(62) Punishing A Nation: Human Rights Violations During The Palestinian Uprising December 1987- December 1988, a report prepared by Al-Haq, Law in the Service of Man, published by South End Press, Boston, MA, (1990), page 3.
(63) “...the main quasi-ideological drive of the party” are his precise words.
(64) Writing in 1965, George Thayer defines fascists as “those who believe in...the Corporate State, the Leadership Principle, and Authoritarianism...” *
This is as good a working definition of fascism as you will find anywhere. A decentralised economy is the very antithesis of fascism, so by this definition, the National Front is an “anti-fascist” organisation, as indeed it is. (That does not mean that it cannot contain fascist infiltrators, clearly it does. ** But by the same token, the Labour Party contains Marxist infiltrators, many of whom have exerted a far greater influence over the Labour Party than have fascists in the National Front. ***
   * Thayer, The British Political Fringe, page 14, (op cit).
   ** John Tyndall was very clearly a fascist and remains one, being the unelected leader of the British National Party. It was the National Front Directorate’s refusal to give him totalitarian powers which led to Tyndall’s split with the Front. He claimed at the time to have uncovered a homosexual network operating within the Front; in reality this “network” consisted of Martin Webster (and possibly one other member). And as Tyndall once shared a flat with Webster, the fatuous fat boy’s homosexuality could hardly have come as a great revelation.
   *** None of this means that the Front does not contain a large number of unpleasant characters, including anti-Semites and bootboys. Clearly it does, ditto other “right wing extremist ‘parties’”. But the question is why? The answer of course is that the bootboys are there because of the hate campaign of the supposedly racist press against such groups. The anti-Semites are there because of the likes of Gable and the rest of the Searchlight team.
(65) Or in the case of the Front’s founder, A.K. Chesterton, two world wars. Mr Chesterton, unquestionably one of the greatest of British patriots, was a one-time fascist and a virulent pre-war anti-Semite, but later realised his mistake. (Ie that the vast majority of Jews are not anti-British and anti-white hatemongers like Gerry Gable). His book, The New Unhappy Lords (which was first published in 1965), makes this abundantly clear, as does his earlier work (co-written with the Orthodox Jew Joseph Leftwich), The Tragedy of Anti-Semitism.
(66) From the beginning, the controllers of Searchlight have been exclusively Jewish; its first editor (the Searchlight broadsheet) was Reg Freeson; Maurice Ludmer edited it until his death in 1981. A number of goyim have also been associated with the magazine, in particular, Veronica Ware, who took over the editorship on Ludmer’s death; Graeme Atkinson its European editor, and the nastiest piece of work of the lot, turncoat “Nazi” Ray Hill. * The fact that so many Jews are involved in such attempts to subvert civil liberties as Searchlight cannot be accidental; they are deliberately recruited - and in Gable’s case, they serve also as agents into the extreme left by the organs of the Secret State.
   * Hill does not actually write for the magazine although his name appears over a column. He is trotted out every now and again to lecture on the evils of racism and fascism, and is obviously paid a retainer for this despite his insistence that he is not. Hill is considered the jewel in Searchlight’s crown, which says it all.
(67) Page 24. This was a reference to Marc Wadsworth, a black member of the Anti-Racist Alliance who had dared to join in a discussion with Patrick Harrington of the Third Way. Harrington hardly qualifies as a nationalist, much less a Nazi.
(68) See for example Public Reply by CAFE to slanders by Gerry Gable (editor/boss of Searchlight) and the leaders of Red Action, pages 4-5, Nazis Out!, issue 7, Nov/Dec 1992, published by the Campaign Against Fascism In Europe.
These “anti-fascists” claim that “It is our contention that neither Searchlight nor Red Action really understand where fascism comes from, what fascism is...[nor] what its essential components are...” (page 5). [Red Action is a bunch of communist thugs Gable works hand in glove with].
(69) Gable has “researched” a number of documentaries on the extreme right, most significantly the 1984 tissue of lies, The Other Face of Terror, and the 1993 World In Action “exposé” of Combat 18. Subsequently, Harold Covington, the self-professed “National Socialist” who was named as the brains behind Combat 18, denied all knowledge of it in an Open Letter to the British Left.
(70) FASCISM IN BRITAIN A History, 1918-1985, by Richard Thurlow, published by Basil Blackwell, Oxford, (1987), page 306.
(71) Quoted verbatim from Public Reply by CAFE to slanders..., Nazis Out!, issue 7, (op cit), page 5.
(72) Also spelled Reed-Herbert.
(73) Hill and Bell, The Other Face of Terror, (op cit), page 99.
(74) Hill and Bell, The Other Face of Terror, page 102, (ibid).
(75) One of the current writers wrote to the press officer at New Scotland Yard and was informed that the police had no knowledge of any such plot. Larry O’Hara has made an interesting analysis of the non-existent Notting Hill bomb plot in Lobster * and has pointed out a number of inconsistencies in the “evidence”.
   * Issue 24, (op cit).
(76) In fact, the question might well be asked why Hill hasn’t been arrested in this country, and not for embezzlement, but for belonging to a terrorist group. As, according to Searchlight (May 1976, page 4), “Column 88 is a private army. It is illegal.” and as, on his own admission, Ray Hill is, or was, a member of Column 88, why hasn’t he been arrested and charged?
(77) Harrington claims also to believe in the Holocaust; the current writer finds this claim difficult to swallow as nowadays nobody on the extreme right believes in the Holocaust, although some - cameraman and Hancock errand boy - Tony Haley for example, have expressed doubts about the veracity of certain aspects of Revisionist propaganda. * Harrington’s endorsement of Holocaust lore is almost certainly pragmatic, ie part of his campaign - hopefully unsuccessful - to attract mainstream Jewish support (and money).
   * In private conversation.
(78) There has been much discussion in and around the extreme right over the question of Harrington’s sexuality. Searchlight though has been extremely diplomatic over the entire subject matter of “neo-Nazi” homosexuality, probably for fear of upsetting its gay readership, who are obviously good for a shekel or two on account of their supposedly being next in line for the “gas chambers” behind the Jews, the blacks and Mr Patel in your local corner shop.
However, there have been one or two whispers. In issue 114, page 3, it is claimed that “[National Front member Michael] Salt unceremoniously dumped [Harrington] on his behind in the gutter, with the immortal words ’That’s where you belong you fucking little poof’”.
In issue 137, November 1986, page 9, Gone for a burton? reported that Harrington had been dubbed “Herr Flick” by some of his cronies (after a Gestapo officer of doubtful sexuality in the BBC TV comedy series ’Allo ’Allo).
The November 1984 issue, page 3, refers to “Patrick Harrington and his close friend Nicholas Barratt.” Somehow this doesn’t have the same inference as for example “Patrick Harrington and his close friend Larry O’Hara.”
   Page 12 of the same issue contains an interesting snippet entitled Chelsea Cloisters, which reveals that two NF loyalists were constantly sending Searchlight material about a highly prominent supporter of Martin Webster. “But there really is no need for Mr and Mrs B. to troop all the way over Chelsea Bridge just to get a Battersea postmark on their anonymous letters...” Martin Webster lived in Battersea so this was obviously a reference to some sort of attempt to set up him up. Mr B? Barratt? Mrs B? Harrington’s married name?
(79) Nark or not, Harrington is certainly a sneak of the first order. One day he phoned me and told me that the British National Party’s Welling HQ had been raided by the police. Apparently they were searching for copies of an anti-Semitic booklet Four Small Candles, which was going the rounds in late 1991, early 1992. * Some time later he told me that Anthony “Teflon Tony” Hancock had asked him to book the London venue for one of Irving’s Revisionist meetings. Naturally he declined. Harrington has tried to put as much distance between himself and Holocaust Revisionism as possible, obviously for fear of scaring off any potential Jewish support. But although Harrington won’t be openly associated with the likes of Hancock and Irving, he is not averse to doing business with them. According to our information, he still has most of his literature printed by “Teflon Tony”, probably because Hancock is a bargain basement printer. **
   On another occasion, he ratted to the Social Security on far right cameraman Tony Haley *** for working cash in hand for Hancock’s printing press at Uckfield, obviously with the idea of foisting the blame on me (but that’s another story). Haley himself - who likes Harrington and once, to his obvious anxiety, had to share a room with him - told the current writer that Harrington has on occasion shoved “shit parcels” through his enemies’ letter boxes and phoned their relatives telling them that they had contracted AIDS. Think twice before you sign up with the Third Way, Mr Cohen; they may not be anti-Semites but that doesn’t mean they’re Kosher.
   * For full details of the background to this publication, its contents and refutation, the reader is referred to A Goy Pries Into The Talmud, comprising an investigation into Talmudic forgeries and an examination of the true nature of the Torah, by Alexander Baron in collaboration with Rabbi Cohen, published by InƒoText Manuscripts, London, (1992).
   ** One of Hancock’s employees told the current writer that this is because he does a lot of work “off the books”.
   *** Haley is another of the characters on the extreme right who Gable and co stereotype as “Nazi”. In fact, although he is a nasty piece of work, Haley is both an anti-Nazi and anti-Hitler, and has expressed his disgust over some of the activities of his “fellow travellers” to the current writer on a number of occasions.
(80) In the July 1992 issue (page 10), in the Hill Street News column, Hill, or rather Gable, who really writes this column, referred to O’Hara’s contribution to Tribune, 29 May, in which he claimed that the Third Way had “dropped antisemitism and moved away from fascism.” As we have demonstrated, Gable doesn’t know what fascism really is, so is not competent to comment on it. And like so many Jews he thinks everyone who doesn’t like him is an anti-Semite. What other reason could there possibly be, Gerry?
   This article refers also to Ernst Zündel as a “German neo-nazi revisionist who has a number of criminal convictions for his antisemitic activities.” As Zündel has now had his convictions quashed, this spurious claim has lost any credibility it may once have had. None.
(81) “Pea-brained anti-fascists”, to be precise. But aren’t they all? Tribune referred to Searchlight readers as pea-brained. As regular readers of Searchlight we take exception to that.
(82) O’Hara may well have cause for concern; most recently, his flat was broken into. Nothing was taken, but, apparently, it was a very professional job aimed at intimidating him. This obviously rules out Gable, whose attempts to enter other people’s premises are as sloppy as his research. In January 1964, together with two of his co-racialists from the violent 62 Group, he was arrested for posing as a GPO engineer * to gain entry to David Irving’s flat. All three were fined £20; Gable was fined another £5 for the theft of a GPO pass card. [See I AM NOT A FASCIST Says author who was tricked by anti-Nazis, page 8, Islington Gazette, Friday January 17, 1964].
   * And for the past three decades he has been posing as a journalist.
(83) Telephone conversation with Larry O’Hara. Incredibly, in the September 1992 issue of Searchlight, Hill (alias Gable) claimed (page 13) that “the team that produces Searchlight ...has an international reputation for accuracy and honesty.” Not for much longer, we trust.
(84) In the current writer’s view, O’Hara grossly overestimates the role of Gable as a Secret State asset. O’Hara (and Tame) believe that Gable doesn’t give a toss for the Jews but simply uses them in order to raise cash by pretended tribal loyalties. Personally I am inclined to believe Gable to be obsessed first and foremost with Jewish suffering - real and imagined - then with destroying the wicked “Aryan” goyim, then with making money.
   Without wishing to accuse O’Hara of paranoia, he does tend rather to see M.I.5. and Special Branch “assets” everywhere. This is, again in my humble opinion, a gross misinterpretation. For example, in the pamphlet Attempted Murder, * leading National Fronter Steve Brady (Gable’s future wife’s former lover, be it noted!), is accused of leaking information to Searchlight relating to the operation of National Front commercial enterprises. ** Ian Anderson is supposed to have been living very well whilst unemployed, the inference being that he was on somebody’s payroll, (M.I.5’s perhaps?).
   It would be ludicrous to call Brady a Searchlight asset, (although Mrs Gable nee Hochfelder may have other ideas!), and it is probably equally ludicrous to assert that current Front Chairman Ian Anderson is a Secret State asset. What is fairly certain though is that these bods spend more time fighting each other than the “Zionist Occupation Government”, and at times will sink so low as to grass each other up to the Secret State, or even lower, to the despised international Jew, Gable himself.
   * Attempted Murder: The State Reactionary Plot Against The National Front, published by N.T. Press, Norwich, (1986), Author(s) uncredited, Introduction by Nick Griffin. This is a document written with bitterness and vituperation by one faction of the warring Front against the other.
   ** Pages 46-7.
(85) Including, we must stress, the Jewish nation. It is “Jews” like Gable rather than “Nazis” who are the worst enemy of the Jewish people themselves.
(86) The freedom to lie, to hate, and to be wrong should be absolute. But with one caveat, if for example we lie and are proven liars, then, like the boy who cried wolf, we must bear the consequences. If we choose not to associate with a man on account of his race or religion, we have no right to complain when the compliment is returned, perhaps to our detriment.
(87) This is a moot point, and one that we will not discuss here.
(88) Ayn Rand, a Russian Jewess, was born Alice Rosenbaum. Other Jewish-born champions of liberty include Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman, Michael Grossberg and Aryeh Neier. Neier was the ACLU lawyer who acted for the American Nazi Party in the (in)famous Skokie case.
(89) This is what Gable’s ugly friends the Zionists call a “pre-emptive strike”. Thus, the murders of innocent Palestinians, including women and children, can be “justified” on the grounds that killing a few of them now - or a few hundred of them - will prevent a “Holocaust” of the Jewish people tomorrow. Throughout history other tyrants have used the same perverted logic to justify their acts of genocide. Including against the Jews.
(90) This applies only to the free market, and not to monopoly. In practice, a monopoly can only be preserved by legislation, or by all manner of dirty tricks to keep legitimate competition out. Gable and Searchlight have obtained a virtual monopoly over the field of “research” into fascism, but they are not selling an honest product. It is our intention therefore to expose their little racket and break their stranglehold.
(91) But be warned, in the free market, those who reap the rewards of racial discrimination also pay its penalties. For example, a publican who operates a colour bar may find that he not only receives no black patronage but considerably less white patronage if some of his prospective customers find this practice abhorrent.
(92) The title of an article by Tyndall published in Spearhead, March 1976, in which he attempted to authenticate the ludicrous Protocols of Zion.
(93) Hitler birthday party uncovered, by Peter Gladstone Smith, page 3, Sunday Telegraph, April 6, 1975.
(94) A Parliamentary question was tabled by Paul Rose for the Home Secretary. (Ibid).
(95) THE OTHER FACE OF SEARCHLIGHT: Thuggery, Buggery, Arson and Whores, by the National Front Security and Intelligence Department, published by the National Front, (SID), Romford, Essex, (1989). See pages 9 and 10.
(96) For an assessment of the role of Dave Roberts in creating the Column 88 myth and the story of his bizarre conviction, the reader is referred to a thoroughly referenced short pamphlet by the current writer, In Serving The Wicked, Expect No Reward, published by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, London, (1994).
(97) The back page of the August 1981 issue of Searchlight claimed that Roberts had never been a member of the Searchlight team “nor would we wish him to be.”
(98) Police get lead to origin of London parcel bombs, by Stewart Tendler and Robert Parker, page 2, the Times, April 6, 1978.
(99) Ibid.
(100) Ibid.
(101) Gun training given to neo-Nazis, by Peter Evans, the Times, February 7, 1981.
(102) As was the article which appeared on page 4 of the Sunday Times the following day. The violent tide of racist attacks that alarmed the Home Office reported, among other things, that Column 88 is said to be a secret paramilitary organisation which rejects political activity, openly advocating violence as only way of “terrorising the niggers out”. Which is in total contradiction to all the other rubbish which has been written about this organisation.
(103) This took the form of a letter addressed to Dear Searchlight in CARF, No 1, Feb-Mar 1991, page 2. The letter was scheduled for publication in the previous October’s issue of Searchlight but Gable had other ideas. The real story behind this was the issue of “anti-Arab racism”, ie the oppression, torture and murder of the Palestinian people by the fascists of international Zionism.
   This is not to say that CARF (Campaign Against Racism And Fascism) is any less undemocratic than the Searchlight team. In their letter they refer to Jewish groups who should unite “with black groups to defeat a common enemy”. You, whitey!
(104) The Briton who soldiers on for Hitler, page 15, the Sun, May 20, gave details of this.
(105) Enemies of the State: A sensational exposé of the security services by a former M.I.5 undercover agent, by Gary Murray, published by Simon & Schuster, London, (1993).
(106) Yet another error in Gable’s fantasy essay and Hill’s (Gable’s?) book is that he misspells Souter-Clarence, ie without the hyphen. Apparently, the Major is still around but is very ill; he suffers from Parkinson’s disease.
(107) This sort of thing does happen; I have it on good authority that in the late seventies at least one police officer (posing as a skinhead) joined the British Movement with the specific intention of provoking violence against ethnic minorities. He was, I was told, very keen on Paki-bashing, and was only found out (and thrown out) by accident. Left wing organisations have at times reported similar tactics to discredit them. As Gerry Gable well knows.
(108) This was yet another of Gable’s fantasies and graced the front cover of Searchlight, April 1986, issue 130. Widely reported at the time in the mainstream press, again, no one was ever charged with any criminal offence.
(109) No More Wars Between Brothers, by Sonia Hochfelder, the future Mrs Gable, published in League Review, August 12, 1976, issue 10, pages 18-9.
(110) If these are assumptions they are assumptions made with good reason.
(111) The Bookseller, 20 August, 1993, page 84, lists Gable as the author of Hepple’s fantasy under the heading Political Science!

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